Do you remember when a meteor lit up the heavens of Russia some time ago? It was precisely the dashcam installed in cars to capture this amazing event and to make it viral. Watch this video in a series of these shots.

So I love my camera car.

The 10 Best Dash Cam Pro (Camera For Cars) - Pro Cons
The 10 Best Dash Cam Pro (Camera For Cars) - Pro Cons
The 10 Best Dash Cam Pro (Camera For Cars) - Pro Cons

Would you buy a car camera does not know which one to choose?

Let us help you with this guide to the best dash cam pro 2020.

Let’s start by saying to those who had doubts that the dash cam are completely legal in Italy.

What are the dash cam and how they work?

The dash cam video cameras are mounted on the dashboard or car on the rear view mirror that allows you to record everything that happens on the street and possibly use it as evidence in case of accident.

Their spread around the world began from Russia, the main consuming country dash cam. And ‘why YouTube is full of videos made for the road in remote eastern regions depicting accidents or comedians and unusual moments.

For example look here what immortalized randomly dash of years ago when meteor fell on some regions of Russia:

The dash cam are designed to record everything that happens on the street and inside the car, and are also used as for teaching or security tools.

In addition to the double camera other special features of the dash cam are multiple lenses able to resume at different angles, or the GPS to measure the position and speed of the car.

What makes it different from the dash cam Go Pro?

The dash unlike the GoPro have an intelligent and dynamic use of memory and for dividing the recordings into small segments and sovraregistrandoli loop when you end the memory.

The camera continuously takes up but the files are divided into chunks of 1-3 minutes. This allows to save new files on the old ones once the memory is full, making sure not to miss any scene recently.

Most pro dash cam records to microSD, allowing overstating it to your liking a more capacious to record more minutes of video.

Some also allow you to connect directly via smartphone to be able to consult the archive recording without the need each time you remove the SD.

Dash Cam Pros and Cons

What are the benefits of having a dash cam?

Prove to be right during a incidenteIl main reason why you decide to mount a dash in your vehicle is to be able to prove their right to insurance in case there happens unfortunately an accident.

With this car video camera in fact if you have to decide who is right or wrong in a street dispute it will be much more effective to show our test video footage of what happened against the simple testimony of the other personal driver.

Return indisciplinatiQuesto drivers does not mean becoming spies and call the police every time someone cuts us the road, but for example to make reports in cases of very serious infringements by other drivers even if they do not lead to serious consequences before our eyes.

TranquillitaLa room for cars is also perfect for apprehensive parents who want their children to leave the vehicle and make sure that they do crazy things in the street, to be able to control.

Since many of the modern dash cam are equipped with GPS tracker, you can also see the current speed at which the car is moving at any given time, or where you are geographically.

For example it can be installed on a company car to make sure that their staff might a business use, not personal.

Preventing frodiDa few years are set around it trying to get around the unsuspecting automibilisti with tricks to extort money on the spot or through insurance scams, for example faking an injury caused by your car.

A dash cam can prove your innocence and frame the face of those who want to cheat and be able to bring the evidence to the competent authority or insurance, and clear you fit the evildoers.

Against the dash cam

The car camera in some traffic accidents may not be particularly “brilliant” or full yield in the event, given that the vision of this does not extend to 360 degrees around the car, and may in some cases lose important details such as a rider who overtakes us at the passenger side.

In some cases also instead of sitting on our side could prove guilty in a dispute in which we thought initially to be right.

Its presence at the center of the front window may also constitute a strong for some distraction and some data for an encouragement to steal, since the cam dash are notoriously only resting on the rearview mirror.

We must never forget that the recoveries may be challenged by someone who wants to accuse you of invasion of privacy. Especially if you decide to show your automotive feats on youtube. We must do more careful about it and do not load everything online just because it looks funny material.

Best dash Room (Camera For Cars) 2020 Reviews

The 10 Best Dash Cam Pro (Camera For Cars) - Pro Cons

1. Aukey DR-01, best car camera for money

The 10 Best Dash Cam Pro (Camera For Cars) - Pro Cons

AUKEY Dash Cam FHD 1080P camera for Auto Lens …

PROFacile from usarePrezzo convenientissimoRegistra at 720p and 60 fps

CONTROSD card not included

The Aukey name is more familiar to those who haunt the audio environments, but in this case were able to design a great product for video recording on the road.

It features a limited number, but the few things he can do, he does well. Offers a Full HD recording, which is sufficient for basic use, can save files up to 720p 60frames per second, scalable to 30 to economize the use of the battery if necessary.

Mounts a Sony Exmor CMOS chip that allows you to get good pictures even in low light conditions, and of course with excellent performances in broad daylight.

No SD card included in the sales box, so you need to buy an 8GB separately, which will provide approximately 80 minutes of Full HD filming.

