3 Best Laser Hair Removal In 2020? (Review Staff) – Pro Cons

3 Best Laser Hair removal in 2020? (Review Staff) – Pro Cons

You too stubborn and ugly hairs that do not want it to fall?

Have you tried the hair removal pulsed with poor results?

The laser epilators are not the same thing as pulsed light epilators.

I had bought an epilator IPL last year, but could not get rid of some ugly and blacks Pelacci legs.

Then I discovered the laser hair removal at home, thanks to my friend Michele experienced dermatologist. And now I’ve become an expert!

3 Best Laser Hair Removal In 2020? (Review Staff) - Pro Cons
3 Best Laser Hair Removal In 2020? (Review Staff) - Pro Cons
3 Best Laser Hair Removal In 2020? (Review Staff) - Pro Cons

The pulsed light epilators are less powerful, but act on larger areas, while those more focused laser cone. He thinks that the laser epilators focus its beam in an area of ​​a few square millimeters, while for those pulsed light is passed directly to square centimeters. Quite a difference!

Certainly do not forget to talk. Follow me, and let’s find out all the secrets of epilation.

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The guide laser epilators

Home-epilators in recent years have made great strides.

Do not expect miracles though.

We need a constant intervention with several sessions to gradually witness the weakening of the hair until you have a reduction of approximately 75-80% of these. It usually takes about three months.

Some who do not obtain satisfactory results with the epilator IPL laser epilation are going well.

Just what it has happened to me.

It also depends on the constitution of one’s skin, sometimes what works for some does not work for others, and vice versa.

Normally, the laser hair removal is more concentrated than the pulsed, acts on smaller portions of the skin gathering energy, and it is best to pull off the most resistant hair and dark.

If you are interested / a to rather pulsed light epilators click here to go to the other article of the site.

Best to avoid laser hair removal if you have many moles on the skin, if you are tanned or if the skin presents wounds, abrasions or if in general is damaged. then prefer the cold months of the year for treatment.

Laser hair removal works?

The laser hair removal is one of the most effective techniques existing at this moment on the market, because it acts directly on the hair follicle by projecting a laser beam which is to directly heat the place from which the hair is born.

If you make a number of regular sessions with patience and proceed quietly, the results are there, what happened to me is that the hairs in the passing of months began to fall, and now I have a virtually perfect skin, ready for the summer.

But the hair removal is never to be treated superficially, before undergoing a laser treatment is best to read the tips listed below.

Laser hair removal how to prepare

Before starting with the laser hair removal it is good to treat their skin by means of a very thorough scrub.

There are different types of scrubs, depending on your skin type, but do not be afraid in the end are all relatively good.

And you can also make at home, without having to buy them!

Laser hair removal dangers and contraindications

It must say something important about laser hair removal.

Unlike other types of superficial hair removal this fact does not work on hair, but only on thick and pigmented hairs.

Indeed even the greater the size of the hair, the stronger its pigment, that is its dark color, the more effective the action of the epilator.

Therefore it is clear that this type of hair removal is recommended on areas such as the groin, armpits and legs, where we can find thicker body areas and black.

Laser hair removal does not work on blonde, white hair, red or discolored, that the hairs that do not contain melanin.

In principle, however, it is recommended not to expose the skin to the sun immediately after it has performed the treatment. Ideally it would be better to carry out the process during the winter, when the solar power is lower and there is less risk.

It ‘s always better anyway to go with feet of lead and not running futile risks, take things slowly and treat first a small part of the skin of our body, rarely exposed to sunlight, and first check what is the’ epilation laser effect on this part, before proceeding to a full treatment.

It ‘still best to avoid using the laser if you have a black or mestizo skin, because you run the risk of depigmentarla!

If disponiate many moles on your skin it is better to think twice before making such treatment, since there is to be very careful and need for protection of these before you begin.

Pregnant women can do laser hair removal, also should be avoided because the skin when you are pregnant is much more sensitive than usual, and it is likely that the hair removal can become annoying.

Common sense also suggests avoiding laser treatment when the skin is irritated or sunburned.

As I said it is better to start in winter or autumn, when it comes to hair removal, and thus be ready for the summer for the infamous swimsuit season!

If we compare the laser hair removal with other methods, this definitely will win as far as the “pain factor”, it is much less evil of fearsome waxing or electric epilator, which when used in incorrectly ago scream like never !

