7 Best Electric Water Heater 2020? (Low Power) – Pro Cons

7 Best Electric Water Heater 2020? (Low Power) – Pro Cons

Having discussed in extensive and detailed manner of the GAS HEATER, it’s time to talk about electric ones, particularly because of the major requests we had from our readers.

The electric water heater years ago constituted the most prevalent type of domestic water heater, was in fact the leading role in Italian homes.

This does not surprise me, the reasons in fact we are going to analyze them one by one quietly in this long and exhaustive article.

7 Best Electric Water Heater 2020? (Low Power) - Pro Cons
7 Best Electric Water Heater 2020? (Low Power) - Pro Cons
7 Best Electric Water Heater 2020? (Low Power) - Pro Cons

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The guide to the electric water heater

Let’s start by saying that the electric solution is certainly not the most ecological or economic, but sometimes because of the limited space we have no alternative to the bath house.

If you are forced to resort to electric water heater dovente then at least choose a model that is ottimizzatissimo in terms of consumption, ie that allows you to achieve maximum results at a cost as low as possible.

Water heating for health purposes for our dwelling is in fact not an option, these days the hot water for washing and cooking today has become business as usual and it is imperative to find a solution that meets both our needs for comfort that our pockets.

But let’s see well what is the ideal solution.

The water heater or gas?

First we must understand if the electric solution is to actually better for our needs.

At the moment there is a strong bias towards gas water heater, the reason is simple fact, as we have explained previously well into increasingly driving here on ProContro, these models allow to significantly reduce fuel consumption in the short and long term and to save lot.

The electric water heater is certainly cheaper at the moment of purchase, unfortunately with the passage of time consumption of this will prove to be clearly superior to those of the gas water heater, the electric current is in fact much more expensive than for the same heating effect of gas ‘water.

If we reason in the long run it is better to buy a gas water heater, in fact if you take into account the average consumption of a family is easy to calculate the savings and realize how this Agree than an electric one.

But there are cases where it is impossible to install a gas model due to space limitations or legal, in fact, the Italian legislation on safe gas appliance is very stringent and if you do not want to install a “abusive” device in these cases you will have clear opt for an electric model.

There are also situations where the hot water is so rarely used, we only think of such houses inhabited few days a year, or workplaces such as offices and shops in which it is actually used only a few times and in small quantities.

In these cases, you can safely choose an electric model without too many worries of mind.

The gas water heater

The current trend is all in favor of the gas water heater, and in the coming years it is expected that these will have the better of electric ones.

We should not forget the strong environmental impact that a large use of electricity can have. If you care about global warming and pollution the gas choice is forced, in fact these are the most ecological models that ensure less impact on Mother Nature.

Buy a gas system, however, can be much more expensive, the installation is more difficult and usually requires the call of experienced professionals.

The electric water heater vice versa is much more suited to DIY assembly and above all it is much cheaper.

instantaneous water heater or storage?

Another substantial difference to be considered is that between the instant water heaters and those accumulation. As suggested by the words that describe them the difference is in the manner of how the water is supplied at the time of the “request” by rotating the knob of the sink.

Those there Instants can provide precisely the water without any limitation in an instant manner, however, they have some problems with variations in water flow.

The others accumulate the hot water in the tank and when this ends need you “reload”, usually takes a few hours for water to return to its previous level and gives off heat.

How to choose the electric water heater

Electric water heaters are very long-lived, can reach even to operate without problems giving up to ten years.

An economic electric water heater will not necessarily be cost-effective things in the long term, because as we have seen it is true that the gas water heater can save a lot of money in a year in terms of consumption is also true that an electric water heater It optimized allow us the same as not to burden so much its costs on the bill.

Every house and every family will need a specific water heater that meets their needs, it is therefore impossible to actually establish a unique model that fits all.

Very often I am asked: Dario, but tell us basically what you think is the best electric water heater?

I can not answer this question because I find myself in the very tricky position of having to find a model suitable for all home environments and all utilities, mission in which unfortunately can not I may venture as it serves to consider from time to time the model best suited to the situation examined.

It ‘also true that there are much more functional boilers, which are of great value for money and so many excellent features that allow for ease of use and excellent heating performance.

There are different types of electric water heater, and I believe that at this point in our guide proves essential occuparcene of all one by one to be exhaustive and show which are actually advantages and disadvantages of each type and guide so the choice in an optimal manner without leaving anything to case.

