9 Best Conditioners Portable 2020? (Silent) – Pro Cons

9 Best Conditioners Portable 2020? (Silent) – Pro Cons

The summer heat can be so annoying as to prevent even to concentrate, do you agree with me?

But not everyone has the space and the ability to install an air conditioner in the wall at home.

There is a need in this case to a silent portable air conditioner without outdoor unit, with or without hose.

9 Best Conditioners Portable 2020? (Silent) - Pro Cons
9 Best Conditioners Portable 2020? (Silent) - Pro Cons
9 Best Conditioners Portable 2020? (Silent) - Pro Cons



The guide to portable air conditioners

Even if you have the space and the possibility of installing conventional air conditioners, can often be wiser to instead buy a portable air conditioner.

Discover with me when you actually should opt for portability.

First of all, buying a portable air conditioner there is no need to make holes in the wall and visually alter the inside and especially outside of our house.

The portable air conditioners How They Work?

The portable air conditioners included in them all that he needs in order to function and do not require bulky external drive, so they are easy to carry from room to room in your home or even from house to house.

There is no need to refer to a specialized technician and spend more money then in installation and maintenance.

The price is also much lower if we take into account models of air conditioners of similar features and capabilities.

The portable air conditioners, in summary, are ideal when you have the need to individually cool the rooms in your home and you do not have enough space outside for external drives fixed.

The models without hose are few, and in many cases will still need to place a tube that brings the hot air produced by the motor out of our home through a window.

This solution is clearly much less invasive than the installation of a fixed with conditioner outdoor unit, since it is simply a question of arranging the air conditioner next to a window and position so the tube outside.

In our guide we will go anyway to treat both models with both models without hose pipe, so do not worry if you’re looking for the least invasive solution you are in the right place and you can click the type you want to learn to cycle to its reviews.

The portable air conditioners are equipped with wheels in almost all cases, this feature makes them practically perfect to be transported from one room to another.

If we, for example, only purchase one for the whole house we could move with us, for example, from the air day in the night when we go to sleep, without any additional expenses.

The portable air conditioners still does not need a balcony to be installed unlike those fixed, you will not go in any way disturbing your neighbors or the aesthetics of the building. There are some home environments fact that the installation of a fixed conditioner is practically impossible.

It ‘clear that when you’re buying a portable air conditioner is to take into account a lot of variable to be able to choose the model that do better in our case, it is still an appliance to be kept in operation for several hours a day, it is therefore crucial that consumption is limited.

To this just look at the energy class that must be accurately reported by the manufacturer depending on the characteristics of consumption of the device.

Air conditioners, inverters

The air conditioners equipped with inverter motor technology also can handle much more balanced manner in the internal cooling.

How do they work? Once you have reached the temperature within the environment we have previously indicated, the motor of the air conditioner lowers its power gradually so as to keep a constant room temperature and prevent overheating and electricity wastage.

The non-inverter air conditioners operate in a slightly different way, in fact in this case the engine will immediately begin to operate at full speed until the reach the environment surrounding the temperature indicated by the internal thermostat, once obtained the desired effect will be turned off altogether.

This will be the classic game dell’accendi-extinguish, because the temperature clearly does not remain constant over time and the engine will again be switched to its full consumption soon to make it lower again for those few degrees of difference.

And so ‘it clears that the inverter air conditioners consume much less.

The Portable conditioners are silent?

Noise is another feature to look out, because even at night having to work directly in the bedroom air conditioner must be optimized in order to live with our peace and relaxation needs.

And ‘well then also take a look to the values ​​expressed in decibels indicated by manufacturers.

It ‘very clear in this case that the lower the average value will be better performance because it will indicate a low level of noise and then the opportunity to enjoy such as the own television without any problem, or even better sleep without being disturbed.

We already notice that a minimum of noise is inevitable because these systems are practically an all in one, where the traditional wall conditioners have the undeniable advantage of being able to place part of the outside device so as to be definitely less noisy.

But you will not have to worry, the models chosen in this guide are the best performing on the market right now in my opinion.

There often come to our aid technology with Sleep function that will significantly reduce the noise of the engine at night to avoid disturbing our precious sleep.

Size is another important factor to consider, these clearly in addition to inevitably affect on occupied space in the house out of the machine are also directly proportional to the power delivered.

It ‘clear that a larger air conditioner will be roughly even more powerful than a small vice versa.

