7 Best Croquettes For Dogs 2020 (Definitive Guide) – Pro Cons

7 Best Croquettes for Dogs 2020 (Definitive Guide) – Pro Cons

The croquettes are not candy but the fulcrum of its power supply.

The choice of dog food for our 4-legged friends is not to be underestimated.

The quality of the food ingested is directly proportional to the welfare of Pelosetta home so the croquettes should be chosen with great care by analyzing each factor.

How to choose the dog food for dogs based on age? Click here

An idea to prepare the croquettes for our friends directly into the house? Here she is:

The croquettes, of course, are not the only food source for our trust, even if they constitute the main part, are alternating or enriched with the wet food.

Among the so-called wet foods you really like dogs there are some cooked vegetables, cooked meat and cans of dog cooked food. As mentioned croquettes never should be removed as they are designed to provide nutrients specifically dosed according to size, age, race, and the movement that our pet is accustomed to doing every day.

The automatic food dispenser for dogs

Let’s start by talking about a beautiful gadgets:

Often I happen to be away from home, since I live alone and since I have a very demanding job does not always know who to entrust my Nebula.

My sister last year gave me this automatic food dispenser for dogs and I must say that I found really well.

The distributor is equipped with a motor reversing system to ensure that the food does not block there is also a nice integrated infrared sensor which sends a signal whenever the bowl is effectively has full, to alert the owner.

What it like most about this machine is that it allows you to record an audio message our voice to be able to alert our animals that now is the time lunch, certainly a good idea to Pavlovian not change the habits of our pet who will be happy to continue to associate our voice to food.

Here we have what we use as a water vending machine:

7 Best Croquettes For Dogs 2020 (Definitive Guide) - Pro Cons

AmazonBasics – Water dispenser for pets, …

How to choose the best dog food for dogs?

7 Best Croquettes For Dogs 2020 (Definitive Guide) - Pro Cons

Monge Adult Medium 12 Kg

The wet canned food is often high in fat and water, this makes the delicious food for the animals that prefer that dry.

The cost of such foods is higher compared to croquettes but also provide a certain amount of important nutrients for the proper functioning of the organism canine even if they are deficient in essential amino acids. For this reason they should not be considered the staple food of our little dog but simply tasty integration.

7 Best Croquettes For Dogs 2020 (Definitive Guide) - Pro Cons

We should also say that chewing dry food helps the dog to take care of oral hygiene and helps to improve digestion.

Chewing, as with men, activates the digestive processes by facilitating the absorption of nutritional elements that are not lost in the stool thus making the dog feel the need to feed again.

When substances are absorbed properly everyday food quantity is less than the animal feels in a state of well-being and therefore does not require other foods except by pure greed.

But how to choose the best dog food for our four-legged friend? Having many different dogs and dog lovers friends, I asked this question very often. The experience has led me to make some choices rather than others but I must say that changing dog also changes the nutritional needs and then the type of dry food.

Croquettes for medium dogs

7 Best Croquettes For Dogs 2020 (Definitive Guide) - Pro Cons

Monge Adult Medium 12 Kg

For the medium breeds, the size of the dog food may be normal and not reduced as they have a more developed set of teeth and a medium-large stomach. A key difference between the small dogs and those of medium size is that the latter have a slower metabolism so it is recommended that the administration of foods rich in protein but low in fat.

Large breed dogs instead require products made of a percentage of protein and adequate carbohydrates and they are easily digestible to help their slow metabolism. For this kind of dogs are preferable croquettes rich in Omega 3 which have a beneficial effect on the heart and on the animal’s skin tissue.

How to choose the dog food for dogs based on race

The choice of dog food for our Fido needs to take into account the breed to which it belongs, and the age group that is going through currently. These two parameters are two basic data on which are often based manufacturers of dry pet food made of dry food packages designed ad hoc for the different types of dogs.

7 Best Croquettes For Dogs 2020 (Definitive Guide) - Pro Cons

The feeding of your pet is very important and the purchase of one or the other variety of dry food should not be taken lightly.

In the market it is of kibble packages on which the race or races is well highlighted in which they are intended. For example, if you have a Russel Terrier you must buy croquettes adapted to the size of its mouth and with a formulation which contains EPA and DHA, two nutritional elements that strengthen bones and joints. This is very important for electrified dogs like Russell who do not know the meaning of laziness.

Always in constant motion and endless desire to play and jump wherever they need to receive, through diet, proper nutrients.

If you own a small pet such as a pincer toy, better to opt for dry food rich in vitamins and antioxidants to protect the body’s health and appearance of the hair.

