7 Best Portable Projectors 2020 (Mini Projectors) – Pro Cons

7 Best Portable Projectors 2020 (Mini Projectors) – Pro Cons

You will agree with me when I thought:

Well, this article I write to tell you NO! It does not cost much to have the cinema in your living room.

• DLP technology • Contrast ratio 1000: 1 • Brightness 50-100 ANSI lumens • Native resolution 854×480 • HDMI connectivity, Miracast, Firestick • Duration of lamp 45000 Hours • Dual speakers • Dimensions 9.79 x 9.79 x 2.19 cm • Weight 200 gr

• Technology • LCD Contrast Ratio 2000: 1 Brightness 4000 lumens • • 1280×720 native resolution • HDMI connectivity, VGA, 2xUSB, AV • Duration of lamp 50000 Hours • Dual speakers • Dimensions 24.4 x 16.5 x 8.1 cm • Weight: 1.95 kg

• LCD technology • Contrast 2000 Report: 1 • Brightness 4500 lumens • 800×480 native resolution • HDMI connectivity, USB, VGA, SD, AV • Duration of lamp 50000 Hours • Dual speakers • Dimensions 22 x 17 x 9 cm • Weight 1 72 kg

7 Best Portable Projectors 2020 (Mini Projectors) - Pro Cons

• DLP technology • Contrast ratio 1000: 1 • Brightness 50-100 ANSI lumens • Native resolution 854×480 • HDMI connectivity, Miracast, Firestick • Duration of lamp 45000 Hours • Dual speakers • Dimensions 9.79 x 9.79 x 2.19 cm • Weight 200 gr

7 Best Portable Projectors 2020 (Mini Projectors) - Pro Cons

• Technology • LCD Contrast Ratio 2000: 1 Brightness 4000 lumens • • 1280×720 native resolution • HDMI connectivity, VGA, 2xUSB, AV • Duration of lamp 50000 Hours • Dual speakers • Dimensions 24.4 x 16.5 x 8.1 cm • Weight: 1.95 kg

7 Best Portable Projectors 2020 (Mini Projectors) - Pro Cons

• LCD technology • Contrast 2000 Report: 1 • Brightness 4500 lumens • 800×480 native resolution • HDMI connectivity, USB, VGA, SD, AV • Duration of lamp 50000 Hours • Dual speakers • Dimensions 22 x 17 x 9 cm • Weight 1 72 kg

Have you ever wondered if it is really worth to buy a projector? Here, this video answers your question.

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The list of best-cost portable projectors to be an excellent tool to begin to move with confidence among the myriad of devices that allow you to enjoy at home the vision of cinema-like images without spending a fortune.

There are many reasons to buy of household projectors, but the main one is without a doubt be able to enjoy together with their friends of the same emotions of the cinema in the comfort of your own home.

Sometimes it starts with an inexpensive projector, and then you become like junkies of the “big vision” and switching to more efficient models and satisfying.

The advantage of the projector on the TV screens is that to get a big thumbs on the latter must really spend a lot, but already with a small expense you can get wall projecting an image very large and quality.

Years ago it was necessary to buy a projector literally gutted because they cost so much. Now there are low-cost and performance that make for very little money are really stunning.

Thanks to the Chinese projectors you can find affordable models priced and relatively higher than Western counterparts. The value for money you get is fantastic.

Thanks to amazon home cinema is available to everyone. It is not mandatory spending of a towel to enjoy a large screen viewing, just a simple housewife and uncluttered wall paintings or furniture.

The professional projectors cost a bit ‘, but in that case the value for money is not the same as for the cheaper models.

The Chinese full hd video projectors guarantee a surprising fact made at bargain prices. It manages to have a FULL HD support and a stunning resolution.

Projectors that are cheap can not be underestimated as they are equipped with features equivalent to professional ones.

The smart component is critical, and can be connected to TV, PC, Mac, smartphone, iPhone, and so on.

There are no limits to the imagination, but do not forget that the portalita is limited to the fact that it is often necessary to use them locally connecting them to the power outlet.

You can also play their favorite video games as was never possible before, projecting them on the wall.

What is keystone correction?

Many times when we are dealing with projectors especially not high-end, we read or hear about “keystone correction”, but not everyone knows what this actually want to say.

The correction of the Keystone, which in the majority of low-end digital projectors is digital, it serves to compensate for the keystone distortion that is induced by placing the projector with an angle of incidence with respect to the screen different from the standard one.

