5 Best Mattress World 2020 (Definitive Guide) – Pro Cons

5 Best Mattress World 2020 (Definitive Guide) – Pro Cons

You will surely agree when I say:

Sleep is essential. And do it in the best way is even more important because it helps us to rest well and to face the top even the most busy day!

Would you buy a new mattress, but you are afraid of making mistakes?

Suffer the cervical and never find a bed suitable and comfortable for your sleep? You can start watching this video will give you tips on how to choose the best mattress.

Last year I found myself in the same situation; I had reached the point of not being able to find sleep in any way. It was a hell of pain, headache, pain and insomnia.

And one day my friend Simone told me about this mattress, after a chat over coffee at the bar. He had had the same problems and had noticed my deep dark circles …

After I consulted with my doctor, I decided to buy the mattress in the box below. I’ve pretty much solved my problems and rediscovered what it meant to “Sleep Well”:

5 Best Mattress World 2020 (Definitive Guide) - Pro Cons

To say that I am fine there is obvious.

Now, fresh in body and mind, I can share with you all that I have discovered in recent months about the mattresses, how to place the best, how to clean them. I’ll even give my advice to help you choose well, before proceeding to the reviews.

I asked other friends of Pro Against write reviews on their mattress, and came up with this beautiful guide I received many emails of congratulations in recent months.

The ultimate guide to the mattresses

How high should be placed the mattress?

The network should not in fact be lower than 35 cm, reaching to 40 centimeters for a more-than-optimal security. Even the height of the mattress has its importance: the major manufacturers estimate that the proper height between mattress and together should be about 60 cm.

Consequently a good level mattress will be high between 20 and 28 centimeters, regardless of whether they arrive via vacuum packed or not. Distinguishing between several specific cases, including the consistency of the mattress is a valid variable for our choice: a softer mattress will deform faster than a more rigid and, unlike the latter, so it will need this in a network and a structure in its highest overall to better withstand over time.

Unlike what we are used to watching TV series and Asian films, we can see that the sleep education is very different: the structures that make up the bed are very low, almost razed to the floor, with legs nonexistent or very low and the height of the side of the bed varies from 20 to 30 centimeters. Usually the floors on which they are resting consist of wood panels.

Still another is the relative height to the American standard: we talk about the extent of the side of the bed ranging from 0.80 meters to 1 meter.

Construction of this type should remember the freedom of the Wild West, which was characterized by wooden structures raised from the floor and the possibility of gaurdare through large windows the landscape outside.

Regardless of the tips we can get, in ordinary life that is comfortable for one person, another person may not. In the beds market and all its components, the relativity is the host, bringing what is extraordinary in the same plane of the ordinary.

The personal problems of any kind, influencing the choice regarding the purchase permanently, as well as cultural practices.

Taking into account any allergies, the motor skills a personal level and the cleaning ability to sanitize the area below the bed, these tips represent only a starting point from which to build this project and in order to avoid the consequences of errors would really love and unpleasant.

We must, in conclusion, take care of yourself and your resting, looking for the best solution for the quality of their sleep is not questioned and European standards described above, are used to give a proper directive in this regard.

How to clean the mattress? (How to disinfect it)

The mattress used quotidinamente, needs practices related to clean it at least twice a year, preferably at the change of seasons (summer / winter). Before any more or less liquid solution with which to treat it, remember that the mattress is exposed to the sun and dusted well. Now let us see some methods to wash the mattress.

By using the steam, the mattress is moistened and deprived of excess powder, which always follows the operation of dab with a dry microfiber cloth to ensure it does not give you excess moisture.

For stubborn stains such as blood, rub the simple hydrogen peroxide, will serve to eliminate traces and odors, as long as you try in a corner of the mattress, because in some cases it may discolor.

For stains such as those of the trick or coffee, termination seems to be a mixture of warm water, lemon and vinegar, to be sprayed on the surface, remembering later to dry the excess moisture.

For the annual sanitation of the mattress, we must instead rub two or three handfuls of bicarbonate on its entire surface, let sit for about ten minutes and then remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner or aspirabriciole appropriate. The operation, to be effective, must be repeated for both sides of the mattress.

In This eliminates mites and germs that during the year have accumulated in our sleeping area.

It happens to anyone with children at home, these overnight unable to hold back and do bedwetting.

If the ancient remedy of the plastic cover did not give Its fruits, fortunately there are other ways to remedy the problem: ammonia, which is sprayed or rubbed on a cloth, provided that previously was used a paper towel to the liquid in excess; After thoroughly cleaning the area with ammonia, the mattress should be placed in a ventilated and sunny place; hydrogen peroxide or a water and bicarbonate solutions are still valid; use some drop of detergent for washing machine is a quite popular remedy; or are commercially available products suitable for this type of problem, are sprays containing substances that neutralize stains and bacterial load that derives from it.

If the advice “Grandma” that we have been able to provide, are not sufficient seemed, it is important to remember that there are companies that specialize in cleaning and mattress cleaning. The most popular methods of these companies are mainly of two types:

1) ozone, which is a gas that is found in nature and that, after being released becomes oxygen, then not releasing tracks, is used for its extensive quality disinfectants and antioxidants, since it is able to destroy and eliminate any elements such as viruses, mites, insects, spores, mold or any other harmful thing for the human being;

2) the water, which together with specific detergents, fulfills its function of cleaning with the help of industrially advanced machinery capable of eliminating bacteria and mites and perform preventive treatments that last a certain period of time.