Other features of this product are the three different options of sensitivity of the detector of accidents, and the ability to print the time and date superimposed on the video.

There is a timelapse feature to capture the highlights of the trip and the detection mode that lets you turn the DR-01 in a burglar alarm.

2. Garmin Dash Cam 66W, easier to use

PROFacilita d’usoRegistra a 1080pEconomica

The Garmin Dash Cam 66W is perhaps one of our favorite Cams Dash given its incredible ease of use. The video quality is not top level, a little ‘less than the height of the other rooms presented in this list of reviews, but the same can record 1080p Full HD.

Shots are saved directly into an internal memory of 1 GB, but with a small investment you can purchase a microSD card which allows much more space for photos and videos.

We must bear in mind that as with other Garmin devices also began recording new files overwrite the old ones once the card is full.

In terms of extra features the Dash Cam is equipped with a detector collision and overspeed alarm but no need to pay a subscription for updates on speed camera maps.

It is full of features like its more expensive rivals, but for the price you could not ask for better-laid is one of the easiest to use on the market right now.

3. ThinkWare F770, the one that I use

PRORegistra 1080pDotata GPS that remembers the location of the specific mobile incidentiApp

The F770 ware think it seems a bit ‘different from the normal dash cam on the market, since it is fully developed in an attractive form without horizontal screen. To be able to see the road in fact need to download an app on your smartphone and connect to F770 via Wi-Fi.

This app also provides the ability to access a vast amount of options on the screen of your phone, such as real-time monitoring of what the camera can see, with the guides to make sure that the same position is correct.

The shots are recorded in a 9.5Mpgs and a 16GB microSD bitrate allows to save 200 minutes of movie on the same room, minutes that will register in loop by overwriting new data on old ones gradually unless the G- sensor sensor signals an accident, in which case the recording is stopped to avoid unwanted cancellations.

The GPS can also point out the exact location of the incident and give a number of useful and important notifications while you are driving. For example there is a warning if you get too close to the car in front of us or if you are making over the lane markings of a lane.

4. Snooper DVR-4HD, beautiful

PROMolto beautiful and compattaOttima quality dell’immagineDotata accelerometer and GPS

With its 2.7-inch screen the Snooper DVR-4HD is much more compact than a navigation system and attaches to the front window screen with a suction cup. The power cable is long enough to be rolled around the dashboard.

Record on a microSD and has a 16GB module incluso.L’installazione is incredibly rapid and immediate and the recording is activated by pressing a switch to the side of the unit.

The DVR-4HD record at 1080p with a data rate of 17Mbit / sec, although there is also the option to 720p. In 1080p mode, 16GB of memory provide up to 2 hours of video bailouts.

The picture quality is good both in the sunlight in the daytime and night, even in low light need to be close enough to the vehicle in front, for example, to be able to correctly read the license plate number.

E ‘equipped with accelerometer to capture any collisions or sudden stops and the GPS receiver records the location and speed along with the video.

5. Thinkware X550

PROOttimo softwareFacile from usarePrezzo content

CONTROUn bit ‘complicated to install video from soliQualita not the best

While ThinkWare not mount the sensor best standard among all the dash cam in circulation but has a great software installed on that allows you to also use it in low light conditions.

If you want to get the most from the X550 it must be connected to the car’s electrical system. A little ‘hard to do, especially if you want to take action on their own throughout the installation process, but very easy to use once you are settled.

By connecting in this way you can take advantage of the Parking Mode which is the option that makes the X550 wake up when there are movements in the car, so the camera will begin capturing immediately when the machine is set in motion.

It ‘also equipped with a very accurate GPS system, safety camera alerts and the ability to connect two cameras for better visual passenger compartment roof.

It does not record the best video quality but the low price is a good dashcam.

6. Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT-D, the Dash GPS good

Also PROFunge navigator satellitareRIlevatore collision

There are two microSD slots, one dedicated to the maps of the navigator and the other for the recordings of the room. It is sold with a 4GB microSD included, which corresponds to approximately 76 minutes of Full HD filming.

The Go Alert will notify you if the car in front of us are moving while we stand still, thus preventing the angry honking of drivers behind us.

Flanked to the top class capability of satellite navigation, the DriveAssist 50LMT-D is a great accessory for your car.

7. VicoVation Vico-MF3

PROEconomicaAlta resolution and detailed videos

CONTRONon is equipped with GPS

The VicoVation Vico-MF3 is a camera for easy and economical car with few functions, but is unfortunately not the best on the market.

If you are looking for high quality filming the Vico-MF3 will make you happy, it keeps well in 2,560 x 1,400 at 30 frames per second, producing very detailed video.

At maximum resolution the MF3 can save an hour of footage on an 8GB microSD standard mounted before the loop starts. There are five buttons on the box in order to have access to all the features comfortably.

