17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (June 2020) – Pro Cons

17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (June 2020) – Pro Cons

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say:

Smoking is harmful to health, but the flaws are critical to live happy, cuddle, and above all make us feel good mentally.

There is only one distressing problem:

Being able to grow them without get us some very serious physical ailments over the years.

You already know that quitting smoking traditional cigarettes makes it much more enjoyable and intense sex, because oxygen in surplus in our body awakens feelings and amplifies the pleasure we feel?

17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (June 2020) - Pro Cons
17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (June 2020) - Pro Cons
17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (June 2020) - Pro Cons

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Shot of the cheek or lung shot?

Sometimes you read about the sites that one model is better suited to shooting from the cheek rather than the lung, what does that mean exactly?

Best Electronic Cigarette 2020 reviews and opinions

1. ATVs Cigvaper – Powerful, lightweight

17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (June 2020) - Pro Cons

Electronic Cigarette Kit 228W, B5 E Cigarette / Shisha Vape Mod …

17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (June 2020) - Pro Cons

PROLeggeraDisplay appealing accuratoDesign

After years of experience with the svaping, here is my trusted electronic cigarette.

I would have hoped there at the end of a long journey to find a product that would satisfy me one hundred percent, but …

One day it happened.

The Cigvaper ATVs is a very interesting product, minimalist but at the same time extremely powerful. Inside the kit there are two excellent resistance and a special reserve tank, a cable to recharge two batteries, which must specify, however well must be purchased separately.

The interesting feature of this product is that it uses two batteries.

It ‘very light and the design is very attractive, I never ashamed to hold it even in professional contexts, where I had problems with other models from different manufacturers that have left me sometimes in embarrassing situations to say the least …

The display is very accurate and shows all the values ​​necessary for an experience of total and fulfilling svaping.

The maximum power is 228W, but I normally love smoking at 120w.

The steam delivered is absurd, if you’re like me, fell in love with this art and want to make huge clouds of steam to surprise your friends, this is the electronic cigarette for you.

Of course, I also recommend to those who a normal daily use, you are not obliged to provide certain large columns of smoke, the advice to virtually everyone.

2. Yumapuff Macaw – Good value

PROOttimo value prezzoOttima for those approaching the world of svapingEfficiente

A very interesting product for those who wish to save money without sacrificing quality.

This is the electronic cigarette that I gave to my sister to start it at the legendary art of svaping.

The wattage comes to 100w, beautiful design, comfortable to hold in your hands or in your pocket.

Council to buy cigarettes as a backup, in addition to your electronic cigarette “flagship”, or give it to your friends to introduce them in this world.

Efficient and dynamic, Highly recommended!

3. Ecosvap – Interesting compromise

PROOttima qualitaInclude a resistance of ricambioPerfetta for lung shot

CONTRONon is indicated for the cheek shooting

An interesting compromise that does not mean poor quality, indeed!

The Ecosvap reflects characteristics such as their name.

The packaging is very professional and we find within the skatole resistance parts, which is always handy to not miss a svapata.

Recommended primarily for svapare in the lung and not to Cheek, so it is not recommended to those who wish to find a replacement for the cigarette.

4. ATMAN Pretty Plus

ATMAN® Pretty Plus herb vaporizer vaporizer, Bedroom …

Prodesign ceramic combustion fantasticoSemplice and eleganteCamera for the top of the flavor

The Atman Pretty Plus is the direct evolution of the Atman Pretty and practical, so we go to see with new interesting caratteristiche.Innanzitutto has improved in design, the ceramic combustion chamber allows you to develop the best flavor of what you decide to burn and smoking.

It ‘a very simple object, discreet and elegant. The upper part of this Atman lights intelligently when combustion occurs, thus indicating when it is a good time to svapare.

The Atman Pretty Plus can be turned on by clicking the Start button 5 times. When pressed for 3 seconds instead it will begin to heat up, when the light changes to green means that the cigarette is ready.

The steam quality is very interesting, the first cycle produces an interesting aromatic flavor with little steam, while the second cycle amplifies the flavor and gives a much larger steam hit.

It has a very large ceramic combustion chamber and comes to temperature in record time.

5. Eleaf Istick Pico Kit 75 W Tc, excellent for cloud chasing

PROOttima for polmoneDimensioni roll contained the batteriaConsigliata for beginners and beyond

CONTROTende to consume more liquid than other models

This Eleaf is equipped with a battery of small dimensions, absolutely manageable.

