7 Best Planetary Mixers 2020 (By Master Chef Professionals) – Pro Cons

7 Best Planetary mixers 2020 (by Master Chef Professionals) – Pro Cons

Master Chef you fell in love seeing / or planetary.

Looking for the best economic planetary mixer or a professional?

A monster in the kitchen, a classic mixer that hides a heart of all digital.

You’ll never be alone in the kitchen, now you can rely on her for all your recipes and your imagination!

This planetary brings home a touch of class and classic.

Finishing on top make this robot a beautiful object to keep in your kitchen. Fantastic!

A simpler solution for the kitchen that provides a wide range of accessories.

So you can expand your robot according to your preferences and needs. Low price and guaranteed quality.

7 Best Planetary Mixers 2020 (By Master Chef Professionals) - Pro Cons

A monster in the kitchen, a classic mixer that hides a heart of all digital.

You’ll never be alone in the kitchen, now you can rely on her for all your recipes and your imagination!

7 Best Planetary Mixers 2020 (By Master Chef Professionals) - Pro Cons

This planetary brings home a touch of class and classic.

Finishing on top make this robot a beautiful object to keep in your kitchen. Fantastic!

7 Best Planetary Mixers 2020 (By Master Chef Professionals) - Pro Cons

A simpler solution for the kitchen that provides a wide range of accessories.

So you can expand your robot according to your preferences and needs. Low price and guaranteed quality.

If you want the best pizza mixer, Kenwood KM094 Cooking Chef planetary mixer.

Before owning the planetary had the Thermomix at home, I thought it was like that, but I was wrong, compared Thermomix looks like a toy, with the planetary us in Serie A, culinary and creative possibilities are endless.

The only limit here is your imagination.

Best Planetary Professional 2020 (opinions and reviews)

1. KCC9060S Kenwood Cooking Chef Gourmet, a replacement that does not make you regret the old mixer

7 Best Planetary Mixers 2020 (By Master Chef Professionals) - Pro Cons

Kenwood KCC9060S Cooking Chef Gourmet, 1500 W, 6.7 Litri, Argento

After 7 years of career I had to retire my old mixer because the repair costs were almost more than the cost of buying a new one. Not that they lacked the money but it seemed a bit ‘a waste for me to get an object used for so long.

Anyway I really changed reluctantly because it was very good to me and there I was accustomed to perfection, I knew all the little flaws, strengths, how to make them give the best of themselves. It was a bit ‘a small trauma to leave because I was afraid I would not find anything as good and I would have to re-learn how to use a new one.

But in the end I decided and I made the leap directly, from a mid-range to high, the KCC9060S Kenwood, the Gourmet Cooking Chef. I was encouraged at the time, I talk about eight months ago by a generous offer on the most complete package of machines, blenders and food processer, I use both very frequently.

I begin by saying that this is not a simple kneading machine, but a very similar complete food processor if not directly superior to machines such as the infamous bimby. It has in fact the ability to cook induction, heating by a minimum of 20 ° C to a maximum of 180 ° C, a choice to say the least winning that has undergone impressed me and allowed to easily prepare many recipes that require immediate cooking such as certain creams with egg, without dirtying pots, go on the oven and so on.

A tool that changes the way of being in the kitchen and makes you really feel like a professional chef. Among the accessories included in this complete package is in fact also the steel plate for steaming, something you do not expect much from a mixer.

The first impact just got home he saw a little ‘suspicious, was much heavier and robust of my planetary old, and even bigger in the bowl capacity level in almost seven liters.

But above all, I was not used to interact with electronic display, which forced me to study me well to the instruction manual before proceeding. Luckily the usage is pretty simple once you understand the sense of all the different circle bullets represented and after two uses I was already working without manual at his feet.

In the panel it is possible to select the automatic programs among a selection of 24, which can handle a large number of preparations and recipes, even if personally use more independently without entrusting to the programs. It reads well and is very bright due to the contrast between the black background and white scrittine.

In terms of accessories, they are all made of stainless steel, to be able to work better and last but most hold the high-temperature cooking programs. With the obvious exception of two whips loaders.

The stirring whisks supplied are five, the K whip, the wire often, the kneading hook and whips loaders for mixing or mount the softer dough cheesecake type. In addition to these there is precisely the stainless steel bowl, the pot for steaming and the two blenders.

One is the classic American blender jug, Thermoresist 1.6-liter ideal for quickly putting in too hot food without problems. The other is what the Americans call food processor, blender crushed more classic, which I found with six different disks always high quality stainless steel. These two tools alone are fabulous, the first is made of glass, robust, pleasant to use and completely safe.

Among other things, a manual containing a kind of small stream high cooking school of Kenwood and good to gain access to ten premium online classes is sold complete cookbook, and quick start guide that is. This last key for me was unfortunately sore, I really wanted to participate because I love to learn, but the good had expired some time ago and I could not redeem them.

As for the steel bowl of the mixer, I love that it is easy to release the graft, as in many Kenwood models to what I have seen from the pictures, and in the store, the wide opening of the machine makes it easy extraction smoothly. The bowl is of course equipped with heat-resistant handles.

