3 Best Minipimer 2020 (Magic Wand In The Kitchen!) – Pro Cons

3 Best Minipimer 2020 (Magic Wand In The Kitchen!) – Pro Cons

Hello, I’m Antonella.

I have an unconditional love for the blender!

The blender is basically a hand blender that allows you to make sauces, creams, pesto, mousses, hummus, smoothies, soups, sorbets, muffins and much more …

so perfect for vegetarians, since it allows you to create exotic and alternative recipes.

A true magic wand for people like me is an alchemist in the kitchen.

3 Best Minipimer 2020 (Magic Wand In The Kitchen!) - Pro Cons
3 Best Minipimer 2020 (Magic Wand In The Kitchen!) - Pro Cons
3 Best Minipimer 2020 (Magic Wand In The Kitchen!) - Pro Cons


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How to make mayonnaise with the blender without her crazy?

Many friends ask me whether it is actually possible to make mayonnaise with the blender without her crazy, yes, you can.

I have learned the trick thanks to this useful video:

Minipimer, what’s the use?

The blender is an immersion blender which can be used for different preparations in the kitchen.

Unlike conventional blenders equipped with a container for foods, this appliance can be used in direct contact with food, also is little bulky and very light.

In the market, there are three types of blenders: base, or combined with mixer. The first two models are not very versatile and functional, while the combined can be a useful ally in different preparations, since it also has many accessories.

The blender is formed by a single body made of plastic and the bottom of a blade for cutting. On the back of the plastic body there is placed the switch or the buttons to set the speed.

Here, for example, how to make pesto sauce with the blender:

The blender is very simple to use: you dive in contact with food to be blended or chop and switch is operated; in some cases you can also set the rotation speed of the blades.

The blender is mainly used to finely chop the vegetables and carry out velvety or of the past, since you can just cook the vegetables and then immerse the blender for chopping and dicing to obtain the desired consistency.

Many do not know that the blender is used mainly for the preparation of shakes, a lightweight way to classic blender.

With the blender you can make smoothies much more full-bodied and with pieces of fruit, you just only set the intermediate speed and not chop the whole compound. Particularly useful is the blender in the preparation of sauces and condiments like mayonnaise, cocktail sauce and Bernese or for more granular and more mixed seasonings: walnut sauce, olive paste or liver, etc.

Many also use the blender to prepare the pesto, Sicilian (or Genoa), to avoid losing time with pestle and mortar, though some chefs suggest that for a perfect consistency is best to use these ancient instruments.

To get a perfect pesto, you can just set the low speed and immerse the blender with constant and slow movements, without pressing too basil leaves.

If you have small children, the blender will become your best friend, in fact only a few little touch will be able to chop or blend meat chicken or turkey, fish, or if necessary create the delicious rice creams, milk creams or with fruit, there will be enough just to add a bit ‘of water to the mixture and blend until obtaining the desired consistency.

The blender is also used in the preparation of sauces (eggplant, tomato, Bolognese), only that you have to be careful to dip the blender with slow movements and do not lift suddenly to avoid splashing all over the kitchen.

The preparations that we have listed above can be performed with any type of immersion blender, without having to add any accessories, now let’s see what you can do if you add some tools to the blender.

The majority of the combined blenders, contains several accessories, allowing you to prepare thousands of recipes, in particular, are usually found a measuring cup, a whip, a chopper and one schiacciaverdure. For example, the measuring cup is very useful for the preparation of shakes or to prepare sauces where the doses necessary to properly insert. The whip of the blender is rather useful for the preparation of creams, of compounds for pies and cakes or frozen desserts and puddings.

If your blender is equipped with a food processor, this accessory will be very useful for preparing fried vegetables, slicing the onion or herbs and finely shred the meat and prepare a good Bolognese sauce or even shredding the hard cheeses.

In some blender models is also one schiacciaverdure, which serves mainly to prepare mashed potatoes or other vegetables.

