5 Best Pasta Machines For 2020? (Review Staff) – Pro Cons

5 Best Pasta Machines For 2020? (Review Staff) – Pro Cons

The Sunday morning I woke up with the smell of meat sauce wafting through the house, my grandmother began to prepare the day before and let it cook for 24 hours …

I went running into the kitchen and I knew that I would find my dirty mother of flour who go around that famous crank that gave life like magic to the beloved noodles.

The machine for fresh pasta is undoubtedly an object capable of arousing strong memories, it recalls ancient sensations of a distant past but at the same time, paradoxically, by considering the emotions that evokes always lives.

5 Best Pasta Machines For 2020? (Review Staff) - Pro Cons
5 Best Pasta Machines For 2020? (Review Staff) - Pro Cons
5 Best Pasta Machines For 2020? (Review Staff) - Pro Cons

It is not always easy to choose the best machine for fresh pasta that can do the job.

Through this guide we will discover together what is the amount of household tool that most easily can be adapted to our creativity and respond to our needs, without having to deal with by force a very costly expense.

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How to make fresh pasta?

Obviously not everyone can embark on the creation of fresh pasta without first having a good theoretical basis, if you are curious about the foundations of this art look at this very interesting site that explains everything right step by step.

Of course in addition to the appropriate machine is no need of great savoir faire.

Making fresh pasta at home is an ancient art: the pastry rolled with a rolling pin are obtained with gold threads like noodles or noodles, chests stuffed like ravioli or tortellini and lasagne timeless.

In recent times there has been a kind of revival that sees fresh pasta protagonist again, some people prefer to buy it already made by special craft workshops scattered throughout Italy, while those who prefer to get their hands dirty in spite has never competed before .

Some believe that to make fresh pasta requires a huge time commitment, but it is not actually the case, and in an hour you can accomplish a lot ‘of dough that can be used for different recipes.

First you prepare the dough, then leave it to rest, and then we will proceed to roll it out and to finally get the dough.

Of course you can also color it, groped for a variation to the original recipe, adding squid ink or other sympathetic seasonings that will make it very personalized.

Once prepared the dough as we said we will need to turn it in the format we have chosen, this is undoubtedly the most delicate phase in order to obtain a paste in a workmanlike manner and surprise our friends.

There are two types of machines to make pasta, and manual and automatic ones.

It is not difficult to deduce from just what the actual difference between the two types, but for the record we go together to analyze the way to allow you to choose with absolute certainty the model that best suits your pocket and your needs.

The manual machines are equipped with the very classical crank to be operated by hand, which will then require the fullest expression of our physical energy.

Who among us as a child did not attend to their own mothers or grandmothers intent in the creation of fabulous dishes, the process itself as children it looked so charming, almost magical.

Automated machines perform exactly the same kind of work, however, through the use of an engine that will not entail our strength.

Surely this type is more suitable for those who often creates fresh pasta and can not spend hours to shoot, having to take time and energy to other equally fundamental and delicate handmade steps, indispensable to make a paste with all the trappings.

Conversely, if your budget is tight and you want to use the machine only occasionally, such as the classic homemade pasta Sunday, then I suggest you opt for the manual.

Depending on the tools that will be used you can use the machine to perform almost all types of pasta that we come to mind, there is no real limit to their imagination, the Italian tradition is rich in many kinds of different formats, it is clear that you consider all the regional variations are probably a good thousand or maybe more, but I’m sure that thanks to the best pasta machines will not be difficult even jump in apparently more complicated dishes.

The noodles are certainly the pasta shape more streamlined and easy to cut, so if you want to try your hand only in the realization of these we will have to consider it since before performing the actual purchase.

With manual machines is obviously no need to run all the dough by hand before, but modern automated industrial machines are also quite capable to take charge of this part of the creation of fresh pasta.

Just in this case only put the ingredients inside the adequate and this alone will achieve the nostrapasta.

The best machine to make fresh pasta at home

1. Philips Pasta Maker, for those who are serious

That’s definitely one of the best machines to make fresh pasta on the market today.

Simple to use, excellent for both the dough with egg no.

It has a calibration and operation automatically, you should only worry about the ingredients in place adequate measures within the dedicated container.

The machine does everything by itself, there is a press that adequately mixes the dough and pour the liquid chosen by us.

Once ready will cut the dough according to the selected measures, optimizing waste, one thing that hand is very difficult to achieve.

This Philips Pasta Maker is also very rich in accessories for those wishing to indulge in preparing pastas also very special.

In case you were to go wrong the length of the dough can reinsert it inside the machine.

Mind you to avoid any overheating of this unit, not stressatelo too.

Cleaning is also very simple.

Definitely a recommended machine for those who want to get serious and intend to create fresh pasta more than once a week.

2. Imperia, manual pasta machine – The classic

5 Best Pasta Machines For 2020? (Review Staff) - Pro Cons

Imperia is undoubtedly the noble brand that immediately calls to mind the machines to make pasta from our childhood, and even with this model very similar to the ones there, “vintage” not denied absolutely.

If you do not want to spend a fortune and you love make dough as before, using physical force, here is the machine for you.

3. Marked Atlasmotor – Pasta Machine with Motor

5 Best Pasta Machines For 2020? (Review Staff) - Pro Cons

Marcato Atlasmotor – Pasta Machine with Motor, Steel …

Even Marcato is a major Italian producer of pasta machines, in fact, the logo will be recognized by many and also led back to a time machine.

It ‘clear that companies that work for so long in one area naturally have reached some sort of formal perfection, so if you are looking for a machine to make electric pasta memories in every way traditional models but does not require the pushed by hand crank, consider this model for your eventual purchase.

A well made product that is very easy to clean.

4. Imperia PastaPresto – electric pasta machine

Here’s another very interesting product presented by Imperia, this time into electrical sauce.

Start by saying that it is a great machine, the only fault is that he is a bit ‘noisy, but of course if you do not intend to keep it running this particular do not even notice given for hours that it takes very little time to achieve a cutting dough in a workmanlike manner for some portion family.

The design is innovative but it combines old and new well with a lot of elegance. Imperia again remains true, even when it is to rejuvenate an older model.

Also this easy to clean.

Definitely recommended.

In conclusion

The creation of the homemade pasta is strongly anchored within our Italian culinary tradition, is a time we say essential, especially if you intend to evoke certain feelings and tastes.

Some will be in search of the same old same model to achieve the same effect of the tradition, while others prefer a new automatic model in order to be more efficient.

In any case, the end result if made with love will undoubtedly be tasty and satisfying to the palate and why not also for the heart and memory.

I embrace you all and I hope this guide has actually been helpful.

From your Antonella Pro Cons.


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