Study the increasingly advanced methods to sanitize the most of the mattress, it is the task of the research areas of the same companies, providing both their experience, both the latest data, obtained from its ongoing research, are a mainstay in world of cleaning.

It is quite obvious that a mattress that has never been sanitized is an apartment building mites, viruses, bacteria and probably insects. From here derive allergies with skin rashes or allergies with respiratory consequences.

Besides the bad smell that might arise, sleep on a dirty mattress does not facilitate sleep at all: there are studies that show that the more comforting environment for a good rest, in addition to being silent, is to be delicately scented, to sleep.

It therefore seems clear that the work of Annual disinfection of the mattress has a duty to maintain a minimum standard of hygiene in the home.

Whether they choose natural remedies, or you prefer to outsource to specialized companies, work to clean the mattress is recommended and does not allow the proliferation of physical consequences that could be very harmful for the human being.

That mattress used for back pain? for scoliosis? for those suffering from cervical?

5 Best Mattress World 2020 (Definitive Guide) - Pro Cons

The mattress is an object such as to be able to help those who have difficulty in motor skills: choose the right mattress in these circumstances ensures the perfect position of the body during the rest, so that any problems are trattatate correctly.

But there are other categories of people, commonplace in Italy and the world in general, without necessarily having serious past problems, they need to take care of choosing the proper mattress out particularly carefully and it is to them that this article is addressed.

The pains in the back, also certainly annoying in discontinuous cases, are usually data from the continuous processing and proper little of the back muscles in fact, due to a heavy work, or excessive physical effort, or too much of a sedentary lifestyle.

The fact is that, whatever the reason, in the lives of those who have back pain, choosing the right mattress for the night, should be seen as applying the right medicine: become crucial, in fact, for those who suffer, search an effective remedy to their problem.

The memory foam mattress is in this sense a valid solution: not to be too hard and therefore without exerting pressure points or blood accumulations in targeted areas; without being too soft and therefore without affecting the position in an unnatural way during sleep; The memory foam mattress reaches the right balance for most of the problems associated with back pain.

This mattress has the ability to adapt to the natural curves of the body during the night and this is the way that, in any position you sleep, the weight is equally distributed on the spine and muscles work as it should without efforts.

Scoliosis is a disease of the spine, which in its symptomatology, it is quite annoying: the curvature of the spine assumes a shape “S” and may be genetic or linked to other genetic diseases (eg spina bifida).

In quesyo context it is no doubt that the choice of the right mattress is appropriate and will be treated on a case by case, in order to ensure greater comfort to the consumer.

Depending on whether a subject is more or less heavy, it is recommended that the mattress is more or less solid: for a greater weight serves a greater stability then a thickness of the mattress and a stiffness that is greater with respect to a more petite person.

Once analyzed weight and costulituzione, you can decide whether to opt for a memory foam mattress or a more structured. Depending on the positions taken during the night, it is important to assess whether a mattress that fits completely to his spine is the right one, because, at times, could be just to all those who once created their own “pit” on the mattress they can make it hard to get out.

It also reminds us that just as important is the number of pillows to use: in the case of scoliosis serves more you use, the better.

Whether because of a right rest, a blow air, a wrong move, stress or a sedentary lifestyle, the pain and discomfort associated with cervical is one of the most common and widespread diseases.

Headache, stiff neck, shoulder pain and in certain cases the symptoms are dizziness, after proper diagnosis, force us to try to preserve this part of the body for the rest of life.

Choose the mattress should be, again, it has its why. The proper rest for those suffering from cervical is fundamental, given that most of the symptoms are related to the right horizontal position of the body. Here we consider how to remedy a particular type of mattress more: that has reference areas of the body other than between them.

It is in fact sufferers quite logical that, of these pathologies, needs softer surfaces for the base of the neck, the head and the shoulder, but it needs the harder ones for the rest of the body that would otherwise end up lower sinking of head, forcing it to an incorrect folding.

The mattress in different areas, is composed of several bands, related precisely to the various areas of the body, which give the possibility to the consumer not to put pressure on points not corrected for his specific case.

Whether it’s a memory foam, or one to diversified groups, one or more disk to a larger body weight, your mattress should be chosen with care and in light of any diseases.

Guidance from experts in this area, they will try the best and curative solution for any kind of physical need. And the mind after a good night’s rest, he will benefit for sure.

Best mattress 2020 DEFINITIVE GUIDE (Reviews, Reviews)

Double Memory Mattress 160 × 19, a mattress that allows you to sleep really well, top range.

You know when you wake up during the night because your back tends to be stiff, almost locked, and be able to take again sleep becomes a kind of mission impossible?

Well I’ve had to deal with for a long time this kind of situation, that I was literally driving me crazy: I suffer from a disorder in the neck and an unsuitable mattress did nothing but worsen the situation.

On the advice of my brother, who has used the same model, I decided to buy this mattress and I can say easily than ever choice is better suited to my needs.

For the first time I could sleep in a sweet, since the special layer of the mattress has actually allowed me to have massaged her back, which I did not think was possible.

The mattress form allowed me to remain quite satisfied and in addition I also realized that, although I may not light, this model has proven able to respond to my needs since the memory foarm feature has enabled the same mattress to recover its original shape in a short time.