Since the blender can be used to make many recipes, we also want to give you some useful tips to use it to perfection. When using the blender try to soak it with a 45 ° angle and to prevent leakage of the blades when it is in motion to avoid splashing.

The blender should be used intermittently to avoid overheating of the engine and avoid too that the blades whirling tadpole. During the preparations of smooth and smooth result it is advisable to set the maximum speed, while for the more grainy and less compact will fit the low or intermediate speed.

After each use of the hand blender is always advisable to thoroughly wash the blades and accessories to prevent food residues from drying out and accumulate.

What can you do with the blender?

You should know that the number of preparations in which you can use the blender is boundless. The blender is normally relegated to the classification of “blender for use in a pot” in order to prepare a soup or a sauce, but I want to expand a little ‘your horizons, and show that the blender can be much more than this.

Make your hummus could not be easier. Thanks to the use of the blender what you get will be a hummus with that family consistency, and could not be easier to exalt with the use of the immersion blender this recipe. After having drained and rinsed chickpeas combine the lemon juice, garlic, cumin, salt and water, and at this point instead of pouring the ingredients in a traditional food processor you can use the blender and reach the desired consistency in a short time, checking in real time the density of the dough. After learning the basic recipe, you can even start adding different flavors to make your very special hummus.

Who would have thought that you’d need a blender for a smoothie? This recipe is undoubtedly simpler and faster, you do not need anything but ice cream and milk, but we are allowed to grant us once in a while something tasty and simple, right? Use the blender is the most simple and fast to prepare a fresh milkshakes. It can be prepared directly in the glass in which the relish, without soiling the glass of the blender, and also by moving the top-down blender able to incorporate in the preparation a greater amount of air, making it soft and fluffy.

You might be surprised that a cake is on the list of preparations to be carried out with a blender, since most of the recipes require an electric whisk or mixer. We focus on the fact that preparations are in need of an intermediate preparation that is used for chopping or shredding of ingredients such as pumpkin or carrots.

Once obtained a creamy consistency, the preparation can be mixed directly to the rest of the ingredients to make the homogeneous mixture and especially not to dirty unnecessarily blenders. Again the incorporation of air is vital for a better rise, something to be reckoned.

Ok, ok, that’s obvious, but I had to mention it. It’s the easiest way to get a soup super smooth, super creamy, in a word … velvety. Once the soup has finished cooking just dip the hand blender and you’re done. You have to do at this point is an important difference between the blender that you can use directly on the fire with hot food and those that can not.

I refer you to consult the instruction booklet of your blender, in principle metallic ones are responsible for use in hot prepared while plastic ones do not foresee this possibility. It ‘s very important not to use a blender is not designed for this purpose in the hot food, the problems that may arise can be harmful for both the appliance for health, such as the blender could release in the preparation hot substances harmful to health .

Again it may seem obvious but your blender is at hand, and with any raspberry mousse, strawberry, chocolate chips, amaretto or citrus can amazingly speed up the preparation. Once prepared the basic ingredients you will only need to mix it with the blender, you will not have lumps in and you can control when preparing the density of the compound, achieving an excellent result, fast and good!

Minipimer, how do you use?

This done, that’s him, the blender in its full capacity. The first approach is in pieces to be assembled. The motor body integrates the output of the electric cable and include at least a button that you press to start the blender. Some models have one more to unlock the lower element, the one with the ‘head’ sminuzzante appliance, if this can not be fixed simply to pressure or screw.

Right in the assembly and eventual choice of the blades is the first operation to be performed depending on the preparations to obtain. Only after it will proceed to connect the appliance to a power outlet. This sequence is important for our security.

Well, you’re all set: you frulli, then! To kick off the dancing, nothing more simple: remember the button I have pointed out just now? The one on the engine body? And ‘he the person concerned. When pressed, the worst is over. Not everything, however.

I can testify: the first time I pressed and then plunged the blender among the pieces of fruit to boil, pointing to a jam is tempting blueberries, I almost had to repaint the wall due to splashing. This is because it is better to do the opposite: immerse the appliance, then trigger. Also to avoid liquid splashes present in the vessel or that is going to form, it is good practice to keep the blender inclined 45 ° – more or less, nothing goniometer fear not – in the food, moving it without, however, to release the blades from the plate in preparation .