It equipped with different settings to adjust power according to their own style for a smoke svapata completely customized.

Among the many possibilities there to be counted even to use it as a mechanical electronic cigarette.

The atomizer supplied is very large and allows you to express the smoke with a nice cloud of smoke every time you expire.

Great so for a lung shot, the smoke is interesting and does not disperse all the aroma of the liquids that you decide to load.

Interesting product for those who decide to launch the largest in the world of electronic cigarettes but do not want to head directly to the expensive models top of the range, however, recommended for those who smoke for a while ‘and want a variation on the theme that allows him to express this passion in differently.

The smoke is reminiscent of the traditional cigarette with the difference that the product Smoking is much more. however, it tends to consume a bit ‘more liquid than other electronic cigarettes.

6. Spray X-Max Pro V2

PROFatta in acciaioOttima fatturaLa package includes everything you need

CONTROTende to overheat spessoUn bit ‘heavy

The package contains everything you need for svapata: Spout, tank, atomizer and battery.

It ‘made of steel, therefore, can be very heavy and uncomfortable.

The nozzle is manufactured rubber and can create discomfort in your mouth when you pull with too much decision and in narrow ranges. Therefore, it is a product that becomes very often.

Excellent product, after seeing various reviews on Youtube I decided to buy it.

7. Salcar Cigarette S60

Here is an interesting cigarette produced by Salcar, equipped with a 2.0 ml tank, an attractive price to be taken into consideration.

It has a nice airflow and has a refill.

8. Kebor Cloud 50W

The Kebor Cloud kit comes complete with everything you need for your svapate.

It ‘very easy to adjust the wattage with the keys + and -.

The recommended power falls within a range of 20-35 watts up to the maximum combustion which is 50w.

The coil is made of a pyrex glass and ensures higher performance compared to other products.

The experience of the pull is pulmonary type and design is standard, classic and not very bright.

Finally, the kit comes with two spout, one 14mm and the other small 9mm.

If used at moderate wattages, the battery has normal performance; but if used intensively you can easily jump.

9. Niger I-T

PROPrezzo full modicoKit

Backbeat charging lunghiManuale instruction in English only

And ‘one of the cheapest products in the vaping world. In the kit there are two electronic cigarettes together with the charger connectable via USB.

Thanks to backlit LED, is very intuitive to take under control the level of charge (red light, blue or white).

It is an e-cig very economical but, the kit includes a very comfortable pouch and strap around the neck.

It ‘a good vaporizer for those who want to start living the experience of svaping.

10. Vikipro

Prodesign very modest carinoPrezzo

CONTROIl tank is not at all capienteI flavoring liquids included in the kits are of very poor quality

The quality is not excellent and the tank is too little large: in fact you can fill it up to 3ml.

Its small size makes this electronic cigarette very practical to take on trips or just the neck with string.

Also the battery performance are admirable for this price range.

Certainly not the best electronic cigarette, but a good one. In conclusion, it is aesthetically very beautiful.

11. Tesla X 90W

PROBatteria long durataAtomizzatore perfect for intense svapate

CONTROIl design is not aesthetically gradevoleLiquidi included in the package not quite sublime

The latter electronic cigarette has a name of a certain resonance and we tried it in silver.

The first advantage consists in the fact that we can assemble and disassemble the rechargeable battery with the USB cable.

In addition to that, it is compatible with any type of atomizer, but the one in the kit has already excellent performance and slides parts.

The svapata works with pulmonary dripping process and produces a massive steam, intense and flavored.

The powerful 18650 battery in terms of wattage and, in conclusion, article recommended both smokers experienced steam.

A nice shot in the throat. Instead, with regard to beginners, it is a product that we highly recommend.

12. TC 60W Box

PROOttima fatturaIl prezzoPossibilita to adjust at will the intensity of vaporizzazioneSchermo Oled regulation and control

CONTROConsumo battery high

Thorvap is an important and valuable brand in the world of electronic cigarettes.

Introduces 60W TC model with a very complete kit and super organized, high quality materials, have to touch you will notice the fine workmanship.

Even the battery inside the package is sold charged, and you can immediately start svapare without wasting time.

The 60W dispensing produces a considerable quantity of smoke with respect to competitors in the market.

