9 Best Pomegranate Juice Maker In 2020 (Juicer Guide) – Pro Cons

9 Best Pomegranate juice maker in 2020 (Juicer Guide) – Pro Cons

9 Best Pomegranate Juice Maker In 2020 (Juicer Guide) - Pro Cons

The pomegranate is the favorite fruit of the ❤.

The pomegranate fruit, or pomegranate, is typical of the autumn season, ripe from the month of October.

With his red red red color, it seems to suggest a wonderful afterlife, perennial health and the majestic awakening of the senses.

9 Best Pomegranate Juice Maker In 2020 (Juicer Guide) - Pro Cons
9 Best Pomegranate Juice Maker In 2020 (Juicer Guide) - Pro Cons
9 Best Pomegranate Juice Maker In 2020 (Juicer Guide) - Pro Cons


When the season comes, the squeeze pomegranate become my best friend.

The pomegranate is a fruit produced from the pomegranate, a plant native to the Himalayas and today widespread in all temperate climate zones, including Italy.

These fruits, with a characteristic sweet taste with fresh sour notes, have a rather poor edible portion and formed by numerous arils, composed of small seeds of woody consistency, surrounded by a translucent red pulp and enclosed in a leathery shell.

Because I love to madness pomegranate juice?

Due to the high percentage of water contained in its pulp, this fruit offers the possibility of obtaining a tasty juice, extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, with fructose, fiber and many antioxidants.

Carbohydrates present belong to the category of simple sugars, mostly fructose; proteins, found in very small quantities, have low biological value; energy lipids are mainly composed of unsaturated fatty acids.

The high concentration of vitamin C ensures a high antioxidant activity towards free radicals, helping to slow down the cellular aging processes and counteracting many harmful phenomena for the organism.

Thanks to the high content of phytosterols, phytoelements steroid nature, pomegranate juice is widely used in dietary detoxifying and cleansing, especially if combined with a copious intake of mineral water.

The minerals that are found in the pulp of the fruit are in particular phosphorus and potassium, useful in the regulation of membrane permeability, followed by magnesium, iron and sodium, in minor concentrations.

Benefits of pomegranate juice

The pomegranate juice contains a high percentage of antioxidant vitamins and polyphenols, able to effectively counteract oxidative stress; Therefore, its use is also recommended in the presence of metabolic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus and hypercholesterolemia.

Thanks to the high concentration of fibers, this beverage is particularly useful in case of occasional constipation is chronic, since, by increasing the hydration of the stool, decreases the intestinal transit time of food and facilitates evacuation.

By reducing the absorption of lipid molecules and modulating the one of the sugars, it allows to regularize the body weight in the case of a tendency to weight gain; why pomegranate juice is highly recommended in low-calorie diets.

One benefit of this beverage which finds increasingly wide acceptance is then to nourish the intestinal bacterial flora (enteric biome), helping to improve all the digestive tract functions, and avoiding the formation of intestinal gas produced by fermentation processes.

For its considerable content of potassium, a mineral with alkalizing decisive action (increases the pH value in the blood), this beverage is able to neutralize metabolic acidosis phenomena, also helping to stabilize blood pressure and cardiac function.

Particularly suitable to adjust the water-salt balance, the juice also is widely used by athletes or by those who carry out motor activity accompanied by profuse sweating, it characterized by elimination of water and minerals.

Vitamin C, together with carotenoids, provitamin A and flavonoids act synergistically potenziandosi each other and acting as antioxidants elements, improving the functionality of the immune system. And ‘why use a squeeze pomegranate is the best solution.

Pomegranate juice extractor

Due to its particular organoleptic characteristics, the pomegranate juice is obtained through a special apparatus, both different from the centrifuges common that from traditional juicer or blenders.

These devices can still be used, as well as the common manual juicer, but the best yield is obtained with the use of specific extractors for pomegranate juice.

The composition of the fruit, woody containing seeds rather bulky (which must be eliminated) enveloped in a small amount of edible pulp, presupposes the use of a machine specifically designed and able to perform all of these functions.

The pomegranate juice thus obtained is ideal for a refreshing drink, rich in healing properties, but also to make cocktails, delicious granitas, ice cream and delicious desserts.

The deputies equipment to obtain the juice of this fruit must be able to extract the liquid part (particularly rich of all the active principles listed above) from the fibrous component and especially from the seeds, non-edible, and then to delete.