The movement may be either circular, for velvety and soups, both vertical, more suitable to incorporate air into the dish and give volume, such as when preparing sauces, like mayonnaise that they need to ‘mount’ and to which the blender ensures maximum homogeneity and absence of lumps.

For these preparations I have a trick, experienced, which I give you: use the blender container with a higher than wide. Cylindrical, in essence.

Personal experience with jam introduces another question: you use hot or cold? Simple: both things. Depending on the preparations, the hand blender offers the possibility of choice.

It does not fear vapors and can be used in both conditions, even directly in the cooking pot. If anything goes un’accortezza used with raw, in particular vegetable or flavorings you operate the blender intermittently. This ensures not to overheat the blades, for a long life of the appliance but also to allow foods in shredding to maintain unaltered taste, texture, color. Avoid them to oxidize, in practice.

You chopped, blended, fitted, amalgamated all? Well, you are ready to put on the table. Not before, however, he devoted proper attention to ‘cuddle’ the friend blender after so much work.

The routine expects to detach it from the current, dismount, and then dip the bottom (not the engine, for charity) in warm water. As it was a relaxing bath, the blender will start to release waste and residues. A sponge with a mild detergent will do the rest by removing any other food scraps and degreasing the column. Beware of blades, though: even cut when parked! To the engine body, which we repeat should never be immersed in water, the outside as good as new with just one pass of damp cloth. Store in a cabinet until the next culinary adventure.

How to open and clean a blender?

The principal of the many advantages of the blender is easy to clean.

With only two main parts to clean the hand blender or blender, it saves much time compared to a traditional blender or a food processor. Whatever you’re doing: mixing, blending, chopping or kneading, a hand blender is a kitchen tool without equal enabling you to keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

In most cases, the easiest way to clean your blender is to remove the accessory from the motor housing and clean it separately using a regular dish soap and water. Press the button to release the accessory, or remove it according to the manufacturer’s instructions and soak for a few minutes in hot water and detergent to loosen any food particles that may be left attached. Rinse with clean water and dry using a towel for the dishes. During the latter operation pay particular attention to the blades that are very sharp. If the manufacturer provides washing in the dishwasher only accessory you can use this option. Some non-economic damage minipimer the possibility of separating the body blades from the motor housing, in this case, after reading carefully the provisions of the producer, it is possible to only wash the body by immersing the latter blades in the water and detergent and rinsing with clean water doing very careful not to wet neither the power cord nor the engine body. E ‘essential to carry out this operation with the appliance disconnected from the mains.

In case of particularly resistant or encrusted foods that are struggling to be removed, try to fill a small bowl with lukewarm water and one or two drops of detergent for dishes. Immerse the blender in the bowl and turn on the blender. Mix the solution of water and detergent until the mechanical action of the blade added to the chemical action of water and soap will not remove the food from the body blades. You will need to do a lot of attention, even in this case not to wet the engine body and absolutely not do this under running tap water, any splashes may damage the appliance. Once the operation is complete turn off the blender and remove the accessory according to the manufacturer’s instructions, make sure that the plug is disconnected to proceed to dry the exterior with a cloth. Beware of blades, cut!

After adequately clean the body blades, supported the blender on a dry cloth and let dry completely before storing. In case you want to speed up the drying operation gently swabbed with the wiper blade body being careful not to cut.

To clean the drive rod of your blender, you can use a soap solution. The wand should never be placed under the jet stream of water, and then simply wipe the wand from the top down to remove all the food particles and any incrustations. The use of water, if not expressly suggested by the manufacturer could counteract with the lubrication of the transmission mechanism and could generate problems that manifest themselves in the long term with an excessive consumption of the gears, best avoided.

You found a place in which to store your immersion blender in order to avoid the accumulation of dust, at the same time should find a position that is easy to reach in order to use it whenever it is necessary.

