I am an avid gamer for years, and when the editors have asked me to have to review the best steering wheels for PS4 and Xbox One are literally jumped on the chair.

A good car can give you strong emotions and huge adrenaline rush.

11 Best Flying Ps4 Exciting 2020? (Reviews) - Pro Cons
11 Best Flying Ps4 Exciting 2020? (Reviews) - Pro Cons
11 Best Flying Ps4 Exciting 2020? (Reviews) - Pro Cons

From the first Colin McRae Rally forward, I looked forward to every driving simulator with anxiety and joy, let’s say that for me the word “game” was good for ten years synonymous only “driving game.”

Want a taste of pure adrenaline before in this guide? Make play on this video and see how beautiful the console steering wheel.

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The steering wheels for video games and driving games

The evolution of racing games in recent times has exceeded all expectations of the past, Assetto Corsa, Gran Turismo or the various Need for Speed, have brought the level of driving simulators light years forward, and now drive virtually seems almost like being in a real cockpit.

Alternatively, you can think about getting one but six confusissimo by the saturation of products on the market.

It ‘s normal not to know where to start when you approach in a world with such a great offer. We must be careful not to fall into commercial traps are around steering fact of poor workmanship that lasts very little.

These machines must be designed for use in the excitement of a game, and if the materials are not good you risk every time of being able to break.

It ‘possible that this is the first time that you care to guide the flying world for Xbox and PS4.

The good news is that the market is full of excellent flying as a guide, produced both thinking for beginners and more experienced and demanding players.

There are Logitech, Thrustmaster and other famous houses that can boast a flying catalog to suit all tastes, along with other interesting accessory devices to get better and better the gaming experience.

The steering wheels allow you to make the experience even more immersive driving, to drop the player in the action.

Only play with the keyboard it takes a lot to the charm of racing games.

All players are in agreement than a good steering wheel can improve their lap times compared to a poor or even the keyboard.

They are also great for spratichirsi if you are beginners in driving the car, safely. Certainly not replace the driving school, but allow youngsters to begin to become familiar with the world of motorsport.

Sometimes, however, to have a truly engaging and immersive need to buy expensive flying.

Those economic fact there are many limitations and are often “plasticky”. That is the feeling of driving under the hand does not resemble that of the real wheel of a car, but more like a toy.

Today we will help you choose the best steering wheel for Xbox and PS4 among those currently on the market. For your convenience and ease of reference propose a numbered list with the pros and cons of each model.

Without getting lost in chatter, let’s present the best flying as a guide for Xbox and PS4 in 2020:

11 Best Flying Ps4 Exciting 2020? (Reviews) - Pro Cons

1. G29 Logitech Driving Force, choosing ProContro for PS4, PS3 and PC

11 Best Flying Ps4 Exciting 2020? (Reviews) - Pro Cons

Logitech G29 Racing Driving Force steering wheel with pedals …

PRO One of the best steering wheels xbox circolazione- Excellent ergonomicita- Nice design

The controversial relatively high price but justified

We begin this list with the G29 Logitech Driving Force. The G29 is designed for PS4, PS3 and PC, but there is a fee for XBOX which is the Logitech G920, with the same characteristics. Just find the link below.

You must remember that the G29 is part of the elite of flying models available for Xbox. This accessory has the class to sell.

The steering wheel itself is very well designed, and it also has a certain elegance, the buttons are positioned perfectly in the most ergonomic and comfortable that immaginereste.Una of the best features of this product is that it can easily adapt to any location game , because of its small size.

It has a force feedback to two engines, or makes sense skidding in the event of understeer or oversteer in any kind of curve.

The materials that make up are excellent and also allow long use without having to worry about absolutely wear.

It equipped with helical gears without play to simulate those present within the real cars.

The reviews of the Logitech G29 on amazon are innumerable and enthusiastic, is a product that never displeased anyone, at a very reasonable price given the pro features it offers.

1b. , Choosing ProContro XBOX

G920 Logitech Driving Force Wheel Racing Wheel Racing with …

It ‘s very much like the Logitech G29, with the only difference being the corresponding version for XBOX.

