Lamps 9 Best Nails Fornetti 2020 Uv Led – Pro Cons

Lamps 9 Best Nails Fornetti 2020 UV LED – Pro Cons

The nail art is increasingly fashionable lately.

I jumped headfirst into this world last year and I quickly discovered the existence of the ovens nail also called LED lamps or UV.

Lamps 9 Best Nails Fornetti 2020 Uv Led - Pro Cons
Lamps 9 Best Nails Fornetti 2020 Uv Led - Pro Cons
Lamps 9 Best Nails Fornetti 2020 Uv Led - Pro Cons

It is a tool easy to use and in the video below you can find some useful tips and the principle of operation, great if you’re a beginner and you are asking the same questions of ritual.

How often I have suffered passionate topic and I decided to learn as much as possible to write an article.

Obviously I will reveal even what my favorite oven.

These early tools were reserved for professionals and beauty care of the nails, whereas in recent years have become increasingly common, used safely in the home as simple and immediate to use.

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But no more talk and we start with the guide! Click here to scroll directly to REVIEWS OF THE BEST LAMPS.

What is the oven for nails?

It ‘a small oven that uses ultra violet rays or LED depending on the technology used.

The bulbs inside allow drying in a few seconds a gel or semi-permanent enamels specially designed for the nail art.

So beware! Not good for normal enamel.

It hurts? And ‘carcinogen?

Many wonder if the LED lamp actually hurt nails.

Since it has spread worldwide the use of UV ovens, they began to arise some doubts about whether these were or were not safe for the health of the person undergoing the treatment.

There is a study of an important American medical universities that put the spotlight on the issue is whether these tanning lamps emit harmful radiation or not to skin.

The conclusion has been reached and that the ovens have a very high voltage is potentially more hazardous to health than those at low voltage.

Other studies have found instead the ovens to completely harmless nails because their very low UV emission is comparable to that used in dentistry for teeth whitening.

According to these scholars should not therefore be any kind of danger to use these devices.

It ‘s always still necessary to implement common sense and use conscientiously ovens for nails increasingly opting however for the highest quality products.

It ‘important to buy more products certified by the European Union and avoid the other hand the Chinese market that no matter how seemingly potentially cheaper reserves often the pitfalls.

Especially when we find ourselves having to deal with objects that we use directly on our body we can not in any way prevent us from thinking about what might be the possible adverse effects resulting from the use of instruments not adequately tested on human skin.

So I invite you always like to do a lot of attention.

Lampada LED o UV?

First and foremost is to clarify what are the substantive differences between the LEV and those UV lamps.

The semi-permanent polish for LED lamps exploit the polymerization by means of LED bulbs, which are semiconductor light devices.

First, because of the use of this technology it is faster than the UV.

The LEDs have very low power consumption and allow for a much longer duration, also emit a type of cold light, which is an advantage not just.

The cold light it is much safer for the health of his hands than hot, because it avoids sunburn.

The semi-permanent polish for UV lamps emit ultraviolet radiation instead.

The UV consume much more electricity and unlike LEDs give the skin a kind of warm light, and temperatures can reach potentially harmful to the skin of our hands.

The UV technology also is a bit ‘older and more devices that are built this way tend to be more fragile constitution.

The substantial advantage on LED technology is the fact that they are universal, can be used with any type of product.

The bulbs of the traditional UV lamp must be replaced after a certain number of uses.

It ‘easy to understand when it is time now to replace the UV lamp bulbs, just to see if they are present or not blackened areas, and if so will be changed soon.

Best LED lamp UV oven for nails (reviews)

1. 2Prof Futura LED 3.0

A hidden gem is for sure this 2Prof Futura.

Very small in size, but that does not mean that they decided to spare themselves the functions or efficacy, far from it. We find ourselves in front of a device as compact deserves great respect because it is capable of great results.

Products like that come into our lives as true lightning from a clear sky, until a few hours before they are completely unaware and in a moment you understand that not they will ever do without. This is one of those essential items from which you will struggle to separate you in the future.

E ‘capable of accommodating all five fingers at the same time thus avoiding multiple exposures of the hand.

There is a timer that you can set to 5, 30 or 60 seconds to longer polymerization and intense.

It operates in two modes, the normal to 48W and the 24W soft, certainly a major strength that makes this 2Prof Futura certainly very versatile and suitable for different needs.

The infrared sensor is activated whenever the hand rests inside the oven, to start immediately with the polymerisation.

It cleans very easily because the bottom is detachable.