Every day, as soon as I got up, the mattress slowly began to swell again, very important detail that I want to share with you: at first I thought the mattress was damaged because the pit due to my weight seemed to be too deep for it to be recovered the space of a day.

But to my astonishment I realized that the mattress is back to its original shape, as if I had never gone to bed, very important detail that made me really happy with my purchase.

The summer side has also proved very professional and at the same time be able to offer me that feeling of comfort during the summer. Often I happened to have some real heat stroke during the night and feel almost uncomfortable standing lying.

With this mattress and its side WaterFoarm, this issue has been defeated: in contrast to other models, this tool has proved able to remain cool even during those summer nights where temperatures seem to be impossible to deal with.

Therefore I can say that this mattress model has proven reliable in every respect. I also want to add that, although he had some initial difficulty in falling asleep given the rigidity of the same mattress, as time went on my back has become accustomed to this new object, and that allowed me to have a completely free of that feeling back of pain in the past, he did nothing but torment, especially when the pain struck even the neck.

But I also want to mention the small flaws that I found while using this mattress, because this model is characterized by negative aspects that must never be underestimated.

First of these is given by the edges of the same mattress, part of which has proved itself as the most weak to use. resistant Although these small components of the mattress are those characterized by a memory foarm less cured function.

This means substantially that at the edges the mattress tends to be consumed, ie the weight exerted on this part tends to create real was returning not to fill up even if that part is not used for some time, detail not to be underestimated.

Add also the fact that even the summer side suffers from this particular problem, the detail that absolutely must not be underestimated.

Another flaw I found is that the mattress tends to stain easily.

Especially the sweat and humidity have an entirely negative impact and might happen to see anything but pleasant of spots, which could give that feeling of dirt that certainly is not to the liking especially if the mattress has just been purchased.

The resistance of the mattress is present only as regards the memory foarm function: with the passage of time, in fact, the coating tends to be subject to wear which tends precisely to damage, especially in the part where you spend the most time.

This defect therefore involves the replacement of the coating with partial loss of function against mites and that breathable. Despite these flaws, which must still be evaluated, I can say to be quite happy with this purchase, since when I use my back problems were slowly defeated.

To be avoided, however, if you want to have a mattress whose resistance tends to be higher than the one that is offered by this model, detail be taken into consideration in the process of choice.

Double Memory Mattress 160 × 190 High 25 cm – Sunshine, a good companion for the age that continues to advance.

The advancing age is a well but, at the same time, the ailments of the body begin to be felt, and this is probably the least pleasant of all, since seeing a body that tends to suffer the most, with back pain, not it is pleasant certainly like feeling.

For this reason my wife and we decided to improve our lives by buying a mattress memory foarm that would hold our weight, since we are slightly in the flesh, and that would allow us to have awakenings pleasant in every respect.

Our choice, thanks to a tip received by our old friend, has fallen back on the double mattress Sunshine, who initially did not convince us. This is for a simple reason: in comparison to the previous mattress, although this was quite damaged, the thickness of this new article seemed to be much lower.

I was pretty skeptical when my wife seemed rather convinced at best, since the feeling of softness could make her feel good and especially to let it rest perfectly.

After a few days, however, I realized that this kind of mattress, with its particular characteristics, was having a positive effect on my back: thanks to this special feature my back was slightly having a steady improvement over time.

But just out of curiosity I decided, again with my wife, to turn the mattress, in order to precisely evaluate if the back would be able to respond to my needs.

I also wanted to try to assess what was the impact that this type of instrument had on my shoulders and I can tell you, in this circumstance, as the strength of the mattress was excellent.

My back, even in the hard part, he felt completely welcomed and durable surface allowed me to keep a good position while I was sleeping. I can therefore say that, in this circumstance, the mattress was able to do his job and after a year of use I can say that the soft part proved perfect as he has not suffered any particular mutation.

Even a small pit, and at the same time can great pleasure in exploiting this mattress, on time, tends to always assume the same pose and texture even after some time. Obviously I want to state an important fact, that the consistency of the mattress tends to return to normal with several hours of time more than at the beginning, but for us it is not a problem, since only allow ourselves the night.

I can also say that I enjoyed the breathability, as my wife and I hardly endure the heat, especially the persistent and annoying. Several summers ago we had to buy heat pumps to prevent the hot night could have a negative impact on our health.

Today, however, these are not used by us as with breathability is the mattress remains cool enough and at the same time we also noticed that this does not soak up large amounts of sweat, even offering us the kind of clean feeling every time we go to bed.

In terms of mites, my wife is an asthmatic has seen how this type of mattress can provide an opportunity to avoid that, during the hours of rest, his throat and the bronchial tubes subjected to extensive material damage. The nocturnal cough, which in the past kept me awake several times, has been completely defeated, as the mattress has proven able to respond perfectly to this type of problem.

Obviously I do not want to speak exclusively of the positive aspects, since it also negative I found that you need to have to know, so that you may have the opportunity to have an overview of this type of instrument.

The only point that just convinced us was to remove the coating present on the same mattress. This, in fact, turned out to be the most weak part of the mattress because the fabric is not very strong and this has made sure that we we changed it with a frequency of about six months.

Over the three years we have not found a perfect fabric that could adapt to this mattress and therefore I can say that only this type of feature has made us a lot up their noses.

