9 Best Electric Toothbrushes Recommended From Dentists 2020 (Definitive Guide) – Pro Cons

9 Best Electric Toothbrushes Recommended From Dentists 2020 (Definitive Guide) – Pro Cons

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You are looking for the best electric toothbrush for a whiter smile and healthy?

9 Best Electric Toothbrushes Recommended From Dentists 2020 (Definitive Guide) - Pro Cons
9 Best Electric Toothbrushes Recommended From Dentists 2020 (Definitive Guide) - Pro Cons
9 Best Electric Toothbrushes Recommended From Dentists 2020 (Definitive Guide) - Pro Cons

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The Pro of electric toothbrushes

The Cons of electric toothbrushes

In 2018, there was a big increase in the number of electric toothbrushes on the market, more and more people want to in fact make their own cleaning their teeth in the right way that recommend always dentists.

I have personally tested all the best electric toothbrushes of the biggest brands like Oral-B, Philips Sonicare, Foreo ISSA, Pursonic, and Colgate.

This list below I’m going to explain the pros and cons of each model to enlighten and make simple and effective the more your potential purchase.

How much to spend and what electric toothbrush to buy in 2020?

Best of 2020 electric toothbrushes – Buying Guide and Reviews

9 Best Electric Toothbrushes Recommended From Dentists 2020 (Definitive Guide) - Pro Cons

1. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean, il top del top

9 Best Electric Toothbrushes Recommended From Dentists 2020 (Definitive Guide) - Pro Cons

Philips Sonicare HX9924/03 DiamondClean Smart, Spazzolino…

PROIl top of elettriciTantissime toothbrushes funzioniUna superior cleaning

The Sonicare Philips is one of the best electric toothbrushes on the market, one of the most recommended by dentists Americans, and for that but unfortunately rightly one of the most expensive.

What makes DiamondClean so good?

Worth the price that it costs?

The Sonicare electric toothbrushes DiamondClean is one of the most visually elegant and perhaps the one with the best performance of all.

Just look at the reviews on amazon users to realize the quality testified directly from other consumers.

It ‘available in black, amethyst, rose gold, white and a beautiful pink satin, the DiamondClean is the perfect realization of the minimalist style and modern.

It features the sonic technology is promoted by more than 140 publications and clinical studies and is promoted by more than 40 universities around the world.

According to scholars the DiamondClean removes plaque up to 10 times longer than regular toothbrushes.

The proprietary sonic technology also creates a kind of circular motion fluid and dynamic that generates micro bubbles that penetrate into the interstices of our teeth providing a feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

It ‘also equipped with a pointed head of diamond that allows a type of brushed particular and very deep.

The five different modes of brushing allow to obtain effortlessly classic cleaning always so highly recommended by our dentists. So all focusing on wave motion and not up and down as you tend to do usually.

The DiamondClean toothbrush also helps intelligently providing signals during use.

The dial timer vibrates every 30 seconds to remind you that is over the time to focus on a specific area of ​​the mouth and to move to prossima.Fino in that a “buzz final” indicates the conclusion of routine of 2 minutes of overall cleaning.

It is sold with a glass glass container to be kept free from bacteria, this can also be used by charger or in the road transport.

When the battery runs out everything there is to do is place the toothbrush on ricaricatole and leave it there for about 24 hours. A charge of 24 full hours provides power for a continuous use of 14 days, this means that there is to remember constantly stand to charge it once purchased.

The travel-homes is equipped with a convenient USB connection that allows easy device charging even when you are traveling and away from socket outlets and want instead to use a laptop PC, for example, to provide power to the device.

The Philips Sonicare cleans and removes plaque effectively, it is perfect for those with sensitive teeth, the batteries last a lot and the product design is fantastic.

An investment to do once in your life to find themselves a fighting machine of dental cleaning.