A very useful function is to prevent the grains, during the pressing, they lose most of the nutrients present in their flesh.

These devices, although in many variations available on the market that are affected by different manufacturers brands, can be classified into two broad categories:

While the first avail themselves of the electric current that drives all the functions, the latter are actuated directly by the user. The advantages of the electrical squeezers are relative to the speed with which they can produce pomegranate juice, the practicality of use, very appreciable on the final yield.

The disadvantages mainly depends on the noise they produce, by their relatively high cost and the possibility of breakage.

The advantages of manual squeezing stem from the type of mechanism used, which is usually very proven and safe; Also these machines are very silent and they last virtually forever.

How do I prepare pomegranate juice?

The pomegranate seeds can be eaten natural, enjoying them as a dessert or as a snack, but also in the form of juice, to easily prepare even at home.

Personally I prefer to drink the juice rather than eat the beans because they find it too bitter and sour.

To proceed to the preparation of this delicious drink first I have to open and shelling the fruit; to do this, after practicing a vertical cut, remove the top cap and then divide it into four segments.

At this point, the procedure which use is similar to that consisting in peeling an orange, with the only difference to remove the grains with your fingers. To facilitate the opening of the practical pomegranate usually still three horizontal cuts in order to affect the peel in order to facilitate the elimination; In fact, the casing is poisonous and it is necessary to eliminate it completely, without leaving any trace.

Personally I have perfected a trick that allows me to shell the fruit very smoothly, which is to dip the slices in a bowl of water to act then very easily; The only precaution is to thoroughly drain the beans after they have been detached from the fruit.

There is commercially available a device that works for shelling the beans, avoiding to do it manually; after cut in half the fruit is then necessary to place it on the appliance that is to be coated with its lid, on which it must repeatedly banging a spoon.

In some cases use a regular manual juicer to get the pomegranate juice; after cutting the fruit into two symmetrical parts, the pose on the device and proceed as if they were to make a citrus juice. In this way, the juice falls into the container, while seeds, skins and grains remain separate.

A recent purchase of a juice extractor has allowed me to get a drink from the excellent flavor, the ideal consistency and with very low completion times.

After following the instructions and have cut the fruit in half, I spilled the beans in the bowl and I operated the equipment.

Before purchasing an extractor for pomegranate juice it is necessary to analyze the technical specifications of the many models on the market, and then compare the different characteristics also in relation to the selling price. Personally I pose particular attention to the quality / price ratio, a value which I consider very indicative in the choice.

On the basis of a comparison of the various functional proprita, the final yield, the quality of the materials used and the cost, it was possible to classify ten extractors models, purchased from Amazon.

Best pomegranate juice maker (Definitive 2020) Guide

Juicer and spremimelograno bar juicer

It is a device to be used in bars, but also in the home environment, where it is necessary to carry copious amounts of juice. Equipped with a practical anti-slip floor mat, this juicer is particularly easy to use since it comes with an ergonomic handle. It is completely removable find that cleaning operations are much easier and ensure maximum hygiene. The basic material is stainless steel, safe and aesthetically pleasant; Red paint sets give the unit an elegant and modern look. I believe that the main advantages of this squeezer are the solidity and robustness, which allow continuous use without any problem. A flaw I found is related to the fact that we must exert a rather considerable force on the lever, even if the pressing process is, however, extremely valid and allows to obtain a tasty drink. Despite being advertised as a professional stripper, I find it is also suitable for family use. Its selling price remains below 50 Euros, and the quality / price ratio, in my opinion, is very good and, although its use is not very common at the time, I can only consider myself fully satisfied with your purchase, be it I would recommend.

9 Best Pomegranate Juice Maker In 2020 (Juicer Guide) - Pro Cons

Original Lumaland press Professional Manual Juicer Lever …

It is a product very robust and equipped with a practical lever; its overall weight is about six kilograms, a feature that provides a remarkable stability and solidity, while ensuring optimum handling. From the aesthetic point of view it is compact and pleasant, easily adaptable to any context, because its cast iron structure with the base provided with solid and effective suction cups make it ideal for any kitchen. Thanks to the innovative pressure enhanced mechanism, which ensures high effectiveness to its lever, this device allows to manually obtain all types of extracts without fatigue. The yield is optimal; in fact it is possible to produce up to 20% of juice in more compared to conventional devices. For the particular shape of the press cone I am able to realize excellent citrus juices, which I often mixed with that of pomegranate. Thanks to the squeezing cone shaped, fatigue in use is absolutely minimal and the yield is always guaranteed. Most of the components of this useful device was made of cast stainless steel; it is easily washable accessory (also in dishwasher) as extractable without problems. The affordable price (about 65 Euros) makes it a very valuable acquisition which, based on my personal experience, I would recommend especially as it can be used to extract the juice of many fruits, always with the best results.

