9 Best Mosquito Magnetic 2020 (Review Staff) – Pro Cons

9 Best Mosquito Magnetic 2020 (Review Staff) – Pro Cons

“I shall never forgive Noah boarded the ark to have even a couple of mosquitoes.” Enzo Costa

Hello Friend / a, I’m Francis.

Despite the precautions taken have a “weak point” of the house from which come in abundance the evil mosquitoes to disturb your deserved rest?

I know very well the problem, I was in your same shoes last year …

Then I discovered the magnetic screen door.

Very easy to install either on doors windows. It just needs to take good measures of the door from the balcony or the window to which you want to apply it.

Follow me in this guide to the magnetic mosquito nets. I will explain thoroughly what they are and how they work, I’ll tell you how to mount, I’ll show you the different types available in the market and at the end you can choose easily the magnetic network that’s right for you.

The mosquito net that I have installed in my home

9 Best Mosquito Magnetic 2020 (Review Staff) - Pro Cons

The best-selling mosquito net

9 Best Mosquito Magnetic 2020 (Review Staff) - Pro Cons

The best economic Mosquito Net

9 Best Mosquito Magnetic 2020 (Review Staff) - Pro Cons

Apalus Magnetic Mosquito nets for doors 90 x 210CM – Network Super …

TE55679-00020-03 Tesa Insect Stop Mosquito Attack and Detach …

The mosquito net that I have installed in my home

9 Best Mosquito Magnetic 2020 (Review Staff) - Pro Cons

The best-selling mosquito net

9 Best Mosquito Magnetic 2020 (Review Staff) - Pro Cons

Lictin Magnetic Mosquito net for doors – Dimensions 140 x 240CM, …

The best economic Mosquito Net

TE55679-00020-03 Tesa Insect Stop Mosquito Attack and Detach …



My personal experience

There are so many good reasons to buy a magnetic screen door.

My best memory indelible concerns definitely my childhood I lived in an apartment that was located just above that of my grandparents. Needless to say, Sundays were always festive.

Now, my memory goes to when in those days, I used to come down from my grandparents well before lunchtime, I was fascinated to see my grandmother in the kitchen busy and alone struggling with thousand things to do.

There remained, however, with folded hands, she had a very interesting task for me: I was the official hunter flies in the house.

What a nuisance that are the flies especially when you’re cooking!

All I had to do was put myself at the kitchen table and be careful that these odious insects do not posassero of nothing, absolutely nothing. I had to drive them away by hand or with a fan that my grandmother used usually in warm weather to enjoy the fresh air.

But I, who was an engineer at this age, I thought to myself: why not find a solution to the base, so that the balcony could remain open and at the same time avoid the flies to enter?

Well, my grandmother was not really stupid but a normal tent unfortunately no avail. It just does not bring home the entire fauna annoying to 6 feet of my country. However, it is inevitable that you can not completely shield a door with a simple tent.

This situation so-called “historic” has clearly revived then and always, both at my grandparents’ house is my house with my mother, you could hear screaming from my room with a very strong “is ready! Come to the table that there are flies! “.

Now a separate chapter deserve mosquitoes, companions of many sleepless nights spent scratching the arms, legs or neck.

These are truly amazing! When you think you are sure you have taken any precaution, here it is the bastard mosquito that bites you!

How annoying especially at night, when you’re in bed and ready to fall asleep. There’s that mosquito that has managed to get somehow and start ronzarti around the head.

What are the flies or are mosquitoes, or even other types of insects one thing is certain: we do not want them in our house.

And I still remember that time when there was the invasion of ants at home.

After several sweeps that involved my whole family, we discovered to our surprise that insects came from outside.

It is not well understood but the ant colony managed to get into the house overcoming barriers as a kind of insect screen tent bought at the time and the enclosed balcony.

We managed to solve the problem by using one of those products in white powder that can be easily found around, whose purpose is precisely to keep away insects but certainly aesthetic cost.

