7 Best Shower Trays (Talk To The Expert Tiler) – Pro Cons

7 Best Shower Trays (Talk to the Expert Tiler) – Pro Cons

I lost count of the years that have passed since I started working as a professional plumber and tiler. It is a work that I do with passion allows me to stay in contact with people and seeing my satisfied customers is always a great joy.

The shower tray for a bathroom is like the icing on the cake for me: it installs a quality and showering will become the highlight of the day. A pleasure!

That’s why I decided to write a definitive guide to shower trays: first pass an overview of the different installation methods, then we will see together all the pros and cons of different types of material on the market.

We will see the best shower trays available, is expensive is cheap, and finally answer some questions that very often my clients ask me: what to do if the shower tray is leaking, if it moves, if you crack, how to clean the shower base as it cuts to measure and how to remedy the clogged drain.

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Well, I am no longer in the skin! We proceed.

Shower tray mounted or flush with the floor?

The shower tray support is a plate which is supported, as the word itself, on the bathroom floor itself; presents a more or less high edge depending on the different models, even if most of today are particularly low and easy. The interior is clearly shaped so as to facilitate the current flow of water toward the hole that empties into an underlying basin, which is connected via a pipe under the plate to the discharge. It lends itself to an easy and quick installation.

The shower tray flush with the floor is a dish that is the same level as the bathroom floor and is sure to be much more elegant. The inside of the dish is made so as to bring together the usually water or towards the center or towards a corner, which goes to end up directly into the drain. The shower element flush with the floor is a bit ‘more difficult to install and definitely needs the supervision of a specialist. It can not be installed in all bathrooms, but the bath itself must provide for the eventual shower tray of this type.

This is the great dilemma that you might encounter, for example, if you are thinking of redoing the bathroom again completely.

In fact I happened to have to deal with customers who did not have a clear idea about the real differences between the two types. Many think it is a matter of pure choice or taste but it is not so, because in some cases it has not chosen.

To help you better understand, if you have a bathroom that does not provide start the installation of a shower element flush with the floor, you almost certainly think of resting solution.

The shower trays in support have their advantages: they can be installed very easily and do not need to revolutionize the bathroom because they have a water basin at the bottom of which communicates with the drain through a pipe. They are also a great classic, even today, with their little step and are commercially very beautiful models, which absolutely disfigure the face of the competition.

The flush with the floor shower trays are the ones I personally recommend to customers who decide to redo the entire bathroom. Or those who just bought a house, which must be restored and put themselves in my hands.

These types of dishes are definitely the most beautiful, as I said before, because they create an environment completely different bathroom. It is a matter of design but also of aesthetics, the fact of having continuity in the floor, without steps, without interruption, creates more harmony in a room in which essentially we spend a lot of time of our lives.

The great advantage of shower trays flush with the floor is to be literally perfect for the elderly or the disabled, as there are no steps.

The advice I give you is that you have an industry expert to mount, because it is easy to run into problems caused by wrong installation: examples of this are the water leaks or stagnation due to the screed at the wrong angle .

Finally, what I always say, the shower is still the shower! When I go into the box, I want the relaxation begin their feet. A plate of high quality shower flush with the floor makes absolutely no difference. Enough already observe a simple photo to figure it out.

The size of the shower tray

The first major classification, even before the measures, it is based on the shape.

There are shower square plates, rectangular, circular, semi-circular and semi-circular asymmetrical. These are the classic forms present in the Italian bathrooms.

Please note that you can not choose according to taste but again depending on the type of room and its size. If you plan to remake it completely, then you can think about the option that is most pleasing.

The classic form is that there is a square. In small bathrooms you are often found these shower trays, ranging in size from 60 x 60 cm up to 90 x 90 cm where possible. Even in larger bathrooms you can always find a shower tray square, only bigger.

Less frequent but more recently in vogue rectangular and semicircular.

The rectangular shower trays are just perfect in places where there is ample space. The rectangular shower has a big advantage: create a kind of atmosphere to himself dedicated to a very special moment of which day is the shower. Doing so can also decorate at will inside thus giving free rein to their imagination and tastes.

You can also install a rectangular shower tray 130 x 170 cm if possible.

The most frequent dimensions are 70 x 80 cm, 70 x 90 cm, 70 x 100 cm, 80 x 100 centimeters.

The semi-circular shower trays are a must for small bathrooms: have a face design to save space and give harmony.

What material to choose – Total driving, Pros and Cons

Now I’ll show you the different materials available on the market and each of them will carry the Pros and the Cons so you can get an idea of ​​what works best for you.

The Best Shower Trays – Reviews &

On Amazon there are many products that can really satisfy anyone. Even a shower tray can be purchased easily and now I’ll show you what I believe are the best available online.

1. Solidstone stone – measures 70 x 120 (height 2.8)

7 Best Shower Trays (Talk To The Expert Tiler) - Pro Cons

A shower tray natural stone is something fantastic, that even a photograph can make it clear. It is when you install it at home, in your bathroom, you really know what your money bought: it is a touch of modern design and sensory pleasure that you never want to do without.