ILSA 8.00041E+12SPREMI Melograno

This professional juicer, manually operable, is made of black painted cast iron with aluminum inserts and stainless steel. Its solid and robust structure is constituted by a base provided with non-slip suction cups, on which you insert the media with a handle to manually extract the pomegranate juice and citrus fruits in general. The mechanism is very intuitive; just lower the lever and immediately obtain the desired liquid. Personally, I found it extremely easy mechanism of action since it does not require a too intense pressure to lower the lever. In addition, the extractor cleaning methods are easy and allow a perfect cleansing of each part. The cost is average (about 70 euro) and the quality / price ratio remains at high levels; the only comment that I do is related to insufficiently compact dimensions, which require the availability of a certain space.

Eva Juicer squeezer and Pomegranate Black 39 Centimeters

The main feature of this device is represented by its extreme compactness; In fact, the dimensions measure only 39 cm in height on a base of 22 × 17.5 × 3.3 cm. The base is constituted by an internally hollow structure (a bicycle handle), which gives an extreme lightness to the design. The construction materials are stainless steel and painted finishes in black, providing a simple and elegant visual impact. I believe that the more noticeable requirement of this extractor is very simple and linear form which, together with reduced dimensions, it allows for a placement in each corner of the kitchen. Extremely economical (its cost is less than 60 €), and easily removable, the device is part of law in an advantageous price range, with a ratio quality / price very good. The possibility to use this apparatus for extracting juice from all types of citrus fruits, as well as from the pomegranate, confirming its great versatility.

CO-Z Juicer squeezer Pomegranate Manual Lever Steel

To extract of pomegranate juice without any effort, in an efficient and practical, this device is an ideal choice, also because, not using electricity, is extremely quiet. Built in cast iron with stainless steel filter for food use, the extractor is equipped with a handy compression lever that allows a very easy to use. The sturdy base U is equipped with four legs resistant able to provide maximum stability. The stainless steel removable cup can also be washed in a dishwasher, and may contain a significant amount of juice. Thanks to the height of the adjustable support, the container is suitable for any type of fruit, such as citrus fruit, exotic fruit and pomegranate. Although it is a very economical product (under fifty euro), the quality / price is still maintained at an excellent level. Personally, I liked two aspects of this extractor: A compact model, which allows easy positioning even when the available space is not particularly high, and the vibrant orange color, which helps to create a cheerful note in the kitchen.

Optimum Professional Lever Juicer for Citrus and Pomegranate

It is a professional extractor, considered to be of superior quality as belonging to a rather high price range (about 150 EUR). The structural characteristics of the apparatus guarantee extremely good performance, especially employees from the constituent material, which is stainless steel in all its parts.

The base U is equipped with non-slip suction cups that allow a particularly stable anchoring to any bearing surface. Can be operated via an efficient lever mechanism, this device does not require any effort for its use, probably in relation to the type of connection between the lever and the support, that meets the highest quality standards. Its yield is particularly high, since it allows to achieve up to 25% of juice in more than conventional squeezers. Considered a high-quality professional extractor, juicer Optimum is recommended for those looking for a product with great potential. For my needs, it is a stripper a bit ‘too expensive, although it is evident the excellent quality / price ratio. Therefore, I would advise this product mainly for professional use, as in the home may be sufficient to use the juicer less refined. The weight of this extractor is about eight pounds, and the dimensions are 24 x 20 x 49 centimeters. According to the opinions of numerous buyers, the most advantageous feature of this product is represented by the lever mechanism, which squeezes almost 100% of the pomegranate, as opposed to other devices that do not get the results of this kind. For this article the container is easily removable and can be cleaned easily also in relation to the type of constituent material.