Although basically does not produce pain, some people with sensitive skin may get aches and tingling.

Since it is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis laser treatment itself does not pose richi on our skin, but it is always best to avoid exposing it to direct sunlight immediately after, because the fabric of private skin of his protection and stressed the operation becomes Laser sensitive for a certain period of time exposing the skin to risks.

Normally we do not recommend laser hair removal to those with little contrast between the color of the hair and the skin.

For example if you have light hair on very light skin, dark hair or vice versa on dark complexion there are risks of depigmentation.

Best to avoid if there is hirsutism and hypertrichosis secondary to hormonal dysfunctions.

The laser hair removal is not indicated in the course of oral corticosteroid therapy with high-dose antibiotics, hormone replacement treatments, immunosuppressive drugs and other photosensitizers (such as isotretinoin for acne): the risk is to cause the onset of skin spots or produce only a temporary effect of the decrease of hair.

Laser or IPL?

The primary difference between the epilator laser and the pulsed light is that the laser hair removal is much safer when you go then to expose to the sun the treated part.

The pulsed light apparatus operating by means of a xenon lamp, which operates broad spectrum and can operate at different depths within the skin, and can also be used for this solar to remove stains and freckles.

While those laser acting on more limited than the skin segments and essentially in a single mode, producing a bright monochrome and uniform radius. This makes them more effective in small areas but on more resistant hair.

Some get better results with laser hair removal, others with pulsed light. Seeing is believing.

The laser epilators unlike those pulsed light, are based on an amplitude of more limited and controlled action, or even more concentrated at the same time.

This makes them less suitable, however, the action on large parts of the body such as thighs and calves. In these parts it is longer than the process of epilation.

The basic principle is essentially very similar, but they operate different wavelengths.

Both emit a pulse of light that penetrates the skin of our skin, and goes to directly attack the hair follicle using the right amount of heat.

Basically the operation is very similar, in fact, both the pulsed light that the laser making use of a light source that emits hot pulses of energy ranging to act directly on the follicle.

The hair removal pulsed light is a newer technology than the laser.

The word LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The pulsed light devices exploit the IPL technology, which stands for Intense Pulsed Light. In this case they exploit flashes of light that provide performance similar to that of laser technology.

Sometimes the difference is found to the quality of our skin.

Namely there are skins which favor the laser treatment and other rather than pulsed light.

The laser hair removal tends to be more suitable for those with darker skin because it has a low affinity with melanin, the pigment that colors our skin.

The hair removal pulsed light instead is more versatile and can adapt to most skin types.

The devices that are on the market have a version “mignon” and reduced to those available in larger centers.

The best epilators Laser 2020 Reviews opinions

1. Beurer Tria LAS 100 SalonExpert, my favorite

The Beurer is the Tria laser hair remover that accompanies me now for two years now.

I am fine there.

It does its job very well, but at first you must first take a little ‘confidence.

The results are encouraging from the very first session, you will see the disappearance of axillary hair and belly.

I use it to the maximum intensity, which is very effective, although to tell the truth a bit ‘painful, I happen to try some tickle, but it is normal, nothing to worry about.

E ‘equipped with a decidedly silent cooling fan, which does not hurt, because personally hate noisy equipment.

The light spectrum corresponds to that of the diode laser. This device is suitable for all skin types I through IV and black hair, brown and dark blond.

Better to avoid the other hand if you have red or white blond hair.

The Beuer Tria is perfect for small parts of the body, such as, mustache, armpits, or groin.

E ‘with 5 levels of intensity, depending on our needs. A higher level of power obviously corresponds more effectively, understand your skin can tolerate and how intensively used one, this is my advice, I prefer as I wrote directly above the maximum intensity because it gives the best results.

The Beurer Tria SalonExpert LAS 100 is equipped with a handy LCD display, on which it is possible to control all the information useful for our hair removal, such as the state of charge, and in the mode of action at that precise moment.

The pulses are delivered directly automatically by the device, as soon as it perceives the contact with the skin, so there will be no need to press any button does it all.

With a warning beep the Beurer avverita dell’avvenuta issue.

In my opinion is the best epilator available at this time on the market, personally I have found something better and even my friend dermatologist Michael assured me that is the best home alternative to professional laser treatment done in large centers.

