7 Best Intelligent Smart Plug Sockets (Guide 2020) – Pro Cons

7 Best Intelligent Smart Plug sockets (Guide 2020) – Pro Cons

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The guide to intelligent sockets (smart plug)

The intelligent sockets are devices able to connect directly to the internet wifi home network and be controlled by means of a convenient application for Android or iOS, deciding at what moment turn on or off the object or the appliance connected to them (or schedule them automatically following the scheduled times). Brilliant is not it?

E ‘for some years I have converted all the outlets in my home in smart homes remotely controllable outlets and I can assure you the convenience and savings are significant.

I calculated that compared to last year’s bills I saved something like 425 euro.

Sometimes technology can really make life much simpler and cheaper!

Buy an electrical outlet controlled remotely via wifi is definitely an investment that saves several euro during the year.

The first advantage that comes to mind is to be able to eliminate all consumption data from the state of stand-by of many appliances.

Did you know for example that the television when it is not really on but with the “red light” to continue to draw power a lot?

Home automation, ie the study of technologies to improve the quality of life at home and more generally in environments inhabited by man using the aid of highly intelligent electrical equipment, is helping the most technologically advanced nations to live more comfortably , Italy, as always, is inserted in this path a bit ‘late, but also in our homes we are beginning to see more and more often these futuristic devices.

The best electrical smart sockets also make it possible to continuously monitor the power consumption of the electrical objects related to them.

How you can use a Smart Plug WiFi?

To turn on and off lamps, outdoor lighting lights, water heaters, stoves, ovens, refrigerators, boilers, air conditioners, irrigation systems, washing machines, coffee makers, toaster, and any domestic appliance provided with on-off switch that requires a ‘ occasional use controllable time or distance, or dependent on the occurrence of a certain event.

Here are just some of the directions for use of the smart sockets, but it is obvious that with a little ‘imagination and ingenuity can be organized real futuristic and future synergies for dialogue between the same brand and not who may become disabled or activated in the event a certain predefined event, these are the basics of home automation, towards a future where all home appliances work together to give us a convenient and efficient.

With the IFTTT service (ifthisthenthat) that allows you to configure the future of a certain event a certain result can for example configure your irrigation system by connecting it to a housewife weather station and to start the irrigation are in the case it is not raining.

The possibilities are limitless and with a little ‘fantasy you can open up a world of fully automated homes. It ‘clear that if you want these smart sockets can be used in a normal way, simply turn on and off the device when you want a timer or if we were to find out.

The electrical outlets smart remote controlled support electric current up to 16A which also makes them perfect matched with very powerful products that receive a large supply of energy.

The sockets smart normally support German-type inputs, although there are certain models oriented to Italian 3-pin socket.

By means of the application you can program the operation of the socket according to the time for a predetermined time x per week, and organize different times based on each specific day of the week.

You can also set scenarios to make them interact with the same brand appliances.

If you plan ahead taking this in memory retains programming even if were to go down the WIFI.

In the case then you may want to bypass the app control it is possible to use the physical button present on the same socket.

Best Intelligent Smart Plug Socket 2020 – Guide, Reviews

TP-Link HS110 with consumption monitoring, compatible with Alexa

Here’s an interesting TP-Link socket sold in the monitoring of consumption mode, so perfect for those who want to be always alert and keep an eye on a particular fixture what is actually being levied on electricity consumption of our users.

It ‘easy to install, just connect it to the current, download the app “Kasa” and you will be ready to go, with the simple realization of an account.

It works with wifi network at 2.4 GHz.

When the green light becomes fixed means that the device is actually ready for use, and you can control it and keep an eye on the consumption through the appropriate app for Android or iOS.

The connection is optimized for never having swings, and no problem I had trouble controlling my TPLINK, not as happens sometimes with some bad Chinese took …

It ‘can turn on the lights in the house or in the garden floor lamps to simulate the presence of human in the house at scheduled times, an ancient but powerful framework to deter potential attackers.

My wife, for example, likes to use a TPLINK connected directly to the washing machine to get it started at a particular time.

Once installed SKILL TP-LINK Alexa inside the app, as you usually do, you should start your search for new devices, then it will set out our new smart socket, and you can assign a unique name for keep track of them, especially if we have many convenient smart appliances within our homes.

The measurement takes place in Watt and is extremely precise in real time. It can in this way to know in the course of time how much electricity is actually consuming the device connected to it.