In addition we underline the presence of the dividing screens HD Oled that allows us to know the life of the battery, the level of resistance of the tank and the real-time consumption in the form of watts and volts.

And ‘possible to adjust the level of vaporization at will, so that we can allow smoking even if the circumstance requires a fair amount of smoke to avoid disturbing other people in the neighborhood.

The kit include a resistor and a spare atomizer, a tube in bvetro and a USB charger.

Operation is simple and straightforward, you turn through 5 in sequence fast pressures, its ease of use and charging make the best model among those on sale in 2020.

13. Vapbus, for those who want to start in style

PROBuon tiroPiccola, elegant and praticaOttimo value

CONTROIl tank, which is just a 2 ml purtroppoTende to heat up in the central part

Probably the perfect buy for those who are beginners with SVAP experience and do not have big claims, but also love to get your hands on an object of value and charm.

The realization is great.

In the box there are a 50W battery, atomizer, pyrex glass, USB cable.

Small, compact and durable, the design is very nice, elegant and cool.

The battery is not replaceable, loadable via USB, and possesses a charge of 1200mAh, the right to last a day.

the VAPBUS is also equipped with a monitor in order to keep the temperature under control.

The quality of the smoke depends on wattage that will set the cigarette, the kind of inspiration, if the cheek or lungs. The best electronic cigarette? It’s up to you to decide.

The amount of smoke and the experience is good and satisfactory in both cases.

The cigarette is very light and handy, not cluttered, but unfortunately tends to heat up in the central part after a sustained use.

14. LoVaper, excellent for smoking to lung

PROPrezzo competitivoAtomizzatore high fatturaMontaggio sempliceNon overheats

CONTROManuale a bit ‘rough with typos

Size a bit ‘bigger than the last, but do not overdo it.

This is also an excellent cigarette atomizer made with excellent metal, it becomes hot recently and offers an exceptional experience SVAPO.

This being wide enough is good to aspire to the lung.

very easy assembly. Coil, glass, drip tip, o-ring parts and the usual USB cable for charging.

Monochrome display for easy reading.

It holds well in hand and breath is good, safe and precise. Remarkable the shot in the throat.

15. Justfog Q16 complete kit for an entry level svapata cheek

PROSvapata surprising and gustosaEconomicaPiccola

CONTRONon is good for 70-30 liquids, recommended 50-50Non is suitable for those svapa lung

Great reasonably priced product. Perfect for those who want to enter the world of e-cig out the front door without spending much.

Aesthetically pleasing it is, svapata full and consistent full of sapore.La battery lasts more than two days.

The aromatic yield is really surprising for an e-cig of this size, in fact, the product is very small and pocketable, for those who do not want to give too much attention when svapeggia.

Of all the electronic cigarettes on the market this is one of the most minute.

Also this with a display to make it easier and more intuitive to use.

16. IJOY Only ELF 80W Kit, e-cig elegant

PROBella and eleganteBuon prezzoBuona svapata

ControlA battery was defective in some cases

Excellent aesthetics, one of the most beautiful e-cig on the market by the large design.

Create different steam volumes at will depending on the requirement Svap.

The battery lasts a full day without needing to recharge.

The power of 80W ensures an important versatility, you can choose to aspire to the lungs or to the cheek according to the requirements.

The kit is satisfactory and allows you to be quiet for a long time, are present all the usual spare parts.

And ‘e-cig for those who love svapare in public and be admired in the exercise of his hobby and ultra-modern vice.

WOLFTEETH GS II 2200mah, best electronic cigarette battery

[GS Genuine Authentic] WOLFTEETH GS EGO II Edition Lumia 2200mAh …

The wolfteeth surprises with this battery very interesting for electronic cigarette. Resists in fact very well to the usual charge and discharge cycles.

The size is limited and this is certainly a very interesting aspect, unlike the other similar batteries very special feature is the ability to think of the paint that covers it, while remaining lucid and beautiful, something to be reckoned with for a product that often still have to be taken in hand and expose it in public.

It lasts long, it can get to hold out for more than a day even if you smoke often.

The dispensing of volts is variable, it goes from 4.2 when the battery is full charge, however as it approaches the discharge will go to 3.8.

How does the electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarette is of the same cylindrical shape of the common cigarettes, though larger.

Inside there is a resistance, in the atomizer that thanks to power of a small battery fails warming to atomize, or smoke make the liquid contained within the tank of the cigarette.

