Best Electric Shaver Guide 2020? (For Real Men) – Pro Cons

Best Electric Shaver Guide 2020? (For Real Men) – Pro Cons

Then I finally decided, I made the plunge.

And you know what?

I will never go back.

A quality electric razor because it has an unequaled shave that leaves the skin smooth and does not cause redness. My skin is relatively delicate, now I can finally shave every morning without having to worry about appearing irritated face.

Simply the best of the best!

– The heads follow facial lines – Excellent precision blades – including finishing Styler Beard – 50 minutes wireless life

Excellent premium alternative!

– head that fits the contours of the face – Excellent results as early as the first pass – Including the dock for cleaning – 45 minutes in length Wireless

Best Electric Shaver Guide 2020? (For Real Men) - Pro Cons

– The head is well suited to the face – Dock of cleaning and charging Clean & Charge – 50 minutes wireless life – Waterproof, Wet & Dry 100%

Best Electric Shaver Guide 2020? (For Real Men) - Pro Cons

Highly technological and professional!

– The heads follow facial lines – Excellent precision blades – including finishing Styler Beard – 50 minutes wireless life

Best Electric Shaver Guide 2020? (For Real Men) - Pro Cons

Excellent premium alternative!

– head that fits the contours of the face – Excellent results as early as the first pass – Including the dock for cleaning – 45 minutes in length Wireless

But the market is full of pitfalls and equipment that can seriously damage the skin of our face.

If you want to learn more about how to cure your beard you read this my article interesting.

When you do not use an electric razor, I’m in a free hand.

Want to know how to grow a nice beard hipster?

How to choose an electric razor?

Each razor has specific characteristics that make it unique, and not every device is obviously suitable for our needs, we must succeed in the jungle of products to find the one most suitable for us to be able to bring home an item that will last over time.

Some razors do not work by battery only electric cable connected directly to the mains.

Most, however, sold razors currently on the market are powered by an integrated battery, which means that we must be very careful and check the state of charge of the battery before and after each use, making sure to keep it working every time.

There are razors that can be used in Wet mode, even while you shower. This is a great feature that you should consider especially if you have a very sensitive skin and do not want to risk damaging it with skim too aggressive.

Over the years not to care of their skin health can lead to serious consequences, so it is best to be careful and buy a quality product.

Some razors are able to report in a completely automatic via a convenient built-in display when it is time to replace or clean the heads.

It ‘also essential if you are always on the go and you count to bring along your razor for shaving the fly and be always neat and clean, you should consider whether or not a case where storing. Some models have it integrated directly into this kit inside the box, while others need to be purchased separately.

It may seem like a detail, but these are small to be very costly in the long term, better get right now a model that allows it to be ready from the first shave then having to deal with acquiring expensive accessories separately. This will also be useful to avoid damage to the razor when, for example, is stored inside a drawer or in a suitcase.

The blade element is the sine qua non of the razor, its fundamental part, one that operates all the time and performs the actual cutting.

The best materials on the market are undoubtedly the stainless steel or titanium, which lightens the razor making it more comfortable and ergonomic.

The razors are clearly not all the same, God forbid, such a large market over the years has developed going to fill every need, developing products equipped with the latest technology and advanced features. Many are now wondering how many types of razors actually exist, then we try assembly schiarirci a little ‘ideas and get on top of this.

There are some models that will be more convenient and effective for some, while others may find them not too suited to their needs.

There are features that may seem excessive and perhaps confuse the average user, the expert hand will be little at ease with a not very evolved device with only a simple shaving options.

There are razors with heads, who heads adaptable to the shape of the face, to make obviously much easier and correct cutting. That also will be beautiful to behold, a factor to be reckoned with when you purchase an item that will be used directly on your face skin.

We are all well aware of how important it’s face in the game of seduction, just a millimeter out of place to destroy us the impression that we are giving to the outside world. You can not afford to be superficial when confronted with everyday devices that can be the hands of the scale when it comes to our social life.

There are of an edge with small holes on the surface, these holes will get stuck on the hair is intended to be cut, as in a sort of small guillotine.

This kind of electric shavers are to be used as if it held in his hand a disposable razor bic, than those of plastic that are found everywhere, even in public mercerie. The reason is that due to its particular shape the foil razor is used with linear time, being very careful not to mistake the cut.