The main quality of the blender is its immediacy, if custodissimo in the original box, on the third shelf, at the bottom, under the good and should employ a 45-minute dishes service to revive it would be less than all the characteristics of speed and practicality for which this appliance is designed. It ‘very important to ensure that all parts of the hand blender are completely dry before storing may cause odor or lime spots on the blender body.

By following these simple steps you will be able to clean your blender and run at peak efficiency for years to come. Be sure to clean the blender immediately after each use to make the whole process much faster, so that you can benefit from the ease of use of this handy kitchen tool. The blender is a fabulous tool, easy to use, compact and countless possibilities. Keep the blender clean and ready for any use can be a great way to speed up their work in the kitchen.

Best Minipimer 2020 (Definitive Guide) Personal Reviews

Braun MQ785 Patisserie Minipimer Multiquik, my favorite blender!

Braun MQ785 Patisserie Minipimer Multiquik is an immersion blender equipped with numerous features that make it a high quality product and the considerable potential. Equipped with a powerful engine, but extremely quiet, it is characterized by the smart speed technology and is equipped with many accessories that they can be used for various culinary applications. Features Braun MQ 785 Patisserie Multiquik

Braun MQ 785 Patisserie Multiquik is an innovative immersion blender able to satisfy even the most demanding consumers since, thanks to the Smart Speed ​​technology, with a single button can work with infinite speed, and this requirement makes it particularly versatile and practical. The successful use for many months, and one of the features that most appreciate is that, by pressing the button with different strength, the machine increases its speed; it is clear that, if your hands are for all activities required by the preparation of various recipes, not having to constantly change the buttons is very convenient.

By using only one hand I can thus act on any ingredient, of each texture, getting more and still a good result. Just a simple pressure, calibrated according to the specific needs, to work on the most varied raw materials, adjusting the intensity of operation in relation to the type of preparation in place, without any interruption.

Another requirement that I consider valuable is the extra large size of the button, easily operated during the preparations. The handle of this blender has been realized with a particularly soft material, able to guarantee the maximum guarantee of control and socket: in fact, I have to say that this device, unlike other similar, never escapes from the hands, remaining well balance even in extreme cases.

The presence of a highly visible safety button with LED illumination helps to ensure the absolute absence of risks of use: when the light is green, it indicates that it is possible to activate the option Smart Speed, which is certainly the most innovative feature of this device.

I’ve always had great confidence in the German technology company Braun and also for this equipment must admit that my expectations were fully answered; the blender is in fact able to combine high functional power of the blades with an extreme delicacy in blending foods, in such a way as to retain their organoleptic properties.

In the past I happened to see that some foods were dismembered dall’impego mixer not too good and that, consequently, lose their nutritional properties. This device works in the most absolute respect of raw materials, while maintaining their characteristics, while treating them in an optimal manner.

For those, like me, has little time for cooking, but at the same time loves the culinary art, I believe Braun MQ 785 Patisserie Multiquik represents the ideal solution, to avoid waste of power; In fact, this valuable appliance is able to offer high performance with a very low power consumption.

Its extreme versatility in the operation, which makes it possible to crush ice then move on to make a soft dough for pizza, allows you to use the blender for virtually every need, with the huge convenience to act by pressing a single button.

All of these options are feasible using the same mixer and only changing the accessories; moreover, the presence of a single large button simplifies and speeds up a great deal of use.

Smart Speed ​​technology allows you to customize the speed while using the blender; since there is no preset functions, it is possible to continuously calibrate the speed of the blades, in relation to the type of preparation in place and especially as the process is occurring. For example, it recently happened that while I was preparing a soft dough for pizza, I realized I had gone too far with the amount of water; while other equipment I should throw it all with this amazing mixer I simply changed the speed setting and adding more flour, I got the desired result.

The Powerbell option consists of a mixing technique by hand which allows to obtain excellent results, entirely similar to those which would be manually kneading the materials. Designed for business more efficient and customizable, the Powerbell technology is one of the most appreciated by consumers characteristics.

