7 Best Curling 2020? (Easy To Use) – Pro Cons

7 Best Curling 2020? (Easy To Use) – Pro Cons

Hello, I’m Antonella Pro Cons.

You’re sick of the old look and you want to give a little ‘movement to your hair?

Jealous of your friend curly?

Good friends will now introduce the accessory that can not miss in the arsenal of every lover of hair-styling worthy of respect: the tapered iron.

7 Best Curling 2020? (Easy To Use) - Pro Cons
7 Best Curling 2020? (Easy To Use) - Pro Cons
7 Best Curling 2020? (Easy To Use) - Pro Cons

Surely you are thinking: “I’m a landslide, I and the technology do not get along.” Well, dear friend, look at this video to see how easy it is to use a curling iron.

Some call it plate curls, but the official name is curling and you can not go wrong.

Come along to find out what it is, how to use and which ones are best at this time on the market.

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How to use the curling iron? Tutorial

You’ve surely noticed the video at the beginning of the guide. Well that video was used not only to make you understand the ease of use of this tool as well as a tutorial for using.

Anyway I decided to write below the basic rules to follow to have curly beauty salons.

Many think that one can directly apply the tapered iron on the hair without any kind of preparation, unfortunately it does not.

First, it is important to dry your hair completely, this will prevent damage.

In the case of straight hair it is good to also take the precaution of using a spray that can protect them from the heat.

It is also essential to choose the right size iron to prepare curls. For a natural effect is a tendency to use a 18mm iron for example, for more light effects it tends to rise instead of millimetratura.

It ‘also important to keep in mind from the outset the type of style you want to instill the final styling. This way you can decide how best to use iron in question.

If you opt for a classic natural effect it is good to roll the hair on the back and avoid turning iron strands thick.

It ‘important to turn your hair instead of iron. So keep the iron in the hot part towards the floor and wrap around the hair from the roots to the ends.

Hair must be kept under the maximum heat effect for two or three seconds, take care not to overdo it because otherwise you risk very bad sunburn.

Just as it is a good idea to let them cool, after driving them go and without touching it with bare hands. This way it preserves the effect and will last longer.

As a final step you should use a spray finishing and place your bare hands tips.

The end use of a brush so light and delicate make the experience even more natural effect.

Note: If you have long hair, it is best to make curls in twice. The hair is in fact heat up too much if you were to roll up perfectly along the entire length.

Curling without heat

And if you’d prefer instead to curl your hair without using heat?

There are alternatives, very well illustrated in this interesting article by Clio makeup, which could be for you.

It ‘clear that the effect will be very far compared to what you can get with a professional curling iron, but sometimes it does not hurt to experiment with different techniques, I believe that we must be open and ready to do anything to find their own personal style.

What types of curling exist?

The curling irons are not all equal, there are indeed of various sizes to choose from depending on your needs and how often you intend to use this tool.

Depending on the style of curly fact that we will choose will be wiser to prefer a form with respect to another, but we do well to examine together the different types of arriciacapelli present at this time on the market.

Curling cylindrical

The cylindrical curling is the most known type and recognizable, in fact, is what directly imagine first when we hear the name of this tool.

It is also said tapered iron because iron is often the sharp end, so as to leave more room for imagination and creativity.

The curling occurs through the iron warm up, which is chosen based on the type of curl you want to achieve.

From 13 to 19 mm is a classic tight curly, as we are accustomed to permanent. Recommended for those who have their hair a bit ‘shorter.

From 20 to 25 mm: for those with hair of a length behind, creating a natural and soft effect.

From 30 mm up: to have very large waves and sinuous.

Curling conical

The curling from the conical shape are very interesting, in fact allow to realize the classic spiral shape, being larger and thinner on the inside outwards.

Curling multistyler

The curling multistyler instead allow to face different kinds of style precisely, without committing to a specific. For this they are very practical, because making a single purchase you will have many varieties of curly choose from.

On the handle it will be possible from time to time apply the parts that most interest us so to be modeled to perfection curly according to our needs, and possibly also to achieve very special hairstyles.