2. Sunv Sun 8 and 48

Lamps 9 Best Nails Fornetti 2020 Uv Led - Pro Cons

SUNUV SUN8 48W UV Nail Lamp Led Gel Nails Automatic …

The SUNUV is undoubtedly synonymous with products for the care and nail design and even this time is denied offering a great product, in size but highly performing.

The design is minimalist and elegant, for those who like things simple and effective, but at the same time does not disfigure the table of the room.

The weight is very low, very easy to clean and use.

The unit switches on automatically when you put your hand inside.

The price is certainly very convenient.

3. Abody Auto-sensing, my favorite

Lamps 9 Best Nails Fornetti 2020 Uv Led - Pro Cons

Abody 48W / 24W LED Lamp UV Nails, Nails Fornetto …

There are products to which it establishes a relationship of affection, almost love at first sight, and for me this is certainly the case del’Abody Auto-sensing, a lamp nail that was able to give me a lot of satisfaction and excellent results worthy of a beauty salon.

And ‘in fact a very interesting mini-oven, we are faced with a tough subject that will last over time.

You can set the timer on 15, 30 or 60 seconds, and you can set the function for which the device turns on at the moment when we go to rest your hand inside, really nice and innovative choice.

The design is almost futuristic, so do not look out of place in the most modern, it has a chance to dry effectively all the fingers of the hand without further skim.

You can select the intensity opting for 48W or 24W by long pressing on and off button.

The power is interesting and the operation is LED, and how well we know the LEDs naturally tend to last longer compared to dell ‘UV bulbs.

It ‘very large and also allows you to achieve excellent pedicure effortlessly.

The power supply is very powerful.

Dries very quickly glazes nail art without any problem or hesitation.

Certainly a great product for domestic use and match the results that can be had only by the best nail artists.

The price is not the lowest, but there is a reason, this fact Abody Auto-sensing provides a kind of very homogeneous drying and to perfection.

4. SUNUV SUN2C 48W, good for beginners, fantastic semi-permanent

SUNUV SUN2C UV Nail Lamp LED 48W Manicure / Pedicure LED …

Not all LED lamps are equal, and in fact here we are in front of the SUNUV, which surprises us now to the weight, since it is incredibly light, but also for its incredible ease of use, which places it in pole position among the possible best buys for those who are at the beginning and have a lot of curiosity to jump into the wonderful world of DIY nail art.

Inside the package there are two bearings colored parts, these have no purpose if not purely aesthetic and decorative.

An interesting choice that must understand right away that we are not in front of the classic lamp for nails.

There are also comfortable rubber pads to stick under the lamp to keep her from slipping and thus making it even more secure and easy to use.

There are buttons that activate a key timer to keep track of the passage of time and avoid leaving our hands in time under the LED light.

Polymerization is fantastic, especially for semi-permanent.

The value for money is pretty much unbeatable, we find ourselves in the presence of one of the most popular lamps by the Italian.

The instructions are extremely easy to understand and after a few minutes you can go directly to the action without the risk of making mistakes.

Also good for pedicures because there is plenty of room to lay the foot safely.

Dries enamel semipermanent beautifully.


5. USpicy, great lamp

Another very interesting lamp that deserves to finish in this guide is the 48 Watt USpicy, UV and LED.

The lamp in question is realized with extremely lightweight materials and also the dimensions are reduced, perfect for those who therefore intends to move frequently from one place to another, perhaps during a holiday why not.

Equipped with three timer options, depending on your needs curing enamel of nails or gel.

The design is very attractive, in fact forms are seductive, is a product designed for pleasure and not to go unnoticed on the table of the tricks or manicure.

It ‘very rounded, all shiny and black, immediately captures the attention and makes clear his intentions without being obtrusive. We are indeed very flashy products that stand out, but so are some real punch in the eye, it is certainly not the case with this USpicy which is instead a very stylish device.

Very easy to clean because the bottom is released from the upper whenever we want, in order to ensure maximum hygiene, and each use will be like the first time.

One of the peculiarities of this lamp that immediately catch the eye and make it clear that we are in front of a top class instrument is the presence of large number of LED lamps in the upper part of the oven.

On the walls of this then there are mounted mirrors that allow light to be reflected and therefore arriving to the entire nail surface in a uniform manner, thus ensuring a result almost equal to that professional.

The value for money in this case is very interesting, there are in fact not much products, not only in the field of manicure, but generally between instruments dedicated to female beauty, ensuring the quality of this kind at a cost so paltry.

The weight is very low, this maybe for some it may be synonymous with poor quality, because it is expected from the semi-professional equipment to be heavy, as if to demonstrate with clutter their grandeur and importance, but we know now in this historical period in which everything goes thinning and triumph in which the nano-technologies that maximize the performance does not always correspond with the maximum encumbrance, indeed. It is often the opposite.