2. Thrustmaster Racing Wheel T300 RS, per PS4, PS3 e PC

PRO Silenzioso- Great force feedback- Zero Latency

Pedal counter migliorabile- substantial price, like the logitech

There is a kind of online controversy, some players also still evaluating the Logitech G920 / G29 among the best of its kind, tend to prefer the Racing Wheel Thrustmaster T300.

It ‘a steering wheel that undoubtedly gives great emotions and discharges adrenalina.Il T300 is a replica of the Ferrari 599xx steering scale EVO 8:10 Officially licensed in Maranello, in his hand looks like very solid and resistant.

Inside the box you can find a comfortable support for attaching the motor of the steering wheel to our gioco.Il engine from table T300 is one of the best that exist in circulation. Quiet, powerful and has a force feedback that if set to the maximum risk of hurting their wrists as you forte.Il Force feedback is fluid and continuous with hyper-realistici.Non effects seems to have latency, nor annoying noises.

Excellent product for those who are fanatic simracing.

3. TMX Thrustmaster Force Feedback (Xbox One / PC) best value for money

PRO Very good value price-Grandioso Force Feedback

The counter-feeling is not the best- pedals give limited root resistance

There is absolutely no doubt that the force feedback represents a racing game strength. Feel the steering wheel press into your hands in a dynamic way while you’re beholding great speed against another machine really gives you a feeling of realism unmatched, and can evoke memories of arcade games room as the famous Daytona USA.

The pedals have included a bit ‘plasticky, and offer minimal resistance. But they can be replaced with a higher quality As set you become more experienced and esigenti.Lo steering is not comparable to the most important models, but what really draws attention and wonder of this mid-range product as we said is the force feedback.

It is not as accurate as the leading products, it is clear, but it is impressive and enjoyable. The steering wheel is also up to 900 degrees.

As value for money is really excellent.

4. Thrustmaster T-GT, the champion designed for Gran Turismo (PS4, PC)

Thrustmaster T-GT (Volante incl. 3-Pedali, Force Feedback, 270°…

PRO Force Feedback amazing- Design Performance elegantissimo- super pro

Counter expensive- pedal in my opinion not up to the price

The Thrustmaster T-GT is a great racing wheel with force feedback to be afraid of the very exciting performance with Gran Turismo Sport.

The T-GT has an incredible pedals considered the price a little ‘higher end, but the steering itself is really stunning.

The vibration fact emulates the feeling of different types of road surfaces, replicating the same effect they have on our corpo.Aggiunge in this way an extra level of immersion, I can assure you that there is not a moment when the engines of the Thrustmaster T -GT are not doing their job.

It ‘a custom designed steering wheel for Gran Turismo game on which provides the best performance.

The force feedback is the strong point of this product. And ‘more powerful than the T300 and offers a unique driving sensation.

The TG-T is a steering wheel for those seeking accurate and exciting experience.

5. Thrustmaster T80 RW, the cheapest (PS4, PS3, PC)

Thrustmaster T80 RS (Volante incl. 2-Pedali, PS4 / PS3)


Feeling counter a standard driving, not comparable to more expensive models

Here is the economical alternative for those who got tired of playing racing game with gamepad but do not want to invest too much money in this passion.

Or even better for those who want to start with a flying spratichirsi before moving on to more challenging models.

The Thrustmaster T80 is a good model for novices, certainly nothing impressive, but at this price you can not expect too much.

And ‘perfect for taking your first steps in this world, with 13 buttons and a surprising degree rotation in 1080, whereas the normal flying only insure 900.

6. Thrustmaster Ferrari F458 Spider, economical alternative for XBOX

PRO Built in excellent materialistic Good Value

Counter- limited steering angle

For those who have an XBOX and looking for something cheap but not the poor Thrustmaster has a good flying model: the Ferrari F458.

The steering wheel is a 7:10 replica of the one of the FERRARI 458 SPIDER, made of 100% metal, very durable and reliable.

It ‘a great alternative for those who want to spend a little’ less without sacrificing quality.

The force feedback is not present, only it has a return spring that centers the steering and resists.