13 Best Electric Shavers 2020 Definitive Guide

Best Electric Shaver Professional Top of Range

Best Electric Shaver Guide 2020? (For Real Men) - Pro Cons

Here finally the cream of the cream, the top of the range, the ultimate in the world of shaving elettrica.Vi introduce 3-advanced models, almost professional, who can provide unique results, worthy of the best barber in which you never contact.

Braun Series 9 9296CC

The Braun could not miss in this part of the top class of our guide, it is normal, given that this company as well as having produced excellent entry level shavers has been able to juggle in the world of high-level shaving, and with this model 9296cc Series 9 He can show their teeth and to produce all the power he is capable.

Shaving is as always impeccable, fast and deep, without ever leaving the irritated skin.

The technological innovations in this round is the SyncroSonic, a technology that ensures an effective and definitive shaving at the first passaggio.Resterete very surprised to find that just a simple wipe to have a face as smooth as that of a child. A certain price ranges do not mess around anymore, we speak of perfection.

Shaving is also perfect on uncultivated or difficult beards, the printhead is equipped in fact well-4 cutting elements, each dedicated to a particular stage and the time of shaving, to leave nothing to chance.

There is a part that aligns and cuts the hairs that grow uncontrolled in different directions, one that lifts and cuts the hair of the most difficult areas of the face.

And ‘it presents an integrated precision trimmer, in order to model the best mustache, sideburns and goatee. This is present within the same razor, activated by the press of a simple button, so you will not need to lug complicated devices to be connected to our razor, because this will already have everything we need for a beard cut that goes beyond shaving. Here we talk about a complete cut worthy of the best barbers in the world.

The materials with which it is built are obviously very high quality, the same to which the German company Kronberg has accustomed us anni.L’impugnatura rubber, the result of decades of study in Japanese laboratories, to ensure maximum grip and pleasing texture, here we speak indeed of a series of razors, not joking, it is obvious that every detail is studied in detail to ensure a perfect experience.

The battery you can recharge in one hour, yes I know, it’s the same time of lower-priced models, unfortunately the technology of portable batteries still failed to make the same progress that gave us instead of the blades, increasingly advanced from year to year, there is the time it goes, as he liked to sing Paolo Conte, so be patient and let alone your razor for an hour, you’ll find it charged and ready to dozens and dozens of shaves.

The price is that of a top of the range, but it will be worth all the money spent, trust, euro for euro.

Philips Series 9000 S9161/42

One of the most technologically advanced razor to mondo.Il Series 9000 S9161 / 42 from Philips is in fact designed to ensure that extra something that normally requires a top of the line razor.

Through technology Contour Detect you can make a pretty close shave, no part of the face will be tough or inaccessible. The VTrak guide instead the hair gently to the best cutting position so as to minimize, or rather we would say cancel altogether, the risks of a bad cut that would run the risk of damaging our skin.

And ‘course, it is including wet and dry, we are talking about a highly advanced product Philips and a function of the kind could never mancare.Si can then use in the shower and even in situations that require an abundant amount of foam.

But there are also a number of accessories for the package, it is the inevitable precision trimmer, which allows you to go far beyond the cutting of small hairs of the beard to even venture on mustaches, goatees and sideburns.

The usual display indicates the battery status, the level of internal cleanliness and the wear of testine.Non forget arrange for cleaning if it is to a minimum, is the best way to prolong our razor S9161 Series 9000 / 42 over time.

Panasonic ES-LV9Q-S803

Best Electric Shaver Guide 2020? (For Real Men) - Pro Cons

Panasonic ES-LV9Q-S803 Black electric razor, Silver

The flower all’occhielli of this model is the Multi-Flex 3D head, a true jewel, a system with 5 blades that allow you to find and cut the hair even in the most difficult of our live.

The Panasonic is a great alternative to the overwhelming power Philips / Braun, thanks to the razor design flexibility.

But we will go together to see clearly what are the specific tasks of these blades:

There is the finishing that allows you to accurately capture even the hairs duri.C’e to rapid uplift, to cut the beard under his chin. Anyone who has cut at least once in a lifetime beard knows how difficult it is in fact act in this area, a real incubo.La blade comb is specially dedicated to the longer hairs that are left to run away from the blades are esterne.Ci then the inner and close the blades.