The machine can also add other compatible accessories, ie all those classic gizmos – that I do not actually use – to make pasta, biscuits, sausages, juices and various centrifugal. It not that I would not mind owning them and complete the set as well, but for the use we currently do all of this package is complete and I do not really need a single thing more.

The features for those who do not use pre-set programs, like me, are simple enough and more than enough. It has eight speeds plus pulse mode.

Aesthetically, it like a lot, the design is futuristic thanks to the electronic panel, and details like knobs and logo with a glossy finish make me crazy on matte background of the camera body. There is fine in the kitchen, as if made to get married with my modern furnishings, the dark gray tones, black and white, but I can star almost anywhere good for those who love to expose it.

Initially I riponevo each use in its box very carefully, but after a few weeks I began to use it pretty much every day and therefore I chose to keep it straight out of giving her one of his special place directly on a shelf.

It’s a car to see much in action, pictures and videos do not do it justice, very easy to use in its basic functionality and manual, a little more complex when you want to learn how to use the different pre-set programs, but definitely versatile and above all very strong and powerful. When she kneaded even at full load shows no signs of slowing down or does not get tired too, which instead had learned to deal with my old and beloved planetary earlier.

A noise level is perfectly average, or exceptionally quiet nor noisy to the point to prevent two people in the same room talking (something that happened to me with the old).

The only downside, but I realize that’s probably too much to ask, it is the absence of the ability to freely program the machine or have at least one customizable program.

You can not automate it completely short. If he had this feature would be literally the perfect mixer. But even without this upgrade it is a key part of my time in the kitchen, and it helps me a lot risparmiane also with the fact that dissolves / cooks in addition to simply whipping and kneading.

2. Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer 5KSM150PSEER, a timeless must for food lovers

7 Best Planetary Mixers 2020 (By Master Chef Professionals) - Pro Cons

They are fond of pastries since I was a child, and watching many videos online of various recipes, both Italian and above all foreign, I noticed over time that planetary of Kitchenaid were practically a constant presence on the counters of many. So, I just decided to save money to finally buy a food processor, I jumped almost without hesitation to those of this brand.

Thanks to a small discount I got to get my hands right on a 5KSM150PSEER Artisan empire red. Initially I was a little ‘disappointed because I would have preferred black, but soon discarded and put in the kitchen I changed my mind immediately: this machine is also a sight to be seen, on a purely aesthetic level. Beautiful in color, deep red and shiny, and beautiful in design, live is a special effect. It should own one just like piece of furniture almost!

Just took it home and show the box, I could not resist to try it before reading the instruction manual, and yet I had a great time using it even so, groping. To be honest I have to say that I thoroughly understood how it worked, mainly thanks to numerous video I had seen where it was used for just about everything, but however also intuitive enough not to get bored with the manual revealed, however, a useful and important reading once past the ‘ enthusiasm on the first time.

It is a robust machinery, compact, at the bottom weighs less than 11 kg, but it is just as well because being rather powerful must be able to safely bodied knead dough at high speed, without any dangerous oscillations.

First, to my surprise the plug was therefore nothing annoying adapters European schuko half and already there were flying out very well. As for the noise I have to say that I had not many yardstick this being my first car, and of course the famous video on youtube of the mixer the audio is not always cut to be annoying, so I was not prepared. At first I found it very noisy, but then several people have assured me that any food processor especially if driven at high speeds tends to be quite noisy. Unfortunately, one can not expect that face the same sound of a nightingale, it is an engine that must generate energetic rotations, at the bottom. Either way, the first test I made a simple meringue exploiting the hook to whip, and what to say, is coming perfect.

It is very convenient to open and clean, and immediately feels that the materials are of excellent quality, from the well-solid consistency of the camera body but also its accessories such as the bowl and its splashguard.

In the box they were included wire whip, whip leaf, and dough hook, a standard set short to work just about anything. Since I bought it I spent about six months and I never had any difficulty whatsoever with the various hooks or bowl, except for a small problem but depended entirely on me: I washed the wire whisk in the dishwasher, and after a few month is ruined.

I had so buy it apart, and I discovered that while the other two accessories must be safely in the dishwasher because they are made of enameled aluminum (in fact are white!), The wire whip is made of steel with aluminum hook, therefore, at those temperatures has oxidized at the base.

Error My short, that in the rush I had not read it right that passage in the manual. Apart from this small incident therefore all to wonder, you are benone seal even if the leave in the kitchen and not in its box: the keep away from the stove and of course the use of at least two times a week.

In recent months I have mostly used wire whip, and rarely the dough hook, as they usually prepare soft dough or mounted for cakes and cupcakes and only on special occasions bread. The whip I leafy instead I probably used only once and I remember, however, that seemed to do his duty without problems.

I recently discovered among other things that it is compatible with a range of accessories that can greatly expand the functionality, such as peeling machine to make pasta at home, and I have half a mind to try taking some expansion for this Artisan and try to give them an edge on the potential not only to use it as a mixer, then cake.

This versatility makes it in my opinion the best food processor outstanding: powerful, reliable, beautiful and expandable. In addition, the brand made in the USA offers a number of spare parts, when I had to replace the whip that I had carelessly ruined in the dishwasher had no problems in fact, to find the original. I would not have trusted the bottom to take a different, perhaps incompatible.