The original one was ruined after two months so our joy to finally have a mattress that would make sure that our back could be upheld by a perfect mattress was slightly overshadowed compared to nervousness about the fabric.

Despite this, we can not explain, we bought the single version of this mattress for our grandchildren, especially for the smaller one, which was already experiencing problems in his back. Thanks to us this situation has also been slightly repaired if, of course, it is good to emphasize that this mattress obviously does not do miracles but relieves the pains very often affect the back.

If you ask us if we recommend this mattress, the answer is completely positive, as we enjoyed it from the start. A good mattress that, in these three years, has enabled us to prevent our back problems could suddenly worsen and other aspects could be the subject of a potential reduction.

We define this mattress as a real friend to us, people of a certain age, we want to do a good rest and that, in the morning, we have in mind one thing, that is completely refreshed wake up and without that feeling of additional stress make the black mood.

Latex mattress Single 80 190 × 20 cm Alto – SEVENLIFE 20, when the mattress can do his job.

I am sure that my testimony will allow you to figure out if this mattress is able to adapt to your real needs.

This model was chosen for me because, besides being a woman alone therefore does not need the classic double mattress, they are also a girl that a lot of excessive heat is suffering, especially during those torrid nights where temperatures tend to be very hot.

Well I can tell you right away if you, like me, can not stand the excessive heat produced by the mattress, this model will definitely up your alley, since the latex coating is a real revolution for people like us.

Initially I thought that the layer made with this material did nothing but to maximize the temperature, bringing my body to sweat three times but have to say, however, was very pleased with the final result from me found.

This mattress, thanks to the latex coating, succeeds in maintaining perfectly stable temperature, avoiding me therefore the unpleasant feeling of excessive heat.

Although off the heat tends to be quite high, the surface of the mattress is pretty cool and pleasant in every area: counted that I am a girl who loves to spend her summer at the seaside and with the heat absorbed during the day, sleep on a mattress that prevents the heat of the room and the body heat up the mattress is one of the winning characteristics.

Obviously must also speak well of the other aspect that has made sure that me to remain pleasantly surprised of the mattress, ie the fact that the mattress itself is made only with materials that prevent the formation and presence of mites, dust and other substances that, in the past, have done nothing but make the situation less pleasant than expected.

I, I found quite a few problems in the past with mattresses in which these substances were accumulating, finally I can say I sleep peacefully, as if every time the mattress was new and unwrapped.

No blocked nose or sore throat in the morning, typical situations that did nothing but make the situation less enjoyable than expected, so do I, every morning, I wake up with a smile on his face.

But because they are about two years I use the mattress, I can also mention the opposite side of the same, which is very often completely ignored without any reason. Well I can say, on this occasion, that the mattress managed to be top quality not only regarding the side with latex coating, but also each other.

Again, I can say that the material that prevents the presence of mites and especially the comfort of the mattress have made sure that the same should become a real ally capable of turning perfectly my nights and making sure that the pains back were totally absent.

But I must mention also of those that can be easily defined as negative sides that go to characterize this mattress model and firstly I have a duty to emphasize that this is not equipped with a great resistance.

In contrast, however, some areas have been characterized by the classic strain that made it less enjoyable than expected. Unfortunately this defect tends to remain present since they do not speak of a mattress with memory function foarm but a classic, which is often purchased in order to make the change of the one previously used.

Also the fact that this type of mattress tends to easily stain is a small cosmetic defect that could make the mattress less enjoyable than expected to use. Unfortunately this is a fairly common situation that often makes sure that a good mattress is used with less happiness.

I can tell you those spots, caused by moisture or sweat, they tend to create spots that also washed with the steam mop, remain present, leaving the unpleasant feeling that will make you look dirty mattress.

To work around this problem, I decided to use a double coating that completely covers the mattress stains: it is a solution that many could not accept but the only one that came to my mind.

Other small aspect that could be initially unconvincing is given by the fact that this mattress, tends to be rigid but not overly so. I, from the very first use, I heard this model soft enough and since it does not suffer from big problems in the back, this defect was not seen as absolutely negative to the maximum of me.

My back still was able to obviously put up with this minor flaw, and indeed, I can say that the fact of having a new mattress does not necessarily drive allowed me to sleep well during the first few nights, as well as on subsequent.

The party however has me very disappointed represented by little coating strength. I’ve washed three times, at a rate of once every three months since I use an extra mattress cover and I can say that after three washes this type of liner could not resist stress, bucandosi.

This is one side of the mattress that I did absolutely pleasure, making the situation less simple to deal with and for that I had to get a new coating that allowed me to take advantage again at most the same mattress.

Again, the coating was disappointed and not a little but I still found it a great solution to avoid that the situation could worsen in a manner all too visual.

Therefore I can say that this mattress has been able to reflect my expectations: simple and above all strong, albeit not overly such, this mattress for me is a good compromise between quality and price and is suitable for all those who like me want to make a change of the same without investing large sums of money.

Based on my experience I do not recommend this mattress but if you want a tool that allows you to fight completely all the various problems in the back and if you want to fully rested awaken and without that nagging back pain that tends to haunt you and which might require a type of instrument more suitable to all your questions.

Mattress Memory Aloe Therapy Alto 26cm Double 160 × 190, goodbye to back pains

Many of you, like me who is in adulthood (I turned 53 years last spring), because of work tend to have some minor disruption to your body, especially if the work that you carry is not light.