It ‘important always keep in consideration your water heater capacity and the space in which it will be installed, these two elements are fundamental ones there from which to base our choices possible.

small electric water heater

The scope of a small electric water heater usually have declared between 10 and 30 liters, even if reading them here may seem many do not get confused by appearances, in fact this type of devices is recommended only for very small loads and contexts in which the hot water is required only in a few cases, we think, for example, offices and shops where the maximum usually need to wash their hands or perform basic actions toilet. So let’s just be planning to take a shower or a bath while they are in office.

In other cases, are used in large houses where necessary to integrate larger devices, since it is difficult to bring the hot water around in very large houses, or when it is enlarged a house that was originally small, these cases are very useful because they allow to generate their hot water near the restrooms that need.

They are usually of cubical shape.

vertical electric water heater

Here are the most classic type of water heater, it is cylindrical in shape (although nowadays we find for sale a lot thinner versions to meet any space requirements) and are installed on the wall in verticale.La capacity is between 50 and 250 liters.

They are built to be very resistant to natural water corrosion, but also to the limestone deposits that very often are formed in spite of all our precautions and the use of appropriate products. Not to mention the rust that in many cases manages to be a real killer of the water heater.

They are very often accompanied by a thermostat that is used to control the water temperature.

horizontal electric water heater

Here the shape of the heater a little ‘more unusual, especially in our country, I bet many of you do not have them never even seen live.

They are the electric water heater, these also equipped with similar capabilities to those vertical oscillating between 50 and 200 liters.

The form that provides horizontal installation is ideal in rooms where the installation of the vertical ones is not possible that maybe would steal too much living space, so there is urgent need to refer to the kind of models to solve the problem peacefully and efficiency.

There are also models specially designed for use in both portrait and horizontal manner, these are my favorite because they allow some freedom and not binding installation in one way or another, forcing us to choose to force upon purchase , with these we can in fact change idea even during the work location and shift if we want.

stable electric water heater

Here are other water heater a bit ‘atypical, namely those there also said stable stand because they are resting directly on the floor.

This type of unique shape allows to face much stronger litraggi fact it starts from 50 to up to thousands of liters.

As you can well imagine the kind of devices are recommended for environments that require a truly exceptional amount of water and are not consigliatissimi for normal homes or family use. They are in fact often used in very large public or industrial environments.

How much power an electric water heater?

As we have repeated over ad nauseam the electric water heater, it must be a rung below that gas given its scarce energy performance, mind well, however, fulfills his duty very well it’s just that the same results will take a lot more electrical current which will go some how to weigh on the bill.

In recent years however the engineers who study how to improve the consumption of these devices are able to perform real miracles because the current models allow performance in some cases close to the gas models.

Inside a normal house the water heater (perhaps equaled in some cases from the kitchen oven) is the device that usually weighs more on the electricity bill, in some cases you can get a percentage at a cost of 30% of the whole bill, just think ‘.

That said it is therefore essential to be aware of the fact that this purchase is vital for the health of their household finances and that a false move at this stage would risk being taken for granted in years to come in a negative way.

Some fools think they sort it out relying on economic models or even from the Chinese market and in many cases not even equipped with the required certificates, thinking deceptively save.

Be ‘friends I have bad news for you, this type of attitude is actually counterproductive and likely to be harmful with time not only on your wallet but also your health and that of your family.

The ideal water heater is one that combines a content the purchase price and a saving on consumption, while at the same time continues to provide a high efficiency over time.

There are currently models that take advantage of a convenient heat pump fed directly with the electricity, the surface is directly proportional in this case to savings.

The insulation inside the boiler is another key factor to avoid unnecessary and insane heat loss, imagine a bit ‘, all these efforts to heat the water completely thwarted by poor insulation which would risk it again become cold soon.

Obviously the most optimized water heater in terms of consumption are often the ones to be slightly more expensive, but I can assure you that a few dozen euro invested at the time of purchase could absolutely be the smartest choice in the long run, amply rewarded by taking home a safe and great little product “fond” of electricity.

The electric water heater tend to consume a lot of energy in their minutes and in the early hours of use, then light up to an extent much more interleaved, so he can always leave the water at the right temperature inside the boiler.

A boiler from 1000 W, which remains switched on for 12 hours per day consumes approximately 2 kWh of energy.

In our country, unfortunately, we know of electricity has significantly high costs, much more than in other EU countries, this is the main reason that makes the inevitable all-electric heating much more expensive than the use of gas.