The Smoke Pro

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to explain to a non-smoker the pleasure of smoking?

Rocking gently cigarette in his hands, meditate, breathe in slowly, savor the tobacco, exhale …

Especially if you have smoked for a long time, for many years, it is a drama parting from this precious ritual.

The Cons of smoking

But sometimes emerges the need for a healthier life, the pleasure of being able to breathe deeply, tasting the food at 100%, have a healthy and efficient circulation, to practice our favorite sport without being out of breath problems, and not forget the advantage of a more satisfying and pleasurable sexual life.

It decides to quit smoking.

It ‘hard to stop, requires a tremendous discipline and perseverance.

And all your life you have to say goodbye abruptly to a ritual that takes place from 10 to 20 times or even more in a day.

Many people use the cigarette as a time meditative, reflective.

Here then get the electronic cigarette, an excellent replacement, which will allow you to not deny the undeniable pleasure of smoking at the same time eliminating all the risks and problems linked to the use and nicotine addiction.

How many types of electronic cigarette are there?

There are very similar to traditional cigarettes, in all respects, except that when you pull on the tip there is a small light that simulates the small ember of the cigarette.

They come in many cases sold in packs indistinguishable from those of common cigarettes.

They have tiny batteries with the power only required for use.

So there are rechargeable models and other disposables.

They are recommended for those looking for a ritual kind of experience similar to or identical to that of traditional cigarettes, but do not feel the real need of cigarette smoke.

In fact, their smoke production is miserable. And more seriously, they are not biodegradable.

The two main parts of an electronic cigarette is the battery and atomizer. Parts of these separable and replaceable at will.

E ‘can also experiment with different types of aromas and tastes and choose whether we want to or not, and what percentage of the presence of nicotine.


The more powerful the battery will heat given off from the cigarette in the form of smoke. More capacity is the greater possibility of “svapare”, this is the new word in fact used by electronic smoking.

The producers at the time indicate the duration of their batteries on sale in “puffs” or in the number of cigarette throws. But it is of course a purely indicative value. Since there are various types of smoking, and the “puff” mole is on the lung capacity and end-user enthusiasm.

The battery usually are among the 350mha to 1100. A less powerful battery allows a reduced size of the cigarette. A heavy smoker will prefer a battery with more capacity at the expense of size. A light smoker may instead choose models with capacities and lower footprint.

Electronic cigarettes with a smaller battery are long about 10 cm, while long ones are also coming to 15 cm.

The batteries of the past emitted a greater power to their maximum level of charge and then decrease with the passage of time.

When the steam is hotter it has a better “hit” in the throat, more satisfactory and dynamic, but at the expense of the tasting of the flavorings present in the liquid.

You can imagine then the variability and unpredictability of the smoking, which varied with the variation of the time.

Modern batteries are capable of delivering constant force from start to finish, ensuring an experience of solid SVAPO and without smearing.

Before choosing the most suitable cigarette to your own use you have to prove different. And ‘in fact difficult to determine the best model suitable for everyone.

In fact, different cigarette corresponds to a different feeling of satisfaction in the experience of smoking.

Unless you choose the variable power models that eliminate this problem.

To activate the battery of an electronic cigarette just press the button on the same.

In most of the models it is also present an accidental ignition system.

With a quick press of the button you can turn on or off the battery, thereby avoiding unintentional activation.

In fact, the atomizer resistance can burn even in case of prolonged power of the object, for example, if it were to forget lit in a pocket or purse.

The atomizer

Another key part of the electronic cigarette atomizer.

An atomizer consists of the tank and snorkel.

The reservoir contains a metal cylinder with a resistor inside.

The atomizer vaporizes the liquid by means of the heat resistance, and can then finally breathe comfortably from the mouthpiece.

The atomizers may occur in several forms, but the basic principle is substantially the same. The atomizer is a cylindrical tank with a base can be screwed to the battery.

The mouthpieces

There beccagli flat or round.

The round beccagli have been shown to provide a better seal SVAP and prolonged, without spoiling the smoking experience in no time.

Smoke steam is an ‘old habit?

The vaping is a recent trend phenomenon, but even new vaporizers are based on ancient ideas.

And ‘well it is known that in Ancient Egypt they were vaping usual techniques such as the use of hot stones worked to vaporize herbs.