I, as a leader and entrepreneur construction site in the same sector, and that gets to work together with other workers, over time I have encountered several hassles back. Initially I thought it was the work I was doing on a daily basis, but after some time, I realized that the main source of my disorder was represented by old mattress, completely ruined and the springs that exerted a pressure far from indifferent in the lumbar .

For this, after consultation with my wife who was found the same problems, we decided to change the mattress, as the back problems are anything but pleasant and worsen over time. We agreed on the purchase of a tool that could not only be able to avoid the hassles in the back were a constant, but he had some quirks and a high degree of durability that enables us to rest peacefully.

Our choice fell on the mattress Mattress Memory Aloe Therapy High 26cm Double 160 × 190 and can say that this choice was entirely fitting given that the benefits I could get are many and almost a year this mattress continues to offer me more than a few satisfactions.

The delivery took place with ease and professionalism: the mattress I was delivered vacuum-packed and rolled, which calmed me down because I was sure that this was not second-hand.

Once placed on the bed, however, I could not be fully convinced of this new mattress. The measures were correct but the slightly undulating shape, in my mind, gave me the feeling of tool already used by other people.

The first night I did not sleep well, to be honest, while my wife slept as if the old mattress was always present. Both the slight hardness of the same those little creases could not stand me perfectly, so I barely slept.

But the next day, I noticed a very important fact that, slowly, allowed me to better appreciate my new mattress. Before the change, in fact, every morning I got up with a sharp pain in the back, as if I had a spear touched the vertebrae after the first night with the new mattress Mattress Memory Aloe Therapy High 26cm Double 160 × 190, the sharp pang I felt as soon as I got up I was less effective than the other nights.

If the pain could be judged to intensity 8, after the first night I can say that this was down to 7.75. For many of you it might be little, however, that feeling of slight improvement had enabled me to accept this new mattress. The second night was even less traumatic than the first: the different layers in memory foarm were welcoming me in a gentle, pleasant and I, after a week, I managed to sleep perfectly on this mattress.

What’s more, the intensity of pain in the back and joints was slowly decreasing and that did nothing but make me greater appreciation for my purchase.

Today I can tell you, my back is back to being almost perfect, thanks to special treatment: the mattress is doing obviously his work and feel welcomed perfectly by this object, allowing me after about a year of the mattress use, to sleep in a relaxed and wake up completely free of excruciating pain in the shoulders and back, is a feeling that all of you must experience at least once.

We also add an additional detail that before I left out, which is that this mattress is actually in memory foarm. I, who am not clear of course also seen the work I do, are slightly heavy but not overweight: my mole has left its mark on the old mattress, slowly, it is consumed in it. This situation is not presented with what Mattress Memory Aloe Therapy Alto 26cm Double 160 × 190, which still retains its original shape, as if it had just been purchased. But I want to bring it to a small defect: the resilience of the original form of the same has declined slightly.

This means that if the mattress during the first four months of employed use about three hours to recover his form today puts us twice as long, a problem that still is not as bad as you might think, especially if you work around the day and the mattress is used only for the night.

I would also add its breathability: the old mattress, on hot summer nights, seemed to catch fire, as it was heated excessively and especially not let me rest perfectly. This new mattress, however, tends to be more fresh and this is another positive detail that sets it apart: if your temperature house is warm enough and like being in an oven, this mattress will allow you to enjoy a good night’s rest, as that does not overheat excessively.

But that absorbs sweat and therefore needs to be sanitized with great frequency: if you do not want to sleep on a mattress that stinks and he can not be as comfortable as you want, you need to take care of it and adopt this behavior, or igienizzarlo with great frequency just to prevent situations that are far from optimal to deal with.

Also turn the mattress will not have the negative impacts as well: the layer in memory foarm is present in both sides, so both in summer and in winter you can rest in a perfect manner under each optics.

I would strongly urge this mattress if you want to prevent your awakening can be characterized by a series of problems and if you want to avoid, like me, that your physical problems will become more acute over time.

I also bought the single version of the same mattress for my children, that after a traumatic start, since the change of the mattress tends to be such, now rest perfectly and the morning awakening has no little joyful expressions or surly attitudes due to a totally disturbed rest.

Your back will thank you a lot and also the lungs, since this mattress is proof mite, another feature that made me further increase the appreciation I feel for this article, even after a year of use.

Marcapiuma Memory Mattress Double Sunrise Plus, quality at the right price

5 Best Mattress World 2020 (Definitive Guide) - Pro Cons

Marcapiuma – Double Memory Mattress Bio Soya 160×195 high …

I’ve always had trouble sleeping but lately struggled to close his eyes almost every night. I tried everything: meditation, natural supplements, physical activity to get tired and short walks after dinner. Nothing seemed to work and beyond.

The few times I was able to rest for a few hours I wake up numb with pain here and there from the neck to the back. I was really desperate because, among other things, I do a job that needs special attention and constant supervision. One day a friend of mine, also a chronic insomniac, told me that perhaps, before resorting to more strong methods to sleep, I had to replace the mattress. He had advised her doctor and her nights effects were greatly improved. I wanted to try it too, lured by the results. I bought, after some research, his own mattress, Marcapiuma Sunrise Plus and I have to say that never purchase have been more appropriate.

