9 Best Meters Very Precise Pressure (Guide 2020) – Pro Cons

9 Best Meters very precise pressure (Guide 2020) – Pro Cons

Hi, I’m Antonella.

Have you ever wondered how to properly measure your blood pressure? Well, this video is just for you!

I have my father’s heart condition, and it happens that often have changes in pressure.

In the family we are very apprehensive and every time to make sure its pressure is maintained in the limit values ​​is critical to breathe a sigh of relief.

It’s handy to have in the house a meter to help you monitor your blood pressure levels and possibly to recruit medicines (if your doctor deems it appropriate).

Today I want to help you choose the best blood pressure monitor on the market right in 2020.

9 Best Meters Very Precise Pressure (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons
9 Best Meters Very Precise Pressure (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons
9 Best Meters Very Precise Pressure (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

Follow me on this definitive guide or click here to browse directly to REVIEWS OF THE BEST PRESSURE GAUGE.

The guide to the pressure gauges

It will be happened many times to ask if the devices you own are actually reliable to control your arterial blood pressure.

A sphygmomanometer can always come in handy, especially if you live with elderly or people who may have sudden changes in pressure, but overall, it’s now an indispensable tool in modern homes, costs little and is an investment in the health of the whole family.

We encourage in any case always prefer an in-person medical visit to the self-respect, the esteem of their pressure data should in no way replace the doctor’s opinion.

What are the normal pressures?

Here are the normal values ​​for blood pressure supplied by the WHO (World Health Organization).

9 Best Meters Very Precise Pressure (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

How to properly measure the pressure?

There are also rules for an ideal measurement and does not affect it with external factors.

Prefer models arm, for those wrist and finger are very unreliable, often provide fully unpacked results that make up a very great against the balance, that makes absolutely irrelevant that are faster and more convenient, since the read more often will be useless.

At what time it is best to measure the pressure?

The best recommended time is in the morning, to evaluate the effect of ongoing therapy, prior to a possible recruitment of new drugs.

If you suffer from certain diseases, or you are following specific treatment best to refer to the instructions of the attending physician.

The best blood pressure monitors 2020 reviews

1. Omron M6 Comfort IT, the one I use in my home

9 Best Meters Very Precise Pressure (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

PRO Digital display very big- Precise Easy to use-

Difficulty counter to download data on PC

The Omron is probably the most well-known leading brand when it comes to blood pressure monitors, and this is definitely one of the top products, I was advised by a doctor friend and I am very happy with this purchase.

The highlight of this meter is undoubtedly its comfort on the arm, in fact, my father was very uncomfortable the previous model we owned, and therefore sometimes it was hard to get him to measure the pressure, however with this no longer seems to be problems .

L ‘Omron HEM-7322U-IT AND M6 Comfort is an electronic meter arm, is equipped with a latest generation bracelet with INTELLI WRAP, this is crucial to ensure a great comfort and there is also a sensor that allows to immediately understand if it is misplaced and need to un’aggiustatina to allow a correct measurement.

L ‘M6 Comfort IT consists of a semi-rigid cuff that adapts to large arms with circumferences between 22 and 42 cm, I recommend you measure them before proceeding with final purchase to be sure that there is a total convenience and compatibility with your body.

The inflating and deflating action as I said is very fast and very delicate, in fact my father comes now sadly slender arms and sick has stopped complaining when it has to measure the pressure.

There is very convenient possibility to measure the readings for over 2 different users up to 100 measurements overall, a good number that will also keep under control over the long term and to properly monitor the patient’s health over time.

E ‘can also sometimes you want to calculate an average for all measurements you made in a given period, this is a feature that I personally like to use often.

L ‘Omron M6 Comfort IT Intellisense is based on technology that warns in case there is an excessive movement of the body or are present irregular heartbeats.

The inflation takes place entirely automatically, not like in the analog gauges where you have to use the hand pump.

This Omron M6 Comfort has given me a lot of satisfaction, it is very simple to use and has a very large display easily readable even from people that do not have a perfect view. There is a unique Start button and very convenient for you to start now to measure the pressure without frills.

If the values ​​are normal indicator lights up in green, otherwise these will be orange if greater than standard, it is clear that in this case do not worry but before repeating the measurement and then contact your doctor who will advise you.

Another superlative feature is the ability to download all the data collected through the Bi-Link platform directly on your computer.

2. Lay BM2301W, great value for money

PRO Excellent value for money

Reading counter non calibratissima- not of great quality connector

Lay is also very good very famous brand for its blood pressure monitors, and this is perhaps its flagship product for home use.

A very durable digital sphygmomanometer, with a simple bracelet to wear for those who are first weapons with this type of technology.