The shisha (cruet producing water vapor) was introduced in India a thousand years ago. All of these traditional customs precursors of the invention of modern electronic cigarettes that many of us today smoke.

Who invented the electronic cigarette?

What sounds like a recent history (vaping) in fact, as we have seen, it has ancient origins. The first he conceived the idea of ​​an electronic cigarette is Joseph Robinson, who patented a prototype in 1927.

Later, Herbert Gilbert and “tobacco-free cigarette” made the vaping very popular in the United States.

Since the mid-2000s, the pharmaceutical entrepreneur Hon Lik introduced the first modern electronic cigarette.

History of vaping

The most popular drug in the world is nicotine, a substance that is still socially tolerated and consumed everywhere.

For this reason, people have invented many different ways to use them: from the traditional cigarette pipe, the smoke in the map to chewing tobacco, nicotine patches up to.

Well, imagine that someone is in the mood to inject nicotine (as dangerous and absurd it may seem) would be at the bottom of a shocking fact.

People routinely use tobacco containing nicotine, it mixed with marijuana or smoke cigarettes to accompany a drink with a high alcohol content.

Over the centuries they were invented all kinds of pipes and devices in order to meet the obsession of people for nicotine: hookahs, bongs, wooden pipettes, Silum etc .. Today, however, we live in a technological society. That is why, recently, vaporizers, thanks to their futuristic shapes and variety of flavors, have become very cool objects.

The steam smoke has a long history. Herodotus tells us that in Egypt the fifth century. BC, the people loved warm herbs and oils by hot rocks to produce steam precisely. And there is no reason to doubt the testimony of Herodotus in which Cicero assigned the role of “Father of History.”

In addition, more than 1,500 years ago, Irfan Shiekh invented the first shisha, a kind of avant-nargile glass doors from which it was possible to extract a water vapor aromatizzato.La shisha was widespread in that part of the world we now call Afghanistan. Later, the habit of smoking the shisha also conquered India.

If even then the steam smoking was in vogue today in 2020 is a very practical fashion.

What are the origins of cigarettes and electronic pipe?

Not many know that in 1927 Joseph Robinson was the first man to patent the idea of ​​the electronic cigarette, but failed to put on the market this his brilliant intuition.

Yet, as already mentioned above, the story of vaping is linked to the name of Herbert A. Gilbert. In fact, he was the one who in 1963 had the idea to sell the steam and accessories that do not simply would produce nicotine smoke.

In 1965 he managed to patent his most famous product: the tobacco-free cigarette (and therefore without nicotine).

A widespread dissemination of this invention could not have saved many lives?

The history of smoking would have been different?

Hard to say, because its marketing was much hampered in the global market era.

During the 80’s, Ray and Phil Normal Jacobson worked intensively so that it could introduce strongly in the idea of ​​the electronic cigarette market.

Despite these efforts, the government agency FDA prevented in the 90’s launch of the first electronic cigarette market.

In Europe, however, the vaping was very popular. In the nineties, Eagle Bill Amato invented the vaporizer cannabis. Amsterdam, of course, was the first city in which it spread. An interesting fact: the German Volcano company created the technology of his first vaporizer own environment based on the revolutionary ideas of Eagle Bill Amato.

The vaping from the years 2000 to date, in 2020

Each of these events has pioneered the vaping as we know oggi.Agli beginning of the new millennium, the pharmaceutical entrepreneur Hon Lik created the first electronic cigarette. In 2006, Ruyan Group (the company that now bears the name of Dragonite International) Hon Lik helped to commercialize his invention around the world starting from Europe.

Each one might ask, what prompted Hon Lik believe in this product?

Hon Lik discovered his determination and his entrepreneurial courage as a result of a personal tragedy, but unfortunately his father died of lung cancer due to a strong dependence on nicotine.

In 2007, the United States saw the first electronic cigarette distributed immediately and obtained a resounding success. Since then, the vaporizers market has developed many variations.

An honorable mention is absolutely necessary: ​​in the UK, the brothers and Tariq Umer Sheikh have first introduced the most customer-friendly thanks to the invention of the electronic cigarette cartomizer.

It is customizable filters that give the consumer a wide range of choice of flavors and liquid meant for the vaporizer.

Modern vaporizers: components and aromas

To choose your vaporizer you need to know the main components of which it is composed.


The battery is the main dial of the device which, in fact, defines the electronic part of the cigarette and the vaporizer.

