7 Effective Best Hair Dryer (Guide 2020) – Pro Cons

7 Effective Best Hair dryer (Guide 2020) – Pro Cons

Hi, my name is Antonella.

You will agree with me when I say:

There is nothing worse than a hair dryer to dry and burn the hair.

Our hair is considered a weapon of seduction and must be treated as it should. For this is well rely to a great hair, which does not cause irreparable damage and is both powerful and gentle time!

7 Effective Best Hair Dryer (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons
7 Effective Best Hair Dryer (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons
7 Effective Best Hair Dryer (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

Follow me then, in this definitive guide hair dryer, full of all my secrets to slap a hairstyle.

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My guide to the hairdryer

If you dry your hair every single day with the help of electrical equipment, then buy a hair dryer it is not a decision that you can take lightly. While your wallet will love you for purchasing a hair dryer on a budget, your hair and your scalp will think very differently, trust me.

Buy a good hair dryer can save you several precious minutes in the morning when you get ready to go out, increase the life of your hairstyle, and even the health of your scalp in general.

This is why I have taken the trouble to do a test to look for the best hair on the market in 2020. There is a drier suitable for every budget.

No matter if you are looking for something not too expensive but reliable and durable, or if you want a great hairdryer worthy of the best beauty salons that will last for many, many years to come by giving you lots of satisfaction: by reading this list in any case you will be satisfied!

If you are unsure about the features to look at when you’re buying a hair dryer, and you need help to orient yourself in the fabulous and technological world of hair care, go directly to the end of the article to read my consumer guide. If instead you want to read immediately the list of the best hair on the market in 2020, then simply read on.

The best hair dryer and hair dryer on the market in 2020 (Reviews and Opinions)

7 Effective Best Hair Dryer (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

1. Parlux Advance Light, a great hair

7 Effective Best Hair Dryer (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

Bossy, light and quiet Heat well balanced, does not burn the hair Great for styling

CONTRONon recommended for super-professional finishing

Excellent product made in Italy.

Phon lightweight and quiet, compact and very professional, perfect to take with you during travel to keep your hair always tidy and well-dried at any total situazione.In offers a choice of 10 different colors.

Parlux Advance has a new K-ADVANCE® engine that provides superior performance such as greater power and longer life.

The shape is ergonomic and switches are arranged in a highly intelligent manner, also excellent for very long drying.

On amazon it has received rave reviews from many Italian users, and this should be enough to demonstrate its greatness.

The hair dryer is incredibly quiet. Featuring Ionic & Ceramic Technology, ensures perfect drying and soft hair in a short time.

Used in pre-drying without the filler supplied airflow is very powerful and the temperature is not too strong, then a pre-drying ensures safe for all kinds of hair.

Also great on handmade natural lines and smooth wrinkles, an aspect in which the hair dryer from the best in itself, allowing an incredible moderation hair, even the fat and frizzy.

The hair immediately take shape and become sectors.

The Parlux Advance is without doubt the state of modern hair dryer to medium-high.

2. Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Dryer, one of the best professional hair dryers

Healthy Elchim 3900 Ionic Hair Dryer Black

PROOttima costruzioneDurevoleSilenziosoGrandissima power

CONTROBeccucci maybe a little ‘too wide

Another great Italian brand, Elchim, which builds wonderful products for hair care, since 1945.

A truly timeless design that is presented in a large number of colors, including a beautiful “titanium” finish. But the 3900 is much more than a good product just aesthetically, let’s see.

Its immense power goes hand in hand with a very robust construction, very comfortable grip and excellent speed and temperature switches.

The result is a hair dryer which makes it very easy to dry quickly and with extreme precisione.La lack of a diffuser accessory in the box does not make it a problem, because it is possible to buy it separately.

3. Dyson Supersonic – anticonvezionale, expensive but fantastic

Dyson Supersonic hairdryer

PROPhon top gammaSilenziosissimo and velocissimoRisultati super professionaliTantissimi supplied accessories

CONTROIl price, really expensive

Dyson has made a name for creating appliances and gadgets with an exotic and charming design, such as lamps, fans, vacuum cleaners, and now came to the big well in the market of hair.

