5 Best Gaming Mouse (To Win Again)? (Guide 2020) – Pro Cons

5 Best Gaming Mouse (To Win Again)? (Guide 2020) – Pro Cons

You will agree with me when I say that:

A good gaming mouse can make the difference between an occasional and a professional player.

5 Best Gaming Mouse (To Win Again)? (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons
5 Best Gaming Mouse (To Win Again)? (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons
5 Best Gaming Mouse (To Win Again)? (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

Looking for a good gaming mouse from under 50 €? In this post we will examine five excellent options.

Now follow me in this definitive guide to one of the most sought-after tools for a gamer self-respecting. If you want you can click here to browse directly to REVIEWS OF THE BEST GAMING MOUSE.

The Guide to Gaming Mouse

For each player that respects a good gaming mouse offers stability and accuracy depending on the type of game in question.

For example when playing FPS games I prefer a highly accurate movements that does not have the car speeding.

For RTS games instead prefer the built-in acceleration. Knowing then what kind of game you are going to play is critical to choose the mouse that suits you.

Under 50 Euros There are several interesting patterns to observe. Since I have tried them all pretty much to run this test I think I’m the right person to indicate the various features and suggest the best according to the context and needs.

REMEMBER WELL: choose mainly by the type of game that you have to play, for example, I do not possess only one.

You do not have a lot of money to spend on a gaming mouse? No problem! Here we have several options under 50 EUR, suitable for different types of grip

The Best Cheap Gaming Mouse 2020

1. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury – author’s choice

5 Best Gaming Mouse (To Win Again)? (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS Mouse Gaming, 4000 DPI, Design…

5 Best Gaming Mouse (To Win Again)? (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

PRO 8 programmabili- buttons Great for games up to 4,000 DPI FPS-

The first is the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury – successor to the G400s.

With an optical sensor AM010 and 8 programmable buttons it is accurate enough for the FPS and has enough features to be performing with the RPGs and the MMORPG. It is equipped with automatic acceleration and even angle snapping, so it will not mess with your aim.

E ‘can change on the fly DPI from 240 to 4,000, making it flexible for most online gaming situations.

The mouse itself promises a long life with 20 million actuations, unlike the 10 promised by the previous version.

Final thoughts on the G402: For a good price you get a great mouse that will last you a long time. I am happy that Logitech has not decided to make major changes to a model that has already proven to be excellent and efficient in its earlier versions.

2. Razer DeathAdder V2, perfect for FPS

PRO Great for FPS- Precissimo

You can not adjust the counter-weight to Eg-not very durable

If you are looking for a very accurate mouse with no frills, point to the Razer DeathAdder V2 it is an excellent idea. The Razer uses an optical sensor 20K Razer Focus +.

It is a unique type of sensor Razer products and so far my favorite on the current market of cheap gaming mouse.

Using this mouse for most of the FPS and I can say with absolute certainty that it is the best of the cheap mice.

The design and weight make it perfect for long gaming sessions.

The 2013 version of the mouse brought several benefits. The sensor is better than the previous one. The buttons to the side also have improved and have a safe and precise grip. The feet on the bottom are particularly sliding, making it an excellent option for the owners of mouse pads sponge.

The Chroma version is like 2013, with the difference that offers customizable LED.

The Razer DeathAdder is a great mouse for gamers pro, especially for someone who engages in daily FPS. Fewer however suitable for those who prefer to play other types of games. Since it lacks many features and from online reviews of users it seems that in the long run over time tent easy to deteriorate.

3. Logitech G305, a small, lightweight mouse

Logitech G305 Mouse Gaming Wireless, HERO Sensor, 12.000 DPI, 6…

PRO socket ambidestra- Lightweight and suitable for everyone

None in particular counter-

Another great economic mouse is the Logitech G305. It has a type of outlet ambidextrous-shaped diamond. If you prefer a dedicated ergonomic mouse to the left or right hand, then this might not be the mouse for you.

However I quite like. And ‘light and small, it weighs about 99 grams. It can be used with any type of gaming grip that is preferred, for example of fingertips or palm.