A recommended product for those who want to get serious, those who have already tried other models and want to make the next step higher up, or for those who want to start right away in style.

6. Morpilot UV LED 24W, perfect for beginners

Here we are dealing with an object that is primarily intended for those not very familiar and comfortable with such tools, but still really want to enter the world of polymerization of semipermanent glaze or gel nails from the main door.

There are 3 different timer mode, depending on how difficult the enamel in question to be fixed, it goes from 30 to 90 seconds.

Very interesting turn on automatically when you insert your hand into the mouth of the oven.

The design is very eye-catching, seems an art object at first glance, a device from the future.

Very lightweight and easy to use, difficult to leave disappointed novices in this field.

7. UV Duomishu LED 48W, lamp beautiful

The UV LED Duomishu is undoubtedly a striking LED oven.

For those who no longer want to have to always wait al’appuntamento with your esthetician or beautician to settle their nails and hands, this is certainly good news.

The Duomishu is in fact a device to be perfect manicure for the house, and especially for those who are beginners with the care of their nails.

Aesthetically beautiful and seductive, comfortable for those who are not very familiar with this kind of objects.

And ‘it can move directly to the firm hand to avoid trouble, instead of poggiarvi hand inside as is usual.

Very easy to clean too, in a few seconds as good as new.

There’s a handy timer counts seconds that starts as soon as you slip your hand under.

The instructions are not exactly the best I have to admit, but within minutes he is still in charge, since this kind of devices in the end they all work the same way, at least in the basic concept just a simple video on youtube to see immediately how to do!

With a little ‘of manual achieves excellent results.

8. Halicer, travel great

This Halicer has a very nice design, it uses the red LED lights especially designed to avoid damages at the skin let alone our view, revealing very pleasant to use.

Allow to dry both the gel for nails that the enamel semipermanent leaving the possibility to choose the time that best believe appropriate between the preset settings of the timer to 30, 60 or less than 90 seconds.

The lamp will automatically light up as if by magic when infileremo into our hand, and obviously will go off when we’ll remove it.

The base of the oven can be cleaned with extreme ease because it comes off in a huff because it is magnetized in this manner will be a breeze to bring the lamp to its initial state.

Online users tend to be very pleased with this product.

And ‘certainly a great product for those who are impatient and do not like to wait long with hands suspended in the polish to dry, with the risk that you can mess up.

The lamps come in handy for this reason.

Nell’Halicer the lights have been installed in a very intelligent manner to ensure an almost professional result, there will be no need to go from our nail artists of confidence for a fast intervention, we could directly at home and avoid constant visits to the centers aesthetic to have our nails in order every day.

I will always be grateful to life for the commissioning of ovens trade like that at a price so affordable.

The lights are also well placed to not be touched with the fingers, since they are positioned very high compared to where it will be installed hand.

Of course it’s also a great device for pedicures, being very large, even for those who do not say really a Cinderella leg …

Despite this large oven, however, it remains small and very practical to move, so it’s a great travel partner to pack for a manicure while on vacation!

In conclusion

It ‘clear that in recent years the importance of the beautician’s work has increasingly focused on the nails to the point of creating the figure of the nail artist.

A couple of decades fingernails were manicured and painted, of course, but not with the attention that you pay now. A small but crucial detail for seduction, however, become over time a real aesthetic weapon to distinguish themselves and proclaim their own personality to the world.

The large nail artists make art in fact know of the true masterpieces on the nails, making them original and even artistic.

The nail art is born in Asia, during the Bronze Age with the practice of henna, dye made from the dust of some leaves.

In the rich Babylonia there was colored the black nails to distinguish their social position.

But it was in Egypt that began to enhance the decoration of nails in this society as a color distinguished walks of life, it was in fact more intense as the red used meant that the woman in question belonged to a high rank, to arrive to that real.

In the Middle Ages instead for religious reasons this practice was gradually diminishing.

In the Renaissance instead he came into vogue as a return to aesthetics and vivid colors.

In the twentieth century there was then the popular explosion in all manner of manicure with ever more original and more colors and more innovative solutions, until today, with the introduction also of false nails and reconstructed ones.

Nowadays we see instead the gel, semi-permanent glaze and the famous and adorable nail piercing, I personally love the madness.

I hope that the guidance on the best oven nail there was helpful to help you unravel this complicated jungle that the introduction of more and different devices sees day after day, so it is not easy to understand what can really make the case own.

I wish you a good day friends and greet detailed information, consult the next article!

Hello, from your Antonella.


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