It is clear that anyone who came to the house were to spend part of his time to ask what he was doing the white powder on the ground.

Since we bought the magnetic mosquito net at home we have solved all these problems big and small.

I’ll tell you the truth: before buying the big question was the fact that the network could actually prevent the sunlight from entering the house.

All wrong! The magnetic mosquito does absolutely this: its plot is often very dense but never acts as a filter or screen to the sun.

In summer, with balcony and window open, it is as if it were mounted and the sunlight enters without difficulty.

In short, the tent absolutely no dark environments.

In addition, they also make their shape when mounted!

I find my beautiful, an object that does not disturb the movements, in particular when you have to leave and return from the balcony, and even ugly looking.

At first I bought it for the summer, but I realized that graced my home and I kept it for far longer.

What it is a magnetic mosquito net

We all know what a mosquito net. But perhaps few know that the market there is a very reliable and durable type: magnetic mosquito net.

You can easily get out to the balcony with no worry of leaving behind the open mosquito net; this will close by itself by taking advantage of the small magnets that are located along the edge of the opening.

In this way, when they come near the edges, these will simply attracted to adhere to each other by the magnetic force of the magnets.

If you have animals at home, such as a dog, you can rest easy. Your best friend will not have problems, like you, moreover, to use the mosquito net.

Put it to the test right away, you’ll see that will be released and will return in comfort!

The magnetic mosquito net is a purchase that is simply done. It will be once and for all.

My purpose today is take your hand and guide you in this; I want to describe for the good of the assembly and I want to explain what precautions you must take to have a really great end result.

Let us go in order and see how to mount a magnetic screen door.

How they are made magnetic mosquito nets

The magnetic mosquito curtains are constructed so as to be easily applied to the frame of a door or a window.

On the top, bottom and side seams of the present. In the central part, these seams serve to contain small magnets that will ensure that the curtain closes automatically alone once opened.

The finishes are also used to make the network a nice thing to have when assembled. They also protect the network around the frame.

The plot of a magnetic screen can be meshed; this particular makes sure that any kind of insect, also smaller ones, can go beyond the embroidery.

At this point it is proper to make some clarifications.

The mosquito nets affect the lighting in the areas?

Many online are wondering if a mosquito net can actually limit the amount of sunlight that enters their homes.

The answer is ABSOLUTELY NO!

This is a bit ‘a myth to dispel. A network of this kind is made for not affect the brightness.

I can bring my example: When we installed the magnetic insect screen in the kitchen, we did not notice any difference between before and after.

The light that passed without the curtain went well with the installed network.

A plot narrow-mesh does not necessarily mean that a filter face for the sunlight.

The composition of the network is designed and made ad hoc, so as not to minimally affect the amount of light passing therethrough.

Magnetic mosquito Types

There are some things that you have to take into account, of course simple things you can easily do alone.

I’ll tell you right away that early on will be a breeze. You can rely on your labor, it is not absolutely require the presence of a professional.

This is perhaps the most challenging attack but not difficult. In the packaging of the mosquito net there tacks, precisely, which will be fixed with a hammer on the sides of the door in order to keep the fixed network.

Very easy installation. The velcro included in the package must be glued to the frame of the door and on the edges of the mosquito net. Just then placing it along the edges of the door and that’s it.

The size of the magnetic mosquito clearly depend on the size of the door or to which is mounted box.

On the market you can find anything: there is mosquito net with fixed size, both according to the frame networks to “standard” doors or windows, you want to install them.

But if you have in the house doors with measures other than those so-called “classic” you can always opt for a mosquito net that exceeds the size of the door, then cut half away what remains in excess after installation.

Let us see some of these fixed size.

Standard dimensions of the fixtures in Italy

In general the doors in our homes have very precise measurements.

Searching the Internet, I found the site of Edilval that explains just that. I will quote below what it says on the standards.