Particularly studied in detail, this product is equipped with an anti-splash design, designed to prevent material spillage during preparations, and that, by limiting to a minimum the dirt, it ensures a considerable saving of time. Personally I am often unmotivated to deal with the execution of challenging recipes for fear of smearing the kitchen; since use Braun MQ 785 Patisserie Multiquick I rediscovered the pleasure of cooking, no longer haunted by the nightmare of splashes and stains on the countertop and the wall cabinets.

The advantage of being able to count on a powerful motor of 750 watt guarantees extreme versatility of use which, without physical exertion, is capable of ensuring results always at the top. One of the major downsides of the mixer is usually to take a considerable force to put them into action, and this fact is very unpleasant. I constatalo that this equipment is so fluid and easily operated effortlessly to let me in disbelief.

A notable advantage of the product is also represented dall’utilissimo Easy Click system, specially designed to replace the accessories in an easy and fast, by pressing the two buttons placed on the sides of the handle. In this way it is possible to change each device by means of a simple click.

All the parts of the appliance (with the exception of the motor) are washable in a dishwasher without any problems and can assure that, despite a rather continuous use, I have not so far found no alteration of the constituent materials, confirming the excellent quality of this small appliance.

I find great ergonomic handle from the secure and comfortable grip which is fitted to the mixer; its features make it extremely easy to clean and comfortable to grip, avoiding in the most absolute manner any possibility of slipping during the various preparations. I believe that such a safety requirement is an advantage not negligible.

Accessories included in delivery Braun MQ 785 Patisserie Multiquick

The product package contains all the accessories necessary to achieve preparations of each type, which are:

The minitritatutto from 350 milliliters allows blend vegetables, fruit, meat and cheese in a few seconds, by leveraging the power of the blades; its decidedly contained dimensions are ideal when you wish to make preparations quantitatively limited, however, assuring an excellent final yield.

The whip in stainless steel wire is proposed for the preparation of soft dough for cakes, to mount the egg whites, creams and desserts to get soft. I have experienced that, through the use of this accessory, it is also possible to prepare an exquisite pastry and a fantastic sponge cake, to be filled subsequently with a cream always made with this precious mixer. This way I can pack in a short time and with excellent results desserts complete.

The measuring cup 600 milliliters has a perfect size to contain liquid or semi-fluid to use for the most varied purposes.

Last, but not negligible advantage of this mixer is that of its cost; the selling price is around € 160 but is currently available at Amazon with a fantastic 22% discount, which allows the purchase just 128 Euros.

Kenwood HDP408WH, the blender my sister Claudia

What accessories supplied

The choice of this product has been motivated, in the first place, from the engine’s power, which can reach 800 Watt, so it is also suitable for professional preparations, where another blender would fail the lens.

It is equipped with a removable stainless steel rod, thus highly resistant and long-lasting, and the rod diameter is 7 cm, a guarantee of solidity but also of effectiveness during use.

In each room, this appliance contains one schiacciaverdure metal, useful for all preparations of sauces, which require the use of a tool that provides to crush the mix of vegetables cooked previously, a convenient plastic shovel in order to collect all the content of vegetables without that part is wasted, and two stainless steel sieves to use only the best part of the past, separately from vegetable filaments. The schiacciaverdure really lends itself to a multitude of uses, from mashed potatoes and carrots friendly, the preparation of delicious croquettes up also to be used as a knock meat, when we want to make a slice of veal or turkey softer, as our grandmothers did.

Another high-quality accessory is the whip in stainless steel wire, high-quality material and the lightness of the hoses, make the install many preparations for dessert, the whipping cream to pastry, the ingredients for the cake to savory preparations such as mayonnaise, or more international recipes like tzatziki, which require a very delicate procedure. Have on hand this small appliance means removing all limits to our daring in the kitchen, without spilling thousands of tools and without any effort, given the lightness and quietness of the Kenwood blender mixing HDP408WH Fast, 800 W, Plastic, White.