2. Oral-B GENIUS Rose Gold, the luxurious brush

PROPiccolo jewel tecnologiaBen 6 utilizzoDotato functions of Bluetooth technology, it communicates with your smartphone using the appropriate app

The toothbrush proposed dall’Oral-B Rose Gold is certainly one of the best on the market, literally state of the art.

With the recognition of the mouth areas already clean technology via the implemented sensors directly into the brush, so that users can never go wrong and wipe around the mouth carefully conducted. Including those areas a little ‘recondite which are often neglected and which they represent the possible nests of bacterial culture inside the mouth.

The part GENIUS brush was inspired by the best dentists and has a highly cleansing and bleaching technology, to remove even the most stubborn stains created from smoking or coffee. This system is connected via Bluetooth app Oral-B offers up to 5 different methods of dental cleaning to help direct users to have a white smile and healthy.

The design is also very interesting as you can see from the picture, is a set of pink and gold colors, this to offer lovers of beauty lifestyle linked to another opportunity to integrate a beautiful object within their own lives and home, surely it is a model that stands out from those of other brands, if you will settle in plain sight in a certain room will not go unnoticed.

It looks like a real luxury item and will appeal to those who like to live a life standing out from the crowd, it is in the details that you see in fact the difference.

All functions of this brush are designed to protect the health of their teeth at 100% leaving all the work to the device and releasing the consumer, it is possible to also clean the back of the tooth where traditional toothbrush virtually never makes it to exposing in this way the tooth and partially leaving potential victim of bacteria which may attach in this way and jeopardize the health of the entire mouth maybe starting from a very small area.

When it comes to dental health better not be superficial, it is known that an error at a young age can be paid very expensive in old age, I know many people who neglect their teeth were found to have false teeth already reached 50 years , do not be like them and be sighted.

There is the “whitening” mode if you want to point to a whiter smile and remove stains, the timer changes color, and can be set to 12 different shades.

Then there are the Cross Action mode, Gum Care and 3D White, each of which can make feel the difference in cleaning different way they act upon the tooth, at the beginning you will feel a bit ’embarrassed and do not know which to prefer setting but with time I’m sure you will find your favorite setting and be able to build a washing tailored teeth to your needs.

The bleaching feature really works, as you can see from the rave reviews both Italian and foreign users on the network, take a look on amazon site with the link provided above to understand what I mean.

E ‘can load the brush Oral-B GENIUS Rose Gold directly in conjunction with the smartphone.

Certainly an object designed for those who take their dental health seriously and want a fashion device is equipped with all the latest technology, making it ideal for traveling.

Together with Philips is obviously the flagship industry of electronic toothbrushes, if you choose one of these devices will certainly take home the best offers at the moment the market is only a matter of detail and design, I leave you in this case the freedom to choose the brush that will do more for you.

3. Oral-B Black 7000, with a very fun app

Oral-B Black CrossAction 7000 Electric Toothbrush with …

PROApp fun and well made and curataSensore signaling in case of excessive pressure on the teeth

CONTROL’app for some it can cause excessive distraction

The Oral-B Pro 7000 Black works via Bluetooth fact, you can easily connect to an app on smartphones that constantly monitors your daily routine oral cleansing. How long do they clean your teeth, how often, and if you’re doing it correctly or not.

You can use the free iOS or Android app to track their dental hygiene region, create reminders, and learn new tips every day to improve their oral health. (For example, did you know any piercing in the mouth should be cleaned after every meal?)

If you do not have your phone in proximity when you brush your teeth will not be a problem, despite the scale of the bluetooth connection is in fact only a few meters, the Oral-B black brush will record up to as many as 20 brushing sessions that you can synchronize with the app once that the smartphone will come back within range of the base station.

The Oral-B Professional Care 7000 works like a personal dentist, driving your daily routine dental hygiene and providing real-time feedback to help clean the teeth completely and effectively.

The professional design of the head allows a swinging 3D rotation to ensure thorough cleaning. Thanks to its rotational movement and the Oral-B button can remove up to 200% more plaque than a regular toothbrush.