Unless you do not have something constructed at will, almost certainly you will be in one of these cases. So what aspects, take the metro and controls which type of frame is yours.

– The French doors are doors of a house that allow access to the outside, so for example balconies or terraces or garden. These can be single or double swing. The standard size of a single-swing doors is 90 x 255 centimeters, double swing instead of 120 x 245 centimeters.

– The classic windows double doors may be of the following sizes: 90 x 120 centimeters, 110 x 150 cm, 120 x 130 cm, 120 x 140 cm, 120 x 150 centimeters, from 120 x 220 cm and 140 x 228 centimeters.

– The windows instead single swing can be large 60 x 120 cm, 70 x 120 cm, 70 x 140 centimeters.

– Just for the record because it might be useful, interior doors, namely those intended for the passage between the interiors of a house, they are usually large 88 x 214 cm, measurements that include the frame which in most cases is of 4 centimeters.

– Finally, the main door is large 90 x 215 cm and usually has only one leaf.

I remind you once again that these are nothing more than the standard dimensions of the classic fixtures in our home country. If you want to know the measurements of your windows, take a meter and controls in which categories.

After doing this you can then pick up the magnetic insect screen that best suits your size.

It is clear that it is always better to opt for a slightly bigger size to avoid any type of problem. Always best to be cautious, so the excess can be safely cut with a scissor.

How do you mount the magnetic mosquito net – The ULTIMATE Guide

Some basic premises that it is good to keep in mind.

First of all, NEVER cut the net before installation. It is absolutely true that you can remove the excess, but always and only after you have installed the mosquito net on the door or window.

In addition, the mosquito has a top that SHOULD NEVER BE CUT. If it exceeds the end of the installation, then you can cut it, but remember, only the lower part.

The part to which is to be installed, the frame, or the frame of the doors of the balcony or window for example. The frame can be made in different materials.

It can be wood, aluminum or metal. Finally, there are also those of brick or stone.

These following are guidelines based on some magnetic mosquito nets available on the market.

Always check well the kind you buy and you always refer to the installation instructions that will be included in your package.

Installation using tacks

The mosquito has a top that SHOULD NEVER BE CUT. If it exceeds the end of the installation, then you can cut it, but remember, only the lower part.

You must always start from the top, and then take it on the frame cross adagiala placing it at the center. Get nails provided and begin to fix the network, starting from the center and continuing along the cross up to the two edges.

At this point, the upper part is mounted. Now lets go to the netting of course, under its own weight. Do not pull, but at the same time not even do the opposite. Take her just along the edge. You can then start to fix it on the door posts along the entire height, from the top.

During this phase a bit ‘delicate, the advice is to wait to have her completely settled before hammering the nails thoroughly. Simple, if a part is too stretched, for example, you can still remove the nail and fix it again.

If you have followed all the steps, you now have the mosquito net pretty much ready.

The last thing you need to do, as I said before, it trim away any excess part that at this point you will find on the bottom.

Great! You have installed your new magnetic mosquito net!

If you bought a larger mosquito net of doors, quiet, will be equally easy.

As before, it begins from the top and mounts the network over the crossbar.

The sides will now withdrawn into themselves up to the width of your door.

You have two options: you can hammer the nails right on the bound edge of the network after it has been folded upon itself, or if the mosquito net is too big, you can cut the part that you do not need and then fix the nails directly on the network.

First, go easy on the nails. Lay down the mosquito net around the edge, and when attached properly, only then can good for hammering on nails so that they are properly planted.

After that, you just have to check that on the bottom, and in this case also to the sides, you have not advanced network. If this happens, you can cut off the excess with scissors.

Well! You have installed your new magnetic mosquito net!

Mounting via velcro adhesive

When it comes to something sticking to the frame of the door, the first thing to do is to clean thoroughly and carefully the surface with alcohol, so that the velcro adheres perfectly.

The velcro that you will find in the package is usually of two types: a soft and a hard.