It folds where you can put your fingers comfortably. It is not so cool as more expensive models, and even heavy.

Please stay away so if you tend to prefer generally a heavier mouse.

For the accuracy uses a HERO sensor. What I personally consider one of the best options on the market today.

It is sold with its bundled software, and has its own internal memory.

It ‘a perfect mouse in terms of value for money. Recommended for those who prefer a type of smaller, lighter mouse, for example those with smaller hands.

I played some of my best Battlefield match with this mouse.

4. SteelSeries Rival 300

PRO Great for those with medium or small hands

I do not feel that he had done a good job if you do not includessi the SteelSeries Rival 300, a great right-handed mouse. E ‘, however, not recommended for those who prefer a type of grip with your fingertips, given its not really comfortable fit.

The sensor mounted, the 3310, is very good and accurate and has no function of automatic adjustment or self-acceleration. Which makes it perfect in the FPS, in fighting games and even in the RTS.

The DPI reach up to 6400 which is also enough for the pro video player.

It weighs around 103 grams, so it is light enough for long gaming sessions.

5. VicTsing, super cheap for those with larger hands

VicTsing Gaming Mouse Gaming Mouse with Filo, 7200 DPI …

PRO Good value

Counter Not recommended for small hands

If you are looking for a lasting economic Mouse over time and with a sensor laseril Victsing could be the one for you.

It has thousands of rewarding amazon reviews, although it is a really cheap mouse.

I mentioned the laser sensor because this allows him to be more suitable for RTS games and ARPG, and much less for the FPS, so in principle do not recommend it. Nevertheless, occasionally you could make a nice game of a FPS but not curse the day when you bought the mouse.

E ‘equipped with 9 programmable buttons, including 3 close to where the thumb normally rests.

Normally the switchando use between two profiles: standard gamer profile and browsing.

The VicTsing is a little pesantuccio, in fact measure about 140 grams. And, if we may be added another 20 in the compartment.

The mouse has a good grip and feeling in general. Very pleasant to use.

On the side there is a rubber part on which to rest the thumb while the upper part is suitable for poggiarvi the palm of the hand in comfort.

It ‘a little’ higher and longer than the other mice on the market, which makes it a little ‘uncomfortable for those with smaller hands.

That said, it does not create any problem to those who have medium to large hands, so it’s recommended.

How to Choose a good gaming mouse

The design and shape of the mouse should provide high comfort for the type of grip you use, be it palm, fingertips or wrist.

The ergonomics is key for long gaming sessions.

Ideally it is best to choose mouse designed for your type of hand, that ye may be left-handed or right-handed.

The ability to change the mouse weight is interesting, but is not essential if you buy the right mouse for our needs.

Also if you get a chance to try it before purchasing it is good to realize immediately what is the feeling gripping it is important to check if you feel comfortable or not at first glance and even how well it glides on the surface on which it rests.

Many consider the number of DPI as a way to understand the accuracy of a mouse. A better term to consider instead the sensitivity.

It ‘better to focus on a mouse with a good or excellent sensor rather than relying only on a number of significant DPI.

It ‘good to keep in mind that most of the professional players in tournaments do not use higher DPI to 1600, this says a lot about how this parameter is actually important in the purchase of a good budget gaming mouse. Since the FPS tournaments accuracy is a fundamental and decisive factor that can lead to victory or defeat in an important match.

If you happen to play video games that require lower DPI, it is good to have a mouse with a DPI switch. And ‘good works by having, for example, in games where happen to play sniper and other parts where you are, for example, driving a tank.

In addition, many gaming mouse that usually feature high DPI have other problems that go to affect the accuracy such as the snap on the corners and automatically accelerates. These are usually presented as featuring cutting-edge, highly innovative and indispensable, but they are in reality very little comfortable for those who play FPS, but rather go to affect the game.

What are the Angle Snapping and Acceleration

Some gaming mouse are sold with software that includes the ability to have self-accelerating through a prediction and sensor drift control by snapping angle.

What does this mean? They are excellent features to make sure, for example, more harmonious and smooth web browsing experience, but they are definitely obstacles to a good gaming session.

