5 Best Hoverboard To Impress Friends (Guide 2020) – Pro Cons

5 Best Hoverboard To Impress Friends (Guide 2020) – Pro Cons

5 Best Hoverboard To Impress Friends (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons
5 Best Hoverboard To Impress Friends (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons
5 Best Hoverboard To Impress Friends (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

After the initial spread of Hoverboard many people have complained about serious problems with the batteries of these, as they entered easily short-circuited, at first seemed isolated cases, but then …

It has become a very common problem in many of hoverboard models.

Today, however, the hoverboard is a unique, futuristic gadgets, everyone wants to try it out and drive it is not at all difficult as it seems. See for yourself in the video.

In January 2017, the situation seemed now out of hand and the United States was announced the official recall of all products by the CPSC hoverboard or the Committee of the American consumer safety.

This means that in the United States over half a million hoverboard just sold were called back to be adjusted and returned. This official warning including 8 of the largest manufacturers names and models were involved as many as 15.

The numbers do not seem exaggerated, but the damage in terms of image reality that followed resulted in the general loss of less than 2 million businesses.

Now this problem seems to be solved, and there have been several calls.

As children we were all impressed by the movie Back to the Future Part II, in which the protagonist Marty McFly scorazzava of a futuristic hoverboard rose to escape in style with a gang of villains. Certainly one of the most memorable scenes in the film 80. Perhaps the best to tease the imagination of teenagers.

It is not yet time for the hoverboard flying over the water, but with a little ‘of the experience will be much like imagination.

Follow me in this guide or click here now if you want to scroll directly REVIEWS OF THE BEST hoverboard.

Why use a hoverboard?

Tiredness. A tired man is a man who thinks evil. Reaching already tired in a place where maybe you will have to make important decisions, or where it will take a substantial use of his mental energies, greatly affect their performance.

The hoverboard will allow you to move quietly, without sweating, enjoying the scenery and being able to contemplate the world with a peace of mind previously unknown post-technological.

Do you think the hoverboard is dangerous?

One must be careful when you buy a hoverboard, because around there are Chinese brands that have proven to be very pericolose.Soprattutto in recent years there has been a boom of the hoverboard, at first offered on the market at much too high prices, which allowed the proliferation of Chinese economic tables shill, who inexplicably caught fire or willing to give up the unfortunate possessor of unpleasant injuries and in some cases even fatal!

Most of the problems was rinconducibile to battery overheating.

To not run into any unpleasant surprises, especially if the device will be used by young people, when you buy a hoverboard you must ensure that it is equipped with all the safety certifications. The most important of which it is the UL 2272, which assures you the perfect operation of the machine during natural life.

But before choosing the best hoverboard, at least one best suited to our needs, we need to verify certain parameters, such as the maximum weight of the load capacity of the vehicle.

But let’s see them together in our guide

Guide to the best hoverboard 2020 – reviews

1. Hoverboard Doc Nilox – UL 2272, choosing the lazy

5 Best Hoverboard To Impress Friends (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

PRO good value price-largest autonomia- great speed-LED

5 Best Hoverboard To Impress Friends (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

Counter accessories that let it

Excellent handling and great driving.

Made in durable and well made, able to reach high speeds, using all the latest electronic features on the market.

It has very large wheels of 16 cm, can support weights of up to 100 kg. Very powerful and extremely easy to drive.

E ‘it equipped with two powerful blue LED directly connected to a pressure detector positioned exactly below the point of support of your feet.

Equipped with two powerful motors of 350W. Angle of 15 degrees slope well. And maximum speed of 10 mph.

Battery incredible, over 30 km range. And for the charge it takes only two hours in the socket to return the track.

Equipped with a beads very cool and high tech for transportation. Unfortunately not very big and with a shoulder not the best.

2. Ninebot by Segway MiniPro 320, best hoverboard for adults

Ninebot by Segway MiniPro 320, Nero

PRO Top class- Velocissimo- Long autonomia- Suitable for all Bluetooth interface terreni-

For those on a budget available, this is undoubtedly the best choice.

The hoverboard for those who want to get serious.

Very comfortable for longer journeys, a central support on which to rest your legs and keep the balance even in the most rugged and slippery road conditions.

It equipped with advanced technologies which allow the vehicle to adapt to the shape of the terrain responding in a dynamic manner and ensuring a balance and an unparalleled performance.

And ‘the best hoverboard on the market, however, is not recommended for anyone who makes an occasional use.