In addition to the conical spiral irons and they have in fact various accessories that can afford to give free rein to our imagination.

But let’s discover them together without loosing too much in conversation.

The curling plate

The curling plate resembles in all respects to a normal hair straightener, with the difference that instead of smooth undulations creates aesthetically beautiful to see.

Automatic curling

Automatic arriciacapelli allow you to shape your hair without needing to arrotolarvi the hair from time to time by hand, very simple.

How does curling iron?

The curling uses the heat to warm the hair and to mold them, the basic operation is very simple to understand, but it is clear and evident that there are peculiarities depending on the model chosen which will slightly vary the final effect.

The classic mode heated to very high temperatures directly to the hair we’re going to roll around the iron.

This would give the styling believe that better.

The steam mode instead uses a small boiler to generate steam and give shape to the hair, a very delicate and innovative way to bring our hair bends without the risk of burning it!

It ‘so important that the curling we’re going to choose will allow us to select in a manner as accurate and precise as possible the degree of heat that we intend to infuse our hair, clearly avoiding exposing them to high temperatures which might damage them unnecessarily and mess even more our hairstyle, forcing us to extra work and a lot of lost time.

Obvious that hair very smooth and require temperatures slightly higher times than wavy hair, because in this case the device must do more work that instill the desired shape.

More price is more salt will be able to customize at will the temperature of our curling, the lower will be the price of our device and the lower the possibility of choice.

It ‘clear that even curling midrange do their work, sometimes in an even comparable to top model, though the choices are sure to be decreased, and if you find yourself with a type of very particular hair or with special needs will be more difficult to adapt it to your hair.

Best Curling 2020

1. BAB2665SE BaByliss Pro Curl Mira Steam, also works Steam

This is an excellent automatic curling presented by Babyliss, one of the most interesting companies in this field.

As we said in the introduction automatic curling we require only a partial manual intervention given that provide autonomously to suck the hair inside the device without the need to hold them with your hands.

The mechanism is very easy to understand and once you have in hand a curling such use is extremely intuitive, although it can now be used to the classic models with manual intervention.

The focus settings in the fold are multiple, you can move according to its intention to hair styling typical of the small permanent hedgehog to very wide curly, or alternatively create a simple and lightweight wave-like effect.

It can work both in a “classic” with the heat with steam.

The steam is a relatively futuristic technology in the curling world and takes inspiration from the operation of steam irons. That there is a small boiler inside which insert distilled water that will allow to act on the hair, preserving the nature and avoiding side effects.

The basic coating is ceramic, to prevent your hair from being damaged due to heat. In fact, let us not forget that the hair and the scalp are extremely sensitive to high temperatures.

The selectable traveling temperatures between 190 and 230 degrees centigrade, relatively high temperatures for those who intend to make a dell’arricciacapelli occasional use or for those who have very delicate hair that may suffer from the strong thermal stress.

But there is a reason why this curling works in high temperatures, and that is thought to expose your hair to heat for only a short amount of time. In this way the effect is almost instantaneous and the hair is not subjected to excessive thermal stress.

The Babyliss the Steam functions are varied and impressive, is certainly among the cadillac of curling given its enormous versatility and its avant-garde design.

E ‘can select the time that the lock will have to pass within dell’arricciacapelli (remember that those automatic “suck” from just inside the hair then a function of this kind is necessary in order to be able to control the final effect), the time to choose from are 8, 10 and 12 seconds.

Once the “past” the Babyliss emit a light beep to warn us that has done its work, and you can then safely move to the next lock.

The rotation can then be set either to the right than to the left, or directly select the automatic there that will see the Babyliss move in a dynamic manner between the two directions without favoring a specific, so as to obtain so a natural effect.

And ‘certainly a device with which you have to take a bit’ of familiarity at the beginning in order to capture all the nuances and bend it to our will. I’m sure you’ll discover the many possibilities that seemed so far unknown if you only had access to economic curling, that no matter how effective they have no ability to customize how does this model.