It presents this model from the very futuristic design and futuristic, it seems more of a future than a hair dryer microphone.

However, once you get used to its very special design and to the particular way in which they placed the weight, all concentrated in the handle, which accommodates the engine.

And ‘an expensive hair dryer, but that money is worth all of them, if you are very serious or serious in taking care of your hair is a purchase that you should consider.

It has a very intelligent control for spreading on the hair. An encapsulated thermistor makes it possible to continuously measure the emitted temperature, which is processed by a microprocessor which regulates then the continuous flow to ensure optimized drying and perfect.

The Dyson Supersonic costs a lot, but you can never come back after trying it.

The fans come inside to 110,000 rotations per minute, much more than the traditional hair-dryer, this super speed ensures that the hair dryer in question is silent on the miraculous limits. Since the frequencies that issues are so high as to be audible to the human ear.

Use this hairdryer is like going to the hairdresser whenever you use it, the effect that gives the hair gloss is because the drying is not provided by the high heat but from the complex variable system at very high intensity.

The scalp is thus preserved and if it maintains hydration. The damaged hair refract light and appear dull and opaque. And ‘what happens when the hair is exposed to temperatures exaggerated for long periods. The undamaged hair instead reflect light in one direction and appear shiny.

It ‘also a very light hair dryer, perhaps the lightest hair dryer on the market.

It also has two specific spouts, the first wider for pre-drying and the second most closely suited to the finish.

The package provided a large number of accessories that are mounted on the dryer magnetically, just support them, you do not need to fasten or fix anything.

4. Panasonic EH-NA65-K Smooth and Shiny, great for curly hair

PROLeggero and silenziosoDotato many accessoriOttimo for curly hair

CONTROUn bit ‘cumbersome

The Panasonic EH-NA65-K makes many promises with his name in English, and I must say keeps them all.

The technology that implements Nanoe declares to be better than the one on the ions, directing micro-nano-particles of water directly into the hair while drying takes place.

Not the usual trick of marketing, the impact of this technology are significant, the EH-NA65-K adds shine to the hair by reducing the fatness to a minimum.

In the pack there is a diffuser for curly hair. The dryer itself is a bit ‘bigger, so not recommended for short trips, but it is surprisingly light and very quiet.

The selection of temperature and speed is very rich which makes it an excellent choice for all types of hair.

It seems particularly suitable for curly hair, do not dry with air flow to high temperatures or strong.

5. Aura GHD and GHD Air: best hair under 200 Euros

PROOttimo value prezzoTecnologia Laminair super gentle on the hair

CONTROMeno faster drying than other brands

GHD The Aura is a product resulting from a long research of 3 years of engineering and design.

The GHD Laminair technology creates a gentle jet of air which can start can lead us even to believe that nothing is happening to our hair, but before we can become aware of these will already dried and surprisingly smooth.

The ceramic core is never too hot, which means that there is no need to worry.

The ejected hot air is surrounded by a ring of cold air, which allows to model the hair directly to the root without having to worry about damaging the scalp.

The 4-meter cable to a popular addition.

The design is also nice to see.

6. Remington AC5999, economic and satisfactory

PROProdotto Economic and fast sorprendenteAsciugatura

CONTROUn bit ‘pesantuccio

Hair dryer ions to economic and effective.

It is offering excellent engine good seal, two-speed jet, a little ‘little compared to the competitors, but for this price it’s hard to ask for more.

The regulation of heat is instead to step 3, there is a button for the cold air jet, actually cold and not warm.

A little ‘heavy, but not bothersome to hold, not recommended for prolonged use. 2 concertatori included in the package as supplied accessories and a diffuser.

Built in sturdy plastic.

Fast drying, excellent compromise for those who do not want to spend a fortune.