Let’s take a DLP or LCD projector, posizionamolo on a flat table and accendiamolo.

Each projector will project the image at a certain height.

If it is deemed necessary for other needs having to project the image higher, for example because the screen is mounted on the ceiling, one is obliged to tilt the projector upward using the adjustable feet which in most cases are supplied.

This operation, however, induces a deformation of the image projected by making it appear as a trapezoid.

The Keystone adjustment does nothing but distort the image in the opposite direction and then return the image to form a rectangle.

This adjustment, however, being in digital executed, performs an image scaling input, all of the quality disadvantage.

So, if possible, it is best to avoid intervene with the digital Keystone corrections and rest the own projector if possible always on smooth surfaces and perpendicular to the viewing plane.

The guide to the best cost portable projectors of 2020 (mini projectors)

1. apeman NM4, my favorite mini portable projector

7 Best Portable Projectors 2020 (Mini Projectors) - Pro Cons

Projector, apeman Mini Portable Projector DLP 1080P, Support …

The encounter between the world of video projection and that of portability comes apeman NM4, a gadget – allow me the term given the size – which literally brings the cinema home, not only yours but also wanting your friends.

Beginning this review so it’s exactly what I think as soon as you have in your hands. With its features, 9.79 x 9.79 x 2.19 cm and a weight of only 200 grams, is DAVVERO portable.

You say that not enough? So I tell you that this projector also has a 3400 mAh built-in rechargeable battery, with a range of about 2 ½ hours.

Now that I have convinced you, step to the more technical data. This is a projector with DLP technology, so good contrast especially when it comes to blacks. In general, you’ll recall, the projectors in this category have increased brightness, but tend to tire more eyes over time, for obvious reasons. Probably the apeman NM4 is the best portable DLP projector in circulation at the time.

It has a native resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. It comes equipped with a small tripod, which is also easily storable in a pocket, which ensures a 360 degree adjustable viewing.

It is designed to be easily carried around, clearly scarce (but not so much) of doors.

We find the classical HDMI, so great for Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and also for laptop or TV stick. The miniUSB port is designed for charging but we can also connect a powerbank to increase durability.

There is a USB port which unfortunately does not do what you think, you can not connect pens or hard drive. But you can connect a CHROMECAST or Firestick.

In the box there’s everything you need, except for the case in which we sincerely hoped. Nothing serious though, there is the greatest in my backpack.

Finally, if you want maximum portability, the mini projector apeman NM4 is just perfect. If you are one who has to deal often with presentations then, it is the right business partner.

2. Vamvo L4200, great LCD and great price

7 Best Portable Projectors 2020 (Mini Projectors) - Pro Cons

Projector, Portable Projector Vamvo 1280 * 720p, Display of …

The Vamvo L4200 is an LCD projector that does not yield to the usual compromises: LCD technology at this price and this quality is hard to find.

Formidable regarding brightness: 4000 lumens and programs for doing their duty well, giving excellent viewing even under dark environments.

The LCD projectors suffer, than DLP, a lower brightness. For excellent performance it is always recommended an environment without lights, even artificial.

The thing that surprised me right away is the native HD resolution of 720p. The graphics performance is really exciting. It allows a projection of up to 200 inches with a maximum distance of 4.6 meters from the screen.

It comes with all necessary cables, an instruction manual, a remote control and even a carrying bag. The dimensions are not excessive: 24.4 x 16.5 x 8.1 cm and a weight of 1.95 kg make it suitable for transport; It included then the bag is a clear sign of the fact that the Vamvo may be suitable both as a fixed projector that handset.

Connectivity abundant: there is the HDMI port, VGA, 2 USB ports and an AV. Also it equipped with an audio output for connecting to an external system.

If you want a professional LCD projector and not break your wallet, the Vamvo L4200 is the one for you.

3. Elephas GC333, great budget alternative

Elephas Mini Portable Projector 4500 lumens projector …

The Elephas GC333, in terms of price, is the best on this list. And here I might as well stop, knowing that it amply satisfied the demands of many of you who are reading right now.

You know, the home theater is a point of arrival for those who love movies and series. If you thought that it cost so much, well, let’s face it, absolutely not.

By now the technology is making headway in terms of quality but also in price. It has become very easy to have the top on the cheap.

The projector Elephas GC333 convincing. little and has rave reviews Coast. I’ve read a lot, and the more I read, the more I realized they were facing a very valuable tool.