The Oral-B Pro 7000 has five cleaning modes and other 5 different heads. Use it every time seem like going to a session of tooth cleaning by the dentist, especially if it is coupled to the dental flossing and rinsing with mouthwash.

The toothbrush in question will count the 120 seconds dental cleaning necessary at each session, segnalandoti every 30 seconds of having to move to brush a different area of ​​the mouth.

In addition, the app will show a nice and fun animated the mouth area that should be interested in that specific time noted on a human mouth diagram on the screen.

If so far has paid little time to dental care sessions with a few tens of seconds, 2 whole minutes at the beginning will seem very long. The Oral-B has thought of that makes it more fun thanks to the advice, photos and titles are displayed on the smartphone screen, in case you have installed the app (which is highly recommended).

The toothbrush is unfortunately not smart enough to know if you’re cleaning the mouth area indicated at that time but in return has a built-sensitivity sensor that vibrates when you are brushing too hard, to avoid inadvertently hurt the teeth.

Buy a toothbrush with Bluetooth connection it may seem strange and even a little ridiculous to those not used to electric toothbrushes, but I can assure you is no less ridiculous than clean teeth and gums with a plastic brush from a euro.

However the Oral-B Pro 7000 Black has more to offer than the entertainment of his app while you are brushing their teeth.

Thanks to its professional and innovative design can effectively remove plaque and helps remove bacteria on the tongue, is particularly useful for those with very sensitive teeth since it warns with a vibration when you are applying too much pressure.

4. Philips Sonicare HX8911 / 02 HealthyWhite +, simple and super effective

PROSemplice and professional minimalePulitura

CONTRONon as fancy as the other models listed

If you are interested in a higher cleaning kind and professional and you do not care too much about soffisticati accessories and functions, then the Philips Sonicare is the one for you.

The Sonicare technology provides a type of extremely deep and effective cleaning compared to common plastic toothbrushes. forcing the fluid between the teeth and gums and removing the plaque very quickly, effortlessly.

As you probably know, you are sure to use the same time in each of the mouth to clean their teeth properly, without haste.

Sonicare For this also comes with a convenient 2-minute timer helps to ensure an appropriate cleaning time than indicated by dentists always GP.

Unlike other brands Philips models it does not indicate when it is time to move from one area of ​​the mouth, but for many this can be a substantial problem.

Its slim design makes it easy and safe use. In fact you can also safely clean braces, otturature and dental crowns.

Dentists are in agreement about the fact that we should replace our toothbrush every three months. But do you remember by chance when was the last time you changed your plastic manual toothbrush or the head of the electric?

The Philips Sonicare wants to put a patch to this problem, the print head is in fact equipped with a small marker that gradually fades over time, up to indicate when it is actually time to move to replace it.

Although it is not as sophisticated as his little brother DiamondClean Sonicare, Philips HealthyWhite + is an excellent electric toothbrush, which always leaves satisfied and those who feel it has.

Its slim design makes it ideal for thorough cleanings of dental appliances, and to get all the way up on the most hidden gums.

5. Oral-B Pro 4000 SmartSeries, excellent quality price

Oral-B SmartSeries 4000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

PROBuon value prezzoArriva where other brushes do not come

CONTROManca of some features (non-core), which instead have the upper band toothbrushes

Sense the Association of American dentists a beautiful smile is most evident in a person than his eyes, his hair and his body. In fact the teeth are a real health and beauty index.

No need for scientific research to remind us of something so tied to common sense.

What is important however it is to discover the best toothbrush to our needs.

Many features can only be unnecessary frills if combined with a perfect dental care. Buy the Oral-B Pro 4000 is an excellent idea to begin to seriously take care of their teeth.

If you are looking for an electric toothbrush that is gentle on the teeth but at the same time effective in removing plaque and always keep the mouth clean, then you should consider purchasing an Oral-B Pro 4000 SmartSeries.