The Panasonic has not forgotten the design, which is pretty much worth in 2050, we are already in the future with this object, the ergonomics are also evolutissima and studied in detail.

The charged battery in one hour and there is a dedicated display to read all the information that we need for the proper maintenance of the razor. Although obviously it is a high-end device, there will be no need to carry out a manual cleaning every time that it will be used, but the charging base is also employed to automatic head cleaning.

Philips S9531/26 SmartClick Serie 9000

The other day a friend of mine in the office made me the so-called “head so much”, that was the whole morning decantarmi the praises of this razor, so I felt the moral and ethical duty to add to this list, containing the items of its words, his direct experience.

Fabio says that Philips S9531 / 26 SmartClick has a shave longer than the straight razor that was using a few months ago, when he tried for a period the joys of manuale.Poi shaving since it works decided to return to the electric razor, he needed a device to be used every morning before coming to the office, which would guarantee fast and reliable results, since it has not even a minute to lose.

We need to move several times to have a shave in a workmanlike manner, but still proceed with speeds than standard shavers.

It works great even on the three-day beard.

The battery allow to perform for about 9-10 shaves.

The housing is not there, and it’s unfortunate, “otherwise it would be the most perfect” These words of Fabio.

If you have sideburns need to change the head.

Philips shavers are often the top of the range, we are talking about a brand that for decades is at the top as far as shaving, and this Philips RQ1250 / 17 SensoTouch 3D, with such a catchy name and futuristic, with could hardly be outdone.

This Philips has a good cleaning system.

Lightweight, compact, with a beautiful sleek design, it can be a great gift if you want to make a good impression. It also has an excellent ergonomic grip.

Plus it’s quiet and shaves in an instant. Zaaak! Almost no one realizes and you find your skin clean and smooth as a baby.

Perfect on the short hairs, good on the long ones.

The battery lasts about 140 minutes.

Council to moisten the skin before use and put some ‘talcum powder, to create a layer so as to make the best shave.

high quality cutting.

It can be cleaned under the tap after each use.

There are people who would be ready to give their lives for this razor, undoubtedly one of the best in the world. And I must say that I like much, although it is not my favorite.

Best Electric Shaver – Medium Range

While the low-end razors are designed to meet the needs of those who simply need a shave but not manic order and does not aim to completely professional results, those mid-range are not far from work you might be able to do a great barber if he decided to devote himself to sculpt our beard.

Braun Series 5 5030s

Braun Series 5 shaver Electric 5030S Man, Rechargeable, in …

The Braun is the undisputed queen of electric shavers, that is why we return to the first place even in this ranking of mid-priced razors, the reason is simple, the products you can design are certainly among the best as far as a compromise fully satisfactory quality of materials and between the cut and the final price at which it is sold to the consumer in the store or on amazon.

This 5030S Series 5 works wonders on all kinds of beard, also on the most difficult on which the normal razors would have much more of a problem, and can at the same time not to be aggressive so as not to damage the most sensitive skin.

The 5 of Braun series is dedicated to those who want to approach the world of shaving, but is not yet ready for a challenging purchase, that does not mean the quality is inferior, they simply are devices with fewer features, but the quality of the cut is who knows that unquestionable ensure decades this brand.

The FlexMotionTec technology has mobile blades that oscillate until well 40 degrees, ensuring an absurd mobility for a product of this range, which in this manner can afford a grip to the unparalleled skin, this is the trick that allows this Braun shaver to be so fast and impeccabile.La UltraActiveLift function acts directly on the toughest hairs that are lifted and then cut, to avoid any type of abrasion or irritation, all of this occurs even in the most complicated corners of the face, where the normal razors would life tough and very probably fallirebbero.Sto obviously talking of the neck and chin, positions that always give wire twist during rasature.Anche the adhesion to the skin of the device is fully adjustable, thus ensuring a customization without equal.

The Braun Series 5 5030S also has other very interesting functions and features, such as total impermeability which then allows to wash in any condition without having to worry of minimally interne.Riesce components to refine with extreme precision mustaches and sideburns grazi to the accessories included in the confezione.E ‘made entirely from advanced materials to ensure a precision never before seen by a razor like that, the ergonomics is something special, in fact in the hands seem to hold a brush elegantly, and to be the painters who are creating a beautiful picture on our face. I’m not exaggerating, try to credere.La first time I used this machine almost could not believe there was indeed such an advanced shave that would allow a shave so simply and accurately, and yet in the end I had to change my mind.