We must always keep in mind the fact that these air conditioners though they are portable and therefore do not require holes in the wall to physically communicate with the outside need to switch off the hot air that their engine produces by means of a tube. I want to remember, however, that in our guide will also present models without hose.

There are portable air conditioners for all space requirements.

The cooling output is measured in terms of BTU (British Thermal Unit).

The higher this the better the air conditioner’s ability to quickly and efficiently bring the temperature of the surrounding environment to the one specified by us.

The timer-thermostat serves to indicate a desired temperature at which we want that the room is so adapt the air conditioner goes into stop, progressive or less according to whether it is equipped or not equipped with inverter and that is able to maintain the temperature dell ‘ environment by consuming less current as possible.

The dehumidification function is present on all models and allows you to make the air of our drier environments, this can be very useful especially in summer.

The ventilation mode serves instead to use the air conditioner simply to expel air without cooling it.

Often it happens that cooling units with trendy features will be more expensive than the minimal models that do the same work but allow less customization of certain parameters and in some cases even a worse power management.

If you want to have a durable product that allows to save a few Euros per month on your bill it is better to think about making an investment a bit ‘more conspicuous at the time of purchase to be able to be sure of taking home an appliance that will last over time and does not require any maintenance.

On coolers Air Conditioners vs

There are air conditioners that mimic the function of the fans, in this situation the exploited technology is completely different from what we are used to. On the market recently we are introduced such products to meet the needs of a particular niche.

In this case the cooling is carried out with a special ventilation system that uses water inside a tank. This should be kept cold by means of ice that must be inserted by hand. It ‘clear that this is not the most convenient solution, but economic safely.

As an alternative to the tank by hand to fill in some there is the possibility of using some special cartridges sold for this purpose.

It ‘clear that in this way you can not make a refrigeration system capable of functioning undisturbed for several hours.

E ‘fundamental fact always be noticed in this case to be able to replace if necessary the tank so as to keep the temperature always low and allow the ventilation of consistently delivering cold air to the surrounding environment.

Only in this way we have a very effective system.

Obviously this solution does not provide for the use of the typical engine of air conditioners that instead works pocketing hot and transforming it into cold air in the room concerned.

The traditional conditioners instead work with a heat pump and one for the air cooling.

This is the classic system to which we are now accustomed for years, there is no need to refill the water tank as the previous mode. The operation is the classic air conditioners wall.

Air conditioners without Pro pipe and Cons

The air conditioners without hose are definitely a lot more comfortable than portable air conditioners that instead always require an exit to the outside in order to be used in peace because the engine needs a “relief” for the hot air it produces. It would not make sense to return the warm air inside a place they’re trying with great effort to cool, right?

The air conditioners that do not need the tube will then be placed next to windows by force, and will thus be placed where we see fit without any problem.

The contrast, however, this undeniable advantage is the fact that these models much less cool and fail to ensure a broad coverage of square meters enough to cool a medium-sized space.

They go well only for very small rooms.

Best Portable Air Conditioner With Tube (opinions)

1. Relax Argoclima Style, big energy savings

9 Best Conditioners Portable 2020? (Silent) - Pro Cons

ARGO Relax Style, Portable Air Conditioner 10000 btu / h, 2.6 kW, …

The Argoclima Relax it is one of those appliances not too expensive nor very cheap, it is located proudly in the middle, but did not have the characteristics of a product of the lowest bill, even presenting the merits of models from more high-sounding brands.

But we look good together what are the characteristics that make a product dell’Argoclima certainly unique in its kind.

The highlight of this device is undoubtedly energy conservation. If you are interested in fact to minimize power consumption on the bill and simultaneously have the excellent performance Argoclima could be the model for you.

In fact, compared to other air conditioners hose is fitted with energy-saving features that allow you to save up to 10% compared to air conditioners to which we are commonly used.

E ‘with very particular technologies that allow him to have enviable coolant action in order to equal electricity consumed emit significantly more air into the surrounding environment, thus ensuring cool the environment in which it is positioned.

This is done without problems in fact even at very limited speed.

This aspect is an amazing product that the actual testing has been very interesting and with an edge over its peers for what regards consumption.

Noise also is limited, those who designed this appliance has endeavored well to ensure a good refreshment using the minimum engine sound possible. And ‘it can keep him up at night without having to worry that we wake up in the middle of sleep.

Do not bother even above normal television volume, you can then place it in the living room during the hot summer afternoons and will allow us to enjoy a well-earned refreshment, even if we decide to place it very close to our ears and our body.