There is a comfortable drawing that shows how to wear it properly to avoid wrong direction and thus the risk of jeopardizing the measurement.

Very easy to use, it requires no special skills.

In the box misses custody, so no need to get one as it is a subject still delicate and that needs to be preserved with the right care and attention.

It also measures your heart rate and provides an indicative evaluation of your blood pressure (optimal, acceptable, high and low pressure).

You have to rely on average values ​​for reliable measurement, since this sometimes tends a bit ‘to swing, but do not worry about not much, still a great product considering the price at which it is sold.

The connector that connects to the arm is made of a material perhaps not too resistant.

Lay BM2301W This is a good product to recommend to those who do not intend to make constant use and does not require extreme precision.

3. Beurer Sanitas SBM 21, detects arrhythmias

PRO Fastest in misurare- arrhythmia detection

The clock counter is not set

The strong point of this meter Sanitas SBM 21 of Beurer is its low invasiveness, in fact operates in a very discreet manner without being uncomfortable on his arm.

You can store hundreds of measurements and monitor the actual performance of the measurements over time, convenient for those who, for example, is under the care and needs to make account the effect of the medicines you take.

The pride of this product is undoubtedly the arrhythmia detector that warns emitting a signal when abnormal heart beat.

The Beurer Sanitas SBM 21 stores up to 4 simultaneous users, so great for large families where there is need to monitor all without missing a beat, it’s appropriate to say it.

The instrument is capable of showing the average of the last 3 measurements stored.

4. Microlife A6 PC, detects atrial fibrillation

PRO fibrillation detection atriale- Bracelet comfort

Here is a meter that presents an additional function, in fact, this PC Microlife A6 is also able to detect atrial fibrillation, essential to prevent strokes.

It has a very comfortable strap and easy to wear, great for arms between 22 and 42 centimeters.

The A6 PC uses Gentle + technology for measurement as its name clearly more comfortable than conventional gauges.

Make 3 measurements below and then calculates the average to provide a much more accurate and precise result.

The display also shows the movements of the arm, clock and calendar.

5. Omron M7, precise and big arms

PRO Comodo- Accurate measurement

Counter instructions in English only

One of the most precise measuring instruments in circulation, the Omron M10-IT is no longer available but the market is a newer version, or the Omron M7, which is also a guarantee of reliability across the board.

The quality of construction is impeccable, both the base and the cuff are in fact constructed in order to ensure a high yield in time, it is therefore an excellent product for those who intends to carry out a constant and daily use.

Other models are easily usurerebbero, but the M7 OMROM not.

It is also designed to accommodate arms from the large diameter.

The monitor is very large and easy to read, as always Omron has accustomed us.

You can record readings for two users.

They easily record the data on your PC to get so detailed statistics of their health, by eventually send to your specialist for fargliele view.

It ‘clear that this analysis data should not in any way replace the medical examination person that we remember to be the most effective and correct way to keep their health monitoring.

There is also an indicator of the pulse anomalies.

automatic measurement mode, a measurement is performed after having detected 3 at a distance of an interval of time that is possible for selected set, this in order to improve the accuracy.

Runs on AA batteries and can be used almost anywhere, perfect for traveling and so always needs to keep an eye on your pressure.

The transformer for operation of electric network is sold separately.

The Omron M7 meter has 100 memories with date and time for each of the two users, also has a wrist strap comfort with Sigma shape technology, which provides greater stability and comfort in the measurement. The bracelet is semi-rigid arms and is suitable for 22 to 42 cm.

6. Beurer BM 58 with touch screens and extra large

Software counter a little ‘difficult to use for beginners

Here is a meter equipped with touch screen, for anyone who is looking more and more sophisticated equipment of last generation. Completely automatic and very easy to use, can measure both blood pressure and pulse.

The touch screen allows you to display the values ​​according to WHO parameters, date and time.

Each value is stored together with the date and time to keep an eye on the flow of their evolutions and you can set the average of the last 7 measurements.

The bracelet can be used for arm circumference varying between 22 and 30 cm, is very soft and pleasant to wear.

7. Omron M2, the most minimal and simple

PRO Simple and minimal

Store counter few results

The pressure meter by Omron M2 arm is a very easy-to-use meter, just put the band around the arm and press the start button, the inflation and deflation occur in a completely automatic way.

The meter is provided with a multilingual user manual and a case to hold the meter, in the package are also included four AA batteries.

The Omron M2 meter works with a single key, and stores the last measurement.

Click here for our full review.