7. Braun Satin Hair 5 Powerperfection HD580, alternativa economica

Another fantastic cheap product, but no less valid than others. Easy to handle and comfortable to make the crease, dries very quickly and reduces frizz on capelli.Perfetto for those with curly hair, both to the fold in natural that by the turn smooth. Almost no need to keep them in the plate after ordine.Ha 3 temperature levels, the small size makes it perfect for traveling or take, for example, in the gym.

PROVeloce and maneggevolePerfetto for those with curly hair

CONTROIl diffuser is not included in confezioneQualita lower drying compared to more expensive models

How to buy the best hair dryer, consumer guide

The hair is so personal and variables that you can not say with certainty that much you get spending inevitably better results.

The thickness, the length and structure of the hair can lead to different results depending on the product and washing and drying techniques that apply.

Some types of hair, for example, those curls, usually require a speaker to be dried perfectly without wrinkling.

Should I buy necessarily a very powerful hair dryer?

In past years, a greater number of watts ensured more power in our hair.

With maturing, however, it has become increasingly easier and cheaper technologies for companies include in their products, even those of very high wattages low end.

A high wattage does not always correspond to a higher product output, even if the force is not calibrated and well designed you risk burning your hair !!!

So be careful when you buy some product, and avoid increasingly poor hairdryer from discounters or Chinese products.

The only way to make a thoughtful and informed purchase is to check for reviews from other users, such as those present in my guide, and get an idea of ​​the actual capabilities of the product.

Do not be mislead by many exaggerated or sensational marketing slogans.

On Amazon there are many reviews for many types of hair are a great compass for orientation in this complex world.

What technology drying ceramic?

The elements that heat inside the dryer to produce heat are often the ones who make the difference and separates an effective hair from a Chinese junk.

Most of the hair dryer uses a ceramic element to accumulate heat, since this type of material allows to take advantage of an infrared heat type which is less damaging to the hair compared to that based on the metal.

ceramics also heats up more quickly and evenly, resulting in a more compact and efficient air flow.

In any case, those with stronger, thick hair do not have to be so careful with their scalp than people with delicate, thin hair. This is better than to use the hair dryer wisely to avoid overexposure and thus undermine their scalp.

Some of the best professional hair salons and barbers recommend you use the thermal protection spray to prevent any damage caused by heat. In fact, often these damages are not immediately verifiable but are accused in the years to come, making the hair more and more weak and brittle.

Some dryer models also possess excellent cold mode to complete drying of the hair when they are already 80% of the process, avoiding the use of hot air all the time, even when you do not need more.

What is ion technology?

The ion technology is the one that feels mention by anyone concerned with equipment for hair care. The manufacturers like to claim that this type of technology allows their hair to create negative ions that break the water molecules present in the hair.

This in theory should allow the hair dryer to dry your hair faster and to spread moisture evenly over the entire head for a better finish.

The results of ionizers hairdryer actually demonstrate this? Be ‘, some hair dryers are better than others to take advantage of technology to ions, and make a real difference in the look and feel of the hair drying.

But this does not necessarily mean that what happens thanks to the technology to ions, it is often due to a combination of a particularly powerful internal fan and heating elements to the highest quality.

In practice: not just read “ion technology” to make sure that we are in a great hand dryer.

What other features are important in a hairdryer?

One of the easiest factors to be reckoned with in buying a hair dryer, is the length of the cable. Some economic models are sold with very small wires, others feature more expensive cables of at least 4 meters, worthy of the most professional and popular beauty salon.

If you do not like to feel constipated in the use of an object it is good to choose a dryer with a long cord that allows an easy and casual use.

Another aspect to consider is the spouts supplied, in fact it is good to choose the way you want to direct the air jet on their hair.

Especially for those with special hair like curly or very wavy. This is essential to get the best results.

The speaker is the one to consider if you have very curly hair, it is really necessary in this case.

Some hairdryer foresee a need to buy after several accessories, so be very careful and do not attract a price too low if you are then forced to svenarvi to achieve the results dreamed of buying expensive accessories.