The first thing that struck me was the ability to immediately resume form after removing it from the vacuum. Earlier this delivery method seemed a bit ‘strange. A mattress that rolled up and packed takes the form of a cylinder? But it does not warp? I can say that not only nothing happens to the product but the vacuum guarantees the permanence of the hygienic conditions of the mattress. And for someone like me, attentive to cleanliness, is undoubtedly an added bonus!

I do not like the low mattresses, for me the ideal height from 20 cm up. The Sunrise Plus responded to my needs, combining to such height also a medium degree of rigidity. I want to be clear about. At first, especially if you arrive from a template with the springs, the hardness of the mattress will leave a bit ‘hesitant. It is stiff and feels and it takes about two or three days to get used to the surface. According to me, however, it is a minor problem since, for one thing, in the datasheet this feature is highlighted in detail (one speaks of a degree of stiffness of 7 out of 10). Then, and this comes directly from my experience, the fact of sleeping on a mattress a little ‘harder but in Memory Foam allows the back to take the right position sleep durations. The heat and radiate our weight allows to model materials on our physical. The result? I the morning I wake up without various pains and even rested.

The novelty brought by Sunrise Plus you could guess from the previous sentence. I wake up and this means that I can finally sleep at least six hours of yarn. He was right, my friend, insomnia largely stemmed from a wrong mattress and obsolete! And the beauty is that that feeling back “composed” (do not know to call it otherwise) me to carry around all day, it’s like I attended a gymnastics course postural!

The Sunrise Plus consists of two layers. The first consists in 6 cm Memory Foam in soybean bio. I must say that as soon as I read this feature I was a bit ‘puzzled. Soybeans in the mattress? I have found that this material not only is synonymous with respect for the environment but used in mattresses it allows a perfect and regular air circulation. This layer is a kind of thermosensitive foam 7 zones, and then particularly reactive to body heat, is self-molded and is slow memory. Translated into practical terms I can tell you that the feeling you get is that it is wrapped in a gentle embrace. The mattress includes the physical without letting it collapse. The other layer is Waterfoam and I must say that this material has sparked in me a love at first sight, more intense than that experienced by the boyfriend of the middle!

The Waterfoam is polyurethane foam, a material that gives the mattress of the fundamental characteristics. It is durable, does not warp and is very flexible. As only flaw point out the possibility that in the summer heat can cause some problem. For me it is perfect results, perhaps because the Sunrise Plus uses the new generation of Waterfoam, thermoregulatory and much more breathable than its predecessor.

Another thing that struck me was the accuracy of the exterior finishes. Five months I am using the mattress and are still intact, as new. Another point in favor is given by the outer coating treated with silver ions. If like me you are allergic to dust and dust mites, this detail makes the difference. Silver ions in fact not only offer excellent protection from the bacteria but prevent the formation of bad odors and fight the mites. The outer cover is washable at 60 degrees washing machine. I must say that I have reached up to 40 degrees. I think it is useless to use higher temperatures. Just a good detergent and warm water to clean the whole thing, I’m afraid that hot can damage the ions! Finally the price. I must say that after I documented enough, comparing brands and models, the Marcapiuma Sunrise Plus is one of the few mattresses that offers great value for money. Keep in mind also that, being classified as a medical device, contributes to the 19% deduction on your tax return, additional savings. The quality is unquestionable as I said above just look at the finish to see that.

Now we come to the disadvantages. As I pointed out, it could cause some hot issue for those weighing more than 90 kg due to the presence of the polyurethane foam. Another drawback is the absence of handles, a negligible factor in the individual models, but perhaps more important in the daily management of those twin. In some cases it seemed that the enveloping he fail but I solved simply by rotating your mattress every week.

In conclusion I can say that Marcapiuma Sunrise Plus is the mattress that has overcome my insomnia problems. Through word of mouth fact and personal experiences I realized that a good mattress makes the difference and that the quality of sleep is essential to be able to live without problems the day that lies ahead. I no longer have back pain and I like the feeling that the neck is less stressed, in fact decreased by a lot of my headaches. Can I give you a little advice? Do not rush. Give your body a chance to slowly get used to this mattress. Initially can even seem uncomfortable but you will see that little by little this feeling will pass and leave your Sunrise Plus in the morning … it will be harder and harder!

Mattress Double Top Air 160 × 190 High 25 cm, a good mattress but not so excellent.

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Materassimemory.eu – Mattress Double Top Air 160×190 …

My experience with this mattress is average, which I found both positive aspects but also several negative.

We start from the aspects that have made me very appreciate this mattress and immediately begin by saying that this is characterized by as many as seven different areas from each other and from that often fails to stroke the back perfectly. I, who suffer from a problem due to several years of work by lifting weights with his back and using your back, I found many problems with the old mattress, which was gradually complicating my situation healthy.

The change was made precisely on the advice of an orthopedic surgeon, who suggested me to find a remedy that would allow me to rest peacefully and this has been possible using this mattress which, although initially hard, has been able to fully accommodate my body, allowing me to rest fairly serene during the night but not only, since even my afternoon rest were characterized by a much higher quality than the one to which i was used. Obviously this has been possible thanks to the thickness and shape of the mattress, which gave me that feeling of massage constant over time.

In a month my back problem has been solved half, without having to undergo interventions or to other similar solutions that would definitely allowed me to work and take part in various activities that characterize my profession.

I can also say that the mattress is completely waterproof, another detail that manages to make me appreciate totally, given that the sweat does not constitute a negative element and especially avoids that the mattress can be stained yellow as often happens.