The pedal is all plastic, but seems durable and opposes the right resistance.

The steering angle is only 240 degrees, maybe a little ‘limitation for those who play rally games.

7. Digging R I Racing g Wee l Ape x, PS4 PS3 example PC

PRO Very good value price-sensibile- really long cable 3 meters

There is no counter-force feedback- pedal too plastic

Here’s another nice flying at a low price, performance is egregious if we compare them with the actual costs.

The steering wheel itself is very sensitive and accurate, compatible with most racing games available right now on the market.

Sometimes the wheel tends to lose the connection with the playstation, because of a bad contact probably the pedal, in that case, just disconnect and then reconnect the connector again to get back on track.

And ‘certainly a simple no-frills flying entry level for those who want to enter the world of video games driving through the front door without gutted. A good compromise after all.

In case you want to play sports GT, be careful because it is not plug and play in that case, you have to set it up carefully to use it, but just less than a minute to figure it out.

If you are looking for a top driving range, look elsewhere if you want a decent steering wheel to start could be the choice for you.

There is no force feedback, but the materials are quite good, light and strong.

The design is good, elegant and minimalist, resemble that of a real car, unlike other models which tend to favor an “arcade” look, this Hori PS4-052E betting everything appearance more simulative, it feels like you being in the cockpit of a car.

The pedal perhaps leaves something ‘to be desired, consisting of two pedals and very easy to install and configure, however, is a bit’ plasticky, unlike the steering wheel that performs very well could have been done better and realize an almost perfect budget product.

It equipped with a 3 meter cable to connect at any location and at any distance, not bad for a cheap product. USB interface and handles in a very ergonomic rubber, the basic simulation experience is virtually assured, sometimes you will have the feeling of not requiring a high-end product.

The only downside as I said is the pedal a bit ‘woody, but at this price you can not ask for more, it is all in all a great product definitely worth considering if you are like me passionate about racing games and you do not have a big budget to invest the time.

Give it a chance, you might even invaghirvene.

8. Thrustmaster TX RW, volante in pelle

PRO Made in steel-Ability to apply the change to hand-brake function sequenziale- Force Feedback

Counter- Costa a bit- goes into sleep mode if you do not use

Here is a beautiful flying as “extreme”, it places a strong resistance that can cause even a little ‘pain in the arms of the strength which opposes.

It made almost entirely of steel except for some small parts in plastica.Molto versatile, perfect to keep on the table or attached to a workstation as a guide.

The price figures traveling on a bit ‘incurred, but it should not intimidate those who are looking for pure and direct driving experience.

Fascinating then is the function of Shifter H 7 + also 1.C’e the sequential gearbox, simply proceed to svitaggio of the knob with the screws that hold the immobilized grid of the shifter steel, and thus provide for the application of the sequential gearbox.

There is also the hand brake function, a bit ‘hidden, but looking good on the instruction manual it is easy to wrap.

For purists there is the possibility of replacing the base with a knob of a real car, to get an even more realistic and personalized.

But if you will not use the steering wheel Thrustmaster Tx Rw this will tend to “fall asleep” and must be awakened via USB, especially a bit ‘annoying to some …

The force feedback is great and the steering wheel is very solid in his hands.

The pedal is clearly up to the rest though not beautiful in my humble parry.

Overall though a great product.

9. Speedlink DRIFT O.Z. Racing Wheel, volante per PS3

PRO Great price-quality ratio 16 personalizzabili- keys Excellent driveability

Counter-pedal a bit ‘poor

Here’s a great steering wheel value for money, in fact I could not forget about those who want a nice driving experience but not too serious portfolios, especially these days …

It ‘a great steering wheel for the PS3, but can also be purchased for other console versions, depending on availability on the site.

Adherence is sensational.

The pedal unfortunately leaves something ‘to be desired, and I think you could do a little’ better. The pedals are in fact strong a little ‘too close to each other and sometimes to get them to press inside the game you have to press a little’ too far forward …

A purchase, however, that it may be noted satisfactory for those who do not want to overdo it and still bring home a respectable guide device.