However, it is a pride to show off, and an object that tremendously simplifies life in the kitchen, right in my opinion both amateurs and professionals who do not work on very large quantities. The capacity of about 5 liters of the bowl makes it suitable for preparations also quite generous at the domestic level but certainly pastry that must process very much more. Let’s say that with this ability I produce quietly enough cakes to serve twenty people minimum.

I tested the strength of the bowl with everything, even with the Italian meringue that requires you to pour in the mixture of hot sugar syrup and neither whips nor bowl demonstrated failure or problems whatsoever, continuing to mount to perfection. Let’s say I have stressed enough and has always responded great. Taking therefore a general summary of advantages and disadvantages, and the premise that personally I consider it one of my best purchases ever, I could list the following.

3. Bosch MUM4405, economic yet powerful, complete and very versatile

MUM4405 Bosch Kitchen Machine, 500 W, 3.9 liters / 2 kg, ABS, …

After melting yet another portable mixer, I had only changed a few months ago, I decided to change and point to something a bit ‘more handsome. I dabble in small works of pastry and are also quite good, so that friends and relatives ask me frequently sweets and cakes for their birthdays and various celebrations.

Not always the whips of the classic electric mixer could, however, to hold preparations of large quantities of creams and pastes, forcing numerous breaks to cool the motor of the instrument or to make worse the more full-bodied pastes in two phases.

In certain processes such as the sponge it resulted in disaster, and had become unmanageable. Thus, the death of the last mixer I opted for a qualitative leap must.

I wanted something that worked independently, while also reducing timelines and effort, but above all he could work long and well without risking going off half the battle. The planetary of my dreams were unfortunately far too over budget and did not want to buy a poor sub-brand, so I opted for a middle cooking machine, Bosch brand and personally trust by a life when it comes to appliances.

I have dwelt on MUM4405 a bit ‘for the cost and a little’ for the excellent online reviews, so in the end I got it almost without bothering to look at other models, had everything I needed.

It is in effect a planetary small, very compact and dall’assetto that clutters the right without too many excesses. The planetary motion is different from the simple rotation of the whip arm on its axis. It is in fact slightly tilted, so as to enable a complete shift that goes to act on all sides in a uniform manner. The bowl is fixed instead.

The scope of the bowl is nearly 4 liters, sufficient to prepare abundant doses of creams and pastes without too much difficulty, and is made of durable plastic such as a large part of the coating of the machine itself. In the box I found the standard multifunction whips tris, the classic one for whip, the one that reproduces the whip functions K or leaf and which allows to work on medium consistency slurries, and the hook for hard dough such as bread, pasta and pizza.

Of course it includes the instruction manual and the splash guard plastic cover with the special spout for pouring the ingredients when the machine is in operation. On this basis you can then mount a series of accessories sold separately that make it even more complete as the juicer, a blender, grind the mulinetto, the graters, meat grinder and ice cream.

Personally, no I did not buy these, although I am considering the possibility of trying the ice cream and the extruder with the accessory to make cookies. In the search for compatible accessories you take care to find the ones that go in pairs with MUM4 and MUM5.

Valuing it on aesthetic I must say that unfortunately I do not like much, perhaps because mentally I compare it involuntarily to the beautiful planetary costing ten times as much, or maybe it’s just the white color, the shape a bit ‘stocky, short is not an element that I love to exhibit in the kitchen but never mind, the more I put in a drawer and kept even better.

A level of wear, use it for months now, and the plastic is still intact and clean although he worked with very strong food colors (such as red for red velvet cake, particularly intense), as well as the whips but I care for always wash and only by hand and dry after use for safety. This my foresight is perhaps a bit ‘too much because it would be enough put them in the dishwasher without any problems.

The bowl wash it so in fact, even if being perfectly smooth inside has no problem also be cleaned only with a soft sponge.

The use is not complicated at all, I learned to use the manual peering just very hastily, not one that likes to read for a long time usually instructions, only the side of the maintenance. I learned to use it completely within fifteen minutes in fact.

The side panel has a set of instructions that frankly I have not found very clear the first time I saw them, indeed! I realized only later that they were all the details related to how to mount the various additional components of the machine, such as meat grinder, mixer and so on, and its ideal levels among the four available speeds. But I can not evaluate the ease of installation of these components, not having actually purchased any.

But coming to the interesting part, that is what it does and how it works, well … knead and assembles very well. The speed is controlled by a knob to rotate the upper part to the right of the robot body, while the opening of the whip arm occurs with the push of a button on the top of the left side. It very well open, remove the bowl is simple.

As for the noise I have to say that it is quite noisy but after all we are a bit ‘all this kind of appliances and for sure I do not put me to whip the cream at 3 am So no matter frankly. A defect that can not stand on the other hand is the predictable instability of the machine when kneaded at high speed (never more than 3 for pizza or bread dough, not recommended).