I liked very much also the choice of using materials that have a very specific purpose, namely to prevent mites and other types of germs and bacteria could be stick on the same mattress, offering a further positive result that I appreciated from the outset .

Also I want to talk about another very important detail, which is the relative simplicity of Transport and change side of the mattress: thanks to the side handles, it was possible for me to avoid making excessive efforts to be able to also use the other side the mattress.

So far the positive aspects can make perfect and optimal this mattress but unfortunately I must speak also of all the various defects that characterize the same and unfortunately I found after about a year of using this object model.

First I want to mention the absolutely poor mattress resistance which, unfortunately, has disappointed me a lot too saw its cost and the fact that this article was described as perfect and revolutionary in its field.

Well I, who am not a light weight, I realized that, after ten months of use, I realized that the center was presented with a slight deformation, or a sort of pit which, initially, was quite small.

This should not have happened since the main function of memory foarm consists precisely in avoiding that this kind of situation is obvious, allowing the mattress to return to be in perfect shape as if it had never been exploited.

The more I used the mattress, after the appearance of the first hole, the more it seemed to grow deeper and to make matters worse, even another hole light was starting to form in the part of the feet. I was thrilled because, although I am heavy and the mattress is double, this kind of situation should not have been manifest.

But let’s move on, because the pit although unpleasant did not have a disproportionally negative impact on the quality of the same and I suppose that’s probably my being subject to this kind of problem, because other users do not have encountered similar problems .

The mattress is defined as breathable and cool and that made me hope, because where I live in the summer heat transforms the bedroom into a real oven. Well in this case I was quite disappointed, as the warmth of my body and that of my wife, added to that of the room, make the mattress a real microwave. It seems almost impossible to sleep peacefully on this kind of mattress which become just as hot as a grill.

Just imagine that in summer, with heat pumps on, the mattress seems to be boiling and this does nothing but make the same item in a really incredible hassle, especially if you bet to rest peacefully and without having to encounter similar problems of this gender.

What’s more, the mattress cover has proved itself as quite fragile, so I was forced to having to replace it in order to avoid that the situation could worsen.

Even at this juncture my impressions are slightly negative and also the expectations that I have fed about this mattress were completely deluded.

And I also want to add a further defect, namely the slowness of memory foarm: if you use at the beginning seemed to be pretty fast, now I can say that even after a day the shape of the mattress back to be original, and then forcing me to have rest in other areas trying those who have a perfect size and especially that they may accept optimally my body.

Unfortunately my experience was not as positive as I thought, and after just one year all these defects have completely let me down, especially the effect of heat being generated by the same and by the fact that only five of the seven areas are actually able to offer you a feeling of total rest without any back pain and problems of all kinds.

Therefore I can say that, based on my experience, this mattress is not recommended for those who want to make a long-term investment and aims to maintain its state of health at the highest level.

But I want to reiterate that probably this type of situation was clearly evident only and exclusively with my mattress, since I have found that only I have encountered these problems, although some users have also talked about him the memory that will become slower with the use of the mattress .

If I am asked if I am satisfied with my purchase only part I would say, with a final outcome that tends to be more negative than positive. Consequently evaluated twice before buying this product because the risk that such situations become apparent to you too could be quite high.

Who invented the mattress? origin of the word and history of the mattress

The mattress, everyday, an invention is important in our lives, as the day spa, depends mostly on the night, and his idea was put precisely over a very long time. The mattresses were in antiquity that is very different from those we know and that we use today.

The idea of ​​not sleeping directly on the ground, for issues related to dirt and moisture, was already present since Neolithic times: men, already at that time, they used piles of dry leaves or straw, covered with animal skin for bedtime.

Then the Persians, Egyptians, and even the Romans cultivated the idea depending on what they had available: goatskins filled with water for the first, palm branches piled up in the house for the second and cloth bags stuffed with wool, hay or, for the wealthy, bird feathers, for third parties.

But it was the Arabs, during the period of the Crusades, Europeans to teach the real meaning of the word “mattress”: in fact, they had the habit of sleeping on a cushion resting on the ground and through the Arabic word to describe these types of pallets we now our Italian derivation of “mattress”.

This word has been so widespread in Europe, which has the same root in many countries, including France and England.

In the Renaissance period, stuffing mattresses was pea pods, straw or feathers, covered with velvet or silk.

Still later, in the eighteenth century, the mattresses were included in timber structures with fences made of leather or rope and their interior was cotton. In 1824 in England it was developed the first air mattress, which was followed in the spring of German origin in 1871, which, however, not collected the least successful and was, in fact, the ruin of its creator.

The Simmons Bedding Company was responsible for the marketing of the mattress springs individually packaged. a company that dealt with tire opened the doors to the modern era For the first latex rubber mattress we will have to wait until 1928, in that year.

The polyurethane was born in 1935 on behalf of Otto Bayer, the German, who patented this substance from many application quality.

On behalf of NASA, it was then synthesized and further reworked the polyurethane, coming to an expansive foam.

In trials addressed to bring the mattress as we know it, some of the distinctive aspects have also been deepened between the types of the same: some ideas characteristics were then placed on the market, over the years, to give relief to people with disabilities or however, problems with his back.

The first example was the waterbed Sir James Paget, the personal physician of the Prince of Wales, who in 1873 introduced the first water bed for the patients with bedsores. This was in fact the first attempt, in a long line, to adapt this item to personal needs even of those who were ill.

