5 Best Stoppers For Ears (Fine For Sleeping) – Pro Cons

5 Best Stoppers For Ears (Fine for Sleeping) – Pro Cons

The first time I used ear plugs noise, I thought seriously of having attained nirvana

I have no words to thank the inventor of these fluffy little irreplaceable allies of laziness and idleness: Antinoise ear plugs.

5 Best Stoppers For Ears (Fine For Sleeping) - Pro Cons
5 Best Stoppers For Ears (Fine For Sleeping) - Pro Cons
5 Best Stoppers For Ears (Fine For Sleeping) - Pro Cons

I was at university and I shared the house with four wild beasts with little desire to study and a lot of attitude to the casino and noise unmotivated.

And you know, to live happily is vital sleep well.

Unfortunately i made off penniless often have to settle for makeshift shelters in converted houses, old buildings of historic centers of cities of art, so lacking in sophisticated building measures.

It also happens that the walls of separation between the rooms are thin plasterboard panels.

Imagine what this meant for an only son abitutato to the bliss of a whisper quiet room in the quiet little house in the province of their parents …

The beginning of a great adventure

Feeling regret for the umpteenth morning in a row, my companion pragmatic courses replied: “Fann casino? Embee! Accatat ‘and bring ear plugs! “.

I figured until then that the earplugs were a lot of good object-invasive and only for those who plays drums or work on construction sites.

So it was that I took courage and went to a pharmacy to buy my first pair of ear plugs to sleep. Without imagining that from that moment would become my best friends for life.

In fact, I began to use them not only to read but also to study, read, use the computer, it was the best thing that had happened to me.

The quality of my sleep increased incredibly.

I had found the ultimate solution.

Before I slept in Mozzicato way with continuous sudden awakenings – literally was like living in a city under the danger of nightly bombings – I began to sleep 8-9 hours straight.

If you want there is a link to a guide for the work caps on this site.

My life along with ear plugs noise

Similarly it increased the quality of my level of concentration and attention.

Even studying it became much easier.

The first pair I bought furan transforming common 3m caps, yellow ones that are found everywhere, but it was impossible to wear for more than 8 hours straight without feeling a little ‘discomfort in the ears.

I began to test other brands, then came the internet and gave me the opportunity to become a real expert on the subject.

I discovered that there were far more comfortable models and much more effective.

I was able to finally experience the absolute silence mentioned by John Cage.

I have a very low attention spans and plugs Antinoise ear really do wonders to help with concentration.

Meanwhile alas I never enjoyed the quiet of his home.

These fantastic sponge friends then were really important to avoid loud neighbors, too lively dogs, girlfriends with the habit of snoring, couples engaged in very noisy sexual marathons, bars and clubs suddenly open your front door, with children Afternoon vice karaoke , construction works, public demonstrations in the street.

Best Antinoise ear plugs to sleep:

This guide will help you to choose the best Antinoise ear plugs for your needs lazy.

We need a couple of caps that alloggino in our ears so egregious, ideally we should not make us even aware of their presence to be able to sleep in peace without disturbance.

At the same time, however, they must isolate by as much as possible sound, or be very dense materiale.A greater density but sometimes corresponds greater thickness, and a greater thickness less comfort.

The insulation from the noise issue is relative.

The coefficient at which we will have to take care in choosing our caps is the SNR. The higher the SNR number, the sound insulation is very simple. Ideally between 30 and 34 the SNR is the ideal number for a strong insulation. Under 20 SNR isolation is not enough.

We start from the base: 3M

These are the great classic, the plugs which you will find at the pharmacy, the most famous, with a protection factor of 29 SNR.Sono honest caps, easy to apply and comfortable to hold on, the insulation coefficient leaves but a little ‘ to desire.

The calmor dell’Artsana. Natural but little insulation

Thanks to the fact that the wax completely natural material, ultimately are truly the most comfortable to wear, you feel like you do not have anything inside your ear.

But the isolation level is much lower, we are between 23 and 28 SNR.

They are recommended for those who have a particularly light sleepers or those who must be available for some reason during the night. That is if they call you at night while you are on these plugs, you will wake up.

The application is unique, because unlike the other stoppers, those of search should be modeled between the pads and inserted into the ear canal, which will adapt naturally.

The Hearos, comfortable and awakening trial (Best Choice)

5 Best Stoppers For Ears (Fine For Sleeping) - Pro Cons

Here is the KING of caps: Hearos. My favorite brand, one that still use the grace convincing compromise between comfort and sound isolation.

They are in fact surprisingly comfortable despite the level of protection they provide: 32 SNR well! Very close to the maximum level of protection. But I can assure you that they are the most comfortable in this high degree of SNR.

I’m not very popular in Italy, unfortunately, it will not find them in stores, but you can buy them on Amazon Italy, which lets you see them arrive directly from its branch in the United Kingdom.

The Moldex. With these, they do not wake up even nuclear bombs

5 Best Stoppers For Ears (Fine For Sleeping) - Pro Cons

These caps have saved me.

The caps for loud music musicians and listeners

The ear caps are also concerts with sound levels far too driven, to avoid having to hearing loss before time.

Many in fact believe that the ears are the indestructible objects, they are actually the most delicate apparatus containing an inner structure that once affected can not be rebuilt.

Not even the most skilled in the world in the best American ENT clinic will restore you back your ability to listen to certain frequencies, hearing loss is indeed irreversible.

Difference between plugs for sleeping and plugs for musicians

So no matter how beautiful the music you are listening to, or what you are drunk, if you begin to feel discomfort or ringing in your ears or if for some reason you are too close to the speakers of a concert, do yourself a great pleasure and put on a pair of caps .

They are not made to listen, they are made to sleep and not be disturbed, if you try to listen to the stereo while wearing them feel all muffled and horrible. This is because a lot absorb medium and high frequencies, which are the ones that most disturb sleep.

Your passion for music will thank you in the coming years when you will preserve a clean listening over the entire audible spectrum.

In conclusion

Although there are very effective models that can block high decibel levels, they do not stop the noise and very low frequency sounds.

For example, the sub woofer of a reggae plant in Jamaica, however, will penetrate the acoustic protection and will be noticeable in a certain way.

We hope this guide will be helpful, it is not easy to find the right product for your needs the first time that you begin to look and is very inexperienced, but with a little ‘patience and someone like me who can advise you on basis of his experience, everything becomes easy and automatic.

Hello boys and girls, and good sleep!

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