In other parts of the world instead it is not inclined in a manner so preponderant for the gas, because the electricity costs less and therefore the use of water heaters of this type are not much of a problem.

What should be the scope of a water heater?

It ‘clear that the choice of the size of the water heater to bring home should be very careful otherwise you run the risk of spending more than they should or even to buy a difficult device to be installed because of the space.

A water heater is too small to fit your requirements is likely to leave very often no hot water, perhaps even in the winter months when you use cold water for their personal hygiene needs is a real nightmare.

In contrast to purchase one overly large water heater will expose you to a risk of significantly higher fuel consumption than the amount due.

We must first of all basically realize how much water actually you need for your own health needs, based on a simple calculation as the family that inhabits our house.

Two People tend to consume more or less twenty gallons of water each day, four people will instead consume more than 150 liters. As we grow in their own families also inevitably grow hand in hand consumption, you can easily exceed two hundred liters without even realizing it.

Often we are not very careful in domestic consumption and we tend to waste a lot of water without completely realizing it, this is bad because it can aggravate it on our bill that environment, so I invite everyone to use water more careful, both hot and cold .

After calculating carefully our consumption must therefore take account of how they are distributed in the day, it is clear and obvious that in some hours of the day you will have a lot more intense consumption while other lower or even nil.

There are clearly housing in which the components will tend to use all the hot water in a well-circumscribed timeslot, for example before going to work early in the morning.

If you recognize yourself in this case you will have to consider adopting a larger tank, since the water run the risk of being consumed before the last person will be able to use them in that particular time frame. Moreover, one must keep in mind that use the bathtub instead of the shower involves a use of an amount of water much larger, in this case you will also multiply by 4 consumption.

Of importance will also be the actual size of the water heater used by our electric water heater, in fact these will depend on whether or not to install it in the room we have chosen.

Some are very small and can even be placed under the sink, but these models are only recommended for those with extremely small hot water requirements.

Another solution if we need a lot of water but space does not allow it, there is that the instantaneous water heater.

More an electric water heater is large, the greater its consumption. This seems obvious but from personal experience is not one thing clear to many, so mind you as you proceed the actual purchase.

There are even the water heater to operate using very low power consumption, using a heat pump which helps to keep costs very low, saving up to about sixty percent.

One trick used by many is to position the water heater very close to medical use of which shall be considered as such is a good idea to keep it close to shower and bath, it is clear that it is far more likely that We will need a larger quantity of hot water when we will have a bath or a shower, rather than when we use a sink. In this way we avoid the dispersion of heat.

For the same reason it is good practice not to install the water heater next to very cold surfaces, such as walls that give the outside, or even worse, next to windows, in this way you could make the compartment all the time consuming process of water heating .

Some opt for the installation of two water heaters in the home, by placing a second inside your kitchen to have hot water so when using the sink without the need to go and get to the bathroom.

There is also the thermal insulating paper very precisely to avoid any further type of heat dispersion and reduce costs in this way to the bone.

It will also be good to memorize the operation of our thermostat to be able to adjust harmoniously according to our needs. It is not mandatory to keep it in fact always to the maximum risking very large consumption, you can keep it in a more limited temperature which still ensures a sufficient supply of hot water, in relation to the temperature of the surrounding environment.

In winter you need to clear higher hold, while in summer you can significantly reduce this parameter.

Be very careful because water which is too hot can also make you run the risk of dangerous sunburn while you shower!

There are the comfortable flow reducers can be positioned both on the home sinks taps both inside the shower, using them you can not only reduce hot water use but also cushion the overall water consumption, going that way in weigh less on the environment.

Best Electric Water Heater To Save Money on Your Bill

1. Ariston Velis Ages 50 Lt, extremely quiet

Here the electric water heater Ariston Velis Ages, with a capacity of 50 liters, so not overly large but not small. The dimensions are reduced and then allow to avoid the waste of space.

There is also the version to 80 or 100 liters.

The boiler is multi-position, it is therefore not bound only to classical vertical position but if necessary we can move on to that there horizontal.

It ‘easy to install for those who have a little experience with the hydraulic connections and is not easily intimidated by this type of devices.

Recall that while for the gas water heater is needed the assistance of a highly qualified technical as it has to do with gas pipes and have to follow certain regulations that guy Electric does not require special regulations or particular attention, certain is that if you are a beginner is always good to get help from somebody, because no matter how small it is still hard to position and install them yourself.

E ‘silent and realized in a workmanlike manner, the user interface is particularly remarkable and innovative.