The steering wheel vibrates and gives a unique feeling of driving, though steering response according to some users is not too linear, making driving not really very accurate.

10. Thrustmaster F458 Arabia add on, the Formula 1 Super Deals

With this add on to the steering wheel you feel like you’re driving a real Ferrari cars …

The feeling is incredible, has a balanced weight that makes the ForceFeedback a crazy cool and even the buttons are nice to press

The wheels are, however, recognized by the Playstation as directional arrows and for this non-programmable depth.

It really seems to have in my hands a real steering wheel formula 1. I felt a real pilot while I used it.

Perfect for the fanatics of simracing!

11. Thrustmaster Volante Ferrari F1 Wheel ADD-ON

PRO feedback without paragoni- Design amazing- For fanatics of formula one

Here’s another nice add-on Formula 1 Ferrari.

I’m sure that among you there are many fanatics of the prancing horse, the rest live in Italy and the brand of Imola is undoubtedly one of the most popular, certainly many of you have grown up with this myth.

So what could be better than buying a nice add-on Ferrari steering wheel to match your Thrustmaster TX really formidable and realistic gaming experience.

In fact, the feel here is incredible, it feels like being inside a shiny red car. The Alcantara is indescribably fantastic and thanks to the weight of the wheel itself coupled with our Thrustmaster we seem to have a more realistic and immersive feedback.

12. Playseat Challenge, Car Seat

Playseat Car Seat RC.00002 Challenge for Game, Black

For those who really takes seriously its videogame driving experience you can not miss a nice car seat Playseat, we are faced with something state of the art that with a little ‘expensive not betray the expectations of gamers simracing more demanding.

But let’s see together because it is a subject worthy of our attention and especially worthy to be present in this list.

There’s no annoying pole in the middle of your legs, it looks very solid, so I imagine that it is difficult to break, and above all is customizable to capacity, to simulate normal driving position in any game.

A real gem in this environment.

The cost is contained to such an object, then it is very light and easy to move when you do not play.

If you are looking for “something more” that allows you to complete 100%, but I would say 110% your gaming experience, well ‘, look no further because here you will have bread for your teeth.

Be ‘, what are you waiting to order it?

I personally I own two, one home and one at work, I use in a special location of leisure, to always keep handy on my wheel and my pedals and at the same time without sacrificing ergonomics that keep my back in a position without affaticarla.

13. Sedia da racing Playseat Evolution

Playseat Evolution Black – New model

The latest product of our list is not a game but a steering chair simracing: the Playseat Evolution.

For those who really want to make the complete gaming experience and is fortunate to have enough space at home to interface complete guide, this is the ideal solution. (Although there is to be specified that the chair in question can close in on itself and become just 30 cm!). Designed to be compatible for all models of the steering wheel and pedals on the market.

Many reviewers agree with me that this is the best chair on the market for those fans of racing simulations.

Playseat Evolution is the ultimate solution for ultra-realistic salotto.Il right in your seat driving simulation is similar to that of a car, in imitation leather with a durable steel frame and robusta.Supporto for the steering wheel and the system of the pedal fixing.

The quality of the materials used is great and there is already from the first contatto.Il assembly is simple and can be adjusted to your body in a short time.

Stability is the strong point of this product, which in spite must support the weight of your body more than the device with relative vibrations and movements, it seems to make a great job.

PS Volante 4

When I was little I loved the world of cars, my dad would come home every two months with a Burrago model, remember those?

Those fantastic models of cars that were so fashionable years ago.

I was an avid fan of Ferrari, did not fail even a Grand Prix in front of the television, I loved my idol Schumacher.

They were beautiful those years, too bad racing games at that time were not very advanced, I loved to settle down in my chair as if I were in a car and my imagination did the rest.

I dreamed of being on board a car or a rally car and to become a world champion.

Finally, however, we are in a world in which the experience of racing game is all the more immersive and engaging, we are no longer having to deal with pixels huge and ridiculous 8bit, when you are watching a modern game machine in front of the monitor it seems to be on board of a passenger compartment, just missing the now lashed to the smell of our wheels.