Being a small car with plastic components and plastic bowl oscillations of the same and the splash-shield cover are a bit ‘disturbing to see, but actually are no problem. Even at its full load, ie 2kg of dough, he never did the tantrums, completing his mission. It works fine as well with medium hardness doughs, with the whip leaf, without sweat excessively and working the pieces evenly.

To improve the overall stability has a minimum of small suction cups on the bottom, which allow to fix it on surfaces suitable for obtaining precisely adhesion with the suction effect. Last small comfort for a greater order, on the back has a small compartment reel, namely a portion of the plastic in which it is possible to coil the cable easily for not having in the middle when moving or storing.

Thanks to this small mixer I said goodbye to a few accessories too in the kitchen and especially the nightmare of having to hold that annoying classic beater that overheats.

Now I prepare everything in a round alone, more quickly, with less effort and above all less wasted current. It has a power of 500 W, and unless complex mixtures to mount well eggs and creams, it takes half the time compared odious mixer normal. Now that I found, not the return.

4. Kenwood Cooking Chef, top of the line, a professional chef machinery

This magnificent planetary mixer was given to me as a gift retirement from all my office colleagues, that after all these years of working side by side have got to know how deeply I love the kitchen.

It is a high-level machinery, not only for the excellent mark of the manufacturer and the price range in which it is located, but for the high yield in terms of performance. In my life I have owned several planetary, beginning with the older models when I was younger, still solid and better built than many other contemporaries.

In a way, I have a very demanding yardstick and experience of years behind, then, believe me when I tell you that the Cooking Chef I was not in the slightest in my high expectations.

As soon as I brought it home immediately I wowed even my wife, as I passionate about good food and strictly home adaptations, and we immediately given a nice place in view of the work plan. This tool also makes a great impression only to the first visual impact: simplest form, rounded edges and sinuous, compact and robust, with a touch of modern that never hurts given by the electronic display on the front.

The materials are of first choice, you can tell both seeing in action that even just touching it. The camera body is made of die-cast aluminum, the bowl and all its utensils made of stainless steel, except the whip with a spatula that contains plastic parts since it has to go to effectively scrape on the inner walls of the bowl without damaging it.

The bowl is huge, very spacious, with a capacity of 6.7 liters and 3 liters in actual cooking, with insulating handles to be handled freely without problems.

During the dough it has eight distinct speeds and pulse function, while in cooking has three speeds, more than enough to stir the food.

The strong plate of this wonder remains the aspect related to its numerous features. Assuming that I have received the mixer base, there are a score of optional equipment to add, I’m buying with calm month to month, all those tools that enable the processing and domestic production of numerous preparations such as pasta, minced, milk shakes, cuts of particular vegetables and much more.

The machine is a comprehensive tool that can literally become an indispensable helper in the kitchen capable of preparing excellent dishes from start to finish. The user simply has to add the ingredients at the right time and relax.

Bakes obviously through induction, in a range of temperatures starting from 20 ° up to a maximum of 180 °, perfect for any need, from slow cook the risotto, the dough, the sauce and any other preparation of first and second plates of each genre that usually they require pans, pots and pans. It can also steaming, thanks to a supplied accessory that acts as a support plate to be attached to the top of the bowl letting the hot water and the steam from the bottom.

The power is 1500 W in the mixing function and in baking, in short, it has its consumption but definitely worth it and are by no means excessive.

With regard to the functions to be kneader obviously has a full planetary movement, capable of correctly convey the various ingredients, whether it is soft and creamy preparations, that more rigid and consistent mixtures.

On the use it is amazingly intuitive, but perhaps I was already accustomed to the use of this type of machine because of my experience. The user manual is still an enjoyable read and I recommend preparatory to discover all its peculiarities to the end. It has all the controls on the front, with the simple classic lever to raise the arm of the machine.

The large knob allows to adjust the speed, while two keys manage the pulse function and to reverse the direction of rotation of the whips. The small knob adjusts the thermostat instead. At the top of the display and finally the more selection and minus buttons to adjust the timer and the power key.

The accessories received supplied in this basic package are the K beater or leaf, if you prefer, hook for doughs, rubberized whip, the connections for the medium machining, low and high speed, a classical wire whisk for whipping, the basket for steam cooking and a mixer tool. A respectable set to really handle all kinds of basic training without any further added details.

Usually I let my wife handle the preparation of desserts in which she excels more of myself to be honest, I rather enjoy it especially with early and bread dough and leavened in general. The dough hook does not make any effort to effectively manipulate the dough, creating a good gluten mesh capable of offering excellent results once formed loaves and bases for pizza. The planetary movement feels all then especially in machining with the hook leaf, which comes to actually pick up all parts slurry.

In the package I found another pleasant surprise, the book of recipes to inspire you for nothing short of excellent dishes, ten good for a free online cooking class, and especially 1 voucher for two people to a prestigious cooking class and strictly free. My wife and we immediately informed, intend to attend as soon as she is retiring and will therefore have full free time, which in a few months.

Wanting to find a nit, my wife and I – you in particular when preparing the custard – we noticed that tend to struggle in gathering the ingredients on the bottom, and that for this specific preparation to be thickened and other similar creams must put in adjust the height of the whip every single time and then reposition it to what it was before. A little ‘tiring and impractical, but understandable in delicate cooking of a food such as custard.