E ‘equipped with a double tank, the boiler is enameled therefore allows not to disperse the heat and thus to exploit to the maximum the power thus optimizing the consumption.

It has a double magnesium anode, a double flange bolts 5 and a head safety valve 8 bar, ensures high performance and at the same time a good energy saving. The water reaches the maximum temperature of 80 ° C.

E ‘equipped with legionella function, perfect in the case not using the device for more than 30 days in a row and in this case the water will be heated in order to avoid a possible proliferation of bacteria inside.

The anti-freeze function is used to avoid that the tubes arrive at their freezing point resulting in this way unusable and going to compromise the entire hydraulic system of the house. In fact it is easy that the freezing water can break the pipes causing serious problems not very easy to solve in the case.

The self-diagnostic function also allows to make immediate account of any failures to the user via the LED SCREENS positioned on the front part of the water heater.

This function will indicate exactly what kind of problem has just occurred, and you can thus immediately resorting to shelters saving time and money.

Every time that the water is heated part of the active electrical safety function that makes it possible to directly disconnect the device from the mains allowing in this way a level of security not normally available with other instruments.

In addition, our Ariston Velis Ages will show us very clearly thanks to its large-screen display the time when the water is actually warm and ready for a nice refreshing shower, in this way you are able to optimize even more consumption.

The anti-scald function is not to be underestimated because they are dealing with extremely high temperatures in case there was not a very careful monitoring of water coming out of the boiler and comes into contact with our skin there might be cases of sunburn also very violent, this type of block instead allows to keep under control the keeping temperature of 100 degrees centigrade in the threshold and in this way avoiding the worst.

Last but not least, the anti-dry innovative feature that allows to avoid internal to the system while avoiding the overheating of the boiler operation in the case where there is not actually water to be heated within it.

2. Ariston Eco Shape Ages, the ecological-killing consumption

7 Best Electric Water Heater 2020? (Low Power) - Pro Cons

A high boiler extremely interesting for anyone who is looking for an electric solution. Even at this place we find the Ariston as always does not disappoint in this area by presenting the model Shape Eco Ages that very clearly as the name suggests it has its strengths in a yield as much as possible ecological and smart.

The ECO EVO line of products is distinguished because of the huge energy efficiency which reduces power consumption. There are several versions of this model, both in terms of guidance that capacity, since you can choose to directly buy the horizontal or vertical depending on the requirements of space inside your home.

But go now to see its characteristics.

It ‘an interesting cross between a very efficient and attractive design and a set of innovative features (especially if you opt for the basic function does not) that satisfy even the most demanding users.

Glazed with titanium tested at 18 bar has a very interesting shape, I dare say prismatic.

There is also a convenient display that provides real-time operating data needed to be able to exploit the characteristics of this device without leaving nothing to chance.

The energy class is B, great for an electric water heater of this range, this thanks to the isolation polyurethane very thick.

But we try to better understand what it is about this ECO function.

Within this water heater Ariston find a program that will allow us to better optimize energy savings through complicated as efficient algorithms that exploit the so-called machine-learning self-learning that goes quite fashionable lately in the latest generation of devices.

The machine will learn from our daily use and will auto-adjust accordingly.

the usual functions already explained in this article such as Legionella, antifreeze, auto-diagnostics, anti dry, active and scald electrical safety are available. The same pretty much the HotPoint Velis model.

This is the water heater definitely recommended for those who like absolute priority to drastically reduce their consumption, for sure a very good investment that will prove successful especially with the passing of months and years.

3. Andris Ariston Lux Eco, small office and shop

Here is the younger brother of the others Ariston models, this guy has as its key feature instead diminutive size and is recommended for those who, for example, needs to produce hot water in shops or offices, or places that do not have a continuing need several liters of water but only occasional.

The capacity is significantly reduced compared to other devices presented in this article, but will make happy those who have basic needs and does not have much space to mount your water heater, in fact in this case we are talking about 30, 10 and 15 liters for three different versions of the LUX ECO.

The design is unique and very interesting, it does not look out of place in domestic or modern working environments.

The technological basic functions are the same as previously presented models, the distinction is in this case the Flexomix deflector that allows this small water heater to have a recovery time significantly reduced water so you can always have a new very quickly available .

Take, for example, a sudden unexpected shower of one of our guest.

The energy class is A because of its small size, and of course with consumption so we can rest easy and not worry because this Andris LUX ECO will not burden certainly on our bills, at least not to a greater extent than the average heater electric water .