You can be activated by pressing a button (manual ignition) or just starting to inhale (automatic switching). A small LED light tells you when the battery is active. Remember that misuse or failure to battery care can result in trouble. Finally, the battery has different charging capacity depending on the model and the voltage supported by the devices.

The problem atomizer

The atomizer is the component connected to the battery in which it vaporizes the electronic cigarette liquid.

Through a slight heating, it produces the combustion necessary to aspirate the vapor giving a feeling of the cigarette to the shot. For this reason, it is an essential component to smoking liquid vapor.

The atomizer works via a coil attached to the battery and its process is referred to as “dripping”, or dripping. This allows you to enjoy the aroma chosen “drop by drop”.

It is not over here. At times, there may be other components between the atomizer and the liquid reservoir. We specify rapidly the differences between sprayers, and clearomizer cartomizer.


The cartomizer is connected to the battery and heat the flavoring liquid. As soon as they reach the right temperature create the steam, just as an atomizer.

But, unlike the latter, the cartomizer is equipped with a polyester fiber with which it is possible to prolong the action of vaping. Compared to atomizers, a longer life is certainly an advantage not indifferent.


If it is the first time you hear about it, you’ll be surprised. They are an innovation of the vaporizer market and they give you the ability to control the amount of steam to inhale.

They are very practical because, being transparent, allow you to control the amount of liquid consumed and remaining in the tanks.

Despite being more expensive atomizers and cartomizers, the clearomizer offer an experience more enjoyable vaping and are much more long-lived components.

Cartridges and tanks

It is of the liquid containers (with and without nicotine). It recalls that pure nicotine can be very harmful. In fact, do not allow children or animals to play with your vaporizer.

There are two types of liquids, the ‘e-juice and the’ e-liquid you can choose different flavors and tastes. In addition to nicotine and flavorings, the vials contain propylene glycol and / or vegetable glycerol.

However if you want to reduce the risks of vaping, the recommended choice is definitely the vegetable glycerol.

Mouthpieces / Inhaler

The inhaler, finally, is the less complex component of the device but not the least important because, precisely, is the part from which you inhale and sucks the steam.

The Future of Vaping

With a glorious past and a compelling story, now in 2020 we can find anywhere in the steam smoke gadgets. From the gas station near his home to a much visited website, anyone can easily access to the experience of vaping.

There are so many varieties of herbs and vaporizing liquid which made the use of the electronic cigarette is now a common practice for many people. The smokes with friends when you leave, or, is a topic very exciting among the online forum frequented by ex-fumatori..Inoltre, the different flavors on the market make vaping intrigued and enjoyable experience. Moreover, through the rechargeable and refillable kit, you’ll save a lot ‘of money in the long run.

On the other hand, a lot of studies reveal the presence of some harmful effects associated with these there are vaping.Fra dryness of the mouth and the minimum accumulation of toxic substances that may be carcinogenic.

From another point of view again, the popularity of electronic cigarettes begs the question whether all this publicity might induce children to use them. Yet, we know that there are many songs that shamelessly promote sexual promiscuity and aggressiveness. Therefore, to believe that an electronic cigarette is dangerous is a bit ‘too much.

Already in many states they were applied rules prohibiting in some places the use of vaping. But apart from all this, the future of the electronic cigarette is long and bright.

Beyond the products and brands of electronic cigarettes you choose and pay attention to the areas where it is forbidden their use. Search the best electronic cigarette for you. He smokes in moderation and try the historic and ancient experience of vaping!

In conclusion

The electronic cigarette is undoubtedly a very precious object, originally a status symbol hipster and destined to become mass consumer.

Smoking tobacco and nicotine is now outmoded and obsolete. Hold an electronic cigarette carries within it an ultra-modern undeniable charm, who would have imagined years ago in fact that traditional cigarettes would have given way to something so futuristic and cool.

When the cigarettes were introduced on the market, they did not know the damage caused by traditional smoking, why they spread so much.

Now that we know instead of the serious consequences of a lifetime of smoking paper wrappers, tobacco and nicotine, we can not ignore the effects these have on our body.

And ‘it appropriate to proceed to the shelters and renew our vice. This is not to replace it in this case, but to make it more attractive and interesting, with the choice of best electronic cigarette for our needs.

And, crucially, without any harmful effect on our health.

Via wish you a good and conscious svapata!


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