I wonder how much actual time it will take for it to be made the “miracle” to witness a total driving simulation, inclusive of water that you squirts on the headband and the smell of gasoline pitstop.

It would be pretty cool, right?

For though we can “make do” moment with these flying PS4 XBOX and PC that guarantee thanks to their fantastic vibrations a driving experience like no other.

The steering wheels are made of different materials, producing some companies opting for a fake very realistic skin while others try to emulate the real stick of typical command of the Formula 1 single-seater.

It ‘an incredible feeling to play an F1 game aboard a Ferrari with a steering wheel that resembles the original.

The part where you rest your hands is usually made of rubber to ensure a secure grip and avoid not miss a pass.

Most economic models instead of plastic flying mountain, trying to save … And ‘why I recommend to fall back on models still a bit’ more expensive but still durable over time.

The pedals are also usually made of plastic for the cheapest models, but rising price we find the most interesting and realistic objects, you feel like you press the accelerator of a real car, with all the emotions that follow …

The steering wheel is usually charged via USB to avoid the hassle of having to use a wall-mounted power supply. This way there is more mobility, and ability to place our flying wherever we deem fit, without too many distractions.

In recent years it has nevertheless made great strides in the field of steering wheels for PS4, even remember a decade ago (and yet seems to have spent much more time …) as flying from PC guide were ridiculous and limited, I was only two, I had given away my grandfather them, he did not have any kind of feedback, seemed to drive a toy car Gig Nikko, I assure you experience absolutely frustrating.

I had to wait to take 18 years to finally drive a real car and live the experience of complete guide, I was a teenager today, it would be much easier spratichirmi, maybe even for driving lessons, on a car virtual since the current steering wheels for video games are incredibly responsive and simulation.

But let’s see calmly what are the characteristics that distinguish a steering wheel for PC, PS4 and XBOX.

Flying usually weigh between 2 and 20 kilograms, when you talk about flying pro extremely similar experience realistic guida.E ‘very easy to find accommodation within our rooms, because unlike real booths command to driving games that found in arcades, in which we can literally sit inside, the steering wheel and pedals of the kits that are on sale require very little space and can be adapted to the shape of our body and the chair on which we decide to play.

Clearly if you opt for an experience of semi-realistic driving it is better to have a proper game position …

I do not know how to communicate happiness to witness this world so rapidly evolving, I look forward to the virtual realities at a range of portfolios to ensure even more alive and pulsating gaming experience.

The steering wheels are equipped videogiocare also usually have buttons for quick access to all the functions of the games without ever removing his hands from the guide. Gone are the days when between one game and another you had to scroll through the options menu with the keyboard or gamepad with, a particular seemingly marginal importance but in reality prevented an actual immersion within the game.

The color often used by manufacturers of flying is black, but you are very beautiful flying in special or particular issues, such as what is flushed dedicated to Ferrari, or there are other models like the skin of a beautiful brown color for those who love being on board of a sports car to Need for Speed.

By now you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to car games, they managed to emulate really any driving experience, from rallying to Formula 1 through the guidance of normal cars or sports cars or even trucks and trucks.

It ‘s easy now to find used and even flying low price, there gamestop which is equipped with a wide range of flying and try to choose, but let’s convenience you find on the internet is difficult to find anywhere else, for that matter I decided to write up this very thorough guide of offers for you, listing and highlighting pros and cons of each model to help you make the right choice in full knowledge, however, reserving the best prices in the market.

As we all know; how much cheaper than buying on the internet rather than in regular stores.

The joystick standard we are used to from an early age unfortunately is not the suitable means to enter the fabulous world of games macchine.Il reason? They are devices designed to play platforms, shooter games or otherwise providing segmented movements in a 3D world, or 2d.

One of the “tricks” that came up with the engineers of the manufacturers of video games is the so-called “force feedback”.

But we’re good together and see what it is.

The flying for PC, PS4 and XBOX are equipped inside with powerful engines that will allow to recreate the experience of a real machine driving.