Nostalgia for Living Juicer Heavy Duty with Lever

This product is placed in the lowest price range (about 26 EUR) and consequently also its performance is rather limited. Thanks to its light weight of less than two pounds and the extremely small size, easily finds space in any corner of the kitchen. But we must be particularly careful when using since the materials are quite fragile, for example, the nozzle that crushes the citrus fruit is not very durable and the liquid obtained has a much lower yield than other products. Personally, I recommend it to those who have too many needs and search for a cheap and not particularly powerful extractor. The rectangular base can be anchored to any surface for the presence of anti-slip suction cups, the container and the ring nut are made of metal and can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher. Beware of fruit size that you want to squeeze, as if too large may not be compatible with the device.

Completely made of metal, this extractor is designed specifically to squeeze the pomegranates, and thus its use is rather limited. With a basis of U that is anchored to the surface by means of non-slip suction cups, the extractor weighs less than five pounds and has a rather compact form that develops mainly upwards. The container and the ring have been studied to extract the pomegranate juice and therefore their dimensions are rather contained. The lever mechanism is characterized by the return spring, an option very advantageous in that it saves time and effort. Aesthetically, the product is very simple and elegant, being completely made of stainless steel. The price is quite high (about 130 euro) and, in my opinion, is not justified by the type of product, which has too limited use. For this reason I would not recommend it because cheaper extractors that still offer good performance available on the market. In this case in fact I believe that the quality / price ratio is not advantageous.

One Concept Ecojuicer XXLSpremiagrumi manuale

Thanks to its small size (43 x 30 x 21 centimeters), and the weight of about seven pounds, this extractor is the ideal choice for those who have little space available and want to purchase a good quality product efficiently. The constituent material is orange painted metal, and the lever is manually actuated. The container and the ring have enough capacious size and allow the use of all types of citrus fruits, as well as pomegranates. I find that this product is well built, very solid and easy to use, and, by exerting a simple pressure on the handle, it allows to produce a significant amount of juice. Although it is indicated to squeeze any type of citrus, this device is an ideal choice for those who want to extract of pomegranate juices. It looks very pleasant and adaptable to any type of furniture. Its selling price of around 53 Euros and the quality / price is very good; Therefore, I would recommend this product because its benefits belong to a very good standard.

Ilsa Spremimelograno and Citrus 1049

This extractor offers remarkable performance as it is able to effectively squeeze any type of citrus and pomegranates. Completely made of metal (steel and cast iron), with a U-shaped base with non-slip feet, the device weighs about seven pounds and has dimensions of 22 x 13 x 39 centimeters. Its mechanism manual lever is rather easy and allows to fully turn down the ring nut without too much effort. A flaw I found in this extractor is represented by the rather small size of the container for fruit juices, which limits its use in forcing repeated operations to obtain a sufficient amount of drink. The price range is medium size (around seventy euro) and the quality / price ratio remains normal. Personally, I consider this device a suitable choice for those who do not have too many pretensions, even if an undoubted advantage is that of its small footprint and its remarkable compactness.

Why buy a juice extractor you

The first reason why you should purchase a product of this kind is based on the possibility of getting tasty, cool drinks, healthy and above all full of useful substances to the welfare of the organism. Particularly recommended during the warm months, when the sweating depletes the body of water and minerals, helping to create metabolic deficiencies, the extractors are widely used in all seasons since the obtained drinks are attractive at all times. Using the traditional methods of squeezing it may happen that the fruits lose many elements necessary for the health of the organism, while these devices do not risk this drawback. Fresh fruit is an important source of vitamins and minerals that can support all the metabolic reactions; for those who do not like to eat fruits, fresh juices are an excellent opportunity to improve their health in a pleasant style. In particular, the pomegranate juice, as mentioned above, is an extremely rich beverage molecules useful for health, including minerals and phytosterols, which help to improve the functionality of the systems of the body.

Criteria for choosing an extractor of pomegranate juice

The first requirement to be taken into consideration is that of robustness because the continuous functional appliance use subjects it to considerable mechanical forces (on the ring nut of lever movement) that, if they are not satisfied with excellent quality standards, can create problems. For this reason, the constituent material of the best extractors is usually stainless steel, which offers excellent guarantees of security, robustness, easy to clean and is still compatible with food. A second important requirement is also that relating to the safety that these devices must ensure that those who use them; in fact constant in the use of an extractor may wear the actuating lever, which may cause structural problems. Even greater attention must be directed in the case of electrical equipment, for which it is essential to have connections which meet all the safety guarantees provided by the EEC mark. A last requirement refers to the ease of use, which must be particularly high in order to allow everyone to operate the device. In choosing the best extractor it is therefore advisable to give priority to those with an intuitive and easily understandable mechanism of action, avoiding too complicated models to use.

