5 Best Humidifiers Ultrasound Effective Sani (Guide 2020) – Pro Cons

5 Best Humidifiers Ultrasound Effective Sani (Guide 2020) – Pro Cons

Hi, I am Antonella.

Many of you have heard of ultrasonic humidifiers, but you know exactly what they are and what are they for?

I have two small children and I have always been concerned about the quality of air breathed at home.

I always had the feeling that the one in my home for various structural reasons and the environment around it was very dry and hard to breathe, the real difference, however, I could only appreciate it by buying a humidifier.

5 Best Humidifiers Ultrasound Effective Sani (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons
5 Best Humidifiers Ultrasound Effective Sani (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons
5 Best Humidifiers Ultrasound Effective Sani (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

A dear friend the doctor has been able to advise the best ultrasonic humidifiers, exposing all the benefits that this technology has over traditional.

The time now is pretty much become an expert in this world, so I decided to write a guide with my opinions and reviews about all the best models on the market.

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The ultrasonic humidifiers are bad?

In most cases, ultrasonic humidifiers are safe and pose no risk to health.

The fact that generate ultrasonic frequencies are not dangerous for humans and do not constitute any danger to their health, not even for one of the smallest.

However, since it does not use heat to atomize the water, the water contaminants may be dispersed in the air and then respirati.La solution is simple, just use only distilled water and remember to clean the filter regularly.

The best ultrasonic humidifiers 2020

1. TaoTronics, my favorite

5 Best Humidifiers Ultrasound Effective Sani (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

Ultrasonic Humidifier TaoTronics Environment, Water purifier …

5 Best Humidifiers Ultrasound Effective Sani (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

PRO Silenziosissimo- Purify the air like no other model

The counter-tank tends to break away from the base when the displacement buttons are a little ‘uncomfortable

Here is the humidifier that currently use to my house and probably one of the best currently on the market. E ‘quiet and this peculiarity allows to use it at night in the room where the children sleep without any danger to wake them up.

I have two children with a very light sleeper and this device has helped me make healthier the room where they play and sleep without the risk of waking them up as they did with other models in the past.

He works in three different emission levels, it has a large tank that lasts for several hours, filter, and a very easy to read display and use.

One nice feature is the ionizer, but can be turned off at will.

This serves to load the air with negative ions that bind to particles of dust and make the deposit instead of keeping them in suspension, in this way you do not run the risk of respirarle, a good idea to improve even more the characteristics already traditional humidifier healthy.

If you put in night mode the blue light goes off as if by magic, this need not to disturb the sleep in a room that is used for sleeping, excellent option that I always use.

However, when the blue light is on, during the day, brings out the water level, in this way one can immediately see and check how much I miss the exhaustion of the latter and possibly prepare to replace it.

During the day’s activities does not feel absolutely no noise from this device, while during the night, if there is total silence, happen to feel a slight, almost inaudible hum, but I can assure you that does not bother anyone, it is something when you get used immediately and you arrive early not to hear it, because you know the constant noise and deaf that they feel during the day shall be forfeited by the mind as part of the silence of the surrounding substrate, up to blend in with this and not be noticeable.

The spout can be easily rotated 360 degrees in order to direct all the steam in the direction that you prefer.

E ‘can set a timer to turn off when people want, such as if you are preparing to leave the house you can program the end of the humidifier there a few hours operations, thus saving water and electricity.

The timer is easy to program and within seconds you will be in charge of its operation, even my husband who is technologically prevented (yes, I’m the nerd of the couple), is able to use it without any problem.

The consumption is limited and is felt from the outset an air moisture rise.

One thing I did not like about this product is that you set the desired humidity level, once that has been achieved within the room turns off automatically.

But I only that the level is slightly lower again to reactivate the humidifier, I would have preferred a greater tolerance, because that way you can always witness a real turn on and turn off continuously.

Clearly, as I said above it is a very quiet device that is not a problem, do not bother, though sometimes that attaches / detaches it seems a bit ‘senseless.