So a small defect but nothing that still obstruct the overall validity of the product, which has the best of themselves in managing the very fundamental aspect of the mixer: mix and get excellent leavened bases.

I never cease to thank my colleagues for this wonderful gift, not only for its enormous potential they gave me a great help in the kitchen, but also because this machine is a real life experience.

It brings great opportunities, both through the cooking classes and the opportunity to subscribe to the exclusive Club Kenwood, both thanks to the time and effort it saves you, what should not be overlooked arrived at my age.

Obviously my colleagues have not failed to make return the favor with some dinner invitation. Nothing to fear for the number of guests, this little gem is prepared in abundance for all effortlessly.

5. Moulinex HM412 Prep Line, compact and essential that it becomes functional mixer

This particular mixer is an object that actively use for four years or so, and I found there are so good that I even gave my daughter the last christmas, receiving the same excellent impression that I made myself. It should be made clear that both me and her we make a purely domestic level and hobby use, unpretentious high-performance results and high professional kitchen.

However, by cooking enthusiasts, we are still quite Bravini and demanding to know when an item addressed in the mid-range is actually good or not.

How many times did you to hold in your hand a bowl and the whisk in the other wondering if there was some support to keep them at your place? The particularity of the Moulinex HM412 Prep Line is that it is a middle way between classic mixer and a kneader to basket from the reduced capacity, but with a small gear.

The fact bowl rotates on itself, simulating a small part of the efficiency of a planetary in mixing the best ingredients it contains. Personally, I believe that having a light mixer, manageable and agile for every eventuality is as important as having a fixed kitchen machine.

The parts that make up the Moulinex HM412 Prep Line are two, the classic mixer that can be easily disassembled and the base that houses the rotary drum. The power is definitely excellent, well-450W, far above the classic beaters. Another factor that makes the mixer above the average is the presence of five different degrees of speed, able to offer a significant difference usually ignored and be able to increase the speed in a gradual manner so as not to work the ingredients in an excessively aggressive. There is obviously also the turbo function.

The whips are the classic set from two with quick and precise coupling, carried out strictly in stainless steel: simple hooks and whips for kneading. The base of the machinery do not unfortunately allows to block or not the rotation of the bowl, accessory made of solid plastic. All the accessories that come into contact with food are of course dishwasher safe without risk of damaging them in any way.

The noise level is neither excessive nor contained, is the classic sound of an electric mixer, then the call without shame or praise frankly. The kneading work well enough even in lightly loaded, for example with only two eggs, the true flaw that I would feel to criticize is very predictable Having regard to the rotational axis motion is very static whips that the drum: not always arrive at scrape well to the inner sides of the walls of the bowl, so as to be employed in the work, you can not say that it is a completely stand-alone instrument.

But given the price rather than content and effectiveness in the final results, I would say that widely worth spending even in the face of such a defect is quite acceptable. Included in the package it is also sold in a classic spatula leccapentole white plastic by the peculiar elongated shape. Just plug it carefully even with the machine in action, to scrape the edges of the dough carefully and immediately go on to become homogeneous.

In some mixtures also it suffers from the bottom, so it is worth a moment to stop the process and go halfway to stir once or twice even on the bottom.

The design is simple and according to my daughter, who has an aesthetic sense bit more of myself, is very pretty in her choice of neutral colors. Evaluating a bit ‘design in a more practical point of view, I must say it is well thought out and built to the consequences.

For example, the left portion latrale hosts special housings for the insertion of whips and relative conservation practice. The whips have two separate attacks in order to effectively connect the single whip beside it deserves without confusion.

The one with the knurled plastic drum goes to the left, the smooth one right. Even the very special design of the hoses, which are not smooth but wavy, might suggest a less effective than traditional models, and instead do their job perfectly, fitting very well the cream and mixing the liquid batters effortlessly.

A distance of all these years of honorable service nothing is still rusty, broken or damaged, a sign that the promised quality of materials is really such.

It is a light machine, ideal to accommodate a dose of dough contained and should not be excessively loaded, otherwise a great fatigue and an irregular movement and shaken around the machinery. in short, it is not designed to serve as a professional mixer for large pieces, especially in dealing with the toughest dough which suffers a little bit to be honest. Indicatively it manages quite well 4 ounces of solid mixture, and also 5 or 6 ounces of slurry, cake so to speak.

I use it in particular for this fact, for the cake doughs, muffins or pancakes of every kind, as I just pour the ingredients, operate the mixer, give a spalettata in the middle of processing to detach the attaccatasi flour to the sides of the bowl and away, the dough is nice that ready to be put into the mold and go into the oven.

Like all electric beaters of this magnitude has a problem in handling of longer prepared to fifteen minutes, I noticed fact that after that period of time tends to heat up a lot and need a little break. Not that risks breaking down, but personally I prefer to let it cool a bit ‘rather than heat it. There is also, however, point out that I live in Sicily, and the temperatures are not exactly low, in fact, it suffers especially in summer.

For the rest remains a small tool useful, since very low price, capable of combining practicality and functionality in a single format. Very clear even if the instruction manual virtually redundant, but still pleasant for those who just can not do less or have never touched an electric mixer in his life.