8. Duronic 150 BPM, large storage

Duronic BPM150 meter Automatic blood pressure …

Counter only in foreign languages ​​Instructions

Here is another great brand of pressure gauges, the Duronic into the market this BPM 150, an automated meter down to the smallest detail, with a comfortable bracelet.

Very light, easy to use for everyone, the display is very large and can store up to 60 readings per user. A significant number, no doubt about it, that way you can keep track of the evolution of its possible pathology and run for cover in case it is needed.

The reading takes place completely automatically, there is nothing to having to look after in practice, a great job for Duronic which seeks to ensure maximum performance even for novice users who do not want to learn complicated procedures before taking the measurement pressure.

The belt inside the box need to adapt to any type of forearm to facilitate measurements even on very large or very small arms.

9. SIMBR, Meter Wrist Pressure

PRO to its competitive prices

Reading counter not very reliable at times

Although we believe that the wrist blood pressure monitors are not as reliable as those agreed by the arm with the team of Pro Cons We also decided to have a different product, to provide an alternative, since we are not in any way be partisan but only to offer our experience.

Well the SIMBR is probably the best wrist blood pressure monitor on the market today.

You’re probably wondering what it is that makes it superior to all others, be ‘let’s see together quietly its main features in this brief review.

First we start with the flaws, I would like to emphasize that the SIMBR lacks a proper position indicator to remind us that reading is unlikely to take place in the most correct, we will then have the concern personally to adjust it perfectly to get a result that best as close to the real one.

You ‘very easy to use at the end, you need to follow to the letter all the information and images displayed on the manual enclosed in the package.

And ‘possible to adjust the date and time, and there are two user profiles that can be set to diversify storing measurements.

Obviously the measurements are at risk of being inaccurate, so if you are a cardiac or seriously ill better to rely on a digital blood pressure monitor a bit ‘more expensive but more reliable safe, but if it does not suffer from serious diseases and maybe you’re just curious about the evolution of your blood pressure over the course of the day this is a great product to consider. If you learn to use it in fact the measurements not be very different from those of a professional analog meter.

It uses two AAA batteries. There is a handy storage inside the box in which it is sold that allows you to place it comfortably and therefore not subject it to scratches or breakage.

10. MeasurPro BPM-50W, the most portable

PRO Small to Large display trip-

Counter a bit ‘slow Measurements

What strikes the MeasurPro is its elegant and innovative design that never fails to impress those accustomed to traditional gauges. Even the large size, and adapt to the needs of those who are always on the go and need to keep their pressure under control.

It has a color display and the sensor to detect the heartbeat in all circumstances.

The special feature of this tool is that it can measure blood pressure with a read-only, easy right? It crosses the data with those of the pulse, to have a reliable and comprehensive, ideal for monitoring any type of patient.

It can also store up to 120 readings, a real convenience, there will be no need every time to use pen and paper to take account of its results, we think the machine automatically.

Only registered users can save up to 60 results.

In addition, the MeasurPro BPM-50W calculates the average of the last three measurements.

The display is beautiful, one of the best on the market, very large and backlit, in order to display the large systolic and diastolic levels, colorful graphics is used to have a direct and comprehensive glance of all our vital levels.

Very fast and quiet.

In addition to its easy handling and small size make it a great gauge to go or just great to be transported from one place to another, for those who need to “on the fly”, and measurements can not lug around bulky equipment.

The MeasurPro has thought of everything, in fact, the product can be connected to PC via wifi to save and transfer all the data that will have diligently maintained over time.

Inside the box is a convenient carrying case.

One of the cons is important that the measurements are not as easily as some of his concerrenti, so you need to have a little ‘patience to get a reliable result and concrete.

What a meter Pressure?

The pressure gauges are called in technical jargon also sphygmomanometers, they are used to monitor the blood pressure in the circulation in our body so by calculating the force of blood in the heart, or where the pressure is highest.

They are valuable allies to our health, since they allow you to constantly monitor your blood pressure and this way get a clearer monitoring of what is happening inside our bodies, allowing the physician to develop an effective care and ensure that this is doing its job in time.

We Italians always suffer more from hypertension, this is a very dangerous disease not to underestimate despite beginning to appear a simple tendency of our hearts to have high levels of pressure in the long run can cause serious diseases such as stroke and heart attacks.

It ‘so important to control all our valuable vital signs, and one of them is that of blood pressure.

But it not always has time to go to the pharmacy to a measurement, or even be forced each time to pass by your doctor.

E ‘must then purchase a blood pressure monitor that will allow us to be quiet in the house and they can also occur at certain times of the day as just wake up in the morning or just before bedtime our vital parameters.

Clear is that you can not choose any one meter, it is to make sure that this fits perfectly with our requirements, such that it is suitable to the circumference of our arms or our wrist.