Autonomy is of 45 minutes, it does not excel at this level, but you can not wish for so much a product of the kind that we remember to be simply media.Esiste end so the usual fast charging in case you need to make a single shaving and he had run out of charge.

The price is of course content and therefore can not be guaranteed a large park equipment, such as missing the travel pouch which is instead found in other models of the same level.

Definitely a highly recommended product.

Panasonic ES-LV65-S803, for smoothing demanding

This Panasonic model is designed for those who face shaving with a very demanding spirit. You can tell immediately: already by the fact that mounts 5 different blades, a shaving to ensure extremely precise and controllata.Il engine instead travels at well 14 thousand revolutions per minute, so powerful.

Again we see the presence of the Wet & Dry function that allows the use in the shower or using a lot of foam. The device does not present any kind of malfunction, then nothing to worry about, since it is extremely waterproof.

There is then mounted on a futuristic sensor designed to be able to detect with accuracy the various differences in length and density of our beard, yes, in areas where the size is present thicker and lasts for the cutting of the blade will become as if by magic very more powerful, always taking care not to damage or irritate our skin, while in areas where the beard is softer and less demanding back soft.

The battery life is 45 minutes, while a full charge will have to wait an hour, a good time.

Philips S9031/13 Shaver Series 9000

The heads instead Contour Detect is able to move in 8 different directions so that we can follow the hard-edged or less of our increasingly viso.Come you can take advantage of this Philips shaving as with other razors of this guide, in the shower, without having the slightest worry.

Inside the box in which it is sold is a handy trimmer to define the lines as people want, like a tool of an artist. You can choose to opt for the classic 3-day beard, even desired effect other specialized mono shaving razors in exactly this type of cut, or opt for something more, but not overly.

The razor also can be used without cable for 50 minutes, good durability, the display will be able to read all the data on the remaining battery power and the available shaving levels. Not only that, you can also set the block to be used while moving, such as when traveling, to prevent our active device is against our will within the suitcase or the beauty case.Il display also shows the state to clean the machine and whether or not it came time to replace the heads.

Recall that if you make a proper maintenance, cleaning the razor well after each washing and effecting the replacement of the heads when indicated, this will last for many years to come, therefore avoiding premature replacements ahead of time.

The quality electrical razors fact seem deliberately designed to last, unlike other modern electronic objects instead designed according to the concept of planned obsolescence, that is designed to fail after a few months forcing you to a purchase of a new model.

Braun 799 Wet and Dry, una leggenda

Braun 799cc-7 Wet & Dry Electric Shaver Series 7 with Station …

One of the best selling razor ever, and there is a reason no?

This Braun 7 manages to resolve the problem with very few passes of shaving that so afflicts those who for years as I was looking for a device capable of a close shave without irritation. The strength of this model is in fact her gently on the skin, is able to be effective without damaging the pores.

The sonic technology which is fitted allows him to cut to the finer hairs even better, succeeding in each case to adapt to the type of beard which is cutting at that time and not only that, also on the type of face.

It allows you to choose between three different types of shaving: intense, sensitive or normal.

Once you learn the differences between these three styles will be very easy to switch between them with ease depending on the area of ​​the face that you are facing.

This shaver also captures smoothly all the dishes hairs, goes where other razors usually have some problems, it easily reaches the deepest hair because it has on its surface the advanced ergonomic special holes.

The oscillating heads allow a shave that molds to the profile of the face on which will go to work.

The design is innovative and very pleasant to look at and hold. Convenient also for long shaves.

The grip is designed non-slip, in order to avoid uncomfortable object falls during the utilizzo.I materials with which it is manufactured are of the highest quality, also manages to be silent during operation.

The display is very readable and provides the information for proper operation.

In buying the kit you can find some accessories that will enrich even more the possibilities of this Braun model 7.Troveremo fact the cleaning brush, travel case and a great base to activate the automatic cleaning function razor after each use.

Be ‘, that is, after a review like that I think it’s very clear in my opinion about this gem. If you have a medium budget, this is definitely a model to take into great consideration.