Not only it is equipped with all the features that made it stand out the Oral-B brand now recognized around the world, but it is also much cheaper than on the most high-tech cousins.

The SmartSeries Pro 4000 has the function Floss Action around the rotating head, which emits micropulsations for more effective removal of stains and plaque. These pulsations in fact allow the head to reach deep between teeth and remove plaque and bacteria much better than a regular toothbrush.

The Oral B 4000 is also equipped with a 3D cleaning movement, a system that allows the head of the toothbrush to remove themselves unwanted food debris, plaque, stains and round, oscillating and pulsating.

In addition to these useful and important functions, the Pro 4000 also features 5 different modes of cleaning: Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, and Whitening.

Easy to use, handy and reliable, the Oral-B Pro 4000 still offers many more features than the toothbrushes in the same price range.

The angular heads in particular make it capable of reaching areas not normally visible by other toothbrushes, such as the back of the tooth.

6. Oral-B Pro 3000, economic and effective choice

PROSemplice from expensive usarePoco

The Oral-B Pro 3000 CrossAction app is not equipped with Bluetooth but comes equipped with a pressure sensor and a countdown timer for each of the four areas that make up the mouth.

What makes the Pro 3000 really efficient the 3D cleaning technology and CrossAction head.

The round head is in fact designed for deep cleaning tooth for tooth, allowing impeccable hygiene on any day of the year.

The brushes are placed at 16 degree angle, which allows easy access to the space between the teeth and remove more plaque than a simple toothbrush.

Another key feature that sets it apart from the mid-range models is the 3D cleaning technology.

The brush oscillates, rotates and pulsates simultaneously encircling each tooth and purifying it very thoroughly.

The dynamic and contemporary combination of these three movements has proven to remove up to 10% more plaque and reduce the chances of developing gingivitis by 40%.

Cleaning the teeth depends not only on how long it takes to brush your teeth normally, but even when and especially HOW.

Conventional wisdom says that we should brush our teeth at least twice a day.

But really clean their teeth after each meal can be counterproductive because the natural acidity contained in foods and drinks.

Similarly apply too much pressure on the sensitive teeth can take them to bleed and to be damaged. Fortunately, the Pro 3000 has a “sensitive teeth” mode to work around this problem.

The pressure sensor lights up to alert you when you’re rubbing your teeth too hard.

Perhaps the Pro 3000 is not so impressive and rich in features as its counterparts but will remain shocked at how effective it is.

If you are looking for an economic toothbrush does not look over and betting everything on this model, is the best option to just price currently on the market.

7. Oral-B Oxyjet

PROIdeale for those who wear the appliance odontoiatricoErogazione adaptable according to esigenzeSerbatoio removable for easy filling

The irrigator Oral-B Oxyjet creates micro-bubbles in the water purified air helping to improve the health of the gums. It ‘a whole new and futuristic technology that allows you to clean the tooth with the greatest care, particularly if sensitive or already damaged.

The device is equipped with a wiping action which allows to remove up to 100% more plaque compared to normal toothbrushes that are found in supermarkets.

It is, in fact, a product which delivers at the same time a pressurized water jet and purified air through a special filter.

The advantage of this dual jet consists in the fact that the water will remove residues accumulated food in the interdental spaces, while the air is useful for eliminating bacteria from above and below the gumline.

In addition it is possible to decide whether to use a mode of water delivery that both single-jet, and therefore ideal for more targeted action of cleaning and particularly suitable for the removal of dirt, or multiple jet, most suitable, however, to make massaging action on the gums.

8. Oral-B Pro 2 2500 CrossAction, cheap and great

PROEconomicoLeggero and small

CONTROPoche mode funzionamentoUn bit ‘spartan

The electric toothbrush is the starting point for adventure groped to gain the perfect smile, but if you do not have much money, can be a bit ‘frustrating to see that most of the models are beautiful and efficient but cost, and not little.