An LED sensor as the one found in the Razer Deathadder be a better option for the accuracy given that I consider pretty much the best sensor currently available in the mice by economic gaming market: the ‘Avago S3988.

That said, some gamers prefer to have acceleration enabled, it is sometimes determined by their own personal style of gaming and the game is played. I honestly do not prefer and generally do not recommend it, being a hardcore player, but everyone has their own tastes …

This type of players usually prefer optical sensors such as AVAGO S9500 which is in the G9X.

Let’s say at the same time unless you are the pro players of Quake, Counterstrike, Call of Duty or Battlefield, will be very difficult actually to become aware of the difference between the various types of sensor.

Life of the switch, feeling and durability

Knowing the tendency of those who play to go very hard with your mouse the most companies assembling factory buttons and switches that can withstand use and abuse of long gaming sessions. Unfortunately, this information can be difficult to obtain before buying a particular mouse model.

Most will find themselves mounted Omron or Cherry switches that can vary much between them in terms of duration and feeling.

Taking a mouse in hand and test yourself as a clik and gives sensations in hand is definitely the best way to immediately realize whether or not it will be a good buy.

Most of the mice a high enough rate report is sold to the point of not be a huge difference when you opt for one instead of the other. Just search for one with 1ms or 1000Hz ultrapooling and you sleep peaceful dreams.

The standard wireless mice latency between intent and action much longer, which makes them, as objectively more comfortable on our desk, less suitable as a gaming mouse.

Characteristics to be assessed in mouse gaming

The gaming mouse must be used in contexts where precision and sensitivity are critical. Especially in games where a millimeter can make a difference and ensure a headshot or alternatively a shot went in vain.

Anyone who plays professional or semi-professional knows that even minor distances are important in online videogame.

It ‘important to make sure you have then in his hands a mouse that allows us to have total and complete control of the pointer, with instant responsiveness avoiding long lag that much would compromise the game.

Sometimes it is obviously preferable to a lesser degree of precision by virtue of a greater speed of movement, and it is for this reason that currently help the ability to change on the fly DPI resolution.

We must keep in view so in addition to our DPI sensor in the mouse we’re going to buy, although the sensitivity of this setting, the acceleration of the cursor and type.

But then let’s analyze them one by one without loosing too much in conversation

The PPE are so-called dots per inch or dots per inch, a conventional measure that allows to measure the quantity of pixels considered to belong to a certain thumb on our screen. By adjusting this you can define the accuracy with which you move the mouse on the monitor and the precision with which it can select items on screen.

More points will be read by the sensor during the displacement, the greater will be the pixels that the cursor will have to cover the screen.

But perhaps you will understand better with an illustrative example:

400 DPI: at each movement of a thumb of our mouse correspond to a shift of 400 pixels of the cursor on schermo.200 DPI: at each movement of a thumb therefore corresponds to a shift of 200 pixels on the screen.

It ‘obvious and clear that we must change the DPI depending on the type of game and our gaming style, taking into account the speed of the action, sometimes we have need of many DPI for greater precision, and other times it will be better to move faster , imagine the games where the action is frenetic but do not have the precision of a professional shooter.

If you need to aim with precision so you will choose a high number of DPI. It really depends on our habits and then our style of play.

In a mouse from competitive gaming you should never be lacking the ability to change the sensitivity while playing, so you can adjust the mouse to any type of situation.

The ideal would be associated with specific keys of dpi settings and special sensitivity so as to enable the change on the fly without having to waste precious moments that could divert attention and penalize the game.

You can not spend time to restart the game each time to have to change the mouse sensitivity, since it would be very uncomfortable and would prevent the immersion within this. Especially when it is a Multiplayer MMORPG where all the action takes place in real time and you can not risk losing important minutes of play.

Most gamers argues that it is better to use a mouse not accelerated, because this feature a lot of compromises precision pointing, on any game. But there is a school of thought of even professional gamers who depends on speeding up and also prefers to use it in very important tournaments with excellent results.

The acceleration feature is normally active in the common household mouse and saves time when you normally use computers, and you move the mouse from one end of the monitor.

Without acceleration it would be very hard to move every time the mouse from one part of a very large desktop, imagine those who work with huge and incredibly large monitor resolutions.