Best budget shaver

The price range without a doubt the most frequented as far as this type of product is below 100 Euros, the reason is obvious and predictable, when you go to purchase such an item you do not want to spend a fortune, since it stands for granted the idea that the device will not last over time and must be replaced after a few years. So why buy something expensive if short we would have to buy it? Be ‘, the discourse is flawless, except that there are cheaper models that promise and maintain the idea of ​​lasting many years, they are virtually indestructible, I still have a Braun top model of the range that I use for at least 10 years. You will not believe.

What is certain is that if you are not equipped with a bulky wallet will not hurt to opt for something under 100 Euros, in this price range is certainly possible to detect the presence of substances for use in safety and with semi-professional results when non-professional to 100%.

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Wet & Dry

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Razor Electric Man Foil, …

If you’re looking for an inexpensive electric Rasio, the Braun Series 3 could be the model to buy, but let’s see well with calm what are the strengths and weaknesses of this prodotto.Innanzitutto the first advantage is that it provides a good compromise between price and prestazioni.Il design it is simple and elegant, the cut is aesthetically pleasing, easy to hold and very gentle on even the most sensibili.Cosa skins you might ask for a razor of this range at?

It ‘also a best seller on Amazon, and be’ there must be a good reason for this success.

All the structural elements are designed to be extremely sensitive to pressure and shaping the beard according to the movement of our hand, moving on our skin as a pennello.Il shaving system Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s is composed of two elements, or two heads lamina and a central trimmer, in order to obtain a very precise cutting and who are unable to adapt to the shape of any face.

This shaver can even be used while you shower, has in fact dell’avveniristica function Wet & Dry, this allows it to also be used with gel and shaving foam, it convenient for those with sensitive skin and can not make a dry shaving.

The SensoFoil system then guarantees a precise shaving, deep and accurate, but at the same time delicate, thanks to the 3 independent elements shaving. You can catch longer hairs with the first pass of the device, shaving is very fast, almost as impressive, thanks to this speed and independent blade system prevents skin irritations and once you cut our skin will appear as if nothing It had barely touched.

It works with a lithium battery which has an excellent autonomy of 50 minutes, the time required to perform at least 4-5 shaves with no need to connect to the electrical outlet Braun, comodissimo.C’e the opportunity if you want and If it were the totally exhaust razor but with the urgent need to carry out a shaving because maybe you are going to go out for a business meeting or a gallant meeting, to make a very rapid charging, will serve in fact only 5 minutes to sufficient energy poterportare to ensure a full shave.

This clearly is a great help for those who would forget to reload the right time their trust rasoio.Lo charge status is always checked on the LED display that alerts you well in advance if you need to attach your razor to our current for a complete recharge.

You can also connect an extra-large precision trimmer to shape our sideburns and trim the long hairs of the beard just before the shave. One undoubtedly very useful tool, which will allow us a precision worthy of a modern hairdressing.

And ‘one object, easy to use, cheap, convenient and good in several different situations. It does not leave anyone unhappy. Shaving is precise and ideal for sensitive skin, the battery also stands out for durability.

Philips OneBlade QP2520 / 25

In addition to shaving it is also able to refine and regolare.L’obiettivo of this product is virtually shave his beard as if he had in his hand a real razor blades. It ‘true that there are high-end razors that promise the same as the One Blade results, but cost at least 10 times the price of this.

Also perfect to shave the hair on the cheekbones or to define a goatee.

And ‘light with a good grip, you can use it with foam or shower.

But here is a very comprehensive explanatory video that will make you understand what he is capable of Apparatus:

FLYCO, Razor Electric silent economic

FLYCO Razor Electric Man, Wet & Dry Rechargeable Shaver Beard …

The Flyco is a nice cheap razor, perfect as a gift to a teenager how to use the first razor.

I always love crafting these small daily happiness.

Compared to other electric razors cost is much quieter.

Very easy to use, because economic and spartan, is equipped with 3 rotating blades and quickly capture all the hair.

It also has a beautiful box, so it looks good if you choose it as a gift.

In the box there are a variety of accessories that make it virtually plug-and-play, immediately ready all’uso.E ‘present an outlet for charging, a brush for cleaning, the instruction and the cover in transparent plastic head that from a ‘idea of ​​elegance.

Panasonic ES-LT2N-S803

The Panasonic proposed here, ie the model ES-LT2N-S803 has 3 blades that follow perfectly all contours, even those most difficult, of our face.