The real big neo the MF3 is the lack of a standard GPS. You have to buy an external device to be able to track your location, and once purchased will be possible to know the location and use services such as notice of upcoming obstacles in front of us and the Safety Camera alarm.

8. Garmin Dash Cam 55

The Garmin Dash Cam 55 is a great room to capture video in our lives on the road.

E ‘can also record Full HD at 60 frames per second, or a minimum of 720p as an alternative to preserve memory.

It is supplied with a standard storage 8GB but you can add memory up to 64GB by inserting a microSD purchased separately. At the top a resolution 8GB card can record up to 56 minutes footage before it starts the loop.

The Garmin Dash Cam 55 carries on the table also Travelapse innovative feature that allows you to capture the most important moments of our journey to automatically make a quick cheat movie that you can watch it once you are parked.

The Garmin can also be used as a normal camera in the case, for example, there is immediate need to make short movies or photos manually to document the dynamics of an incident once happened.

There is also a built-in voice control to start and stop audio recording, take pictures voice command or activate the function Travelapse. Great if you want to make a vlog of your trip without taking your hands off the wheel.

When you are ready to review the shot, you can see both on your home computer is directly on the small monitor built into the dash cam, comfortably seated in your car.

The built-in WiFi it allows you to sync the Garmin with your smartphone directly on the fly without having to use cumbersome cables.

9. Nextbase 512GW

PRORicca of funzioniAlta quality videoDotata GPS, timelapse mode and parking

The Nextbase are some of the most special rooms at this time on the market.

The recording format available 1440p at 30fps, although you can save space by opting for the lightest full HD at 720p, however, enough to be able to better appreciate our images.

At the highest resolution the memory from standard built-in 16GB will be enough to be able to record up to 77minuti Recording before the loop begins to minifile replace the old with the new ones.

The back of the device has a small 3-inch LCD screen sensitive to touch to be able to comfortably use the various functions of the chamber.

There is as usual the G sensor for accidents, GPS location (but without detection and reporting speed cameras), the work timelapse useful and parking arrangements. All it supported by Wi-Fi to pour our shoot on the smart phone and admire them directly home.

The quality of the image is one of the best on the market, it provides details that others of the same end products can only dream of.

It ‘a very well built and sturdy room that I’m sure will endure even the most difficult and deadly accidents.

10. My MiVue Drive 65 LM, GPS and dash

PROFunge navigator satellitareGrande screen 6 polliciPerfetta for small cars

CONTRONon is the best on the market

My MiVue Drive 65 LM two birds with one stone by combining satellite navigation to dash camera, allowing in this way with a power only to use and take advantage of two cutting-edge technologies for the safety of their vehicles.

The 6-inch screen is very large and great to be able to be used without taking your attention from driving.

The Super HD resolution ensures impressively well as 2304 x 1296 at 30fps, there is a bit ‘in the image compression but just enough to be able to read such license plates at considerable distances.

It comes equipped with a microSD card to 16GB that provides 135 minutes of video at the top of the resolution, with a second micro slot to add our GPS maps.

There is also the speed camera alerts and the alarm for super when their lane, also can not be missing out on a gem like the car’s proximity sensor in front of us, to be able to experience if we had gone too forward and rischiassimo an accident.

It’s not perfect, but it is a good compromise for those who want to have GPS and dash without having to purchase and install two different products. Recommended for those who have small cars.

How to Install a dash cam

The dash cam can be of two types, or single or dual camera. If you purchase a double installation is a bit ‘more complicated, since the rear view camera must be connected to the front wheel.

To mount the rear view camera on the rear window is necessary to: fix the rear support in lunottocollegare the power cord to the camera posteriorecollegare the other end of the cable to the front camera.

The cable that connects the cameras must then be positioned so as not to present any danger or hindrance to persons or transported to the devices present on board the vehicle, for example by hiding behind the car plastic moldings, seals or to the lining of the roof.

In conclusion

The world of cameras for cars is as rich as a whole, because every model on the market there to come in against specific consumer needs, so it is easy to get a little ‘displaced when you have to choose.

There is much talk about electric cars that drive themselves, however, we forget the fact that ordinary car we’re used to are here to stay many years, the transition will be long, and will not happen overnight.

The cameras for cars were one of the many elements that will lead to a real technological revolution that will unfold before our eyes in the coming years.

Who would have thought that the cameras become so small and cheap that they can be strung on board each vehicle? Not to mention the devices that save video and pictures of the same, let’s not forget that only thirty years ago to record the images used were very bulky magnetic media, it would be a folly to think that you carry a car a television camera at the time, only RAI could cover the costs and technical difficulties of such madness.

The cameras for cars are an indispensable tool nowadays and I hope that this guide will be useful to choose the best on the market for your needs. participates in the Amazon Services LLC associates program, and receives a commission on purchases made through our links.

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