There is also an auto-off, very useful for security and energy saving.

The fast heating can be used to bring in a handful of seconds, the instrument at the optimum temperature for the curl, making it therefore immediately ready to use, convenient in the case, for example, it goes very quickly.

Unfortunately it is not equipped with a carrying case included, this is a factor that leaves a bit ‘puzzled considered the likes of this item.

The cable is 2.7m so great for any type of use.

This BaByliss BAB2665SE Mira Curl Pro Steam is the recommended product for those who want to really seriously in the care and styling of their hair.

2. Imetec Bellissima My Pro Beach Waves, easy to use

The Beautiful Beach Waves is without doubt one of the best curling then outstanding.

The products for which it is drawn are the natural waves big rather than small curls typical of curling the most common use. The word “Waves” or “waves” in the model name makes it clear immediately the real intentions of this product.

It has the shape of a curling iron, but of a plate.

E ‘can choose whether you prefer the softer waves or tighter waves of the two modes.

The operation is very simple and basic, you select the surface that makes our case and raises the lock that is intended to curl in the middle of the heated elements and leave it there the usual handful of seconds necessary for the modeling of styling.

It ‘an instrument suitable even for those who are not familiar with curling plate and want professional results without necessarily first become familiar with complicated devices.

This plate is ideal for those with hair of medium or long length, if you have relatively short hair better focus on other curling.

The coating is ceramic, perfect material to ensure the health of the hair also use a little ‘clumsy product. This does not mean that you must take care not to burn the hair, but it will be more difficult to make “trouble” than if you were using a thermal stress cinese.Lo production curling is in fact reduced to a minimum.

The choice of temperature is perhaps a bit ‘limited and does not take into account perfectly in all possible situations, in fact is not really suitable for very delicate and thin hair, given that the minimum selectable temperature is 160 degrees and the maximum 200.

Sometimes it also needs higher temperature if the hair is already very moved and need to be “tamed”, 200 degrees, paradoxically, may not be enough.

Either it is an excellent plate and to use “regular” on normal hair that does not have particular characteristics is certainly the product indicated.

The heat is selected by means of a lever placed on the outer side of the handle, very convenient and without the possibility of inadvertently be positioned on a non-desired setting.

The Imetec Bellissima Beach Waves is designed with a fast heating function which allows it to be ready for use from the moment you decide to turn it in just 45 seconds, a great convenience for example, if you use it before you go every morning working to give a general settled their hair.

There are LEDs to indicate the different levels of pre-set temperature.

The lights flash while the device is warming up while they become fixed when it has reached the desired temperature.

The handle is treated in antiscotattura material, unlike other plates that instead have prohibitive temperatures on the part in which the hand rests for contesting them. Certainly a key point ahead of some rivals.

Inside the box there is a cover very well done that will allow us to maintain our Beautiful Beach Waves whenever we would not need it, in peace and security because it will prevent the most delicate parts of the plate can be scratched.

Also important is the presence of a fully rotatable cable 360 ​​degrees, however only along particular 1,80m which may turn up their noses to those accustomed to longer cavistiche, but we believe that quite satisfactory.

Certainly a great product recommended for those who want an effect to the waves and not particularly short hair.

3. Remington CI593 Pearl Wand – Ferro Conico Pearl

Here is a curling iron conical economic and minimalist but extremely effective as we talk about the Remington, which houses one of the world leaders in terms of hair care.

It ‘a model without excessive frills in this case, allows to make beautiful and natural curls that last for up to three days, unlike other plates or economic conditions that have a much more limited duration.

The Remington CI95 is extremely lightweight and handy for those who want a quick effect without having to stand to look after a thousand functions and distractions.

The iron quality is great and the results are great.

4. Remington S6500 Sleek & Curl, smoothes and curls

Here is a very versatile plate as well as can even curl at will also smoothen the hair.

Excellent solution for those who can not decide and prefer to opt for a different hairstyle depending on the season and did not want to buy two different instruments.