2. Beurer Tria LAS Precision 50, the favorite for my sister

3 Best Laser Hair Removal In 2020? (Review Staff) - Pro Cons

THE 50 Epilatore Beurer Tria Laser

Here’s another interesting product of Beurer, I gave it to my sister Cynthia for her birthday, and it was she who help me write this review …

The Beurer Tria LAS 50 is a very good product to try for those who have already tested the hair removal pulsed light with little success, in fact, was the case of Cynthia, I think because of my gift and my stubbornness.

Now it is a “converted” to the laser world and says it will never come back.

E ‘small, easy to hold and easy to handle.

More powerful safe than IPL, it was the strength concentrated to convince my sister and surprise results that you can actually reach home without necessarily having to go to a center for professional hair removal.

From the first use Cynthia sensed a radical decrease of the most resistant hair that was struggling to pull away with other types of hair removal.

Just these began to fall immediately in the days following the first treatment.

Sometimes you have to try to pull them off with the tweezers to get them to actually fall, but most of the work is now done.

Cynthia is very satisfied and I recommended it.

3. Rio Epilatore Scanning Laser X20

3 Best Laser Hair Removal In 2020? (Review Staff) - Pro Cons

Here’s another product, even if not with great performance as the previous two Beurer, but still effective for the price at which it is sold.

The device has some limitations, for example, is a bit ‘slow action but all in all with you can complain if you want to spend less and jump into the world of laser hair removal from the main door.

The amplitude of the laser window is 9 mm²,

Recommended for removing hair in the smallest parts of the body, without exaggeration.

I advise you honestly spend a few euro more and buy one of the other products listed above, but if you can not make an investment like the Rio Salon can be a temporary before moving on to a more challenging model.

The intensity levels are selectable 5, adjustable by means of the plus and minus keys.

Featuring two modes of treatment, the first aimed at individual follicles, for a surgical precision, the other 20 attacks follicles at a time, to speed up the action.

In the Rio Salon package is a DVD which explains through some good videos all the steps to a perfect treatment.

Male Hair Removal Laser

The permanent reduction of unwanted hair is without a doubt the trend of recent years, both among men than among women.

Let’s face it: the male hair removal which seem fashionable.

Although I personally am not a fan of this trend, I see more and more men try to have a hairless body to be submitted in the sea, perhaps to highlight the muscles.

I always have a lot more male friends who ask me straight in order to make effective hair removal at home, because it might bring shame or fear to go in specialized centers.

E ‘for men that I thought of writing this guide, it is time that you make it clear to the world of laser epilators and explain once and for all the difference between these models and pulsed light.

The laser lamps do not emit a flash such as pulsed light, because they aim directly to the hair bulb, without acting on neighboring tissues.

First thing is of paramount importances very carefully evaluate the performance that can give us over time a laser hair removal, and to do that is to look at carefully on the box what is indicated as regards the light fluence and wavelength on which the device acts.

But not panic, let’s figure out together what these two parameters.

The laser lamps unlike those pulsed light produce concentrates rays traveling on a single wavelength.

We speak here of the diode laser.

For this reason all home laser can only act effectively on skin types not overly dark, if you have the really dark skin is always better to go directly to a specialist center.

It ‘s easier and faster to complete a course of treatment with the laser than the pulsed light. In fact it speaks of only three months, compared with 4-6 other method.

But we do not delude themselves clearly, because as we said it depends from person to person, and especially the treated skin type in this case. The stronger the contrast between the color of the skin and the hair, the better your chances of success: when the hairs are very dark and very light skin, in fact, the laser will be able to hit with more precision and foresight melanin content to ‘interior of the hair bulb.

It is worth repeating, as I have written before in this guide, that laser epilators are not very effective on blond hair, clear, red or white.

Inevitably we can not disregard the surface treatment of our precious ally to reinvigorate our skin with a new beauty patina.

The surface of the lamp that will rest on our body to act directly on the follicles. Since this depends directly and without a doubt in a totally proportional, the skin surface that we’re going to deal with.

It seems complex text and maybe too technical, but I can assure you it is much simpler than it appears, and that with a little ‘tricks and attention, just only read for a few minutes carefully the instructions inside the box to make account of how easy it is to use a laser hair remover.

Even un’imbranata like me is able to easily hold it and to serve its own purposes.

More power is high, the action is more selective and focused on only a few hairs, the easier it is to defeat the enemies of our beauty: that those ugly blacks Pelacci disgusting that so pollute our bodies.

I believe that if there is something in life that I hate, it is precisely the imperfections of the skin.