2. Philips Quality Air purifier and humidifier high-class

Philips HU4803 / 01 of Air Humidifier, NanoCloud Technology, …

PRO- Silenzioso- Auto Block to avoid polluting the air when the filter is from sostituire- Poor electrical consumption

Here we are in front of a huge quality product, with a futuristic design, perfect if we want to integrate it into the ultra-modern homes but which can be easily adapted to classical contexts, a real aesthetic wildcard.

The filtering technology is very advanced Vitashield IPS, 99.99% able to sanitize the air killing all the bacteria and viruses present. So this product is ideal for anyone living with elderly or small children.

Philips is a house that has given very great products in the past decades, and once again lives up to its crest, this fact humidifying device is equipped with an air quality sensor developed by the Japanese pharmaceutical company, which allows you to accurately monitor ‘ air with scientific precision.

E ‘quiet, almost no one realizes when in operation, especially during the day. The consumption is also very limited, traveling on night hours 30Watt.Nelle is also possible to place it in silent mode so as to be even less invasive and it can be used without problems in the rooms where you sleep. Very comfortable.

There is a very clever feature that alerts you when the filter must be replaced, and at that moment the air purifier functions will be automatically blocked, thus avoiding that the air cramming bacteria trapped in the filter.

Perfect for those who live in families where there are many suffering from various allergies elements.

Using this device everyday fact allergy symptoms tend to disappear over time or at least reduced in intensity. A real cure so.

The ignition can not be programmed, but in return there is a handy timer that will decide at which time must be shutdown.

Great for those who, for example, have to travel to work and wants to humidify the home environment, but it can not be near the device to turn it off in the finished work, just do the math and set the timer accordingly.

The maximum consumption is 60W, so there will impinge in any way on its electricity bill.

Another important feature is the possibility to indicate the concentration of PM in the air.

Simply place it by the window, once it has completed its natural cycle of cleaning the air throughout the course of the night, when it’s morning and you are going to open the windows the concentration of PM will rise, and then lower again once the window will be tightened.

It uses a unique advanced filter as the one inside the normalissimi conditioners at home, then simply wash it under water, there are also two additional filters that will instead be replaced entirely when dirty. But do not worry because it will alert you directly to the Philips.

The washable filter should be cleaned once a month, while the other two have an average duration of 6 months, then you will not face too much trouble to ensure 100% operation for years to come.

3. Levoit, small for small rooms

Levoit Humidifier Environment 1800ml, Diffuser Essential Oils …

PRO trasportabile- Small and Low Power Consumption

Counter can not humidify large rooms

This Levoit is a product of excellent construction, interesting design, good looking inside the house, not invasive.

Even this very quiet, in fact this guide the lowest common denominator that I have tried to follow was the lack of loud noise during use.

In the house during the night hours of absolute silence it happens from feeling a little noise, even at minimum speed, but nothing to stop you from sleeping or which may disturb the concentration.

Recall that the constant sounds are not annoying like impulse, think for example to the ticking of a clock in a room after a few hours that we live in will stop automatically feel it, and it will be like being in the presence of absolute silence.

Manca unfortunately maintaining in memory of the set speed when the device is turned off and then turned back on. When you turn it regardless of the speed set up before you ever start again from level 2.

It ‘a purifier and humidifier from the smaller size than the others.

It equipped with 3 filters and HEPA technology, capable of filtering nearly 100% of dust, harmful particles to the health, mold and smoke.

The power consumption is only 25W and the noise is less than 50dB.

Equipped as others of a comfortable night function, to lower the brightness of the LED and reduce in this way the light of the product inside the room.

The only flaw is that it can not be used in large rooms, it fails to cover large surfaces, a pity because otherwise it would be a great product.

The warranty is 2 years and is secured by Levoit quality of care.