The condensate in the case dell’Argoclima Relax is reused from the appliance with a very intelligent and highly advanced internal water recycling system, to be able to recirculate the cooling purposes.

There is a possibility if they experience the need to convert the dell’Argoclima functionality as air conditioner dehumidifier, consider the example in those days of August, when the heat murky adds incredible humidity that makes it even more unbearable high temperatures because it amplifies the effects on the body, the illusion that makes it even hotter. A living hell.

The design is minimal, easily adapts to any home environment.

2. De’Longhi PAC AN112 Silent, Silent champions

That’s one of the best portable air conditioners in today’s market tube: De’Longhi PAC AN112 Silent.

As we all know, De’Longhi positions itself for years as a leader in the field. This time not betray a great product that gives a hard time to the opponents.

We are facing a fact extremely portable yet powerful device, designed by following all the modern trappings and which guarantees the usual reliability De’Longhi without betraying our already high expectations.

And ‘certainly a device that does not leave with a bitter taste, beautiful to look at, that looks good in any home environment.

Compared to other similar models it is undoubtedly faster, of course it does not mean that will make your room a cold room, the De’Longhi PAC AN112 Silent is in fact designed to provide cool but always taking good account of bodily needs of users.

The natural refrigerant gas which uses the fact allows it to be always well-balanced in the full respect of the environment.

It also works by dehumidifier, to use this feature, however, will not be necessary to disable the refrigerant, the device is in fact designed to combine together the two actions by lowering the temperature and reducing the moisture at the same time. Certainly a step forward in the world of portable air conditioners.

If you want it is possible to clearly isolate the two functions and use for example only the dehumidifier on days when the humidity is the main enemy and temperatures are not per se prohibitive.

There is no limit to the customization in fact.

But the feature queen of this device is no doubt the noise, it is not a coincidence that brings in the name of the adjective Silent …

And ‘in fact an appliance very very quiet, it can also be used without problems by those in very light sleep (and in this runs to help the sleep function), but performs very well obviously using the normal mode and I assure you that will not do no disturbance to family members.

The energy class A +, which places it in the elite of air conditioners with tube. It ‘s very convenient and you will avoid nasty surprises on your bill, especially in the warmer months where you are likely to use these devices almost continuously with possible consequences on their electricity expenses. It is certainly the case for this PAC AN112 Silent, efficient and consumption park.

The display allows us at any time to adjust the temperature in fact as best we wish to be able to program and switching on and off in this way avoiding the otherwise inevitable wastage.

Being an air conditioner hose does not need to specify that there is obviously needed in this case to find the space to pass the pipe necessary for its operation, but do not worry because just a slightly open window and the problem will soon Resolved.

3. De’Longhi PAC N87 Air-to-air Pinguino, top class

But the De’Longhi has many arrows to his bow, and does not disappoint in that case either with his PAC N87 Air-to-air Pinguino, the model made famous by a very old and historic advertising.

It is not high-end but with very advanced features that place it a safe one step ahead of competitors, we try to understand why together with this mini-guide.

Consumption is not exaggerated at all, so if you are looking for a device that consumes little queo PAC N87 Air-to-air is safe to consider and to pin among the possible candidates.

Absolutely not annoying while it is running, it shows far fewer decibels of noise compared to similar models, for sure something more considerable because it promises peace while you are on holiday, for example, to chat with friends or watching TV.

The price also is reasonable, considering all these qualities.

The consumption also is not optimal as that of his older brother but certainly is very respectable, in fact goes to rank among the mid-range products.

The energy class indicated by the manufacturer for this penguin is in fact the A, there are certain devices of this type that promise A ++, but we can not complain because the performance is very interesting and there are several features that can make your life easier.

It can optimally cool rooms about 30 square meters, but you can also venture on larger perimeters as shown in De Longhi, for sure a nice size given the average size of Italian apartments. If you have multiple small rooms look better with other models.

Be careful because if you are not equipped with an electricity meter with a “generous” contract might have problems, it is not indicated such as turn it on at the same time with the oven at home. Certainly consumption is not the highest but it is not even a household appliance “light”.

Consider now this aspect so before purchasing.

It ‘a silent conditioner that does not exceed in any case 63 decibels. The construction and design of this appliance undoubtedly took place with the utmost care and attention to detail, it seems that home De Longhi engineers have done everything possible to limit the noise and ensure maximum sound comfort for end users.

Obviously conditioners for their own intimate nature can not be very silent, since there will always be a motor in function to generate cold air connected to a pipe for channeling the hot air outside.