You will notice that in normal systems the mouse to a number of pixels reduced this will take some sort of thrust by moving quickly, precisely the acceleration, which it will go much faster and in a way to allow this “splash” way, a something that does not happen with this mode disables in which to actual movement of the mouse corresponds constant movement of the cursor, allowing a greater attention to detail and precision.

It ‘very important to have the same control during gaming sessions, this is why most players prefer mouse-free acceleration, or at least making it possible to enable and disable it at will.

The wheel mouse (or ball) are a thing of the past, of the 386 or otherwise control all of the computers of the 90s, the oldest among you still remember these mice by bad design, very uncomfortable to hold and very heavy, not really optimal for modern gaming strategies.

Nowadays there are other technologies available which have allowed us to optimize the weight and ergonomics of the mouse, leaving our hands more free to slide and preventing them get tired before their time.

It ‘good to remember how years ago in fact considered staying in front of the very harmful the past 2-3 hours of your PC monitor, this was mainly due to the excessive brightness of the PC monitor that was backlit and therefore very harmful for our eyes, but not least was the uncomfortable position held by our hands while using those mice from Jurassic absolutely anti-ergonomic design that easily caused carpal tunnel syndrome destroying our wrists.

They were not rare in fact racing to the emergency room to save children joints too enthusiasts intent on beating the record of their favorite video games.

But those days are thankfully gone and now we face a bright and free world from any kind of danger, when modern technological gadgets are tested and re-tested for years before being put on the market, it runs no danger in this day ‘today and you can play games for hours without any worries.

The mouse wheel now have their own instincts for this reason, it always points to the health of the user, and it is crucial the use of laser or optical sensors, but let’s see together the interesting differences that these two technologies present.

Laser sensors and optical sensors

Laser sensors have the ability to read a lot more DPI compared with their optical counterparts. The laser sensors operate optimally even if polished surfaces, reflective and transparent.

The optical sensors on the contrary exhibit markedly superior performance on opaque surfaces, we think of the old pad for mouse, which we used as children.

The laser sensors tend to present serious problems of acceleration.

Some laser sensors have also a certain problemino which tend to operate and detect the displacement even when they are lifted from the table surface on which they work, this may be a little ‘uncomfortable for people like me who is accustomed to slightly lift the mouse in order to block the movement of the cursor.

The optical mouse is also serve a motion interpolation pixel technology for permetergli reach of PPE considerably higher, which may create new problems as to accuracy and positioning of the cursor.

So it’s hard to ask the devil’s advocate and define which of the two technologies in question is the best to play, certainly as a priority first thing we would have to consider the playing surface on which will move the mouse.

If this fact is made of glass and at all costs for aesthetic reasons or order or design of our room which houses the PC wanted to avoid using the mousepad, then the choice is forced toward the laser mouse. In most other cases, gamers prefer optical mice.

Optical mice there are those classics with red LED, very recognizable and popular, but those there laser does not emit any kind of light because they use a completely invisible infrared beam to our human eye.

The second key aspect for a mouse is its ergonomics and comfort, in fact, the real hardcore gamers and enthusiasts can go to the PC even several hours in a row, the whole day is so important a comfortable mouse that does not toil in any way the wrist.

It ‘difficult to tell which was the most comfortable mouse on the market, since we all have different hands, and we can be both right- and left-handed or even ambidextrous, have long or short fingers, smaller or larger hands, the kaleidoscope of combinations human is virtually infinite as infinite would be the ability of designers to propose for a truly comfortable mouse.

The perfect mouse should be the one that fits your hand like a glove, or as the return the shoe to the future, but until you realize a device so advanced it will take a long time, we must therefore be content and choose the mouse closer that there perfect for our needs.

The only way to figure out which is the most suitable to our needs is obviously try a lot and at the end, after very accurate and endless searches to decide which was the best one for us. Have you noticed that incredible turns of phrase I use every time I find myself having to describe a product? It is not really a case.

Let’s see the characteristics to be considered for chasing the perfect mouse.

The ergonomic design

The ergonomic design is the first aspect to be considered to have a good comfortable mouse.