The use of HDP408WH Kenwood blender mixing Fast, 800 W, White Plastic, it is extremely easy and intuitive, and repeat, is a very valuable ally in many preparations, also particularly complex.

For the preparation of pasta, for example, I often used with great success, to blend the ingredients for the pesto eggplant, food processor crumble with almonds and Parmesan and with schiacciaverdure am the eggplant and garlic a cream, then all unite with a single appliance that’s it.

A preparation sometimes so difficult and long, it becomes simple, having at hand the right objects, light and handy, considering the ergonomic handle of the blender, extremely convenient. The same goes for the pesto zucchini, which requires the same process, and even if I want to add the walnuts, the mill is able to crumble everything perfectly.

As for dessert, it can really indulge, through the use of the whip, it becomes easy to mix ingredients for the pudding, rather than a tart, but also for the ice cream cake that needs different liquids mix until a smooth consistency . Great for whisking egg whites but also to mix the cream with the cream and yogurt, without leaving lumps and to give the soft and perfectly homogeneous consistency, that only the hoses thus constructed can offer.

Kitchens alternatives: Kenwood HDP408WH there is help!

Having home two vegans, often I used many accessories to prepare their alternative foods, which contain, in most cases, it creams made from legumes, such as hummus, which cost me time, so many dirty accessories and it would not come never good.

Since I use the Kenwood blender, with a few moves I have a hummus always ready in the fridge, with various vegetables or in the simple version, because I just take the ingredients and put them together in the food processor to a host of spices and you’re done. How many times I have had difficulty preparing the famous vegan meatballs, far from my family tradition light years, yet with this blender my life has become really easy … in the kitchen! I just blend the vegetables with the immersion blender, food processor and stale bread and vegetables to be joined, and so dinner for my boys is not ready that I regret the delicious meatballs in my mom.

Why such a powerful product: Triblade System

It should be noted that the Kenwood blender has a single button that lets you change the speed, and do not need to have your other hand free to enhance the engine, since it has very comfortable ergonomic grip, and all you can do with one hand. There is also sketch dangers, since it is designed to decrease the maximum leakage during use.

Easy to rinse all the pieces, which can also be washed in a dishwasher, to make the work of those who most simple kitchen possible, the material is of high quality plastic. Is there no danger of getting stained with different colors of food, or that remain streaks if washed properly, manage to keep your most precious tool intact for many years, in your kitchens.

The magnificent intuition to Kenwood for this small but powerful tool, it really makes things easier in the kitchen, even for the most complex preparations and professional.

Braun MQ745BC MultiQuick 7 Minipimer

Indispensable for the preparation of soups full of vegetables, is a very effective means to chop the carrots, garlic, celery which must then be flavored with the meat in a pan, versatile and convenient to use, just press a button to continuously more power or lighter way to a result less effective, and that’s it. Very useful for chopping nuts, such as walnuts, as well as pine nuts, necessary ingredients for pesto sauce; with this accessory just put all the ingredients in a large bowl and chop with fresh basil energy, leaving no filament, and the same is true for garlic and other ingredients, all chopped in seconds and ready to be cooked or used as preserves to be frozen.

Finally a fast and effective product that can give vent to my desire to create in the kitchen, with no limit, and an accessory in case. Pests of all sorts, many pate, minced – potatoes for mashed potatoes, chopping of spices and all that need a powerful blender that in a few steps facilitates the work of the cook.

The blender Immersion MQ745BC Braun Multiquick 7 Minipimer, has been programmed so as to press the main button and adjust the power. Often, in fact, the vegetables do not go completely but simply chopped coarsely ground up, and this is the great strength of this accessory, working foods as best we believe and the way that we need for our preparations, not for blending strength.

In case you wish to proceed to a more rapid mixing, as in the case of breadcrumbs, for example, you can activate the PowerBell, for a greater power, in order to chop completely without leaving any piece or lump. Using it when I have to make a cheese cake that needs the base of crushed cookies to be joined to the butter and maybe chocolate. With Braun Multiquick 7 MQ745BC Minipimer is simple crumble before cookies with PowerBell function separately and chocolate, but more than double and thick, and then combine everything and create the basis of my great dessert.