A brightness of 4500 lumens guarantees excellent vision.

Native resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, lower the Vamvo but definitely not compromising the quality absolutely. Very often just place the projector and the viewer as you have to feel like in the cinema.

I remind you that you can puzzled as you want on the definition and resolution, but the viewing distance is very important.

With the Elephas can reach 236 inches in width of the projected video. The manual focus is adjusted by acting on the wheel placed above the body of the projector, the one closest to the lens. The second wheel serves for keystone correction.

I highly recommend the projector Elephas L4200 to those who want to have very cheaply.

4. apeman LED, the best value for money

apeman LED Projector Mini Portable Multimedia Projector …

PROOttimo quality ratio prezzoImmagine surprisingly bright

ControlA resolution is not comparable to high-end models

This apeman LED surprises us and we struck it. For the price it is exceptional, measures only 20.1 x 6.7 x 15.3 cm and weighs less than a kilo, making it very portable.

The lamp is LED and measure 1200 lumens, native resolution of 800 × 480 also in this case. Projects up to a maximum of 130 inches.

Despite the apparently low lumen performs very well in low light conditions, even without total darkness, the result is great for those who want to settle for a projector under the 100 euro without having to venture out too much expensive equipment.

In conclusion, the value for money is great.

5. XuanPad Mini projector I was using before in my house

PROOttima yield dell’immagineGrande brightness

CONTROAlcuni defects at the edges during the screenings Full HDProblemi with focus tilt

The XuanPad Mini as the name suggests is a projector with small dimensions, the great reviews from online users, and there is a reason …

I was always looking for an inexpensive projector but allow me the freedom of action of a high-end, and finally I think I found it.

For a long time I was looking for a video projector by the cheap price that would allow me to project of the art film, being that I am a lover of Netflix and I love to start and finish marathons television series of the past in the day sprawled on the couch.

But I was tired of the usual television and I wanted something more.

Located in a meter and a half from the wall the images are excellent and you can see well in focus, the use is simple, but if you want to use a cell must obtain HDMI adapter because there is not mirrored.

The package comes with everything you need and the bill is great for a product of this price.

The LED lamp, thus does not need the warm up before you turn on and start projecting.

The remote control is comfortable and has all the main functions in the foreground.

For this price the video quality is amazing, sometimes when projecting movies originally FullHD takes a slight distortion at the sides, but we are talking about such a cheap product with a yield so high that some slight flaw is inevitable and justified. If you are looking for perfection you will have clear focus on more expensive models, and challenging.

Another major limitation of this tiny projector is the focus ring, it manages to focus only good if you use the keystone, you can not keep the image sharp focus and rectangular when projecting in fact inclined to keep it in focus you will have to settle for a projected trapeze.

It has the classic HDMI input ports, VGA, and USB.

6. WiMius Portable Projector 6500 Lumen

Video projector, WiMiUS 6500 Lumen Projector Native 1920 x 1080P …

PROBuone prestazioniBuon value

not amazing Controdesign

The WiMius is a good product, with a one year warranty, LED.La native resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels which is a lot. The lumens are also on this 6500.

The focus can be done via televomando; the electronic keystone correction of plus or minus 50 degrees always guarantees a rectangular image, without annoying curvatures.

Perfect for portability but also to be set fixed, the ceiling in the living room.

The LED lamp has a life of up to 78,000 hours. It is quiet and a nice cooling system which keeps it always at temperatures within limits.

7. dBpower RD810, smaller and cheaper

PROBuoni materialiBuona proiezionePrezzo low and reduced dimensions

CONTRONon holds its fire on the edges dell’immagineVentola a little ‘too noisy

Great product also dBpower RD810.

In the box we find: the projector, a remote control, the power cable, an AV cable, a lens protector and the user manual.

Available in both black color than white, the remote operation requires the Minister batteries not included.

The projector is very robust and solid for this price range, built in a very rigid plastic.

Just plug the device preference and select the source with the remote control.

The resolution of the images is very good, this projector supports FullHD.

For this price range that offers is really very, manages to compete with the major brands at twice the price they can not offer much higher resolutions this dBpower the RD810. And most can not proudly vaunt the same portability.

The native resolution is 800 × 480.