Start from the top and attacks the hard Velcro along the bar taking care to avoid creating bubbles. Now waiting for the time to be sure the Velcro adhered well.

Do the same with the posts, and then applies the hard Velcro along the entire height.

Then take the soft Velcro and apply it first to the top and then to the edges of the mosquito net after it has been stretched for well grounded.

Now you can proceed with the fixing of the mosquito net. Start from the center of the crossbar and make matching the velcro straps of the network and the cross itself until it reaches the edges. Continue along the edges and go through the entire height making sure not to leave “holes”.

Remember that if you leave the central part of half a centimeter or even a centimeter higher than the edges, will do nothing but assist the closure of the mosquito net.

That’s all there is to it. You have installed your new magnetic mosquito net.

If You Spare mesh at the lower end of the work, cut it off with scissors.

As before, the procedure is very similar.

The first thing to do is to thoroughly clean the surface of the frame with alcohol so that the adhesive velcro adheres well and does not make bubbles.

Starting from the upper part of the frame and then, attaches the hard Velcro of the crossbar. Be aware that it takes good and helped with a spoon to press down and avoid air bubbles.

Do the same with the two doorposts. Always use the hard Velcro. Wait a bit ‘, so that the glue is dry.

In the meantime you can start with the network. Get the mosquito net, to spread it well on the ground and attacks the soft Velcro on top of it. For your mosquito net is larger than the dimension of the door, DO NOT attach to the sides, but only on the higher side.

Now take the network and begins to attack starting the crossbar. Parts from the center and keep half a centimeter or a higher centimeter of the edges in order to facilitate the closing of the network.

When you get to the edges clearly it will advance mosquito net. Do not worry yet, take the network and, without pulling, press it along the edges on the previously applied velcro.

Obviously not adhere well, but only serves to secure it temporarily. At this point you have to take the soft Velcro non-adhesive that has in the package and apply it so that the mosquito net is in the midst of the two Velcro layers. As it was a sandwich short.

Pressing well, the network will not move any more.

At this point it definitely will advance mesh sides, beyond the velcro. Take a pair of scissors, you can cut off the excess, leaving just a little ‘if you have to rearrange the network later.

If your network is more than the height of your door, cut the bottom always with the scissors.

Well, you’ve just finished editing your magnetic mosquito net!

Mounting through adhesive clips

Since this type of fitting provides for an attack by adhesive, the first thing to do is to clean well with alcohol the surface of the frame. This will ensure that the glue on the back of the adhesives take well.

In this case you have to follow suit the specific instructions of the magnetic mosquito net you buy.

In general, you have to start applying the clips over the bar, reading the instruction manual for the number being displayed. Apply before the central clip and then apply the other at an equal distance up to those on the two upper corners.

The number of clips of the crossbar is odd.

Take now the mosquito net and stretch the upper part in a natural way on the cross, and by pressing on the clips, Bucala in correspondence with the hooks. Be careful as always not to pull it too.

Do I remember to leave the central portion of a maximum of one centimeter higher than at the edges to facilitate the magnetic closure of the network.

After that, in the package of protective you’ll find supports for the clips. When the mosquito net is completely fixed to the cross member, take these supports and apply them on the tips of the hooks. They serve to avoid scratching the network or even your own hands.

Also on the instruction manual that comes included in the package, how many clips laws must apply to the two doorposts. A eye or helping with a meter, make sure that you are the same distance.

As for the bar, the mosquito net hole in correspondence to the sides of the applied hooks and uses protective media to cover the tips of the clasps.

The last thing to do is cut the net when advancing on the lower side.

The process is practically equal to the case of the mosquito net of the same size of the door.

Summing up similar parts, cleanse first well casing with alcohol, read the instruction manual in the box the number of clips to be applied to the cross.

When you have finished this phase same as the previous case, you get the screen door and, without pulling, he began to stare at the clips, by making a hole on the hooks.

Still referring to the manual, how many clips laws must be applied to the edges on the right and left and attack them.