A tip that someone might find useful: when you pour the dry ingredients into powder like flour, baking powder and so on, better to start operating the whips to a minimum and let stir for a few seconds the bulk. Unfortunately, the air outlet holes of the machine are positioned in such a manner that, if operated a bit ‘for the natural action of the whips immediately at full power a bit’ for the puff of air, the flour tends to make classic cloud effect and paint the interior walls of the bowl.

In conclusion, in short, like many other machinery although it is small and has two simple functions, has its little tricks to work best, and it turns out they just often adoperandola not get discouraged right away in the face of imperfections. He does his job well and once you’re comfortable is able to offer great satisfaction.

6. Moulinex HF802AA1 Cuisine Companion, one of the best gifts I have ever received, become virtually irreplaceable

At the last birthday, five months ago, my husband and our children have decided to surprise me much beyond expectations. When you saw the beribboned package so big I could not imagine what I would find inside: a food processor professional quality!

Cooking has always been my passion, in the home are the only one that deals with preparing meals regularly but I do it with great pleasure: as the kids or my husband auditioned in turn I had teachers like my grandmother and mother and my dishes are definitely superior.

Despite this passion I found myself to admit though that a helping hand would have made me very comfortable and so the family decided to give myself something really useful and quality. (Fortunately, I dare say, are a sporty woman and jewelry and handbags I would not have made un’accidente!)

However, this is the first kitchen machine I’ve ever had, in fact, I always arranged with small appliances and own it before I could never imagine how much work could be done and what could make my life easier.

The Moulinex HF802AA1 is not a simple mixer as erroneously thought when I saw her close to many others on display in shops of home, but a purpose kitchen tool that mixes, grinds, chops, cooking and frying foods.

Much like the most famous bimby to speak, only to a much lesser price but not for this with less performance. At home we are 5 and with this robot can prepare generous portions for everyone, it has a capacity of 4.5 liters, more than enough to contain several foods.

Initially, having never owned a machine-like in person, I was a bit ‘intimidated by all those commands on the display and the numerous details of the manual of instructions, but with a little’ patience was easy enough to learn everything.

Not knowing English I one of the few things that I immediately had to criticize it was the presence of voices only in that language on the front display. It was then only a small initial impression proved unfounded for luck. Once you understand the meaning of those few useful words became clear.

The display is large and easy to read, on the upper part has the six automatic programs set by the model, then the three manual commands ie speed, temperature and timer. At the bottom there are the plus and minus buttons to adjust the values, the pulse button and the turbo, and obviously that of switching on and off. Even for the most wary council, therefore, to try, it is less strenuous than it looks.

Aesthetically speaking, I really liked it from the first glance, it is compact and a general sense of professional, robust and solid materials bodes well on the overall durability. The very frequently used by five months and has not a scratch, literally.

Included in the package I found the five basic accessories for use in every situation: the kneader or macerator steel, the mixer, the mixer, and the basket for steam cooking and the classic stainless steel blade.

Wishing I could also expand with steam and vegetable preparation, and I’m doing a little thought right on the slicer family because we consume a lot of video and sample I’ve seen online seem very interesting and functional. A purchase you’ll probably within the next few months.

The Moulinex HF802AA1 has 12 speeds and this allows a great freedom of action of different types of dough and processing without flaws or risk of ruining the ingredients are too abrupt machining. Cooking temperatures start at a neutral base of 30 ° C up to 130 ° C, a figure that rarely need to overcome when you are cooking. I did not feel short, the lack of higher temperatures, for what is more than enough common oven at home!

Personally I have prepared us for everything from cakes, creams, soups, pasta, especially leavened dough.

This machine is portentous to me in the management of the dough because even though it does not seem to comparing it with the classic mixers with the hook serpentine, manages to perfectly handle the processing of flour, so I could get a good basis for pizza and homemade bread effortlessly.

Not to mention the cakes then, a wonder. It was not very satisfied instead in the processing of whipped cream and the like, classic electric mixer with the whisk works better unfortunately.

One thing that this car made me discover and appreciate, and almost completely ignored before his arrival, is the wonderful world of slow cook kitchen, hoping to have written it correctly.

It can manage it independently programs up to 120 minutes, and cook for a long foods such as casseroles and stews, contained at temperatures up to make the meat juicy and soft.

Steaming however I was not impressed, but I guess it’s better to buy the steam separately as an accessory, because as it stands can only support a small number of portions and in my case is not sufficient to serve all.

Another big advantage not just for the cleanliness of machinery and especially the accessories: all parts are dishwasher safe, and that to me is a huge plus because thoroughly cleaned by hand so many parts with all those crevices is something that makes really you never want to cook and use a car.

It wants to ensure a minimum of patience when dismantling everything and give her a blocked out, but just do it once, maybe putting them in water when food residues are still fresh in order to avoid that may have stuck. Also included is a special brush to get to rub in the most difficult points. So personally I have no problem to take them into care with some little extra attention, considering that it saves a lot of effort, pots and pans needed to get similar results but with a much greater expenditure of objects.