Some users on the network complain a bit ‘of excessive temperatures by side handle, we tried to test it in accordance with these directives, and indeed it is true, is a bit’ too hot in that area, but nothing unbearable.

It ‘a great travel plate since it is small in size and is suitable for those seeking an essential tool two in one with no frills. Do not forget the extremely effective smoothing function.

It heats up in less than sixty seconds and is immediately ready to achieve virtually perfect curls. It stops flashing when it is ready, unlike other similar plates that emit the characteristic beep.

A product definitely recommended.

5. Rowenta CF2112, economical for tight and short curly hair

Here is a curling iron to achieve the tightest curls, especially recommended for those who have short hair and loves to create beautiful curls.

The fact ringlet unlike cheaper plates remain for quite some time and you will not need every day to repeat the curling operation.

E ‘need to roll up the strands of hair at a time around the iron and after a few seconds the curls are ready.

A very interesting product but above all extremely cheap for those on a budget but take home a product that does well for what it was designed, not to be confused with too many unnecessary features that would weigh on the price.

The coating is ceramic, so quality and great for protecting your hair.

The light and well designed.

6. Iron Elehot 5 in 1, the economical alternative

7 Best Curling 2020? (Easy To Use) - Pro Cons

Curling Iron 5 in 1 Multifunction Facer Modeler …

Here is a great product that is imposed because of the relationship between quality and price. The Elehot is not a particularly noble brand, but do not have to let it be misleading as

It allows you to fix your hair arricciandoli at any time and has several irons in 5 sizes to meet all the various requirements curly.

It can heat very quickly, so it is great to work “on the fly”, for example in the morning before heading out to go to college or to work there is the possibility of regulating their own hair by modeling direction.

With very interesting accessories that hook with an ease that is unbelievable, and equally easily detach from the device.

The different sizes allow irons to shape our hair in any way we wish, from the smallest to the curly and thick curls slightly moved, the styling in any case be able to resist for several hours after application.

It is advisable in any case to use a thermal protector on hair before using.

Absolutely recommended for those who want to succession of the curling world but does not want to spend a fortune for a device that does not know if you actually use it consistently or just once in a while “to remove his whim.”

If you are already familiar with this kind of equipment I recommend that instead of referring to some other product maybe a little ‘more challenging in this list.

In conclusion

There is nothing more valuable of their hair for a woman, because this part of the body has many fundamental aesthetic functions, including cross the face to enhance strengths (and in some cases, alas defects) and launch important seductive signals.

In fact, behind a thick foliage and well kept often conceals a charming woman capable of leaving as nails eyes.

The conical iron has been in recent years a veritable cultural revolution.

Let’s not kid fact, long hair is a fundamental weapon of seduction for us women, and there is no sane man heterosexual able to resist.

Choose a device to be used day after day on our hair to give it the shape and styling that most want is for sure a very delicate operation that certainly can not be left to chance.

The arriciacapelli operate at very high temperatures, you need to pay close attention so not to rely on unknown brands or even worse, Chinese and not in accordance with European safety standards.

It’s no joke in fact, when using such an object on the hair, you risk burning and destroying their structure, with serious future consequences.

What is certain is that if you follow all the attention the case is very hard to go wrong, just a bit ‘of care and common sense to get an enviable results without any risk.

It feels like you’re the hairdresser and your friends ask you all what you used to be so beautiful.

The day I bought my first curling something inside me has changed, it jumped out of consciousness at last to be the main architect of my aesthetic destiny and power to experience alone in the comforts of home all the hairstyles I wanted. From the classic to the most original and exuberant.

Well we finally arrived at the end of this long riding, as usual I hope I was comprehensive and not to have left any unsatisfied curiosity.

The curling of the world is vast and full of proposals that may at first glance to leave a little ‘off-limits and confusing, especially if it is the first time that you approach. But as soon as you start a little ‘to learn more about the temna everything becomes easier and is less frightening.

I leave with a hug greeting you and inviting you to take a look also to the other parts of the site, there are many helpful guides fact just waiting to be read.

Greetings, your Antonella Pro Cons.


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