This needs to be polished and well balance, if there are many losses and off indicates that the dog is not feeling well or has not the right nutrients. So try to change the type of kibble and see if there are changes in both the lucidity of the hair in the dog vitality.

Otherwise, head to the vet for a checkup to rule out any doubt of the disease. Usually the change of power solves the problem in a simple and fast. Remember to always check the stool that is another fundamental signal and provide your Fido a bowl of fresh water always spotless, and that must be changed very often.

How to choose the dog food for dogs according to age

The age of the dog is another feature that you can not forget the choice of kibble for dogs. Just think about feeding the children to understand that even the puppies of Pelosetta can hardly feed themselves the same way as adult dogs. The physical and growth requirements impose a different formulation of croquettes as well as the diversity of size and also the consistency, which must adapt to the deciduous dentition of the puppies.

For these reasons, the packages of kibble for puppies on all fours are divided into distinct categories: puppy, junior, adult and senior.

Here are my favorite puppy kibble:

They are designed to deliver the puppies growing vitamins and minerals appropriate to the stage of mental and physical development to which they are subjected. The energy provided allows him to deal with this period of growth by giving him the right amount of nutrients to make them viable during the “course of the day but without burdening digestion. The kibble size is reduced to facilitate chewing with teeth and a little sharp. The protein content is about 6% as it serves to build the dog’s muscles.

They should be administered after the first 6 months of life in periods of puberty dog. This type of power supply is ideal until the year and a half of age after which it passes to the quality of Adult croquettes. The protein assay is designed to facilitate the bone building and muscular dog. The transition from one type of croccantino to another must always be done in a gradual manner so as not to create digestive and intestinal disorders animal.

represent the power with which the dog will be fed for most of his life. These can be given from the year of age up to 09.10 years of age depending on the breed. In the market you can find a wide variety of these biscuits is inserted in taste and nutrients (See nutrition table).

Trainer Natural Food for Dogs Maxi Adult Fish & Rice 12kg

They are suitable for dry foods in older dogs. Their composition is adapted to the needs of our four-legged friends who are over the age of 9, indicating that varies depending on the breed of dog. As we also Pelosetta the human aging have needs different from adulthood.

The teeth begin to weaken and sometimes someone falls, so the croquettes must be composed so as to facilitate the mastication and digestion. There may also be intestinal problems also due to the reduced movement of the dog, it is therefore necessary that in the kibble you are substances suitable to solve this problem.

The consistency of the kibbles is softer to facilitate mastication and in the nutritional table there will be indicated the quantities of omega 3 and omega 6 that reduce joint inflammation. Older dogs should be fed regularly and without food variations not to subject them to physical stress due to the change.

To be sure to properly feed your puppy with the confidence to provide healthy food and high quality, it is important to evaluate different nutritional characteristics that can be found on every bag of dog food on the market.

If there were not, which is impossible because it would be outside the law, Do not buy it reported the misconduct to the shopkeeper or the association of consumers prefer.

As I said on the back of each package of dry food it is reported in the table so clear that you can see very clearly the vitamins, minerals, fats and all that is contained in it and the amount. Let’s see in the next section how to read the nutrition label of kibble for dogs.

On the front of the pack, usually, they are given the primary indications, or who it is for that type of kibble. It will then wrote the name of the kibble and the brand, the word junior, senior or midi, the age of the dog for divided bands, size and often races.

There are many varieties of dry food I will try to advise you on the best kibble for dogs on the market. The dry food for pets are a type of dehydrated food, so private humidity, and very nutritious.

A true concentrate of vitality to munch on and it’s just munching that the dogs clean teeth and keep them strong, healthy filed and especially with certain types of dry food which contain substances necessary for strengthening. In order to assess the quality and the most suitable type correctly for our puppy we must learn to read the label and that is what we will do in the next section.

How to read the label

To find out the quality of a food, whether it is for humans to pets, you must learn to read the nutrition facts printed on the pack. I know that often you do not want to stay to read numbers and terms that maybe you do not understand, but it is important to inquire if we take the welfare of their pet. If I did, I assure you that you can succeed very well too!

The article of law which obliges food manufacturers dogs to print the nutrition label on the package is the EC Regulation 767/2009 and is in force in all countries belonging to the EU.

The nutrition facts can be found in different forms, it is sometimes referred to as a simple list or the data are entered into a veritable complete with a table schema. Sometimes it is not very visible but surely you’ll find on croquettes package that otherwise could not be sold. The products that are marketed in our country must include the description of the Italian language text.

Even for products purchased online the same rule applies to those sold in physical stores with the difference that, food in place for e-commerce, must show the ingredients and nutrition facts also in the description on the site. In case you did not see you can request it by writing an email to customer support.