Last note, but not least, regards the manual and the booklet of recipes attached in the package. It’s really nice and well done. The second recipe book instead is rather particular, is titled 1 million of menus and actually contains 300 equally divided between recipes of course and dessert dishes starters, the variable combination of these allows to obtain therefore the infamous million promised by the menu title.

Cute, easy to follow and well set up. All of course translated into Italian for good, although I must admit that for some recipes I preferred to refer back to mine and use these bases to re-scale.

The Moulinex HF802AA1 conclusion is a multifunction machine capable of effectively replacing numerous pots and pans, and cook a whole meal for everyone.

7. Kenwood kMix, the ideal tool to prepare many varieties of sweets.

I’m not a real custard but for big occasions and periodically, I like to give vent to my creativity and churn out some pretty sweet to finish a meal or just a snack for my children.

But as you imagine, prepare the dough takes time and not always the classical instruments or appliances that you have at home are suitable for creating the base of the cake and often my accomplishments could not be as perfect as I wanted. For this, at the suggestion of an old friend, I decided to buy the KMX750RD Kenwood planetary mixer, which initially seemed to be the usual cooking robot that everyone has for the preparation of the dough.

But soon I realized that his lines were totally different from the classic ones: the appearance, in fact, was able to hit me right away and even the pan, made of stainless steel, give me that impression totally different instrument the classic one.

Driven by the desire to prepare my first sweet I quickly mounted the first whip, the one for simple mixtures, and prepared the ingredients to be paid in the planetary, which proved to be very large. I really appreciated the measures of this part of the appliance: unlike many other similar, that of planetary Kenwood is able to contain a fair amount of ingredients so I can simply say that this object has also allowed me to create different sweet medium-sized and portions for more than eight people.

The inclusion of the whip, however, was slightly complicated at least the first time: the fear of breaking the hooks was clearly evident after hearing the first shot and the sound not quite typical of this appliance. Here, if I were to express my first criticism would speak precisely this aspect, namely that feeling of fragility that tends to accompany the hooks of the planetary tools, which I personally would have preferred they were more resistant.

Once I made sure to have made all correctly links, I started to knead all the ingredients together and I can say that she had been quite pleased the way of working of the whips, as the smooth movement made sure that every part the mix of the different ingredients amalgamate perfectly.

Being a recipe that also required different speeds, I had the pleasure to experience the speed regulator present in the same appliance. Again I noticed how the precision and response to various commands has been first class: a little click and behold, the speed of the hoses was up and down at will.

But I can say that, at maximum speed, the planetary tends to vibrate slightly, and some sketch of too much dough was revealed, slightly soiling the kitchen. Then advise against this type of function: I prefer to employ a few more minutes and then avoid having to clean the whole kitchen, an operation are considered unnecessary and tedious to accomplish if you have to prepare a simple mixture.

As for the other whips, I can say that these are average: fulfill their duty in good enough order but I prefer to use one double and classic, which allows me to mix the ingredients with greater ease.

I’m using this appliance for several months and I can say that I am quite well, although I found a small defect due to the planet: this, every so often, tends to rise when the ingredients are mixed at medium speed and the same goes for the whips. When this happens the appliance is blocked and so you have to again lower the whips to make this go back to work correctly.

Therefore a small defect which, although rare, tends to make the use of this nice little tool: now I’m used to but at the beginning I can say that it was pretty nerve-wracking, because when I prepare some sweets and other mixes the block it tends to slightly spoil the consistency and therefore the processing time increase a lot.

I also noticed that the feet of the appliance support are solid enough and keep holding the KMX750RD Kenwood Planetary Mixer, so on that front I can say that it had found no problem, considering the fact that I use frequently such of appliance, which has proved ideal for the preparation of various cakes.

I also want to talk about my experience on the front cleaning article: Remove the planet is not difficult but, as said before, I always fear that the accessories can suffer damage and therefore I can not connect the other whips.

I note I also like the planet is quite durable and lightweight, and able to withstand even the lower refrigerator temperatures, details have to be reckoned with.

Add, finally, that this tool is ideal for preparing the mixture of sweet than that of pizza and bread, although the former are the dishes that are more successful, given that tends to speak of slurries that are mixed with greater ease from the appliance , which has allowed me to realize many sweets for my family and friends.

I speak also of another minor flaw, which is that aesthetically this appliance is very resistant: after a few uses, the heat of the kitchen cause and some sketches too due to dough, and not only that, my Kenwood KMX750RD Planetary Mixers lost different color and it tends to be slightly stained.

Nothing serious but still a small flaw that I want to make you notes.

My final experience with this type of item lasts for about six months, is quite positive, so I highly recommend this appliance to all those who plan to addition to the various kitchen tools, a valuable ally to prepare mixtures of all kinds.

Receive it as a gift will surely please the recipient, since for Christmas, thanks to my positive experience, I wanted to buy the appliance Kenwood Planetary Mixer KMX750RD to my sister who has long appreciated the gift, because finally she can also give rise to different recipes and will not have to wait to come to my house to enjoy the sweets prepared.