From this moment onwards you will be able to drive it directly via voice commands, saying phrases such as “turn on Alexa washing machine outlet”, in the case where, for example, has been named “washing machine outlet” one in question.

The Hs 100 is a great product smart, one of the best smart outlets present at this time sull’affollatissimo smart device market ready to revolutionize our lives.

If a power failure the product can maintain the configuration, this is something to be reckoned with, as other competing products are unfortunately reconfigured each time it is a power outage at home.

The firmware is automatically updated.

I speak clearly, it is perhaps my favorite smart plug at the time, but it is clear that this is an evolving market that can happen from month to month some smart plug disappear from the market and come out the other much more advanced.

All in all for the time being a great product, I use 6 different home, do some ‘you.

7 Best Intelligent Smart Plug Sockets (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

Here is a smart plug small and compact, perfect for those who choose an optimal and intelligent solution without sacrificing space. Useful perhaps for those who intend to use it in special ostiche positions.

E ‘can control it via the Google Assistant and Home interfacciandola to Google, it works perfectly and does not give any kind of problem.

Perfect to be associated with for example the Christmas lights and impress their friends driving the colored lights of our tree or nativity scene with simple voice commands. You feel like a real Geni of the Lamp.

E ‘can clearly connect the jack to any device within the home, just pick even more than one and set up any type of “behavior” according to our needs, you can also configure the app IFTTT and only our imagination then becomes the real limit to the endless combinations that can be achieved.

You want the blender to turn on automatically when you send an email with a specific command to a specific e-mail address? You can.

You want the microwave is active when you put the car in the garage through the motion sensors that send a signal to a central Arduino? Child’s play.

E ‘can configure the smart plug in question via an app called “SmartLife” available as usual on both iOS and Android, and will be a game to interface the boys then to Alexa or Google Assistant.

But take heed that there will first need to connect the service “SmartLife” and then download the appropriate Skill “SmartLife”.

Caution, however, that is only available with Wifi modem to 2.4 Ghz, problems may arise with those 5GHz.

Meross, Smart Plug Compatible with Homekit, Alexa, Google and Home IFTTT

Here is a brand “minor”, but in reality it is very reliable and performs great.

Extremely easy to install, since instructions are included directly in Italian, so no time is wasted on unnecessary translations and various tribulations.

For the rest of the design it is excellent as all the features available.

E ‘can use the app directly used as a widget on your smartphone (app available for both iOS and Android), to have undergone full control of the socket and being able to turn on or off at will wherever you are.

It integrates seamlessly with Amazon so systems Alexa, Google and Assistant IFTTT.

Worth noting is the useful function Sunrise / Sunset that allows to set the switching on and off of the outlet depending on the light of dawn or sunset dark. Making it so interfaced directly to natural phenomena, regardless of time zones or seasonal.

Extremely reliable and functional, for he that keepeth the essentials and wants to enter the world of smart plug from the main door without spending a fortune.

D-Link DSP-W215, Home Smart Plug

D-Link has produced a gem of taking smart: the Home Smart Plug.

What stands out to the eye and makes the difference compared to the models of the competitors it is without doubt the presence of buttons and LED indicators on the same socket in order to facilitate the configuration operations and manual diagnosis.

There is also a WPS button to perform in a simple and quick coupling with the home router. There is a dedicated LED indicating connection status and to tell if everything is indeed progressing in the right direction without any problems.

Next to the pairing button that is intended to reset, to be pressed with a pin in order to quickly restore the device to factory settings and repeat if necessary the whole setup again in case there were problems. Perfect when it comes to having to put a patch and do not know where to start, it is often best to start from scratch.

You can also use the app to scan QRcode to connect the device.

After the setup may occur immediately through the app the state of the outlet and the live consumption, as well as the temperature of the device and access the SCHEDULE function to be able to set the activation times and off of the socket according to our wishes.

As is the case for other similar products, also this socket D-Link can be interfaced directly with other devices of the same brand, to have an integrated network of electrical appliances.

Again, you can monitor the consumption of the entire month creating a historian can refer to calmly in the future.

Programming time.

Creating scenarios and possibilities for integration in the family of objects home automation D-Link.

A negative aspect of this product is that in the case occurs a down current or wi-fi the plug does not resynchronizes automatically but will require a manual restart, secure an uncomfortable aspect to be considered if one imagines to spend long periods outside the home.