The Oral-B fortunately tried to meet the needs of all creating an economic power toothbrush that does not deludesse cleaning high expectations of those who want to eventually abandon the supermarket plastic toothbrush and begin to get serious in dental hygiene .

Although not as sophisticated as his brothers, the Oral-B Pro 2 2500 CrossAction is amazing and great for those who want to spend a little ‘less and still bring home a technological marvel.

The Pro 2 is also smaller than its similar, which makes it perfect for those who travel and makes it at the same time longest battery life.

9. Oral-B Stages Vitality Marvel, the children’s toothbrush

PROColorato and economic divertenteSuper

CONTRONeanche remotely comparable to adult models

For most of the parents is a real problem to convince their children to brush their teeth twice a day.

Many children also have trouble coordinating the movements to perform their own oral cleaning, most of them children up to 7 years, in fact fails to be independent in this field.

If you are unable to educate them when they are small then it becomes difficult to make spontaneous and natural habit once great.

Giving an electric toothbrush in children can be a great idea to get them used by now to how important oral hygiene.

The Oral-B has thought to them about a number of economic and very colorful toothbrushes with Disney characters, Cars and Marvel super-heroes.

The brushes are extra-soft to fit the gums not yet formed smaller.

Magictime ingenious feature, which allows connecting to the phone to show the little ones a video to match the length of two minutes, to entertain them during cleaning of the teeth, and accustom them so taking the time every day to dental care.

The habits that develop from small ones that are easily last for a lifetime.

10. Fairywill, cheap travel

Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush Electric Toothbrush Fairywill for …

PROEconomicoDelicatoLunghissima autonomy contained caricaDimensioni

CONTROFunzionalita limit it cleaning that guarantees can not be compared to that of more famous models

Here is a very interesting brush in spite of its extremely low price.

Sure, absolutely can not compete with brushes listed above because it lacks advanced features essential for oral hygiene in the long run, but if you seek a travel toothbrush to combine with that of the house, the Fairywill could be the final choice, let’s find out together why.

First, it is extremely light and waterproof, with five different functions all to experiment to find the best set-up right for your mouth.

The electric toothbrush Fairywill guarantees every minute about 40,000 micro-spazzolamenti, this allows an extremely thorough cleaning of the mouth with the removal of plaque and any classic cigarette and coffee stains that unfortunately afflict our teeth every day.

With a constant use of this toothbrush our smile will be more convincing and white hand hand, certain results will be slower than those of the most renowned kit, however, considered the low price of this device is the end result of surprising safely.

Also great for cleaning the gums.

It only takes four easy hour power to ensure a full 30-day run, this particular peculiarity makes it very comfortable for long trips.

Just because load it only once at home to ensure incredible range of almost a month, and you can forget you are in the bag, except of course at times when you will use for the health of their teeth.

There is also the classic timer, in a more simplified version than the top models, which alerts every 30 seconds to move from one side of the mouth during the two minutes recommended by dentists for cleaning the oral cavity.

The five ways that we talked about are: white, clean, sensitive, massage and polish. So even those who have particularly delicate mouth and gums will not have to worry about. It ‘very easy to use and does not make noise, or however it really makes very little and not bothered.

The heads, made of nylon material Dupont, have an extremely sweet form that can adapt to any toothing.

Should you dimenticarvelo powered toothbrush will automatically go off if you understand that it is not used for a long period of time, it saves on electricity consumption that however limited already naturally when added to other appliances on stand-by in the course of a year They would risk burdening however somehow on the various bills.

Particularly suitable for those who have sensitive gums thanks to the particular soft mode.

In this so low Fairywill this price range is certainly one of the best products currently in circulation, it is difficult to find a cheap electric toothbrush so effective in cleaning the most delicate sweet tooth.

The versatility is also another of its strengths, you can not ask for much more from one size toothbrush so contained and with such a long autonomy. A product definitely recommended for anyone who takes seriously the cleanliness of his mouth.