This model that we monster is a rectangular shower tray of 70 x 120 centimeters. Always online at Amazon are other models of different sizes of Solidstone, depending on what best suits you in terms of size.

Let’s move on to the details.

I’m talking about a shower in natural stone (70% calcium carbonate and 30% polyester resin), as you’ve probably already read in the guide to materials, it is one of the quality products on the market.

This in particular of Solidstone is treated so as to be highly resistant to wear, thermal shock and even in direct sunlight. In addition it has a coating gelcoat.

The gelcoat is important in this case: it protects the material from bacteria and from limestone.

The dish comes with the class certified non-slip 3. In addition, the dish is hot and you will not suffer large thermal trauma in the moment you step into the shower.

If I tell you that the dish Solidstone shower is one piece and is not empty inside, you might think that it is a very heavy object. Well, you’re wrong. The Solidstone dishes are very light precisely because compounds from a mixture with polyester resin.

It is a very thin plate (2.8 cm in height) and therefore can also be installed flush with the floor. Just make sure to call a plumber for installation. You can do it just as you are able, it is important that you use a polyurethane sealant adhesive (as suggested by the same company).

The high drain only 6 cm and stainless steel grille are included, so that seems a bit ‘high but it’s actually a great value for money.

2. Shower in marble (slate effect) – choice of measures

7 Best Shower Trays (Talk To The Expert Tiler) - Pro Cons

The shower trays in marble lately are going out of style. They are definitely the best of the classic ceramic plates or acrylic, but cost a bit ‘more. In return, they are absolutely the most beautiful.

The advantage of a plate in marmoresina is to be able to be installed flush with the floor as it is very thin.

What you see above is black but is also available in other colors and sizes. The plan has a slate effect that I feel really good.

This is also non-slip class 3 and the surface has a coating gelcoat that makes the antibacterial flat and thus highly hygienic. I remind you also that the gel coat protects the material from stains that can be created due to soap residue.

Also in this specific case, it is possible to require cutting to measure of the pot according to their own needs. The important thing to do in this case is to choose the closest measures to that which serves EXCESS, so you can then cut centimeters too make it fit your needs. Everything is free but delivery times, of course, will be different.

The drain and the grid are included.

There are several purchase options for shower trays in marble like this.

7 Best Shower Trays (Talk To The Expert Tiler) - Pro Cons

Here’s another one, for example, always available in various standard sizes or with the option to get it cut as you want.

3. Plate Marinelli shower SMC (resin) Slate effect – choice of measures

The model that we see now is a shower tray made into a resin particle: the SMC. It means Sheet Molding Compound and consists of “sheets” of fiberglass ready to be molded by heat. This mechanism is virtually perfect for a shower tray and ensures a remarkable resistance and a high durability.

The dishes of Marinelli Group are excellent and accompanied by very positive reviews, as well as all other bathroom accessories sold by them. In short, a quality mark.

The shower tray is available in various sizes. Here you see the white model, but there is also the model beige and black.

These plates can be installed flush with the floor because very thin. We speak of a thickness of 2.6 cm.

The material is excellent for cutting and for this reason it is very easy to request the size that is best suited to their needs, even shaped wanting.

It is a dish very strong shower that does not lose its color over time. Many might think that the surface can wear away with time, but in this case everything does not happen. It looks like one piece, beautiful and really solid.

The surface is non-slip.

Care must be taken when washing: Use only products not aggressive or neutral detergent and a soft sponge.

Absolutely recommended, great price.

4. Plate Georgy shower SMC thermoformed resin – various sizes

7 Best Shower Trays (Talk To The Expert Tiler) - Pro Cons

Another shower that advice often, always in the SMC, is that of Georgy which also presents very well with many positive reviews.

It is very thin, available in many sizes. Here you see the white base model; Also find anthracite, gray and beige.

It is a very resistant dish and is not as cold as the ceramics. It is proof of wear over time: it does not lose color when purchasing the white model, not yellow.

The drain valve is included.

5. Shower Crocket ultraslim resin (stone effect) – various sizes and colors

7 Best Shower Trays (Talk To The Expert Tiler) - Pro Cons

A shower that could really satisfy anyone. Available in many colors and sizes. We speak of the shower Crocket ultraslim resin.

Very beautiful and elegant, it can also be installed flush with the floor thanks to its only 3 centimeters thick.

The non-slip surface is coated with gelcoat stone effect that guarantees maximum hygiene, being antibacterial. Moreover, as I have already explained to you before, for resin shower trays is fundamental gelcoat coating as it prevents stains.

The exhaust stack and the stainless steel grid are included.

The price is definitely challenging but you will not regret it: the dish Crocket shower is a guarantee.