In the market we can find models of all kinds, for symmetrical ambidextrous and so on and so forth fireworks and paiettes, while others are shaped to increase the comfort of the hand that you should rest on.

Depending on the rest sought orient us on a more or less good for our cervical pillow.

Mice unfortunately are very often made for right-handed people, in fact for a long time, store for left had not been invented, and whoever was against his will to be birth of the population “beyond the River” does not literally know how to get.

Now thankfully with various awareness campaigns against discrimination, we know what is really important is realizare products for people with different or left-handed, to give way to cruise the world just like us right-handed.

Left-handed players in fact many times they are forced to use the mouse to right, which of course from older versions of vintage operating systems can also be adjusted for left-handers, but does not have the optimum ergonomic features for use with maximum comfort.

But as even personal comfort is relative, nothing precludes a lefty can be positioned directly at ease even with a normal mouse for righties. The only way to find out is to test it yourself.

What material is it made a mouse?

Mice have to endure a highly intensive and extended in time without leaving the player walk in the middle of an exciting game.

The stragrandissima majority of mouse present today on the market are clear plastic, but it is not used a common Chinese plastic that would run the risk of being destroyed in a few days, you prefer a type of extremely robust resistant plastic particularly the part where rest the keys .

There are deluxe models that can have an aluminum body, this light and very durable than plastic.

The small weights of mice

A gaming mouse can have a weight ranging from 80 to 120 g.

In some devices it is possible to adjust their desired weight and balance by removing or adding small weights placed in a compartment under the bed. perfect strategy for those who want to experiment with new layouts and configurations and choose the best for that particular game.

Many options of customization for who is never satisfied.

The keys are critical to perform the most important actions in as few tenths of a second and thus have important advantages over other players.

I know of games won or lost for better or worse arrangement of the short-cut keys.

The traditional mice have only two main keys, the left and right, and usually wheel is set as middle button.

The gaming mouse can have as many as 20 keys. For each you can assign a default function, depending on the game and the profile in use.

The robustness of the buttons is very important because it will go down continuously throughout the game and in no case you may run the risk that these jams in the middle of a frantic game. At the same time they should be soft so as not to tire the tendons of the hand.

Many people forget how fundamental the mouse feet. Since we are talking about milliseconds of action and hours of fun, even a particular seemingly irrelevant can be crucial.

The mouse feet are crucial when we consider the smoothness on the surface, is a serious mistake to imagine that all mice to assemble plastic feet, because it is not so, and now I will prove it.

The most advanced models of gaming mouse mountainous fact Teflon feet, which provide a great grip to the table and at the same time mobility, equipped with micro-hook with technology developed by Swiss universities, allow truly remarkable performance.

It ‘important to maintain thoroughly clean both the surface on which the mouse rests, is the same mouse feet. Just so you can avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt that can, in the long run, make friction.

The more a mouse fits to our lives, the more it will adapt to our fingers, even better will adapt to our wrist, and everything goes smoothly and great.

It ‘important to be able to change the sensitivity of your precious mouse while you’re playing, the fly on the fly, in order to defeat your opponents and become gamers pro professionals and be able to participate in tournaments areas around the world, especially in South Korea.

Experienced players like to make use of the MACRO, not to be confused with MARCO, are combinations of fast keys required to set up an action of attack within the game, these usually stored in individual keys on your keyboard.

Similarly can be useful leverage different profiles to switch between different settings of the mouse depending on the game or a specific time in the game, it can happen to move from a combat to drive a boat, having to play a game of black jack, to defeat a dragon with an ax, and so on.

In conclusion

There MOUSE PERFECT, there is a kind of good mouse to play a certain kind of games, for a certain type of person.

There are, for example, mouse specially designed for left-handed, and are the ones that I recommend it if your favorite hand is not right.

The world of the mouse is one of those most in expansion, and has many models and brands that contribute heavily to establish itself on the leader of the mouse from budget gaming market.

It ‘also important to consider the size of your hand and look for the most suitable type of mouse to this. light Mouse will fit best in small hands and vice versa.

I hope this guide will help you to choose the best gaming mouse from 2020.


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