Very important it is also the EHS certification bestowed by the European Society of, not present on the Chinese-made models, so in itself a first quality factor to consider.

The electronic blood pressure monitors are reliable?

Many people are wondering if indeed the measurements by electronic blood pressure monitors are reliable.

Doctors like to say how important it is for those suffering from high blood pressure to control the parameters of your blood pressure, even if far from care facilities.

And ‘therefore essential to be equipped with a great gauge at home, and it is also vital that this is as precise as possible, given that it has to do with something as important as our health.

With a very paltry expense you can stay safe and sleep tranquilli.La pressure changes during the various stages of the day, keeping constantly in check you can receive an extra motivation to acquire good health practices.

Providing your doctor the evolution data of its vital parameters can also have a more effective diagnosis and in this way drugs can be tuned to perfection, saving a lot on personal health spending.

This raises the question whether these data provided by digital meters are actually reliable, let’s find out together.

The digital sphygmomanometers have made great strides in recent years, arriving to guarantee an increasingly better and more precise quality of the measurement.

Sometimes, however, the accuracy of these can be a bit ‘fallacious, and should be taken with pliers. The absolute measurement in fact happen that deviates in some patients enough.

Reference should always be the doctor who keeps us in care, especially if you suffer from cardiovascular disease, only he will advise us and reassure us on the proper use of these tools.

What is certain is that in many instances these devices are rather accurate, and there is no need to worry if you get the green light from an expert, if not better not improvise the doctors themselves and groped self-care, always remember how important to the advice of a specialist when it has to do with physical health issues.

Sometimes the devices can be inaccurate, such as providing false readings as much as 20 mm Hg, you can leave some ‘fooled by digital display, which sometimes leads to think that the instrument is far more accurate than how much is actually in reality.

The minimum pressure above may be altered, but also often happens with diastolic.

This does not mean that measure the pressure at home with a digital device is useless or harmful, indeed. Thanks to these modern tools can always keep an eye on your blood pressure and make sure it stays within set values.

It ‘clear that it is better not to take at face value the values ​​that are revealed, in no case should be considered absolute and final. Thanks to continuous monitoring of their vital information you can provide to your doctor good data to work together to interact and find the cure that suits your needs.

We recommend that you check the calibration of the meter in your home from your doctor company, this way you can be sure of its accuracy or the “error range” in which it operates, and thus adjust accordingly.

The doctor will confront him with his professional device and check if it is indeed a usable meter or less without concerns sorta.Potrebbe happen that the measuring gap between the two instruments is always the same, this will be enough to add or subtract the amount of difference to get a measurement in very reliable home.

What happens is that over time these appliances tend slightly to lose their synchronization, so better every year riprocedere calibration to make sure it’s all right and there are no dangerous swings that could result in erroneous measurements.

Another technique that is often used is to match the measurement of two different tools, so as to perform two controls little time from each other and create an average between the two different values ​​supplied by these.

How to choose and use a sphygmomanometer?

When you buy a device to measure your blood pressure often do not know the functions to keep an eye to choose the one that will adjust to our needs and allows us optimal use.

The aneroid sphygmomanometer remains the most reliable one, but the best digital now have a technology that can easily match the traditional models and in many cases exceed them in terms of useful functions supplementari.Non all meters are in fact the same, there may be many different characteristics more or less that they affect the way we’re going to use it, and can improve or worsen our experience as appropriate.

For those who want the most from blood pressure meter just have to take first in considerations which may actually be the functions that allow a faster use of the instrument in question, in some cases there may also be need to have a constant monitoring and absolutely precise readings of its own, so to be compared then with your doctor and decide how to continue any treatment.

It ‘clear that the more the instrument is equipped with optional extra features and more we’ll pay them, but do not worry because these objects always travel in a range of fairly reasonable prices, and then you know that with health there is never to be trifled .

Sometimes you find yourself lost when it comes to analyzing a new category of products for the first time, that’s why Pro Cons wants to help you with a list of functions that are usually encountered when there is a choice between all the pressure gauges blood on the market.

First you should make sure you are purchasing a blood Certified pressure gauge, have been around many Chinese instruments sold without any control, when it comes to their own health better though not groped any type of savings and resorting instead to quality devices.

The alarm clock allows you to set a very interesting alarm that will help users more careless and forgetful to remember as a zealous nurse when is the right time to repeat the measurement of your blood pressure.

It ‘clear that such a feature helps patients who need to be very precise measurements in the daily and can not allow himself to miss a single one.

Everyone knows that in the day the values ​​are also changed quite a bit and our doctor will need to have the data needed to get an overall picture of our most important vital functions.