E ‘implied that a minimum of noise must always be present. however We consider another fundamental aspect of which not many speak when reading data relating to decibels emitted by a determined appliance, ie the difference between the sounds emitted in a constant manner and those there to dry pulse.

It ‘very simple, I will explain it with an example very easy to understand: if you are in a room in the city center on a busy road where passing cars at all hours of the day you will certainly constantly subjected to a certain level of ” noise “, this noise will, however, perennial and your ears and your brain will become accustomed tot after a period of time up to not even notice it anymore.

Let us assume that this noise is estimated to be approximately 60 decibels. If one day you are sleeping and shot the other room will hear the impact of the trumpet sound is 60 decibels precisely will wake you up for sure hit ruining your sleep, why this happens?

The brain adapts willingly to the constant sounds (even think for example to the steady ticking of a clock, if you have one that beats in the room where you are reading right now our article I’m sure maybe I ignored the whole ‘existence, just your brain you got used).

By this I mean that when you read that a certain machine produces 50 decibels of noise you should always consider this sound as steady as it is produced by a motor in operation, most likely although the number may paradoxically scare a dull sound like that in the room where you are sleeping may be as much to facilitate sleep covering other sounds much more disturbing …

We learn more and then analyzed with the intelligent data provided by the manufacturer, to be not mere passive consumers but fools users informed and intelligent, as stated in the motto of Pro Cons.

Without this useful explanatory premise we still need to keep well in mind that the penguin in question we reviewed is presented as one of the quietest on the market.

When you activate the silent mode you will have precisely the most of the peace, it is good to know that this mode is activated automatically when starting the dehumidification mode.

With the “Silent” will be significantly reduced fan speed of our Pinguino.

The cooling in this manner will remain constant even if slightly slowed down, it is good then let go before the appliance for a first “cooling wave” and when it is reached the indicated temperature switch in silent mode to keep reducing to a minimum a possible nuisance .

The performances are riding the average of similar products, as we have said if you are equipped with very large rooms better to focus on other models that can be found directly on the Amazon site.

If the characteristics of the Penguin will attract attention but you need something more challenging for very large homes are sure you will find a viable alternative, in fact this is not the only penguin but there is a wide range of models for all needs.

It is equipped with advanced mode instead reserved for more expensive models.

E ‘for sure, however, a good compromise between power consumption and cost.

Another key aspect of this flagship product is undoubtedly its light weight, it is really easy to position within our environments, does not it pretty much feel the weight given the small wheels on which it is mounted.

The shape is very ergonomic and will not be hard to figure out how to position your hands to be able to move in comfort.

Of course, as with all tube models will be needed to place it near a window, since as we have said many times in this guide the engine to produce cold air constantly needs to pull off that hot, and we can not certainly make it back unwisely within our house.

There is a supplied remote control but if you prefer you can directly use the dividing screens positioned above the Penguin De Longhi.

There are three modes to choose from: cooling, dehumidifying and ventilation.

Do not forget the important timer that will allow us to optimize consumption according to our will.

Recall also that the presence of the tube is critical even if you intend to use the machine only to dehumidify the environment, since in this case it is necessary to pull out the chambered condensation.

An elegant and functional simple machine, with an absolutely affordable price. Highly recommended.

4. Klarstein New Breeze 7, very nice and elegant

They here at the end of our article The New Breeze 7 of Karlstein, as the Americans say last but not least, since this portable air conditioner is very powerful and interesting.

So let’s find out together the reasons that led us to put it inside of our list.

It ‘a relatively new product, with a very attractive design, very easy to move around our homes, as well as small and manageable.

It is surprising as regards performance, since it is very powerful in terms of cooling power, which in this case settles down to 9000 BTU.

It can therefore effectively cool a room between 20 and 30 square meters.

E ‘equipped with a convenient remote control that allows you to move easily between the many functions and options that this device has.

It consists of three different modes to choose from depending on your needs and how you actually feel like a burden on the electricity bill.

There is the cooling function, the fan and finally that of dehumidification.

Yes, our Klarstein New Breeze 9 will not only keep down the temperature of our rooms, but if necessary also intervene to remove the moisture, when we can not own more and feel the air of the house as stuck.

E ‘can choose the desired temperature and also wanting to lock the keys to not allow children to intervene on this device settings.

Trust that this feature can be a real godsend when you live in a home with children very curious that does not miss a chance to put their hands all over.

Another very important feature is that the timer, which allows us to program the starting and closing of our appliance.