The Best Dish Economic Shower

6. Shower Idralite slim acrylic edged – different sizes

Now let’s see what are in my opinion the best economic options, in case you wanted to save money but at the same time guarantee an effective and lasting solution.

The options are basically aesthetic: the shower tray is acrylic trim, is for you to choose the one that fits your bathroom. There is a glossy white model (what you see in the picture), the white model effect stone and anthracite model stone effect.

The glossy white is the most classic that there is, while others (especially black) lend themselves more to more specific environments. If you have the chance, you should anthracite because it has a beautiful design at a really great price.

The acrylic shower tray is edged, this means that although it can be installed flush with the floor, left the board before entering the shower. Do not think, however, to some kind of obstacle: I’m talking about a board of just four centimeters, so it’s really low.

Available in various sizes and shapes, is made in acrylic and ABS reinforced that make it an object at the same time lightweight but highly shock resistant and at the time.

Easy to wash even though we must pay proper attention because the acrylic can be damaged if you use too aggressive detergent. As I mentioned before also in the guide to the materials, the acrylic must be kept clean and can not be overlooked. A well-known problem is the fact that the soap residue can leave some nasty stains.

If you do not want to spend so much and install in any case a plate of quality shower and modern, I would absolutely recommend this the Idralite.

Shower camper

A good dish for campers shower, very durable ABS plastic.

It is a shower tray square, 60 cm side. It has a particularly raised edge, 10cm.

It is an article that I consider fairly universal and can be installed in almost all recreational vehicles.

Shower outdoor

If you have a pool or a garden and want to install a shower tray for well-made external, then here is the best.

Far from design “classic”, I think is a great object to be placed outdoors for the hot Italian summer, to spend at home with family.

Made of polyethylene, it is very resistant to direct sunlight and the limestone. As one can see from the photo, the hole drain is located to the side, so you do not restructure the entire garden to install it.

Big enough: almost square, 103 x 107 cm and 11 cm high. The weight is 6 kilograms.


It means that you did not install it properly. The installation has not been done consciously and therefore, inevitably, in the moment in which salts on the plate, this will tend to sink to one side. If the dish you have installed by a professional, you have to call him and explain the problem and agree a new date for re-install everything.

One of the most common problems. If the shower is leaking, it must intervene by removing the plate and checking the drain thoroughly. Most likely the siphon seal is not damaged or is not inserted correctly, so you have to clean remove the siphon, clean, reassemble paying attention to the seal (which fit properly or replace if damaged). Once you put the pot in place, let water flow and controls quietly that not lose, otherwise you have to repeat the process.

The shower tray can crack because of the movements of the same or because you accidentally drop a heavy object on it. However, for this to happen, the repair can be made or not depending on the type of material. If the pot is ceramic (small lesion) or acrylic or presents a glazed surface so you can buy the repair kit Cramer appropriate that I really find it at Amazon. This involves the use of mastic, hardener, spray, spatula and sandpaper that there is included, as well as an excellent guide to use. Cramer On the site there is also a nice explanatory video showing the steps to follow. The place even below for you:

How to clean the shower base

The cleaning of the shower tray may be more or less demanding depending on the type of material of which it is made.

How to cut the shower tray in resin or marmoresina

The operation is professional and is performed precisely by professionals. The tool is used to cut a shower tray and make it suitable for our space is the radial saw with a diamond blade.

This is a type of saw that cuts, non-marking as long as you keep it up and slide it without stopping.

Clearly if you have such an instrument at home or in the garage you can do it alone. But I recommend to use protective gloves and goggles to avoid getting hurt and endanger your health.

You must be careful to firmly attach the shower tray to prevent accidental movement during the cutting phase.

Whatever deburring is smoothed to work completed if the cut is not done properly.

What to do if the shower tray drain blocked?

Do not disassemble anything but rely on those who are the old methods beloved grandmother or objects that can be found in all Italian homes.

The first thing to do is eliminate eliminated by their own hands: check unloading perhaps using the flashlight of your smartphone (be careful not to wet it) and if you can with one hand trying to remove hair that has clogged the drain. If you can not, take a piece of wire (eg a coat hanger), modellalo mo ‘hook and use it to go even to the drain bottom and recover all the accumulated hair. Usually this should already work but if there are not enough other things you can try.

When the shower tray and discharge are dry, take 300 mg of baking soda and pour it down the drain. Immediately after pouring 100 ml of vinegar. Now cover with a cap or with a damp cloth and wait for half an hour that the chemical is doing its job. After this time, clean unloading boiling water pouring directly inside. This process should literally dissolve the blockages mainly consist of hair and hair.

In conclusion

You will realize that a shower tray can literally change the look of your bathroom from this to this. Now you see why I love these accessories?

Nowadays we can say goodbye to the classic super flat, with little you can opt for items that are highly respected, quality and above all very nice to look at.

I recommend always rely on an expert to install or to take the right precautions to avoid doing harm if you want to do it alone.

I just have to wish you a good shower!

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