The price in this case is a bit ‘higher if we consider clearly limited scope of this little object, but it certainly is not prohibitive if we consider the great savings that will inevitably on the various future bills.

Not everyone needs constantly to large quantities of water, so it is useless to buy water heater with boiler of hundreds of liters of capacity when it plans to really Dispense according walking every day, or even to leave it unused for long periods.

As we said before this is the ideal solution for homes that are used very little during the year or to shops where hot water needs are, by necessity limited.

4. Ferroli Calypso 50 Lt, very robust

7 Best Electric Water Heater 2020? (Low Power) - Pro Cons

Ferroli Calypso Water Heater Electric Vertical 50 LT, Class …

Here is a good alternative Ariston. The Ferroli Calypso amazes for its performance at such a low price.

The capacity in this case is to 50l, for a family of modest size, a single who wants to live with a lot of hot water always available or even a couple.

Very easy to install and consist of the latest materials, to the eye and to the touch immediately appears very solid and robust, for sure a great choice for those who love the reliability and durability.

The steel of which it is composed is worked to prevent the action of corrosive agents that may precisely accellerarne wear, the cooked enamelled coating allows it to be very resistant to high temperatures.

It takes about three hours to heat up 50 liters and take them to 55 degrees centigrade starting from ambient temperature, it is clear, however, that this may vary depending on the season and the latitude at which we find ourselves.

The consumption of class C, then it is certainly not a sample compared to the other models presented, but in general is a good product and should be considered since it ensures excellent insulation and hot water is maintained perfectly, what you lose a little ‘consumption is gained in this aspect.

5. Ariston 10 Liters, small oversink competitively priced

Again the Ariston, which is still proving great leader in this settore.Ci are in this to have to deal with a water heater even more petite than that described above, because here we are talking of only 10 liters of capacity.

It weighs only 7 kilograms and installation is actually very simple, designed for guest bathrooms in which hot water must be very occasionally, can be positioned either above or below the sink without special technical knowledge.

The price is very cheap, designed precisely to be used as a secondary heater, sconsigliatissimo as water heater only to keep at home, but great if for example you have a multi-story home with a need to have hot water available very far from your main water heater.

6. Vaillant 5 Liters, Electric Instant

For those who want a serious alternative to the Ariston models without yielding to large compromise on reliability and performance Vaillant could then be the alternative if you are looking for a heater Instant Electric Water.

Of very small size can be installed actually about anywhere you need it, the consumption is very low and the capacity is very limited, only 5 liters.

It ‘clear that this product is for the niche of those who need small amounts of water to be heated in a limited time.

In general it is an excellent device in its price range.

7. Baxi 50 liters, an economical alternative

A water heater that has definitely shown in this list is the Baxi, the economical alternative to those presented so far. The capacity in this case is as high as 50 liters, or one that is enough to meet the needs of a not too large family.

The price is not torn but it is certainly affordable and can be considered an attractive investment in the long run will no doubt save a lot ‘of euro on the bill.

The material that composes this Baxi is the enamelled steel, coated by a double layer of enamel titanium and then further insulated with polyurethane CFC and HCFC, in this way the heat losses are specifically avoided and the water is confined to ‘interior of the boiler avoiding that is lower than its temperature in the moments when he comes back most useful.

The temperature is adjusted through an external knob, there is a thermometer in this case analog, not digital, with an indicator light which will indicate at any time if the water inside the boiler is too hot or too cold.

A device clearly be considered for those who live in the dwelling size do not overdo it with a limited family if you are part of a large family or otherwise counted to be many who use the Baxi is better to fall back on another more capable model.

How to install an electric water heater

We must ensure as a first step to keep well pad the flow and return pipes of the water that we previously purchased in a specialty store.

It ‘clear that if we are replacing an old water heater by removing it from the wall we will find there the same these two tubes and there is no need to buy them separately.

And ‘perhaps better to refer to a technician if you do not know well what is being done to avoid irreparable damage.

The water heater must therefore be attached to the wall by means of brackets that must be applied on the wall by means of a drill.

Be well aware of the type of bracket you choose because if you take them too weak or going to install on a part of the fragile wall will risk to smash to the ground the electric water heater which is usually very sturdy and heavy.

The fittings of the water heater must be connected to the circuit via two hoses and the relative gaskets.

Just in this case follow the instructions of all the manuals.