Why use an electric toothbrush?

Throughout your life you’ve taken automatically without thinking of the seemingly harmless habit but very bad for the health of your teeth.

I’ll give you some examples:

Coffee? Every morning.

Red wine? Yes thanks!

Chocolate? You do not have to ask me twice …

These vices are definitely good for your mood and your soul but not so much for your mouth.

According to the Italian Dentists Association, a quarter of the Italian population does not clean their teeth at least twice a day as recommended.

In addition, a good portion of our citizens does not provide a cure and a constant and regular monitoring of their teeth, leaving virtually rot.

Take a ride on the street and look how small the mouth of certain people. It ‘clear that as citizens of an Italy of the future is our duty to begin to interest us more to our oral hygiene.

Without a daily and multiple cleaning of your teeth, they will inevitably begin to suffer from many different problems.

You can develop plaque, tartar and other dental diseases dangerous.

If untreated, these problems can lead to infection, pain, and in the worst cases, to total loss of teeth …

While we want to improve our smile, we do not always have the time and money to invest in dental procedures and technical professional care.

So, what are the alternatives?

And ‘possible to have a smile worthy of the stars of Hollywood movies without breaking the bank?

The electric toothbrush is the quick and easy answer to the daily dental hygiene.

While traditional toothbrushes already work well, they do their job say, dentists continue today to recommend the electric ones for the many benefits they bring.

Simply, electric toothbrushes are more effective at removing plaque than normal there.

Minor plaque means less dental disease problems in the years to come.

What is the best type of electric toothbrush?

There are three types of electric toothbrush: oscillating-rotating, sonic, and ultrasonic.

The oscillating-rotating has a small head and constitutes the most obvious and popular choice for oral hygiene. The head rotates from side to side or up and down around the tooth, effectively removing the plaque.

The sonic toothbrushes use vibration to clean the tooth and to force the toothpaste in all the interstices and cavities, with obviously delicacy.

The ultrasonic toothbrushes, on the other hand, do not use direct movement to clean the tooth.

Instead they use a high-frequency vibration, also known as ultrasound, which removes plaque and bacteria from the tooth. The ultrasonic power toothbrushes can accomplish more than two million movements per minute, far more so than sonic, instead offering around 48,000 movements per minute.

The electric toothbrush is perfect if you are worried that your dental hygiene regimen you are following at the moment is not able to guarantee the teeth pearly whites and dreams forever.

It is no exaggeration to say that today we are as a society obsessed by having a perfect smile, it may be the influence of American culture on Europe.

Or maybe it is simply that our establishment is the result of our innate tendency, always written in our DNA, which automatically leads us to choose prospective sexual partners according to their dental health.

Whatever the reason, as human beings look much the treatment condition of the teeth of our fellow men.

Although whitening products can make up for a limited time and give the illusion of having white teeth, artificial white on the unhealthy teeth is like trying to put lipstick on a pig.

Not forgetting all the modern tendency to exaggerate these products sbiancanto and show off teeth too white and shiny, that appear hopelessly hokey.

How is it possible then arrive at the chimera of a perfect smile?

The answer is simple. Using the right products that allow a perfect dental hygiene.

Philips has made great strides in the care of the teeth and it is not surprising that his DiamonClean Sonicare electric toothbrush is the best currently available on the market.

The technology lovers will find themselves at home with the Oral-B Pro Black while those looking for quality at a reduced price easily opt for the ‘Oral-B Vitality Pro Plus CrossAction.

In 2020 navigate through the jungle of electric toothbrushes it may seem difficult at the beginning, but thanks to this updated list you can make the best choice and provide immediately to correct years of bad habits.

I hope I’ve provided a guide to help you orient yourself in this complicated world, with time I am sure that you will become more and more passionate about mental health and spend too interested in the whole range of technology products dedicated to dental health.

Good smile to everyone!


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