We must not forget how important this function, given that one of the crucial factors for the best use of your air conditioner is to optimize at most times of switching on and off, so you can weigh less on electricity bills.

Do not forget the night mode to use the device at home even when there is absolute silence to lower power consumption and noise to preserve domestic tranquility.

At the level of electrical consumption this powerful appliance reserves there of positive surprises, since the energy class in question is A, certainly far from the maximum positive rating A +++, but at the same time not doing even bad, to the point of not worry us too much in terms of spending power to make it work.

It ‘clear that if you live in particularly hot and the aim is to keep on your device for many hours per year, it is better in that case opt for a higher energy level product, of course in this case it will also be obliged to spending a tad more expensive.

How we love to repeat within our guides and our items, saving the time of purchase is not necessarily synonymous with an investment in the long term.

It is often better to spend a little ‘more in the first instance and then enjoy the positive effects of a product on our economies in the longer term.

What many people often ask us why concerned about the noise level of equipment like this and what can actually be annoying a portable air conditioner at home, the answer is you need to take into account many factors and you can not just rely on the values ​​provided by the companies.

What is certain is that this product is very quiet and with the Sleep function reaches further levels of “sound calm.”

Slightly below average as regards the decibels produced.

In addition, the night mode is much less noisy than normal daytime enough quiet her.

Certainly at this price it is very hard to better, of course it is not even a product to buy with your eyes closed, but taking into account their needs can be a great alternative for those who do not intend to make a super intensive use of air conditioner in the course of ‘year.

The functions are those base there, but now the products of this end they all tend to resemble each other fairly, do not forget to also consider the aesthetic aspect because these appliances as are significant, however small inside an apartment and if ugly can give a little ‘eye discomfort.

It is not the case with this Klarstein New Breeze 9, ugly.

Very easy to move inside the house, surely a point of strength for those who think already now they did not want to simply leave within a single room, but plans to use it in different areas of the house depending on, for example, the different periods of ‘ year.

A product that does not disappoint certainly your expectations. Highly recommended.

Best conditioners without hose – Air Coolers

1. Radialight DAER0001, effective and cheap

Here is a cooler eporativo, more than a classic conditioner is a cross between a fan and an air conditioner.

The savings on the bill is evident, as well as the very low environmental impact.

As we said in our rich guides coolers utilize the water at a very low temperature to cool the surrounding environment.

Radialight DAER0001 This is a real war machine, has a very interesting shape that develops upwards, plus its extensive grounds accessories makes sure a purchase to consider if you are going to choose an option of conditioning air wanting to do without the tube.

The tank of this device is very large and allows a long use and a large cooling.

As always happens in these appliances the timer presence is also essential to be able to adjust in a rational manner the operation and obtain a large energy performance.

The coolers work taking the hot air around lovo and transforming it into cold air through an evaporative panel connected to the cold water or even better to the ice inserted inside the tank.

There are fans that then shall put around the suitably cooled air.

The weight and size are contenutissime, so you will have problems to use them in those homes where space may be a serious problem.

It can also be used as a fan.

The touch display is perfect to activate the many functions of this device and control the air jet according to our needs of power and time.

You can schedule shutdown from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours.

When the water or ice inside the tank terminate the machine is automatically locked so as not to give rise to malfunctions.

It can also work with the dough balls freezers sold in packaging, they must be filled with water and left to freeze in the home refrigerator.

There is also a convenient anti-dust filter provided.

Certainly an effective machine and a good price.

2. Trotec PAE 25, Air fresheners

Here’s another important portable air conditioner without the tube, it can then be used in several different contexts without dovercisi to worry about finding a solution to emit outside the hot air produced by the engine cooler.

Ideal for use in motor homes or other places in which we should not be provided a fixed air conditioning or even a portable with the tube.

It works by using the water that is cooled by ice, and then fails to adequately cool the room in which it is placed, providing greater coolness compared to a normal fan.

Recommended for medium-sized environments, consumes only 65W and is very quiet.

Not only provides to cool the air in our room, it can also be used as a purifier, simply select that option.

And ‘of small size, which makes it very easy to move from room to room. Programmable easily even by those who have never used such an apparatus.

3. Klarstein Maxfresh WH

9 Best Conditioners Portable 2020? (Silent) - Pro Cons

CLEAR STONE Maxfresh WH – Raffrescatore Evaporativo 3 in 1: …

Here is a definitely interesting product in the field of eporativi coolers as an alternative to air conditioners with the tube.