The search for more and better quality to people issues, today leads to orthopedic mattresses of all types: designed to be more rigid, give joy to the weaker spine. They are of different materials and textures, depending on the applicants’ needs and adapted to fit the person who will use it.

Modern technologies are highly developed in this sense and research increasingly personalized case by case basis, to help find the best solution.

The man, recognizing since Neolito, physiological and hygienic importance of not sleeping directly on the ground, used for the various materials available to create a pallet: addressing the nature around him, the man has collected opportunities to improve both the vegetation, either by animals to lie down on surfaces more and more comfortable and durable. The mattress is then pushed an invention by the human need for a good rest.

Despite the first marketing only goes back to 1824, to the Anglo-Saxon work, man has always tried to fulfill their needs in a personal manner and with only the help of their own accord.

Fortunately, to date, there are specific studies for the construction of high quality mattresses, which are meant for any kind of need: even the body weight is an essential component for the purchase of your mattress.

All these details, which have had origin in ancient times, today are developed by pharmaceutical companies also kind and provide to modern society in comfort and style.

Where they throw the mattresses?

The mattress is a faithful companion of all life, but as often happens, this will wear out and consumed, and this condition does not benefit those who exploits him. Then comes a moment when we have to separate the faithful friend who has supported us over time to replace it with a newer one and give better support to our back during the hours of rest. We will discuss in this article all the possibilities known to make one correct mattress eventual disposal or recycling of the same. Also we will explain how the donation is a respectable gesture that will certainly help both those who give and those who receive.

Certainly for diafarsi an old mattress must not abandon him next to bins or to the corner of the streets, or worse, in the city peripherals campaigns.

A mattress is in fact considered to be a bulky waste, and is thus defined because the effort for its disposal is conspicuous and obvious to most people. It should therefore treated as such, like a table or a sofa that we no longer want.

For some of the Italian cities and countries it is on the collection of bulky waste by specialist companies that deal with it: the first thing to do then is get the company’s number that the territory is in charge of garbage disposal and ask them any questions. Sometimes just a date set in the timetable and fixed day for the employees to pass for free pick up your old mattress and proceed disposal as the rules require dI current law.

On other occasions instead you will ask the taxpayer to carry the mattress worn assigned to the island green, remember that to make the transport operations must be properly updated on the traffic rules. These two are the fundamental methods to dispose of a used mattress then to lead him to our house or from where it was placed in the new environment where it’s put.

Once at the companies that deal with it, the mattress is deprived of metal conponenti that are reciclate, while the remaining parts are compacted and brought into or landfill, or become combistibile for various termovalorizzatoreli, if there are in the area.

Some manufacturers of new mattresses, make simple disposal operations of the old, because the retreat according to their initiatives. Sometimes it is also possible that there is an exchange of old, in favor of a discount on the new.

Many modern artists are, proprip parties from the recycling of waste to create innovative and absolutely unique works of art. Frank Willems, designer, has organized an entire collection inspired by antique furniture, used mattresses using folded together. But without getting to such a high level, to recycle at home an old mattress just strive for ideas and time and use it, for example, to cover a sofa or optimize kennels of our beloved pets. Giving a second life to objects is a responsible attitude and involves a good deal of imagination and practicality and is a form of respect and teaching for chea generations will come.

Another good alternative that’s worth counted among the possible options is that the donation are numerous and geographically dispersed organizations that need these types of materials and also offer to take care of all withdrawal practices and eviction, just to take advantage of what we do not need more. An internet search can help find the appropriate addresses and telephone numbers. Donating a used mattress means getting rid of what would otherwise butteremmo, considering that this could actually serve to someone else in another context.

It is important to discard the mattress properly.

The environmental well-being is that if we are all aware: Dispose a mattress in a responsible way means taking care of the practice in a precise and informed manner. Follow the instructions of the company that deals with garbage is critical to not pollute the environment in which we live.

The tips that were written in this article are therefore required for proper disposal operation works of an old mattress and the Environmental Protection Agency, from which all benefit profit over time. Let’s act so as citizens and reaponsabili informiamoci because the first form of incivility is ignorance.

A good sleep has a positive impact on our day: get up, feeling fit means having the ability to take care of yourself and give this aspect of its specific importance plays a major role on their well-being.

The quality of sleep is essential to deal with serenity the day. There are many factors that can negatively affect the rest: among these surely we include the quality of the mattress and its position, in particular, the height to which has been arranged.

Sometimes, we let impress aesthetics of a product, without thinking about what this is actually suited our needs. A special and innovative design bed, with modern finishes, may not be suitable for the health of our sleep.

too low beds can be complicated to keep clean: if the space under the net is insufficient, the simple task of vacuuming may seem really difficult and less efficient.

This way the dust may accumulate, sparking who sleeps in there, its possible complications related to allergy to dust. Even the difficulty rising could be among the problems encountered and certainly the feeling of early morning “broken” is not something to be underestimated, facing a full day before to lie down again.

It is therefore advisable to evaluate all the options of the bed and mattress that are chosen considering the innovative products for the only taste, but also for features that come with it.

This does not mean that a nice bed to be uncomfortable for strength or something needs to be limited to the period of his grandmother sleeping patterns, we should orient themselves only by reading and testing all the features of the structure, ponderandole with the utmost care, before making a final choice .


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