4. Klarstein Stavanger with a diffuser aromas

Klarstein Stavanger humidifier and ultrasonic nebulizer …

The manual counter is not in Italian

This is the humidifier that uses my sister at home, the peculiarity of Klarstein Stavanger is a unique opportunity to use the aromas inside the diffuser, so as to spread the fragrance in the air we favored while at the same time it purifies the ‘ air. In fact, this humidifier is high-performance and is able to clean the air of germs, bacteria and molds up to 98.7%.

Feature-rich, the duration of the filters is remarkable, though of course in proportion to the hours when use shall understand.

The design is great, the device is very space-saving features, making it easy to position in any corner of our house. It integrates perfectly with the decor.

The Klarstein Stavanger comes in the sales kit a handy sachet aroma and a remote control to decide distance of your phone options, including timer, distance and speed.

The consumption is average, or 36W, however, relatively low compared to other household appliances, the noise level is also very limited.

The range is 25 square meters, and will be able to act in medium rooms.

Recommended for those looking for something different.

5. Breathe Fresh

PRO Ultra-low Categories Consumer Small size

Counter only in small areas Usable

A great alternative to leave the window open to change the fact aria.Con this system will be able to clean up his room in minutes.

The product Breathe Fresh is very quiet, although it tends to become noisier As the filter is dirty, then return silent once cleaned this.

The Breathe Fresh as Levoit is preferred for smaller rooms, or not excessively large, otherwise it will be impractical.

E ‘equipped with technology with negative ions, and allows the use of electrostatic capacity to block the dirt particles that should be alternatively breathe causing serious problems, especially in those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory diseases cable.

This device is also great for removing mildew in rooms, or unpleasant odors and various allergens.

It ‘also equipped to use the valuable technology to ultraviolet light, which allows you to fight all the viruses in the air, including germs and bacteria carriers of serious diseases.

As far as cleaning is recommended to clean the rod with a damp cloth and let then dry without intervening directly with other objects.

Eating is one of the lowest ever, in fact, we wander about 14W, unlike other models and brands but there is in this case needs no maintenance on filters, but only static rod, it will vacuumed to remove the residue of the ionization process.

The Pros and Cons of the ultrasonic humidifiers

With so many options it can be really difficult to decide which humidifier to buy for your home.

Some are traditional humidifiers others equipped with the latest technology.

Let’s start by saying that the cold humidifiers are much safer for your health than those hot, we will go together to find out exactly why.

Before purchasing a humidifier you will need to take into account all important factors related to the use of this device.

We are more interested in the price, the effectiveness or are living at home with children? Once narrows the list to suit your needs, it will be much more simple and straightforward to identify flick the right type of humidifier.

Humidifiers come in two broad categories: Hot and cold-humidifiers.

Both are designed to purify the air and increase the level of humidity, but the operating principle behind it is very different.

Let’s see now what are the advantages and disadvantages with regard to the hot and cold humidifiers.

Humidifiers Warm

This type of humidifier is designed to create a thin extracting it from water vapor heated.

Given that this type of humidifier works with hot water and not cold or at room temperature, may give rise to mold and bacteria to grow and develop in the inner parts of the humidifier itself.

This is the reason why hot humidifiers are considered by some the healthiest on the market.

They are also able to collect and use the valuable minerals taken from the warm water.

They can also work without replacing the filters.

A common type of hot humidifiers are those steam and vaporizers.

Vaporizers tend to be healthy because they can produce steam with less mineral than other humidifiers. Perfect for use during the winter.

Air humidifiers cold

The cold humidifiers are designed instead to disperse cold spray in the air.

The water vapor mist is released to the ambient temperature can increase the level of humidity in the house.

There are two types of cold humidifiers: evaporative and ultrasonic.

Both produce the same results but they work very differently.

For example, the evaporative humidifiers increase the humidity by means of the fan and an appropriate filter.

The water is kept in a reserve, a container in the shape of a bowl which flows in this filter, here is blown by the fan and transformed into a cold water vapor.

The ultrasonic humidifiers instead use the vibrating technology to break the water into small particles that are to form a dust.

Thanks to this system very advanced ultrasonic devices are much quieter than those in evaporation.