How to choose the hair dryer for you

Even the hairdryer as many appliances measure their energy consumption and their effective power in Watts.

The range to consider when buying a good hair dryer is definitely the one that starts from 1800 W and reaches up to 3000 W.

The hot air flow is closely related to the power emitted clear, but we must always do very, very carefully because an excessive heat source can compromise our hair and our scalp sometimes irreversibly, it should never ever deal with superficiality our scalp and before the purchase of a particular product is good to make sure it is compatible with the most modern safety standards.

For those not very haunts the world of the dryer, is the part that is commonly called spout, but we can well imagine that most of you have understood what we are talking.

Through this you can directly manage the desired heat on our comb or brush, which is ideal for those who want to straighten their hair.

Clearly a mouthpiece or spout if you prefer with the most tight-lipped allows us to channel an air flow much faster and precise for particular hairstyles that require it.

If you have curly hair is rather good to make sure the presence of a speaker in the accessory kit of our hair, the round nozzle is covered with perforated plugs, it is also crucial to make sure the holes are not too big otherwise it will be ineffective.

The ceramic and tourmaline are elements that allow you to avoid drying out your hair because of the heat generated by our phon.

These materials for their natural characteristics peculiar fact fail to provide a constant temperature and never excessive at the same time continuing to ensure the performance given by the corresponding power and speed.

To understand this better by comparing two phon to 2500 W that there built to propagate ceramic base much better heat and will be much safer than its counterpart non-ceramic, however, maintaining the same power level.

The hair dryer of the latest generation have a function that is based on negative ions which subdivide the water droplets into much smaller particles, thus allowing significantly more rapid drying and a very softer hair.

Function high demand by those who often use the hair dryer or who require very specific hairstyles.

E ‘this a very useful button that is normally at the center of the handle, when it is pressed from the dryer passes produce hot air to diffuse air at ambient temperature.

This chill is generally used by hairdressers for fixing the hair, and it is crucial for those who want to straighten their hair.

The control buttons are used to adjust the setting it speed in the desired mode from time to time, for correct drying of the own hair in fact it is good and wise alternate various speeds and jet intensity to be able to treat the hair differently depending on their degrees of dryness and also the moisture present in the air and the atmospheric conditions.

In most cases for i phone for sale we are available about 6-7 different combinations but there are some models that have many more.

Some professional hair dryers are also equipped with a turbo boost function to emit a very powerful air jet in a short amount of time that allows you to dry your hair much faster without having to wait long.

And ‘obviously better never to abuse the turbo boost function in the long run could affect our hair.

The weight of a hair dryer is important

A hairdryer too heavy will not only be very uncomfortable, but also very little ergonomic, rischiandoci to cause soreness in the arm after prolonged use of the same.

For many hairdressers fact, carpal tunnel syndrome is a true cross that in some cases can totally compromising career forcing unfortunately premature retirements.

A heavy phone also tends to be used automatically in haste, in order to put the first possible end to the torture of being forced or compelled to hold it, thus risking though to finish the drying hair long before the time is not devoting the right time to our styling.

Not only today the market is filled with lightweight phone, but these bring with them excellent professional services very well adapted to the needs of chia but travel, bending easily and very little space in your home and in the suitcase.

Not all hair is the same and all types need to force things to different drying, it would be completely impossible and foolish to use the same method of thin and straight hair, thick and curly hair, he makes me laugh just try to think about it. Madness!

It ‘very important that not only the hair dryer has different speed at which adjust the power of the heat jet, but different temperature levels that accompany them, so you can select the mix suitable for always respecting our hair and get at the end styling we wanted and craved.

To make natural drying is good to take advantage of a medium or medium-low speed, which would also be ideal for thin or short hair.

For those who want to get thicker hair or a wrinkle that revolutions clearly your usual natural look is best to proceed with an aggressive temperature, not dangerous course, but much higher, giving a cold shot of air from time to time and then at the end to be able in this way to fix it easily conceived styling.

With the right accessories you can do real miracles, as they give us every day a hand in our look, can give it to us too when it comes to our beloved hair dryer.