Return the wet & dry function that allows a perfect shave in the shower with no risk.

The highlight of this model is the beard density detector, what is it? Capiamolo together.

Every beard is equipped with a different density, also depending on which area of ​​the face we are going to treat, for example, the whiskers will present a completely different from the type of engine basette.Il density of this Panasonic it is able to grasp by only the difference and to adjust the power of its internal motor, which can reach well 13 thousand revolutions per minute.

The Panasonic shaver is also easy to clean, features a micro vibration technology that allows complete cleaning expelling the hair, even the most tiny, imperceptible, at the end of shaving.

In the ES-LT2N-S803 box is a carrying case for traveling. Convenient for those who moves a lot and does not want the trouble of having to buy it separately.

Remington PR1230, the super economical alternative

This is a traditional electric razor very cheap, the real alternative for those on a limited budget but still want a basic quality that allows reliable leveling.

It ‘very easy to use and clean in fact, faster on tough beards, oddly enough for such a cheap product.

The main weakness is, however, that only works on electricity and you can not use batteries. For some this will not be a great deterrent. The cable is to say that it is very long, so use remains comfortable even plugged in.

The Remington PR1230 head is meant to be oriented in two positions, upwards or downwards, adheres to the contours of the face and allows a good shave.

Cleaning is easy, it just has to remove the razor head and soak it in warm water. Done.

At this price it is hard to beat, if you will of course have a more serious and reliable razor to use every day better to focus on other brands, if there is content of the essential instead is a product to hold in high regard.

Philips AquaTouch S5420/06

The rotary heads of this model are able to move in 5 different directions, so you can follow up with precision and ease around the contour of our face and collo.Un certainly different approach than that of foil shavers, but the Philips you know it is the direct competitor of Braun, for some even higher, and there is a reason why this is so. But we’re good together with esaminareperche.

Again we see this function to use the razor comfortably in the shower without having to worry about any short circuit of the device, or technical problems of any tipo.Si can be used without problem even shaving foam.

The battery is also in this case lithium, however, unlike the Braun model allows a shaving of 45 minutes, are less than 5 minutes by which certainly do not constitute a major difference.

The full recharge takes only one hour, such as the Braun this Philips AquaTouch S5420 / 06 is equipped with the possibility of making a fast turbo charging of just 5 minutes in order to proceed to a complete shaving in case there had forgotten to reload previously.

The LED display reminds in this case when it is time to finally replace all the shaving heads, or when it’s time to clean the interior of the razor. Convenient.

Certainly the best economic model with rotary heads, passed with flying colors.

Moser Primat

The Moser Primat is not a Trimmers razor, but a hair cut, but given the excellent quality of this product and its membership in this price range contained, we could not help but add in this guide that aims to complete.

The Moser is excellent for those who need to cut your hair often and do not want to contact a barber, for those who want to shave the hair on the body.

I know of people who are very annoyed by the presence of alien hands on their scalp and who find it difficult to accept the barber’s work on his own head, for them such a device is highly recommended, in fact the results are comparable to those of a cut professional.

The Primat 1233 allows to renew themselves as a phoenix, reborn from its ashes, if it accomplishes the simple operation of replacing the cartridge. In fact, just contact your dealer and change this small part of our Moser to have a virtually new razor.

An apparatus designed to last decenni.L’unica caveat is that when the head no longer seem cut as before, but will begin to have that unpleasant feeling of “tearing” of the hair, at that moment must proceed to replace it.

There are many devices on the market, sometimes this endless choice gives us confusion, almost dizzy, it is for this reason that there are guides like the one you just read.

It is not easy to live as consumers, to combine our mission as human beings with our daily needs. As men and women of the third millennium we have to propose a mission to mediate between a dimension which sees the cars more and more protagonists and the affirmation of our humanity.

Although it is true that we need appliances and electronic equipment in order to live a comfortable life we ​​must not lose sight of the poetry of the world around us, and try to return to this world my heart that maybe a bit ‘lost.

Against Pro it is first and foremost that, a place to create community, as consumers approach, discuss, express our individuality, but especially evolve and head together towards a new, more free, peaceful and beautiful humanity.

Sorry for the rambling friends, but today I felt to write this additional My concluding thought.

I hope that thanks to my advice at last find the razor that’s right for you.

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