The laser epilators have rarely treatment surfaces greater than 10 mm², while the pulsed light arrive safely at 3 or 7 square centimeters, you will see that between millimeters and centimeters there is a difference, and it’s not hard to imagine that an object focused on a surface of millimeters to act in a manner much more intensive than one that must cover whole centimeters.

Then there is a further difference to do, and that is between the models conceived and designed for the larger body areas, such as the back, chest and legs, and those rather small and delicate here, that link to smaller parties such as the facial contour or armpits.

The larger the surface on which the epilator can act, the faster you finish the treatment.

In fact, the epilator pulsed light is much faster than the laser to cover large areas of the body, in contrast employs more sessions, more repeated treatments over time in the course of months to be effective.

I will repeat once again because it does not cost anything but above all know that you are Duretti on the uptake: the laser acts on small areas, but it is much more intense and effective for what concerns the incorrigible hair that seems to resist everything and do not want to know anything of falling down.

The ideal according to me is in fact possess both types of epilator, so that they can alternate.

In addition, laser epilators is not possible to easily replace the lamp inside, once the pulses of this will be completed, it must be present to the imperative need to buy a new epilator, but given their relatively low cost and their durability in years I do not think there is to worry about it.

What are the basic functions of a laser hair remover?

Let’s find out together without getting lost in chatter.

First thing is essential to check that the product that we are going to buy is equipped with a knob of intensity selection, sometimes this is a simple switch or a button. It will allow it to select your own skin type and do no wrong, even for example if you decide to share the epilator among several people of the same family. Why not.

The laser epilators allow you to select between different types of treatment, not stopping at a. Certainly not a commodity to overshadow if you decide to enter the world of epilation male and female from the main door.

In recent years, in fact, many men are giving in to the lure of epilation, it has become increasingly easy to shape the body at will, and the film industry for adults has made it essential to adapt the body to the new demands of the modern world. That does not tolerate watching even a small hair on the body, it is male or female, actors or ordinary people.

Very often epilators are equipped with acoustic signals to highlight to the user that are actually in operation. It may happen that some equipped with leathery skin are not aware that the unit is in operation, because as we said only those with sensitive skin will feel the tingling, the other barely warn laser action.

Certainly good news for the less tolerant to pain.

The Auto Power Off function is certainly a step forward that has had starring the electronic tools made in recent years.

How many times in the past happened to leave the room and come back feeling the appliance still remembering function of having been so careless by leaving it on?

But there’s more to worry about now that the manufacturers have managed to find a good solution to this perennial problem.

In fact, after twenty or thirty minutes of use the epilator course will switch itself off, allowing us to sleep soundly.

The laser epilators for domestic use are generally equipped with systems and security sensors that enable it to perform the treatment without risks. Here, let us see what are the most common:

Structure and Power

Pets laser epilators currently on the market can be distinguished according to their structural characteristics and for the type of power supply.

In terms of structure, it is possible to identify two main types of laser epilator:

In conclusion

When it has to do with the health of our bodies and our skin is good not to be superficial and broach the subject with utmost seriousness.

We know very well how dangerous diseases of the skin, skin cancer is one of the most feared and ruthless world.

For especially guilty of pollution in recent decades we have seen an increase of this kind of disease, since the sun’s UV rays get stronger and stronger on our skin, putting it at risk.

And ‘why the experts are scrambling to reiterate the importance of sunscreen when exposed to direct sunlight, even if you have a very dark skin. There is no excuse in these cases, especially if you have young children or teenagers, it’s always good to impart education in this way, so that in time they will learn to take care of their own skin.

Having said that the wonders of laser hair removal is certainly part of what makes this great world, now we have such power over our bodies, to shape it as best we like, that there is really no reason not to also act on the evil hairs bearing ugly blemishes on our skin.

I want a perfect body, this is my personal battle.

Being beautiful, appear on instagram like a queen, everything else counts for little.

But do not confuse these words lightly, before the beauty in my personal scale of values ​​come before family and friends.

I love my children and my parents more than anything else in the world.

That said, please always refer to the advice contained in my guides, which are the result of hard work and the advice of my friends experts in various fields, to draft this particular article I relied on valuable knowledge of my friend Michele osteopath and known nationally renowned dermatologist.

I hope that my words will have been helpful and that you can choose the best your personal way to go in the fascinating world of epilation.


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