GangWang, economic intelligent socket

7 Best Intelligent Smart Plug Sockets (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

Here is a low-cost outlet for people wishing to enter the world of smart outlets in the front door without spending a ,, in fact the capital of this smart plug strength is undoubtedly the price.

The design is very reminiscent of the D-Link, but clearly the performance will not be the same, it is certain that at a price like that is not the best on the market, so in his band can be considered the best.

As the most expensive sockets allows an hourly programming, but unlike these lacks the programming of scenarios nor history realized consumption.

For those who do not have big claims this is sure the final choice, there are no major possibilities of customization but it does its duty very well, I head to the office and I can assure you it is a great product for the price at which it is sold.

The chances are slim but it does its job great, as always there is the possibility to control it either remotely or locally in the normal way, the timer is fully programmable, there is possibility to set the random power-up feature, this is very useful to simulate its presence in the home at random times of the day so as to discourage any thieves who believe that the house is constantly inhabited even though we maybe we are traveling or at work.

The app is easy to use, once you choose the device you want to configure the touch of a large button that functions as ON and OFF switch for the activation or deactivation of electricity on that particular socket smart.

Koogeek, works with Apple HomeKit

7 Best Intelligent Smart Plug Sockets (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

Koogeek, WiFi smart socket, works with Apple HomeKit, …

Koogeek is part of Apple’s HomeKit home automation system.

The socket is white, with instruction manual in Italian.

It allows to control, monitor and program the switching on and off of each device connected to it, you can use easily by means of Siri, the Apple system of voice control, or via the app Koogeek officer.

A distance may also determine whether the outlet is in use or not, and take a look at his consumption of energia.Tramite HomeKit can be controlled with Siri all devices connected to the socket.

They can be created custom scenes to control simultaneously multiple devices connected simultaneously.

The connection can be made at home on the network’s wireless 2.4 GHz or remotely with a HomeKit, protected with WPA or WPA2.

The power supply input is max 250V AC (50Hz), 10A.

The smart plug Kogeek is easy to configure and allow to have at his command an outlet to be able to check through apple devices.

E ‘clear that in case it is devoid of HomeKit home automation system is not a good idea to buy this smart plug socket, which is optimized for this system.

The HomeKit system is ideal if you are connecting to each other different Apple devices, then managed by Siri by voice command.

The Kogeek design is remarkable, white to blend in aesthetically with the Apple system canonical minimal design futuristic and elegant. The quality standard is high bill, with technologically advanced materials.

The Kogeek and logo is an LED illuminated to indicate it is also the side Wifi.Sul was a button for manual operation of the outlet.

Unfortunately 5G networks are not supported.

If it was not Apple users is better to focus on other and more performing products for Android users.

Belkin F5Z0489vf, set of LED bulbs

Belkin is a great brand, who pulled out of this WEMo series, a perfect toolkit for anyone wishing to make their own smart home through a highly advanced home automation system.

The devices of Belkem sold in Italy at the moment are not many, but undoubtedly in a few months the European catalog will expand becoming like the American one which is currently stocked and allows endless configurations crossed solutions between different devices. Surely a brand to watch if you want to get serious with their smart home.

The Belkim This is an excellent alternative to keep in mind, instead of a straight Koogeek of Apple system, because here we are dealing with a technologically flawless object that runs on Android systems and hence obviously compatible and running with the Apple world. This compatibility is not ensured by Koogeek, which only runs in the ecosystem of the apple.

It can be integrated easily with the voice system Google or Amazon Echo Home and possibly also with the fantastic Nest Thermostat, another home automation gem presented on ProContro pages.

It can dialogue with IFTTT platform and integrates seamlessly as in an ancient mosaic with WEMo and Belkin Components.

The design is the highlight of this model, since it is carefully designed and tries to run perfectly with the environment of the houses more stylish and technologically advanced, it has very rounded lines and the materials are of a quality that surprises to the touch and lets imagine a great job of design engineering. In the upper part of the device it is also present a very handy manual control button, great idea to optimize its use.

Even a child can configure this item in a few minutes, with the help of the Android and iOS WEMo, recognition on the wifi network is fully automatic and takes just a few seconds, you enter a password when you assign an alias device and you’re ready to go.

The functions are solit of a high-level smart plugs, and will not leave anyone disappointed.