The choice for people wishing to take advantage of the convenience of the vehicle on a daily basis.

Fun and undoubtedly convenient and easy to use, the Mini Pro Ninebot for some hoverboard this is the best at this time on the Italian market.

The learning curve and much milder and allows right now to move with agility, as if the life had done nothing but drive hoverboard from morning to night.

The Ninebot Mini Pro features slightly larger wheels than those to which we have used classical hoverboard, but what surprises right now is very different control system.

To move forward or backward is as usual need to move the weight in the desired direction but the difference lies in the manner that the engineers have dedicated expected to be able to turn, must in fact act on a central support.

It comes aboard tightens the support in question between the knees and bends to the right and left to control the order and direction of rotation. This apparently small detail actually makes a big difference.

It is offering bluetooth system, exoskeleton lightweight, 25 cm wheels with maximum capacity of 100 kg. Shock top range. 2100 Watts of power. 20 km / h speed. Battery with an autonomy of 40 kilometers and recharging short of three hours.

This model is equipped with LED to be recognized in the dark.

3. BEBK two motors 250 W, powerful and stylish

BEBK Hoverboard 6.5″ Smart Self Balance Scooter Autobilanciato…

PRO Very potente- Larga Autonomia- Suitable for all circumstances

The manual counter lacks the language Italiana- A little ‘too pesante- was not a case supplied

If you want a real powerful vehicle and at the same time that makes the difference visually. That’s the choice that’s right for you. A powerful hoverboard by the wheels of 17 cm, to be able to roam freely and safely in all streets covet.

Battery fast charging, new maximum flow rate of 100 kg.

Excellent LED lights that light up favoring better visibility on the road surface and promoting your presence.

Unfortunately the housing to carry it around in this case is not supplied and will need to buy a suitable.

4. Hooboard, best offroad hoverboard

PRO Secure fuoristrada- Resistentissimo- Indestructible

The counter price is a bit ‘more challenging

Here is the real beast, a real off-road, the safer European hoverboard, waterproof and dustproof, to go safely on any type of surface and off-road slope. It supports a weight of up to 120 Kg.

Equipped with four-wheel tires in massive rubber indestructible 8.5-inch, it can overcome any obstacle, is extremely durable and waterproof, designed for people who want to get serious and not stop to urban sidewalks.

Electric motor 400W.

L ‘Hooboard, is one of the latest models hoverboard that we are fortunate to be able to observe the boot on the market. It has a particularly interesting and attractive design that makes it immediately distinguishable from other models. We are in fact in the presence of a high-end device produced with the best materials, in order to ensure non-habitual solidity and resistance in this world.

It ‘also equipped with very large NOTCHED wheels that make it fundamentally suitable for any environment and terrain, for example, I like to go around on rough terrain or on country roads paved little or nothing. As a true off-road 4X4.

The hoverboard in question is extremely solid and built with excellent materials include aluminum trees that make its resistant structure particularly water way.

The lithium batteries that mounts factory enable excellent durability than average. The speed performance rather are similar to those of other hoverboard on the market, with a maximum peak of 15km / h, but not bad for such a beast.

It ‘also significant also dedicated app that allows right now to change the way hoverboard guide, check the battery status, speed and distance covered, with a map with routes.

For those who love offroad terrain.

The key features to watch out for before purchasing a hoverboard are:

The hoverboard can get you moving smoothly, but the top speed is limited, depending dall’hoverboard you choose.

The average top speed is between 15 and 20 kilometers per hour.

For comparison, a man moving at an average speed of 3-4 km / h. A lazy man can also move to 1 km / h.

A very lazy man is simply in bed reading despite the commitments that the day is so determined to parargli front.

Most batteries require use between one and two hours walk. Although this may vary according to the passenger’s weight and at cruising speed.

The battery charging time may vary, but unless you do not provide a very intense use hoverboard, this should not be a factor to worry about. The average charge is about 3 hours. Although there are some batteries from the better performance that are charged in an hour or less.

The hoverboard are relatively easy to use and drive. Simply just lean slightly forward and move back slightly to slow down or change direction.

However, the beginning may be needed spratichirsi a bit ‘, it is like learning to ride a bike, but an easy task to be learned once in a lifetime.

Some hoverboard are then equipped with motion sensors.

A quality sensor will offer you a better balance, more accurate and dynamic driving.

The wheel size is critical to the ease of use of the medium. With large wheels you tend to have an easier maneuverability. Moreover, these can withstand more weight and cross the most adverse terrain.