The connection to the house current goes instead carried out in the following manner: the water heater must be connected to the wires of the current including the mass, preferably into an outlet in the immediate proximity of the appliance itself.

Once connections will suffice then start the water heater by opening the water supply valve assembly to the hot water.

Before the air will be released immediately after the water and, at this time we understand that the water heater is actually filled.

Maintenance of the water heater, how to combat limescale

The water heater should be checked regularly to maintain unchanged all its functionality over time.

You do not need to be continuous to monitor that everything goes in the right direction because the newer models are equipped with an advanced technology that allows them to hedge themselves over time, nevertheless at times of need ‘human intervention to ensure that everything is actually going in the right direction.

At least two years is recommended to contact a qualified technician for a complete check up, but there are several clues that we may feel the major red flags that should drive us to take immediate action to avoid the worst. Let’s see some:

A loud noise in the pipes while flowing the hot water indicates to us that the temperature is no longer under control and is instead passing much hotter than expected.

If the water does not flow as it should instead we must assume the existence of limestone deposits. Scale is the biggest enemy of our water heater, and it usually creates around the resistance or the thermostat.

To remove the limestone will be necessary to open the first water heater providing to remove the attachment of the current and close access to the water system. Then it will be necessary to include water in it remaining outside.

Then touch disconnect the wires of the thermostat, which must be lifted off.

Now you can with a sponge to clean the device being careful not to be too abrupt and violent, and perhaps using an appropriate descaler.

In conclusion

The choice of an electric water heater for your home is not something you can definitely take lightly, goes its own psychological well-being and even why not for their own safety.

There are rare cases where indeed to decide to save money by opting out of economic or even Chinese models you then has to cope with large installation problems, maintenance or even the risk of endangering their lives.

My advice is always to weigh very carefully any choice so delicate for the home and for use in the household.

All devices presented in this guide is definitely the best that can offer at this time the market and there is no fear because they are extremely certified and tested, but be sure if you decide to replicate elsewhere, especially if you buy from untrusted retailers .

The electric water heater is not certain, from the economic point of view, the ideal solution; but there is to say that from the point of view of consumption have been many advances in the last 20 years.

It ‘true that at this time the electric appliances are much more convenient than before, for example, there are some very interesting features such as anti-freeze, or the ability for resistance to take action when the water is at drop below 5 degrees to avoid damage to the entire system.

Even the anti-dry is very innovative, since it does not allow the boiler to take action in the case of the missing throughout the water, in order to avoid in this way the opposite problem, namely a possible overheating which may prove dangerous.

Even the anti-scald is useful, that avoids that the entire super heater 100 degrees centigrade of the internal temperature, the anti-Legionella function to prevent the accumulation of bacteria, which heats the water automatically in this case to accumulate over thirty days.

It ‘clear that despite the implementation nowadays many of these technologies it is still a fully electric tool and so if you do not pay proper attention is likely to increase the same spropositamente consumption.

Following the advice of my guide I am sure though that you will get by in the best way and to get the right health significantly reducing water heating costs and waste.

According to calculations carried out by the University of Harvard, a household of two people needs about 60-80 liters of water per day; larger families (4 to 6 people) need, of course, much higher amounts (190-210 liters).

These amounts do not imply a minimal electrical energy consumption; when buying an electric water heater is therefore necessary to orientate on other energy-efficient appliances that allow to limit the consumptions (the new generation of models arrive to consume up to 65-70% less than did the older models) .

Very important and not to be forgotten by the installation is the place that will accommodate our water heater, it is important that you are as close as possible to the plants that will serve with their own water, to avoid heat loss during the way.

The water heater also must never be installed near windows, do not forget this basic advice.

You can not then give a clear answer to a question many people raise when talking about electric water heater: ie whether it is necessary to remain on the ever-boiler or to activate only during hours when actually you need to warm in hot water.

It ‘clear that if the family is small, or if you are single and you spend a lot of time off if common sense would suggest to leave the boiler switched off for most of the hours of the day and eventually turn it on in the evening when you return from work.

In this case it would be wise to consider installing a timer to control the activation of the device a few hours before returning. In this case, we refer to our article on smart sockets that can be set according to their desire to activate the home devices at selected times.

Conversely in the case of large families or if you still want to use the hot water in various unpredictable times of day is best to leave the water heater turned on to do his job.

The ideal temperature at which the water heater is set at around 60 degrees in autumn and winter and 40 degrees during periods of high heat.

Until next time friends, from your Pro Cons Dario.


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