Again in fact we are in the presence of a great air conditioner without tube.

The design is very attractive, can also be used without adding water to his tank, in this case will function as an ordinary fan, if it is decided to make it work in the manner for which it was designed we will have much more satisfactory results.

An alternative secure good for those who do not want to buy with air with the tube, thus avoiding the inconvenience of having to find a way to position said tube towards the outside.

Not always is with the fact that the rooms have windows adapted for this purpose, and you run the risk of having to deal with very hot summers if there is an alternative in keeping with industry, in this case the Klarstein MaxFresh WH can really make the case your.

It ‘very easy to move from room to room as it has a very comfortable wheels. Like all other coolers can be used with or without water.

If you decide for some reason to use it doing without water or ice it will act as a simple fan, powerful enough for hot less extreme situations.

If instead you are in the middle of summer and you want to enjoy your well-deserved refreshment, it will be obligatory to enter the cold water in the tank so that the air jet is effective and satisfactory.

The power cord is unfortunately not very long, and if you want to place it far away from an electrical outlet is good to consider immediately the use or purchase of an extension, certainly considered a purchase of just realize that now the price of this appliance is contained.

Certainly recommended if you want to survive the most intense moments of the summer but do not have the option to use an air conditioner or a fixed pipe.

To be considered to buy for those who for example has a second or third house to house for a few days a year and do not want to spend too much but at the same time like a good alternative.

4. Klarstein Whirlwind 3 in 1, molto versatile

Klarstein Whirlwind 3-in-1 – Air Cooler 3 in 1, …

Here is a very ingenious portable air conditioner, the Klarstein Whirlwind 3 in 1 is in fact a very portable device and by moderno.Oltre design to be a water cooler, ensures other two ventilation mode.

E ‘an air vaporizer that works through evaporation of water or ice.

E ‘equipped with a convenient LED display in order to keep always well under control the situation and adjust the settings according to their needs, avoiding unnecessary consumption which would be borne only on the bill unnecessarily.

Considered for those seeking a high tech solution but did not want to invest too much money and and above all without having to pierce windows or walls to pull out the tube, since as we said this is not a pipe model.

The reservoir is 5 liters and a half, enough to ensure a full night of refreshing not to have to think of waking up to fill it again.

highly recommended purchase.

The air conditioners are bad?

You might believe that use the portable air conditioner is as elementary as plugging, operate it and wait for it to cool the environment.

Be ‘, is partly true, but there are definitely precautions to be put into practice to ensure that our works best device allowing an electricity saving and maximum safety of ourselves and our family members.

And ‘better not to use the air conditioner at low temperatures to prevent damage to their health, especially if there are small children in the house that less endure thermal shock and could seriously suffer.

The recommended temperatures are between 23 and 26 degrees. Did you happen to get into summer in shopping centers or large chain stores and feel a rush of surreal temperature, like going from the Sahara to the South Pole?

Well, this sudden change causes heat in the body which causes a lot of stress in many cases health problems.

Well also remember not to direct the cold air flow to specific parts of the body for too long periods.

At night it is best to schedule a sleep or use the sleep mode.

In conclusion

When the summer is always hard to choose the device in order to cool their homes and be able to find peace and comfort expected.

There are those who disseminates the house of all types of small and large fans, maybe ceiling, and those who prefer to rely on a conditioner.

Nowadays the installation of the fixed ones is increasingly common but it is not possible in all living environments, so there is often need to strive to find a solution.

Take, for example a holiday home that is used only for a few weeks a year, in that case does not really make sense to install an air conditioner in the wall, and it will certainly be better to opt for a portable model.

If you have a large house also probably you do not want your carpeted balconies for outdoor units of air-conditioners to be installed in different rooms.

Again it might be wiser portable option, for not going to rape all the walls of our house and find ourselves basically with a sieve on the day that eventually would decide to do the work and remove these cooling units.

It ‘clear that the purchase of such a device is always a choice that requires a judicious study of their needs in order to purchase a product that is satisfactory but at the same time not to go too lighten your wallet, especially in a time like this where unnecessary costs are not really welcome.

I hope that this long and exhaustive guide will was helpful, it’s always nice to know to be useful especially when it comes to something as vital as the environments in which we live every day.

We like the idea of ​​being able to help people live better and in total comfort, for sure a portable air conditioner can improve the lives of every day, especially in summer, and help us to focus on our job or afford to get better together the people we love.

Until next time friends, Dario Pro Cons!


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