But also the means with smaller wheels have their advantages. The small wheels are usually mounted on the hoverboard designed for children. The smaller base allows a greater simplicity of use by smaller.

The maximum weight often claimed is around 200 pounds. This is obviously sufficient for most adults, but there are models with lower skills, and you have to extremely careful when buying.

The hoverboard with less carrying capacity are usually the ones suitable for children.

Given that the use hoverboard may be prevented in some urban areas is also important to consider the weight of the table, in the case was necessary to carry it by hand.

Hoverboard Some have special features such as LED lights or reflectors to be able to travel safely in areas with low light.

These lights are not designed to illuminate your guide, but to make you recognized in the street. As with a bike, when you turn on the evening way you want to be visible to pedestrians and cars.

There are also the hoverboard that include a “learning mode”, namely a learning mode in which the machine will not exceed a speed limit to let you learn how to maneuver the vehicle before heading to the streets.

Others provide a Bluetooth connectivity to interface with mobile application remote control.

When you have to buy, the best source of vital information is always the experience of other consumatori.E what better way to read and check the user reviews on Amazon, in order to understand if it is the hoverboard that suits us or less.

But do not forget that even the best products can have some negative review. We must confront the ever read critically.

The price hoverboard is a key critical factor. The average price is between 200 and 500 euro.

As you ride a hoverboard

Wait, now you have made your choice, you have bought the hoverboard is your dream, the more cool. But you already go on? Fortunately for you it is not that hard, you learn quickly. At first you’ll be a bit ‘uncertain and clumsy, as it happens to everyone. But with a little ‘practice, and with this guide, you will learn to whiz safe and fast like a pro in less than 15 minutes.

First, make sure your vehicle is charged. You can not learn to bring a hoverboard dead. Then switch it on and put it on the ground, the LED to the outside. (There is actually no front or back, just we think it is very strange to use it the opposite way, then hear and use it as well).

If your model is equipped with an “Entry” or “Beginner” mode, well, ‘this is the time to operate it, for it will make learning much easier.

Start by putting a foot sull’hoverboard (preferably one dominant). By using this foot, the system the table at a good level to climb on. When you’re ready, also she gets the other foot from the ground and placed sull’hoverboard. Do not think too much, of course willows like I was climbing the stairs.

There are some hoverboard designed for real-time adjust your balance once you’re on, if you’re using a version devoid of this feature, you can still help by leaning next to a wall.

Remember to keep well away from standing between them, the farther possible on the table, to have more balance and more stability.

As you become more balanced position, you can begin to move. Driving the hoverboard is very simple, but there is a learning curve to having to overcome. The concept is very simple: you move back and forth by moving the center of gravity of your body, tilting depending on the chosen direction.

The first few minutes will seem to fall, but it is normal. It happens to everyone. Learning to ride a hoverboard takes a little ‘patience. You will become much more stable once spratichito.

Each side hoverboard is independent. Imagine you stand on the board. To turn left, push your right foot forward, as if to suggest a counter-clockwise motion. Make the opposite in case you want to turn right.

We recommend starting slowly, with small test drives, before venturing into whirling acrobatics. Once you have learned to drive well, you’ll see that turn is probably the most fun part of the use hoverboard. You will use your skills to make quick spin in place, there are people who even use the hoverboard for a dance called discipline “hoverdancing”.

Congratulations! Now you know how to ride a hoverboard!

Yes but the real hoverboard type Back to the Future, when we see them?

They were deceived by showing the real hoverboard, those for frolic hanging in the air, a few inches from the ground, fast. Where are the REAL Hoverboard?

Back to the Future promised us already in 2015 this technology available to everyone, in the film the protagonist in fact borrows a pink hoverboard directly from young hands of a child.

There are many reasons, however, that lead us to believe that before you can get on a medium that is still take many years. The experimental designs that have been proposed so far are actually much more rudimentary examples of those used by Mary McFly in the movie.

A hoverboard producer claimed that actually probably the film has so far only are misled, by moving the technology that could one day lead to the creation of real hoverboard in the wrong direction.

The hoverboard of the film is in fact a very fast and attractive medium, the Hendo and Lexus brands have tried to reproduce a copy more or less exact than that used in the film, but in ease of use, this leaves a lot to be desired at the time.

Jill Henderson, co-founder of Arx Pax company, which owns the Hendo says that “Hendo Hoverboard is evidence of a design concept created to capture the imagination of the consumer”

He added that the company’s boards are a work in progess, and that a beta version of the product, the Hendo 2.0 will adopt a similar design to that of a common skateboard to provide better usability.