The spout is clearly one of the most important elements, which always recommend to choose tight in order to concentrate the heat on certain strands and being in this way much more precise.

The difference between a mediocre hairdryer and a professional used in a salon is very often in the spout than in the direct power, you can not get disciplined hair and shining like those we see every day on billboards or in magazines when not using a very tight and precise professional spout, do not even try, you can not.

The diffuser is clearly important to spread the heat over a larger area, interrupting the flow intelligently, ideal companion for those with the birth of curly hair and want to keep the volume and softness intact forever.

To recap

We have seen together in this article what are the main features to consider before buying a hair dryer, and the aim and purpose of each of them.

It ‘obvious, however, that our choice is addressed according to our needs without being too influenced by the latest models on the market, or advertising, it is good to make a responsible consumption.

For example, who goes to the gym every day of course will choose a small hairdryer, in fact, some have even the folding handle, and even better with protective functions such as ceramics and ionizing.

Speech identical for those who spend most of the time with the hairdryer in hand launching into complicated hairstyles, for them it is necessary and required to check well the power of the device and the accessories connected to it.

It is important to identify your needs and make a conscious choice. When buying a phone is taken into account many factors including primarily the health of our scalp, not to mention clearly the type of performance and optionals offered.

An irritated and stressed produces more fragile and weak hair or … stops producing them!

There are remedies that then take in that case, nothing can save a smaller canopy now in full hair pieces burned and withered by poor equipment or even worse poor quality and also misused.

We are in fact talking about something that can make or break what we have on our head, it’s no joke, even for a moment.

During the drying the hair tend to lose ions, and this is the reason that leads them to appear dry and lifeless.

I even to avoid this effect I have spent long periods of my life in the past during which preferred to directly cut the root problem – pun intended – avoiding completely dry my hair, waiting each time the time required for these from drying naturally.

A real waste of time!

Fortunately nowadays you can buy the hair dryer restoring efficiently these ions lost during washing, and are admirably suited equipment for those who actually frizzy hair or very little shiny.

The ions emitted from these phon fact are negative and are not only useful to reduce the overall static electricity during the drying but also help to decompose the water particles allowing this to evaporate and leaving hair free of hydrate assuming in turn the necessary liquid, practically a miracle of technology.

The ionizing hair dryer is also for this reason, much, much faster when drying and inevitably this characteristic makes it the favorite among those with and have very long hair.

The materials that make up our hair are obviously crucial to a very good result of the drying and also to the final aspect that our hair will.

In stores you can find hair dryer whose grid, located inside the end from which is constantly emitted air, is covered in tourmaline or ceramic materials, excellent to reduce and prevent potential damage caused by the uncontrolled jet of hot air over our poor unsuspecting hair.

disastrous effects that you would see then already after several months.

The tourmaline can in fact generate a large amount of negative ions thus allowing to dry your hair 80% faster than the use of a classic plastic or metal over phon clearly to make the hair much brighter and soft to the touch .

My partner loves the madness this effect.

The ceramic is great instead to distribute uniformly and controllatissima the warm air keeping the temperature constant and avoiding therefore to act too aggressively.

In the market there are some incredible hybrid with all the latest technologies currently available in the field of hair care, including in one model tourmaline, ceramic and ionic technology, greatly enhancing all the features in one convenient solution.

In conclusion

Italy is a great wines of a hairdryer, in fact brands such as Parlux or Elchim is used in the United States and around the world as professional products from the best beauty salons.

No wonder then that they are available on amazon Italian products so good at such affordable prices, which on the other side of the ocean are obviously sold at higher prices.

By now with the advance of ion technology and the creation of a world of new proprietary technologies wash and dry your hair at home has become as satisfying as going to the hairdresser.

Since I own my new Dyson fact I have less need a professional hand to hold my hair in order as soon as left the salon.

I hope to be states / and help and have helped you to an informed purchase order to choose the best hair dryer and hair in 2020 on the market. Until next time!


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