The minerals collected and released in ultrasonic humidifiers can be transformed into “white powder,” which can attach to the furniture casa.Questa dust is not harmful to the health and can be avoided by using distilled water.

The cold humidifiers are the perfect option for humidifying large parts of a house or building.

The cold humidifiers require less electricity to operate than those hot.

They are ok to use in homes with children, and not as dangerous as those freddo.Sono cheaper than hot ones because they do not require water-heating elements inside them.

They can be purchased in very small and portable versions.

When you are using humidifiers requiring a fan such as evaporative need to replace the filter regularly.

Both cold humidifiers that those hot require regular maintenance to ensure optimal use over time.

They may become slightly warm a room if it’s cold.

They tend to have to use a lot more electricity as they have to produce continuous heat.

They are not recommended in homes with children, because the water contained in them will tend to get to a near boiling temperature, which makes them a potential danger to children who might get burned if they decided to play with the device.

They require more maintenance than the humidifiers freddo.Nota: if you use a hot humidifier in a home where children are present it is advisable to fix it out of their reach, for example on to a closet, or in any case in a place very tall.

Given their hot jet can be uncomfortable in the summer, since it will tend to heat the room in which they operate.

When the fan is turned on the cold humidifiers tend instead to slightly cool the room in which are housed.

This could be a discriminating factor in deciding which type of humidifier to buy, if you in fact live in a cold climate, it might be ideal to buy hot humidifiers and vice versa. In Italy given the constantly mild climate except for a couple of months a year are definitely the most recommended ones cold.

The cold humidifiers are usually used by people with asthma or severe allergies. The purified air can make it much easier by these subjects inhaling air in a domestic setting.

Hot humidifiers can be used to soothe the symptoms of asthma and allergies. We must consider a very important thing, if you have never been to a sauna and this appeared to us very relaxed and comfortable, you might tend to prefer hot humidifiers because they are based on the same principle and can give a similar effect.

If, however, you tend to prefer a cooler environment and the sauna is not for us, because maybe makes us a headache and we tend to suffer even a little ‘low pressure, cold-humidifiers may be the ultimate choice suits our needs.

The hot humidifiers can be used as a sort of aerosol that is dispersed within the room, for this type of use it is best to consult your doctor.

Both types can help the symptoms of cough and flu, but they tend to be excellent also with regard to the treatment of congestion, this is one of the main reasons why you choose to use humidifiers in domestic contexts, not only in fact, these can make the experience much more healthy and breathable air, but they can be a tremendous help to our health.

How humidifiers?

The hot humidifiers can work producing virtually no noise, the majority of sounds coming from these devices will be the water that bubbles or the gurgling of this when it is prepared for the diffusion.

The hot humidifiers use of the elements to heat or boil the water contained inside them.

This process creates a vapor that is then released into the room, creating steam and raising in this way the degree of umidita.Alcuni models are sold with the absorption pad that capture and accumulate minerals were once the vapor is airborne.

The cold humidifiers instead work differently depending on the model and brand manufacturer.

Montano also different components, because the technology can be more varied and interpreted in a different manner depending on the company.

Some indeed mount a water valve connected to a pipe, while others will be equipped with fan.

Based on the evaporation humidifiers require a fan and a filter to produce steam, whereas the ultrasonic humidifiers utilize a vibrating technology that breaks the water particles in very small molecules.

The cold humidifiers are more popular than hot. This is because they offer a panorama of much broader options which goes to meet the needs of a kind of bigger audience.

There are also models that use depending on the need hot or cold water.

Tips to use the humidifier

In conclusion

There are many reasons for deciding to purchase a humidifier.

Whether you opt for a hot or a cold model, the decision to equip the home of such a device is a major step forward to improve their 360 degree lifestyle.

These items are good for producing clean air in any space, and anyone interested in the healthy way to breathe should consider their purchase.

Since two years ago I decided to buy one on Amazon I have never regretted this choice, I rather wonder why I did not get moving earlier to safeguard the health of my two children.

I hope this guide was helpful in choosing the best humidifier.


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