What to say of the flying hoverboard

The skateboarder Tony Hawk tried directly with his legs the hoverboard produced by Hendo but this proved difficult to balance and maneuver, even for an experienced champion of his caliber.

“I arrived there with all the most incredible ideas about what you can do once sull’hoverboard putting us on the feet, but after the first few seconds I realized that all those dreams had been too ambitious and unrealistic,” wrote Tony Hawk .

“Marty McFly there would be very bad,” wrote Sam Sheffer instead, editor of The Verge, after another test ride.

The omni Hoverboard that does not resemble the one used in the film, it seems that instead comes closest by the time our expectations of futuristic hoverboard.

The Omni has realized that as a propellant batteries would not bring much lontanno, since they create a big weight problem. And then they decided to rely on the most common and reliable fuel: fuel.

“We were tired of having to do from time to time so small steps towards the perfect hoverboard, we then decided to abandon completely the batteries.”

They are currently working on a fuel-hoverboard model that will be able to function in a stable and safe for 25 minutes.

Looking perfect hoverboard

The others are entrusted to advances in electromagnetic technology.

The Hendo, that guarantees at the time autonomy of up to 15 minutes, can fluctuate only on metal surfaces that do not contain iron, while precipitates poorly to the ground on any other kind of material.

The Lexus model uses superconductors cooled by liquid nitrogen, but at the same time is ineffective if the under surface is not covered with magnets.

It will take many more years then, and we hope many advances in the field of energy propellants before you can have a perfectly usable hoverboard like that of our friend McFly.

For the moment let us be content of these much more human models, but no less fascinating and useful.

The history of the scooter, the father hoverboard

The ancestor hoverboard, scootering, born in the United States around the early years of ‘900, in a vortiginosa atmosphere for new ideas and avant-garde, the beginning of the fascinating short century. An age of gold for the lazy and idle of all species. It was called “scooter” and was reserved for children. Born from an idea as simple as it is innovative.

Younger brother of the bike, which at that time was living its best expression thanks to intellectuals who extolled the exploits and used it daily sfoggiandone also very eccentric models.

The initial prototype was a simple table with two wheels and a handlebar and, of course, the human thrust, on which was based locomotion.

The last chapter of the scooter story takes place in the British capital where public transport company is collecting information in order to submit the use of scooters in their services.

The modern scooter

The idea of ​​”Micro” is a Swiss entrepreneur, Win Ouboter, that in order to achieve its cafes of confidence, that provided the best cappuccino in the area, decided to take a cue from the classic scooter to create a medium that would allow him to reach the local non-fuel expenses.

Thus was born the modern version of the “scooter” American. Since that time gave rise to a real propra revolution of urban mobility concept. There was no need to rely on the car or the bike.

And the Micro became the new world trend.

The Swatch decided to fix a “micro” in every car in its line, and ordered 80,000 pieces per day in order to equip their cars. The year 2000 saw the final explosion of this small transport vehicle, and came out of other manufacturers brands such as Silverfly, who saw fit to equip the electric version of the micro reporters at the Venice Film Festival in Venice. It was born also the sport of scootering.

Clearly in such a market they could not fail to have their say Chinese manufacturers who began to produce very poor quality articles and to infest the shops of counterfeit products at very low prices. The 2002 turnover actually saw an incredible collapse.

however, continues to be an object with a great charm, which carries the memory of the years of the Belle Epoque of the century, in which the strength of the human thrust was the only thing needed to be able to enjoy a tour of the bohemian Paris.

That’s the new model.

In conclusion

You may not consider the hoverboard like any means of transport, it is logical. Do not replace your car, however, it is an excellent alternative slow so comfortable and meditative.

It allows you to go around slowly, without haste, enjoying the scenery and feeling the warmth of the sun and the wind rustling in the skin.

Pay attention to the rules of the road: it is true that in Italy and in the European Union use the hoverboard is prohibited by the Highway Code, but only as far as roadways or roads where motor vehicles circulate. In practice, you can not consider the hoverboard like a scooter or a car.

You can use it instead quietly in private spaces such as parking lots, residential parks, squares or courtyards and has tolerated the use on platforms, some as with skates and skateboards. Of course, despite the laziness, always is the rule of common sense and prudence, to avoid the risk of taking fines or invest some pedestrian.

We hope to heart that this guide was helpful to you, and wish you a good hoverboarding!


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