Therefore recommend this appliance strongly to all those who, like me, have a passion for cooking and that, from time to time, they want to give free rein to their desire to prepare various sweets and make a lunch or a dinner perfect in every appearance, thanks to the different recipes present in practical cookbook attached in the package of KMX750RD Kenwood Planetary mixer.

8. Kenwood Chef Titanium System PRO XL KVL8320S, to feel like a pro

For some years now what was a passion for cooking has become a hobby that I took very seriously and finally a job. I’m a food blogger, I am dealing with short devise or try recipes, post them on my blog and provided with photos and appealing descriptions.

Just when this pastime began to turn into work I decided to buy a planetary mixer worthy of the name because the right tool really makes a difference. It was no longer possible to get professional results with trivial blenders or electric whisk, so I carefully chose between the various planetary models of the most trusted brands and finally I chose the XL KVL8320S of Kenwood.

The set consisted of the mixer that I took over the blender, but also wanting was only available the basic mixer, or the most expensive complete machine set, blender and 4 additional tools such as lathe, grinder etc. I wanted to keep me on a cross, then I settled the solution with only the blender.

Needless to say, this mixer has given an edge to my personal activities of food bloggers, with visibly more professional results in the success of the various preparations, but also a net savings in terms of time. Time is precious and the kitchen is dealing with a lot, so if something can make savings so be it then. I was extremely satisfied by this mixer, and after one year since I bought it I decided to write this review, hoping to do it justice.

The design of this machine is very essential, compact and classic. All gray object has the professional air designed not just to be on display but to work best offering maximum performance.

In essence it does not shine particularly in beauty, but is not what its purpose, at the bottom, in fact there are no particular color variations. It has a large opening angle unlike many other machines, the top reclines in short, easily, allowing you to more easily remove the basket and the whip without doing strange maneuvers as it happened in other economic models.

A level of functionality it is a very powerful machinery, 1700 W, with a 6.7-liter bowl capacity, it is therefore capable of working large quantities of dough for a time and definitely is not a toy. It has electronic speed control, has the handy pulse function and starting at low speed, I’ve learned to be essential for most processes where you go to fit creams, cream or egg whites and various fats.

Or in those where the bowl was just filled with fine powders such as cocoa and too violent a departure it would risk sow it everywhere. A gem that is very appreciate the presence of a point of light that illuminates the inside of the bowl, I find it convenient and allows good to look at what you’re doing without having to raise the top of the machine every two seconds arm. The basic machine is expandable with other accessories, as many as 25, sold separately. I for now I simply to purchase the sheeter and the press with bronze dies to make pasta, and I found myself just fine.

In just a few minutes to mix, much less to lay out and is immediately ready fresh pasta: not on par with pale pasta ready pre-packaged. In picture is decidedly more appetizing, and processing practicality encourages me to do it frequently, while a time I was not possible because of the length of the process to do otherwise manually. It has six speeds setting the min and max, and you can also reverse the direction of rotation, perfect move to manage especially certain dough a little ‘difficult and heavy.

Included with the package I bought I got five different accessories: the wheel whisk, the pastry spatula (which, however, I have never used really), the classic wire whip, hook k and the hook for classic serpentine bodies. A set of very respectable considering that the vast majority of other planetary is sold with only three standard accessories.

Included of course the splash guard. The blender of my set is a 1.6-liter, rather capacious and proved to be a good help for many special preparations. This blender is heat-resistant, although I never got to test up to what I have to shake up the ice and some vegetables boiled warm, so do not know me to comment about its validity to that effect. In the box I found the recipe, honestly though only a small part of the recipes contained has managed to attract my interest.

As materials and structure is very robust, they are quality and we understand even just touching it. From the picture it seems to make less because a little ‘off the color from the idea of ​​a plasticky finish, but lifting it you realize how massive.

A noise level, considering that I’ve heard different at the home of some colleagues, I must say it surprisingly quieter than many other models, and it has left me pleasantly surprised. I was ready to work with the earphones instead it is sopportabilissimo even at maximum speed. The bowl is of course in stainless steel, as well as the whips that do not have rubber parts.

Along with the many positive note, however, there is also some demerit of course, like everything else. One problem that I happened precisely during the first few days and that I was even consider doing with total disappointment and reluctance to return it, is the height of the hoses. I work often on small quantities of food, to cook up one or two food portions of which take pictures for my blog. So I found myself sitting to knead a small choux pastry dose but the whip was struggling to get to the end and make good all the dough.

Reading a bit ‘on the internet and noticed that I was not alone with this problem I discovered fortunately it was possible to adjust the height of the whips, in fact in the packaging is a wrench supplied precisely to correct this detail by adjusting the bolts of hooks. Once you placed this defect and did some tests, everything went wonderfully. The second small flaw I found instead is purely aesthetic.

When the machine goes under heavy stress, for example, on hard or heavy doughs, the central height plaque tends to stir a bit ‘, giving the impression of a lack of overall stability and fragility. Impression that thankfully is just that.

In conclusion, having to give a score from 1 to 10 to this machine I would give a resounding 9, 10 which is not only for the aesthetics that I personally do not like very much. This little gem has really facilitated my life, and made the preparation of many more challenging recipes and special more pleasant and enjoyable.

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