Different types of pomegranate juice extractors

Are commercially available several variants for squeezing pomegranate juice, often able to squeeze many other fruits, such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit, tangerines and exotic fruit.

These models are exploited typical technical principles of individual models that, unlike the previous ones, does not only require manual intervention. The different power of automation is the factor that most influences the final yield of the product; in some cases, in fact the amount of juice obtained is very high and completely devoid of pulp residues. In others, the liquid contains a small fraction of solid part, formed by unfiltered pulp. When choosing an automatic extractor it is always advisable to carefully analyze the type of squeezing mechanism because in the market are devices rather difficult to use and imply substantial participation from the user manual. The more sophisticated models are equipped with a spring mechanism allowing for a facilitated return of the compression arm by the ring nut towards the rest position. These types of devices can be used even by those with little strength.

In this case the extraction units are operated by means of the electric current which allows to operate the device without any intervention by the user, obtaining the juice in a short time and smoothly. These extractors have a decidedly higher cost compared to previous and require a forced positioning close to a power outlet. In addition they are often noisy and therefore not always appreciated.

Tips for buying an extractor of pomegranate juice

The main advantage of the home preparation of fruit juices rather than purchased pre-packaged depends on the quality of raw materials which are chosen. By producing this yourself excellent drinks it is possible to always use fresh seasonal fruit, particularly rich in elements useful to the organism. We must consider that the preservation of any food (including especially fresh ones such as fruits and vegetables) inevitably causes the deterioration of some molecules that, in most cases, are altered as a result of oxidation processes. The very fact that a juice must be kept for a certain time depends on the addition of “preservatives” substances, which are usually non-natural products, but synthesis. All juices can be purchased ready-made, although advertised as 100% natural, actually also contain minute traces of preservatives, whose role is precisely to avoid the oxidation of the fruit molecules. Therefore the choice to personally extract the juice from fresh fruit is a unique advantage for those who have at heart the health of your body. In the commercial landscape of the extractors currently available models are very many and often a buyer is in serious trouble at the time of choice. Personally I orient mainly to shop online for various reasons; First of all the variety of products is vast and very current; although available equipment a little dated, it is possible to recognize them by referring to the year of production. This option is not always available in shops that often for economic reasons, tend to advertise products at that time are particularly advantageous for their earnings. On e-commerce, such as Amazon and e-Bay, it is possible to get a realistic idea of ​​the production of various household appliances, with the considerable advantage of calmly analyzing different technical specifications without air conditioning. Furthermore, the various marketplaces usually offer products at very affordable prices, taking advantage of the large quantities of goods to which they are marketed.

Best Squeezing pomegranate

Save Melagrana Panasonic

Thanks to its efficient low-speed rotation system that allows a maximum of 45 revolutions per minute, this device ensures optimal extraction of juice from fruits as it does not alter its organoleptic properties. The juice obtained has a velvety and very palatable taste consistency, as well as full of all the active ingredients benefits. Equipped with a sophisticated separation of the pulp and accessory “Frozen” system that allows you to prepare fabulous frozen drinks, this extractor is ideal for those looking for a multifunctional device. Its price is about 300 euro and is sold by Amazon, although currently not available.

Squeezer pomegranate Eva Collection

Despite being a product that works to pressure, its ease of use makes it effective and practical. Made of steel and cast iron two materials resistant, stable and robust, this device offers the possibility to realize pomegranate juices and citrus fruit in a short time and with minimal effort. In a band rather convenient also considering the excellent quality / price ratio.

Professional Juicer Lumaland

Original Lumaland press Professional Manual Juicer Lever …

Strong, compact, with excellent functional performance, this extractor is ideal for anyone who is looking for a practical and efficient device, which allows the production of excellent homemade juices Although it is classified as a professional appliance, Lumaland is also widely used for domestic use, especially for the convenience of its price.

Juicer lever Eva Collection

The device rests on a solid basis “U” provided with anti-slip suckers practices that guarantee a safe hold on every surface Characterized by extremely compact size and a compact and minimal design, Eva Collection juicer is the ideal choice for those who are approaches for the first time in such equipment. At an average price, it is available from Amazon.

Huller pomegranate

It is a very useful accessory to facilitate the separation of the pomegranate grains procedure, which works with an intuitive and very easy mechanism.

Priced at less than 15 Euros, you can buy it from Amazon.


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