Of course do not just read the nutritional table to realize the type of food we are buying but you also have to know all the ingredients that make it up. The one without the other does not provide sufficient information on the quality and type of dry food for dogs to choose to feed our furry friends.

In any case, the table contains important data on the 4 nutrients such as protein, fat, fiber and minerals. Then there are the carbohydrates and water, these latest figures are hidden and must be calculated in order to obtain full information.

We analyze each data individually and find out how to make all relevant information regarding the dry food for dogs.

Protein is a very important element for canine nutrition as they represent the building blocks that support the body and are the muscles. For this reason it is important that they are present in sufficient quantities in the daily diet. The protein requirement is not the same for all dogs but change based on various factors, such as puppies need a lot of protein than adults.

The choice of a type of dry food that contains too little protein prevents the animal to have the parts they need for their daily activities. If the dog does as much movement it may occur for the border collie that often compete in agility competitions, but also very lively half-breeds or females during gestation and lactation, protein requirements increase.

The dry food for adult dogs must have at least 22% of protein that can reach 30% in puppies. The legal limit indicates, however, lower values ​​of 18% for adult dogs and 25% for the puppies. The problem is that these substances are poorly assimilable therefore recommend choosing a dry food that has a greater amount.

Recent studies have shown that excessive amounts of protein does not create any problem to the dogs because their body does not assimilate those too using only the amount needed.

The amount should be decreased instead in case your canine friend was suffering from kidney or liver disease. The vet will give precise information after making the necessary diagnostic tests. Generally, however, the excessive amount of protein in feed not cause any problems to the dog.

Fats are an essential part of the daily diet of Pelosetta home, are in fact one of the key energy sources. In croquettes for dogs their concentration is usually equal to 10/20% on the basis of carbohydrates present. The legal limit minimum crude fat is calculated as 5.5%. Such a substance is the energy source that allows the pet to perform normal daily functions. An insufficient amount of fat means low energy and the dog will tend to lose weight using all the reserves at its disposal. On the contrary, an excessive amount of fat leads to overweight and obesity Finally, with serious consequences for his health especially in the elderly dog. The fat is judged on carbohydrates, still contained within the biscuits, as well as the style of pet life. This means that the concentration of fat in dry food varies with the type of dog. It must be said that fats are not all identical. Those with a higher nutritional value are the polyunsaturated fatty acids such as PUFAs, Omega 3 and Omega 6, these substances are not present in very dry food for dogs as it would activate the rancidity process. If need be the vet to add them to food through supplements.

Among the elements that make up the kibbles there is a fiber, an element that the dog can not digest because it does not possess the enzymes necessary for activating the digestive process, for this reason the fiber arrives intact to the intestine of the dog. On reaching this organ two things can happen: the fiber is expelled through the stool or some intestinal bacteria that make up the microbiota, using these substances for carrying out its protective activity. The fiber present in the dry food for dogs, they have an important function or to regulate the intestinal peristalsis. The ideal amount of fiber varies depending on the needs of each dog and there is no legal minimum limit. There is an element to worry about unless you are having problems defecating. If the dog is a garden and leave it running around in the meadows will himself to seek the right grass and eat them to get the correct dose of fiber. In the nutritional table it is indicated by the common name of Crude Fiber even if there are different types.

The ashes are substances that when it comes to human foods are indicated as minerals. The name derives from the fact that, when a food is analyzed to reveal each component, this is placed inside a kind of oven that reaches a very high temperature. The heat burns all the rest of the substances or fats and proteins while the water present evaporates thus allowing to isolate the mineral salts. Observing what remains from the thermal process can be defined as ash. There was no specified minimum quantity of ash in food law but there is always a minimum quantity of mineral salts. In times past they used to say that if there were too many ashes meant that food was of poor quality, the thinking has changed today as foods that contain many proteins also have a high percentage of minerals. A method for evaluating, in an approximate way the ashes, is to divide the amount of protein to the number of ashes. A high result demonstrates the excellent quality dry food. The law requires reporting only two minerals: calcium and phosphorus. These values ​​must necessarily correspond to an amount that exceeds the legal minimum for the dry food for dogs. These limits ranging from 0.6% to 0.5%.

The water contained inside of a food is the moisture and is not considered a nutrient although alters the state of the food product. According to the amount of water they contain, dry foods are defined, those that have a large amount of dry instead, is called wet.

The dry foods can have a maximum of 14% moisture, a very low concentration if one considers that it can not completely remove the water from a food. Generally, however, the amount is even lower and is around 8%. The food dehydration allows a long shelf life of the product.