There is a timer in order to regulate the switch at any time is desired, the local control device, the keybronz interface, the creation of scenarios, the ability to monitor the consumption of the electricity grid and redarre in a fully automatic manner a historian with monthly usage statistics.

Hard to believe that something so small it has so many features.

Do not forget the Amazon Echo support and Google Home.

The app also gives us the possibility never seen before to assign to each individual device that possess an icon to identify the different equipment is connected, for example, we can choose the design of a lamp, a furnace, etc. and assign precise rules of ignition basing on and off time configuration.

Smart Plug TP-Link HS110

The TP-Link launches a real bomb that perhaps forever revolutionize the smart plug sockets market.

The model in question is the HS110, has passed water under the bridge from the realization years ago the first model ever intelligent socket, all this time has served to refine techniques and amazing technologies that are now condensed within this device.

The upgrade from the previous model HS100 we certainly hear, because in addition to all the functions of the ancestor, already highly evolved, we also have available this time a fine of energy consumption analysis system.

The design is shocking, the ergonomic rounded shapes, with buttons placed exactly where we would like, there is no burr as far as the aesthetic side of this TP-Link HS110.

Remember in some ways the D-Link, but is certainly higher, in particular as regards the stability and speed of the connection and the total and complete customization app.

Broadlink SP3 Contros, best value for money

It can be used conveniently in combination with Broadlink RM Pro and Broadlink A1.

Months ago it was available only purchased by Chinese retailers, but now it is finally here on amazon Italy, and there is no reason to ignore it because maybe we are facing the best smart taken as value for money.

Broadlink SP3 has an application called e-Control, available for Android and iOS, but you can alternatively install Intelligent Home Center, a great pair they recommend no doubt because the latter compatible with Alexa.

The socket does not have the central hole because it is the classic German attack, unfortunately, unlike the other reviewed in this list is not equipped with IFTTT support, so you can not put it in sympathetic chains of if this then That designed by us.

There is not even the monitoring of consumption with respect to the power grid, it is not manageable with HomeKit nor Google Home. Let’s say that compatibility is not the strong point of this object, but first I wanted to list the negative aspects to better show the positive ones.

Andiamoli to see together.

The limitations listed above may deter those interested in buying this Broadlink SP3 Contros but in reality not everyone needs a smart socket constantly connected to all home automation objects, and in that the device in question is the optimal solution. If you are fanatics of minimal solutions and do not love unnecessarily complicate their lives could be in front of the product that really suits you.

Considering also that Echo products such as Amazon, Google and Samsung Home SmartThing on closer inspection are not exactly available and supported 100% in Italy.

It ‘clear that if a device to be interested in the future alongside complex home automation networks this definitely will not do for you, in this case, better to focus on other more comprehensive products.

In case you want to try to bypass this problem, you can use third party apps like Tasker or Broadlink RM.

Configure SP3 Contros is simple, let’s see together step by step how to do it in detail.

First, it is wise to install the app, and Android or iOS-Control.

Then connect our devices to an electrical outlet, if it’s alright at this point we will see the blue LED blinking frantically.

At this point there is to open the apps previously downloaded and click the plus symbol, in this way you can add our device, choose a secure password, it is important not to be superficial in this step because we have to be very careful as on the safety of devices that will act directly inside of our house, but if we take the trouble to choose a fairly long alphanumeric password there will not problemi.Si then press “configure”.

The blue LED starts to flash at a clearly slower pace, once so associated Broadlink SP3, our small light will remain fixed, to show us that everything is fine and we can start with the actual configuration.

Right now the app, the main part of our e-Control you can see a fresh new icon that says pat SmartPlug, just premerci up to 100% administer our Broadlink Sp3.

instead of clicking on the gear icon will open once the configuration page where you can very easily rename the plug and change the icon, enable push notifications, update the firmware, set the timer, lock the device, set the Day Saving Time and treat all details to set the most of our experience of taking smart.

In conclusion

In a world that is increasingly tecnologizza more, a smart plug is a must.

I did not wait long before you to switch completely all taken home. The advantage I noticed it right away.

As I explained above, the first data remarkable is the one related to electricity bills, which have suffered a cut nothing short of amazing.

Then there’s the comfort speech, which makes these simply took fantastic.

I seem to live in one of those futuristic movies where everything is controlled remotely or simply automated.

The future is here and it is great to live large!


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