At this point your mosquito net is fixed on the crosspiece and advances to the sides in the larger of the door. Proceeding first with a jamb, and then with the other, take the network and starts to fold in on itself until it reaches the width of the door. Now fix it on the hooks of the jambs, pressing on them and then making a hole.

After that proceed to cover the clips with protective supports that are in the package.

Cut the net at the bottom if it is too long.

Job done! Your magnetic mosquito net is ready!

Best magnetic mosquito nets – The Review

1. APALUS – 90 × 210 cm – adhesive attachment with velcro

Apalus Magnetic Mosquito nets for doors 90 x 210CM – Network Super …

The magnetic mosquito Apalus is one that I have chosen for my apartment and also for that of my parents.

It is just perfect, not so much coastline, it’s easy and quick to assemble, holds very well on the frames.

Online has so many positive reviews. I trusted customer and I can say I am very satisfied.

The network is made with good materials. The finishing touches are really nice and the tent itself is very pleasing to the eye. Clearly they are summer products but also keep them mounted in the early days of autumn it does not hurt.

It holds out even the smallest insects, there is absolutely no way for them to pass through the network, which is meshed. This does not hinder in any way the passage of light. With the mosquito net installed you will have the same amount of light.

Inside the central seam there are 32 magnets. You can open the network by simply passing through, even if your hands are full. Once outside, this closes perfectly thanks to the magnets that will join the two parts.

The installation involves the adhesive attachment with Velcro that is included in the package. Follow the instructions on Apalus guide and if you want you can also refer to the instructions I wrote above, the definitive guide to installing magnetic mosquito net.

In the package there is also also tacks, which serve to secure the best network in frames where the glue velcro can not adhere perfectly, such as for example wood.

Finally I remind you that Apalus thinks about everything and everyone.

The product is rated with dimensions 90 × 210 cm. But many other measures are also available.

The mosquito net Apalus is available in sizes 80 × 200 cm, 90 × 200 cm, 90 × 210 cm, fiberglass 90 × 210 centimeters, 100 × 210 centimeters, 100 × 220 centimeters, 110 × 220 centimeters, 120 × 220 centimeters, 120 × 240 cm.

2. LICTIN – 140 × 240 cm – adhesive attachment with velcro

Lictin Magnetic Mosquito net for doors – Dimensions 140 x 240CM, …

The magnetic Lictin mosquito net is the best-selling online.

It is a product that has its own charm due to the black color and really nice finish. It is a network that makes her look good from an aesthetic point of view.

Here I’m talking about a really high-quality mosquito net.

The network is very durable. This is absolutely the strong point of this product, which must take into account stresses of all kinds, such as the wind or the continuous opening or even the presence of animals in the house.

Even your best friend will have no trouble using it. Proof dog or cat.

The fine-mesh weave network holds out the bugs of all sizes, and does not obstruct the passage of sunlight.

For this please refer to the first Lictin guide present in the package. If you need help you can refer to my ultimate guide to assembling the magnetic screen door.

This product is available only in the dimension 140 × 240 centimeters.

3. Sekey – 160 × 230 cm – adhesive attachment with velcro

Sekey 230×160 cm magnetic curtain for mosquito net, ideal for …

Another product of the best sellers online.

The Sekey magnetic mosquito net is a great article that puts all agree when it comes to quality and durability.

The tent is black and in the central part there are the magnets that are used for automatic closing.

The plot of the network is effective against insects of all sizes and, moreover, does not limit in any way the amount of light that enters through the doors. It is also made to be very easy to wash.

Even with your hands full, you can simply open it crossing it. And you can feel comfortable, the magnets will think of everything: the two edges will adhere to attracting each other.

Even animals that have in the house will have no trouble getting used to his presence.

It is mounted via adhesive attachment with velcro included in the package.

Please refer to Sekey guide that you can find with the mosquito net. If you need help you can refer to my ultimate guide to assembling the magnetic screen door.