The automatic stop allows to avoid an unnecessary waste of energy or batteries, depending on the model concerned. After a preset time models on the market are able to go off automatically, a very convenient feature for sure.

There are also other very advanced tools, especially between the top of the range, which allow to recognize if the reading just happened to be at risk, or potentially erroneous, in this case the user directly indicate the need to perform a new supplementary to ascertain the result .

Memory is the key feature to keep well under control its own pressure without having to go crazy with diaries and notebooks. Thanks to this technology it will be possible to monitor blood pressure and to follow the course, for example, during a whole week.

Some tools even go to dedicate the possible different recordings for each user that will use the device, thus making them a real health database for the whole family, a wonderful opportunity that will help you keep tabs on the health of all our loved ones.

It ‘clear that each user in turn can store more than once their data, sometimes also it comes to an unlimited number of readings that can be stored in the instrument memory.

E ‘obvious that it goes without saying the take advantage of this feature for a single user.

The manner in which the blood pressure monitor shows the data and the amount of these is definitely one of the key aspects to consider when you are choosing, and in case you decide to buy the classic arm model or you decide to venture in most modern wrist models.

In fact, not all show us the vital information in the same way, we are talking about the first heartbeat but also in blood pressure, however, there is another series of related data that can be very important.

Obviously not enough of these to get a complete diagnosis of our level of health, and we must always consult a medical specialist to be sure of what you are doing, only a professional you can properly analyze all the information in our possession and will give us a safe and concrete response.

It ‘clear that the old traditional analog pressure gauges could not provide valuable information that can very easily instead of digital ones to express and record.

For this reason it is that you are likely to be crushed by this incredible number of additional information that may be difficult to interpret on their own. E ‘for this reason that it is appropriate to always refer to medical advice.

It ‘a recommendation which is especially crucial in the event that it is people who are particularly at risk of certain diseases related to blood pressure, but clearly also apply to anyone who wants to monitor their health.

The World Health Organization tells us that our indicator meter is properly calibrated according to the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization, and that it is

WHO indicator: that is validated and calibrated according to World Health Organization guidelines and therefore provides reliable medical information and truthful.

The arrhythmia detection is therefore essential to understand whether there is an ongoing irregular heartbeat or disorder of our heartbeat, certainly an extra hand to understand what the state is our heart.

The anomalous revelations are also often referred to by some blood pressure monitors, which alert at the right time if there is or not an anomaly.

In addition there are the digital sphygmomanometers which allow to calculate an average of the overall pressure, morning or evening recorded in previous days and to have under control by means of a convenient and understandable graphic scheme all the useful information.

In conclusion

It ‘easy to sometimes be a bit’ careless and not properly provide for the purchase of essential tools for our health.

Technology has made great strides in recent decades and while it was previously impossible and incredible to have in the home of advanced diagnostic tools so usually the prerogative of doctors and hospitals, now these are commonplace and can be used safely in the comfort of their own without having to have special skills or be prepared to shell out good money fine.

It ‘clear, however, that these tools as sophisticated, nothing can replace a complete diagnosis by the attending physician, in fact, to assess the health of a patient numerical values ​​related to the functionality of the body are obviously not all, of the need human sensitivity and the experience of a specialist who sometimes just look into his eyes to see if there is need for further study and additional testing.

As technology has evolved in fact, it is still possible to make home a complete check up of your body and there are thousands of achievable tests are specialized structures with complicated and expensive machinery.

Far it is still the time when a machine will tell if we are in perfect health or if we have to worry.

The pressure gauges must be seen for what they are, that the simple and precious allies to control our health, but it is clear that prevention must first switch from daily good practices to be confiscated and until they become an integral part of our routine.

At the same time take heed because the values ​​perfectly normal and are certainly a cause for we never give absolute certainty tranquility of our level of overall health, in fact, as I explained above is not enough to have a pressure and heart rate in order to be able to quiet night’s sleep, as we know, there are silent diseases that occur only after years and unfortunately in a sometimes subtle and difficult to detect.

That’s why we recommend in addition to always complete check up of constant household checks in specialized centers and under indication of your own doctor, just so you can avoid the most insidious disease, especially if you are at risk or in old age.

It’s no joke with their own health because this is perhaps the most valuable thing we have, and once compromised the quality of life decreases and also decreases their level of happiness and serenity.

At the same time advise you not to be too apprehensive or hypochondriacs trying to keep everything under control, if you follow the hygiene and prevention modern practices you can sleep safe quiet and do not fear anything.

We hope this guide was helpful and you manage to identify the best product for your needs.


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