When a company produces dry food is not obliged to indicate the nutritional table, the amount of water in the dry food for dogs. Being a dry food, you need to supplement your diet first of all with always fresh and clean water should always be available.

Another important element that can be found on the label of nutrients are carbohydrates. In fact they are not reported because the law does not require manufacturers to do so not everyone cares to put the content amount in the kibble for dogs. If we want to know we have to calculate it using a special formula that I write and I explain below. Carbohydrates = 100 – Protein – Fats – Fiber – Ash – 9

As you can see just subtract the number 100, which is the total quantity of the food contained in the package, the concentration of protein, fiber, fat and ash. From the result obtained subtract 9, number that represents the amount of water present in generally kibble, if the selected product there is shown a different quantity subtract that instead of 9.

The final figure is the percentage of what remains in that specific food after removing the rest of the nutrients, so the carbohydrates that, scientifically, are known as extraction inazotati. This formula is a simplified counting and the result is used to get a rough idea of ​​the content of carbohydrates, wanting to learn there are many other considerations.

Carbohydrates, whether they are simple such as sugar or complexes such as starches can be present in potatoes, in rice, corn and other plant foods, have a charge of energy as fat. They are able to provide immediate energy to the dog if they are administered in adequate amounts, but if they are excessive accumulate forming the fat and bringing the pet in a state of obesity. The overweight in animals as in humans, leading to developing a number of diseases including heart disease and diabetes.

Carbohydrates are not a fundamental element in the animal diet and for that reason there is no legal minimum quantity to be respected. Such substance may also be absent without this causing problems to the pet. However, in any dry pet food it is always present a dose of carbohydrates which usually falls within 15-20% of the total.

But if the carbohydrates do not need because we are in the kibble for dogs? The reason is purely technical, in fact the kibbles, which are made from dried foods and nutritional substances and pulverized, may not amalgamate and remain united without the carbohydrates.

This means that even in dry foods that bear on the package the word Grain Free there is a certain amount of carbohydrates, the difference is that in this case they are not derived from cereals but from plant foods such as peas, tapioca, lentils or potatoes.

Not being a key nutrient for dogs, the less there is, the better except special cases that will be evaluated by the veterinarian. Accepted the fact that below the minimum amount necessary to obtain the compound can not get down, you have to know that if there are carbohydrates in large quantities these croquettes are not quality.

In this case there is a need for composition but an attempt by the company to reduce production costs by increasing their proceeds playing with the dog’s health. It is therefore very important, do not underestimate this figure pausing to make the calculation indicated in order to offer our four-legged friends a very nutritious food and not a fill-belly that will turn it into a fat ball.

How to choose the best dog food for dogs depending on size One of the factors that influence in an important way on the choice of the best dry food for our four-legged friends, is the size. In fact, as you can well understand you can not give a chiwawa the same croquettes which feeds a German shepherd or a Abruzzese Maremma.

Although you often see dogs mini slip through the legs of the giants to steal crocchettone giants, the children have known for their courage, curiosity and uncontrollable throat. But this is not good because of the nutrients that are good for a large dog are useless and excessive for a small size that other nutritional needs.

In the market there are packages of dry food for dogs and very generic low price, these are made up of an average amount of key nutrients but without specific characteristics for your friend Pelosetta. According to my experience and the advice received from breeders friends as well as by the same veterinarian, we consider purchasing a more specific type of dry food according to the characteristics of our little dog.

If it is small, its teeth are not very developed and the digestive system will have reduced dimensions, for these reasons it is important to buy croquettes small size and easy to digest.

This will make it easier for the puppy chew and digest them without added weight or reject them. Another feature to consider when talking about small dogs, is the speed of metabolism is accelerated compared to those of larger size. This implies the choice of dog food that contain a good concentration of protein and fat to ensure that they have the right energy distributed during the day.


In conclusion to this article on the dried food choice for our four-legged friends can be understood as the choice of kibble for dogs should be based on fundamental factors such as age, breed, size and style of life of the dog. So much for the dogs in good health, it needs the vet to give appropriate advice on proper pet foods depending on the detected condition.

The experience led me to choose dried food supply as an important basis of my faithful friends trying the different brands available in the market until you find the one best suited to each individual dog. In fact I noticed that, like humans, every dog ​​has a different tolerance and preference is in terms of taste but especially with regard to the digestive capacity.

For this reason, I may want to try different kinds of dog food until you find one that fits your dog, vitality, hair appearance and feces are the three main elements of assessment to see if the power supply is correct or needs to be changed.


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