This is reviewed in the mosquito net of 160 × 230 cm but also can find the version of 130 × 220 centimeters. It is easily adaptable to different types of doors, folding it over itself to the sides if too large.

4. ANPRO – 100 × 220 cm – adhesive attachment with velcro

ANPRO Magnetic Mosquito Curtain 100 x 220 cm for door with …

The magnetic mosquito ANPRO is well-reviewed online. It is a very good product from the excellent quality and high resistance.

Black net with sewn trim made with excellent materials. In the central part of the seam, inside, there are the magnets 26 that will close the awning automatically once exceeded.

Easy to operate even with your hands full. Your dog even will have no problem using it.

It is mounted via adhesive attachment with Velcro. Find it all in the package, even ANPRO guide that you should contact the company to install it. If you need help you can refer to my ultimate guide to assembling the magnetic screen door.

The version reviewed in here is that of size 100 × 220 centimeters. There is also the shortest model 90 × 210 centimeters.

5. MYCARBON – 110 × 220 cm – adhesive attachment with velcro

The Mycarbon magnetic mosquito net is a very elegant network suitable for all patio doors.

The model that we propose here is 110 × 220 cm. Online you can find even other dimensions, making this mosquito adaptable to any need.

In the order from smallest to largest you find the following dimensions: 90 × 210 cm, 220 cm × 100, 110 × 220 centimeters, 120 × 220 × 240 centimeters and 140 centimeters.

A network easy to assemble thanks to the velcro and all accessories in the package that will come directly to your home. Simply follow the directions on Mycarbon guide included. If you need help you can refer to my ultimate guide to assembling the magnetic screen door.

Very comfortable, it will never be a hindrance to the passage. It is made so that it can be opened without the use of hands. The magnets can be easily detach and then go to adhere to and to ensure that the curtain closes by itself.

The dense texture leaves out mosquitoes and insects, even the little ones. The sunlight will not have problems to pass through the meshes of the mosquito net.

6. GIMARS – 110 × 220 cm – adhesive attachment with velcro

Gimars Magnetic Mosquito Net for French doors with strips …

The Gimars magnetic mosquito net is of excellent quality. It is available in different sizes so as to fit the needs of all.

This I propose is 110 × 220 cm. La also has 100 × 220 cm, 220 cm × 110, 120 × 220 cm, 240 cm × 140, 160 × 230 cm, 200 cm × 80, 90 × 210 centimeters.

It installs via adhesive attachment with Velcro. You’ll find everything you need in the box. It is easy to assemble and you can do it alone. It’ll take a few minutes.

It simply crossing it opens and closes by itself thanks to the magnets present in the central seam. It is very durable thanks to the high quality of materials used.

Say goodbye to mosquitoes and other types of insects that used to invade your home. Open the balcony to pass no more worries air and light.

The Jarolift magnetic mosquito net is also available in versions 110 × 220 × 230 centimeters and 160 centimeters, making it a network suitable for all doors. Also available it is both white and black to get along with all types of interiors.

It is a high quality network. Easy and quick to assemble via the adhesive attachment with Velcro which is located in the package.

The magnets in the inner seam will think to make close the curtain on itself, thus making it usable even without hands. Simply get through.

It is adaptable to their doors, since it is possible to cut it to suit your specific measures. Always remember that the mosquito net must always be installed before starting from the top.

When the work can remove excess grid cutting it.

The best economic magnetic mosquito net

8. TESA – 130 × 220 cm – adhesive attachment with velcro

The magnetic Tesa Mosquito Net is among the most searched online. They are of excellent quality networks and at the same time economic.

both black and white are available and also very different measures. These suggest that you are 130 × 220 centimeters. In the box you will find two goals from 65 × 220 cm to be installed on the frame of your doors.

Based on this proposal, you can find one that suits you. You just take measurements of the door frame to which you want to install it, then you should add a few centimeters and buy the one that suits you.