Even shock, friction and impacts are made with a sense of realism that is almost frightening, indeed I take this opportunity to remind you that if you are an impressionable subject is better to disable this option simulation and enjoy a much quieter driving without “edginess” …

Ovviamene not no danger when handling a steering wheel like that, are absolutely safe, and you can also make spectacular crashes and spin, nothing will happen, you just enjoy the scenic effect of the collision safely.

Also think about the distinct advantage that you can have against opponents in online races, if you have in your hands a realistic steering wheel will be able to take advantage of the small minutiae and subtleties of the guide, thoroughly enjoying the course and gaining precious seconds on the others.

To choose the best steering wheel for ps4 must first assess what our expectations with respect to the game world, or if we are casual gamers or pro.

In the first case I suggest you settle for something cheaper, maybe you are not yet sure of such a purchase and want before spratichirvi with the world of racing cars … well ‘there may be, the market offers many alternatives very good in this guide .

There are also models that can be used on all gaming platforms such as PS3, PS4, XBOX ONE and PC, and others dedicated to specific consoles.

The force feedback is the first feature to be considered, because it is the one that gives the true driving experience.

Obviously, when you buy a steering wheel you can not leave in accordance with the pedal plane.

Why you ask …

Obviously the steering wheel alone is not enough to ensure adequate driving experience, that’s why the majority of the most serious kits are obviously equipped with pedals. Even these extremely sensitive and optimized for a great driving experience.

For completists, or rather those who believe in a “manly” guide and where nothing is left to chance, may consider the purchase of a manual transmission. There is not an experience of touring car guide that does not even include this particularly important.

First, there are flying in which the invoice is significantly higher, it is not so much the fundamental material in which the parts are assembled as much as HOW these are assembled between them.

There are many Chinese who seem flying evolved and similar to the original ones but after a while ‘time reveal all their limitations, FIRST the driving experience is never identical to the products of major brands, and then after a few uses literally begin to cascarvi in ​​hand … it’s definitely not something desirable.

Fundamentals are the programmable buttons on our command cloche. These guarantee a great versatility of control, in fact make it possible to adapt from time to time the steering wheel to the games that we are going to affrontare.Non all games are in fact equal, others require a selection of parameters in the course of the action, for example, be able to communicate with his team during a grand prize of a formula, or requested and a tire change, look in the rear window, and so on.

There are also adventure games that apart ask the guide also require other actions including shoot enemies while you are on the run, or get in touch with their allies, that’s where come in handy programmable buttons.

The sensitivity of the steering wheel is something to keep super into account when you are going to buy a steering wheel to interface to video games, why?

Be ‘, easy to understand, this is the function with which we will confront all the time, and therefore it is crucial that both first-rate, even more important if we want the invoice of the materials in the wheel.

As a rule, a price increase is proportional to an increase in the sensitivity of the steering wheel, the reason is logical and clear to everyone, a higher cost allows for greater accuracy in engineering level of the PCB and engines present inside the appliance. Even latency will obviously be affected by this, it is important to have a delay as much as possible close to zero to ensure road holding and a solid and reliable responsiveness.

In conclusion

And ‘this is what you absolutely do not recommend, you should keep aside their adventures driving only in the digital field.

If you can do a skid on wet or snowy perfectly into your driving simulator, though it may be reliable, in no way means that you will be able to play it with a race car on a real circuit, or even worse, with your utilitarian.

On these things it is better not to joke and always put your full attention.

For the rest I believe and I hope with all my heart that the driving simulation continues to evolve at very great distance just as it does, because in a few years I really want to have a virtual vehicle can be driven like a real one, perhaps with a helmet that simulates also the beating of the wind on my face, the drops of water falling on the windshield, i want to hear everything, and i can enjoy free rein on all the world’s major circuits challenging my friends in increasingly realistic races.

Because video games allow you to dream, to be free.

I thank you for reading this my guide and I refer you to the next.

Compared to the past, the gaming peripheral market is now full of offers. Gone are the days when the only two alternatives were Sony Microsoft.Sul market or face more and more competitors and manufacturers trying to put technological innovations into their products to make more real-like driving experience. I can confidently say this after my tests, we are very close to the total and complete simulation of driving a car.


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