Other highly successful experiment is the granita, this blender Multiquick, used with blades, prepares an excellent granita with ice cubes previously prepared; then if instead of water we put strawberry juice or chocolate milk and we do freeze, at the end of the ice crusher will obtain the simplest icicles to feast on, great for the kids but also for us. And if instead of chop totally, we choose to make larger pieces, we can enjoy a chilled granita. The result is perfect, with only one tool I have done the work of three, and only with a plastic glass that is able to contain up to 600 ml of liquid, or the smallest that contiene350.

Simplicity, efficiency and convenience in a single tool that is always at hand, it is not bulky, quick and practical use in the wash, for this can always be brought in the suitcase, even during the summer, when it seems that we lack our precious comfort of home or while skiing holiday, when shakes are necessary nutrients for our kids. Our Minipimer Braun becomes a family member in its own right.

The first meals: simple!

When I had my first child I thought of having to buy another appliance to help me prepare baby food in small jars of meat or fish and fruit smoothies. I started to try the Immersion blender Braun Multiquick 7 MQ745BC Minipimer and it was love at first sight, quickly cook food and whip with the accessory 350 ml Minitritatutto.

Easy to install, even for those less accustomed to technology, hackneyed perfectly without leaving lumps, and a view of the container capacity, I have the opportunity to homogenise a higher amount to be retained for the next day.

Similarly proceed for the fruit, which can blend with great simplicity, only rinse the cup and the blades. In one small accessory, I found great versatility, especially for me as I always hurry and want to solve everything in a few minutes the same speed the response to firmer consistencies, such as small pieces of different cheese type or Parmesan, provided it is diced not great and not hard, cooked or smoked ham but also bacon. Everything is chopped to perfection, according to our needs, for a result of great chefs.

As a passionate cook sweet but without great skills, I found another accessory blender Immersion Braun MQ745BC Multiquick 7 Minipimer and whips, very comfortable to beat the egg whites for a delicious sponge cake, but also to knead dough pastry, leaving larger quantities of butter on one side than the other. Indeed, we know how delicate sweets and how little it takes to remove a pastry or dessert ruin. With wire whisk Braun M745BC never failed a sweet, always ease, and the specific anti-sketch structure can blend without dirtying the whole wall, a technology designed specifically for multitasking cooks, who like to do many things in a moment.

Nothing could be more simple, MQ745BC Braun Multiquick 7 Minipimer blender Immersion is assembled by inserting the blades, it sticks to the wall outlet and is ready for use. The ergonomic rubber handle provides a comfortable and precise grip for any use, just press the button based on the type of work that needs to be done and that’s it, light and practical, with a fairly long wire to work with more comfort . The immersion blender can also be used in a larger plastic container, where the quantities are higher and you need a more energetic work. Solid in the plastic material but very versatile to accommodate different kinds of food without ruining also the immersion blender is long enough for a cleaner work and convenient to use. And the most convenient thing is that all accessories can be washed in the dishwasher without fear it will be damaged, with the guarantee that they are sanitized thoroughly and leaving more freedom to cook.

Another feature of this blender is the fact that it is very quiet and this allows its use in any time of day without the anxiety to disturb or wake the sleeping little.

Small and handy it can be stored conveniently standing in any corner of the kitchen without ruining the aesthetics, since the model MQ745BC Multiquick 7 has a harmonious shape and colors that fit kitchens in modern style or classic.

We now summarize the main characteristics of the product:

These are the reasons why MQ745BC Braun Multiquick 7 Minipimer Immersion blender is really recommended for many uses in the kitchen, being a high quality product signed Braun, who is a leader in the world of small appliances. Do not forget, in fact, that the blender has entered the Italian families only in the 50s and had suffered a huge success, given the practicality of this accessory you can replace a full large robots, which are often only used for chopping and homogenize so that there is located in the house a bulky appliance which is used very little.


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