Add centimeters measures taken means to be on the side of common sense. It is always better to cut out the part you do not need rather than buying a mosquito net that does not fit perfectly.

The Tesa Mosquito Net is a great product. Combining the simplicity, ease of installation, low price and quality is not easy. But Tesa succeeds big time.

It installs via adhesive attachment with Velcro. You’ll find it in the box.

Magnetic fly window

The Window magnetic mosquito nets are specific items for the home windows.

The networks on the market today are adaptable to any door or window of the house. Just take good measures, and that’s it.

You’ll just need a few clicks to realize that this type of Insect nets are suitable for all.

The big difference lies in the size of what we’re talking about.

A glass door allows the passage through the same, for example, to exit on the balcony of the house exceeds the French doors.

A window instead often only serves only to look out, certainly not to cross it!

The doors are large while the window is smaller.

The same companies usually offer two different models of network adaptable to what you need.

The important thing you need to know is that nothing will change regarding the installation, which will always be easy and fast.

Here are some tips for quick purchase if you are intent on buying a magnetic fly your window.

Best magnetic mosquito window

9. LICTIN for window – 130 × 150 cm

Lictin Magnetic Mosquito Window – Dimensions 130 x …

very elegant solution for your window. high quality network, it is easy to assemble, the Velcro is included in the package.

10. TESA for window – 130 × 150 cm

tesa Insect Stop Mosquito Attack & Stacca STANDARD for …

a bit ‘cheaper solution for your home. Despite the lower price, the quality is definitely guaranteed. It is mounted via special tape that are provided.

Different types of mosquito netting for your home

On the market there are different types of mosquito. Obviously, in this article I talk exclusively with convenient magnetic mosquito net, which is desired and bought by anyone. It is also easy to install and takes only five minutes.

Some can be removed or moved or slid and allow easy and convenient switching between environments while others are installed where there is no transits often and can not be removed.

Another example is in fact a balcony. If we add the fact that some housewives, like my mother, just use the balcony for drying freshly washed clothes and dry them on a clothesline, then you understand how it takes a type of mosquito that allows an easy transition.

I turn now review some interesting products with the purchase quick tips if you’re interested.

This type of mosquito net is installed directly on the frame of a French window. This goes to become a real second door which gives on the balcony, so as to allow to keep open for passing air and light, but avoid that insects and especially mosquitoes slip him at home.

I saw them at the home of friends, especially those who have large French windows in the living room.

These nets are shifted sideways to allow the person to come out on the balcony. They should be installed to measure directly to the frame and slide on the lower edge.

These nets also need to be installed directly on the frame of a door or a window.

The principle of operation is similar to that of the shutters, the system has a roller on the crossbar and the network is wound on itself within this.

Pulling, the network unrolls and usually once reached the bottom edge is automatically fixed. Going up, she rewinds and goes to resettle in the roller.

The adhesive mosquito belongs to the category of fixed networks.

These are installed exclusively on doors or windows that do not need to be crossed.

Networks of this type are applied with glue to the frame and are fairly easy to assemble by yourself at home.

Remember of course that are fixed and can not be removed.

You can be installed anywhere directly to the frame. The feature is the network for packaging, as they say in the jargon.

The mosquito net is open to bend naturally on itself following the pleating. You can bend horizontally or vertically, so they can easily adapt to any type of door or window.

These are real doors that add to the existing door in your home.

They have their own frame for the note and you can not install it yourself at home. There is no need to call specialized companies that will come to your house to take the necessary measures.

Clearly this type of mosquito nets are more expensive.

The mosquito net for the bed is not something you see often, however, is widely used.

The assembly can vary as well as the models. They are networks that cover the bed, single or double, presenting an opening for easy entry.

They are used to the summer nights, when mosquitoes just can not stop bothering your sleep.

They are really useful.

Sekey 220x200x200cm Mosquito net for single bed / double, no …


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