Particularly suitable for videogiocare, in fact it is there where it gives its best showing very vivid and brilliant colors. The frame rate is constant, thanks to the use of the remote control you can balance the white depending on the wall or the plastic color screen on which is projected, for example, I have a part of the blue and I had to fiddle around a bit ‘before getting a ‘balanced picture.

The brightness as usual is not great but good for a device of this band. If you project in broad daylight it is obviously not optimal, but even in dim light is acceptable.

Mounted lenses are cheap and the picture is fully focused on the whole rectangle. I personally do not recommend it to overcome more than two meters away. Obtaining in this way a 65-inch natural.

Another flaw is the fan noise, which is clearly audible at low volumes and a bit ‘annoying, but for some users this adds charm to the projection, so it is also a matter of personal preference.

You can only control by remote control. The speaker on the projector is not ideal for the experience of watching a movie, to be used only in cases of extreme necessity. I always recommend using external speakers for better performance.

8. TOQIBO, honest projector

PROCompatto and leggeroBuona image

CONTRONon makes fine if you are not in total darkness

The TOQIBO is another good small and lightweight economical projector, perfect for home theater enjoy the experience without fainting.

It works via an LED bulb with promise lasting 30,000 ore.Si interface to other multimedia devices by means of the usual HDMI, VGA, AV, USB, and SD. Which makes it connected at will pretty much whatever we want.

The native resolution is 800 x 480, as usual supports Full HD.

Indicated in very dark rooms because it does not have many lumens of power and does not do well if it is to fight with natural light.

9. Stoga KFK007 the cheapest with great style

PROEconomicissimoOttimo design

CONTRORisoluzione bassaPochi lumens

With a price around 50 € it is one of the cheapest projectors currently available on the market, but not make it any less of his fellows.

It ‘has a very attractive design, and a strong visual personality, which never hurts. Remember the optical style of some appliances 60s and 70s.

There are safe around projectors capable of providing a better picture, you assodato.Ma at this price you can not ask for more, the handling is easy and brightness has nothing to envy in the same price range products.

The only flaw is the native resolution that is almost less than half of its “cousins.” In fact, in this case we measure 320X240 pixels.

With the ability to project onto the screen up to 60 inches.

The brightness is 600 lumens. “So few??” of network. But wait to see this little beastie in action and you will be amazed of what engineers Stoga have been able to achieve in such a short space, and by saving on production costs.

It ‘a product recommended for those who need a projector but does not want to buy one of China only to find themselves in the hands of a small plastic box broken after less than two weeks. Despite its low price in fact the build quality seems good and solid.

How to choose portable projectors

The cost portable projectors are cheap but that does not mean that the purchase of these should be done with carelessness and without considering the model that you will possess.

The image they project to be rich in color and light, you should not make the mistake of buying Chinese models of dubious reliability and therefore find themselves in the hands of a totally useless junk that will have a lifetime maximum of two three months.

Cheap is not synonymous with junk, in fact, many big brands have their own set of lower level, providing assistance and its performance as the top models.

What are lumens?

The lumen is the coefficient to measure the amount of light emitted by a particular projector. In fact, these must inevitably be used in low light conditions or you can not see the image that will produce.

Increased number of lumens is equal to higher brightness. If the number of lumens is really high the picture will be visible even in daylight.

You have to bet at least above 1000 lumens.

Size in inches

The projection apparatus allow to produce an image to a defined number of inches. What you see, however, it changes depending on the distance that separates the projector from the wall.

You can easily overcome in this way the 100-inch, however you should always remain in the range of 4 sizes recommended by manufacturers. Before buying it is good in fact refer to the table attached with the product and also verify the measurements of its wall.

Let’s talk for a resolution

The resolution means the degree of detail of some of immagine.Esiste model is the maximum resolution that can show our equipment is the maximum supported by this file.

Full HD often does not mean that the projection will actually be like this, but simply that the type of supported files fall into this category.


The connectivity allows you to also extend the life of our technological gadgets. In fact, if there is a large number of external ports it will mean that this will be easily connectable to other equipment and you can see even from their smartphone images for example.

The HDMI port is essential because it is the one that has taken the place of the old SCART and is currently the standard for entry into the household television sets.

WiFi and smart functions

Some projectors despite economic come with wireless, this will also bypasses the question of the doors and you can simply connect whatever you want by taking advantage of a WiFi connection that provides the bridge between the two devices.

The WiFi does not, however, allows real-time interaction with the image, it means that this transmission system is not suitable for video games. In case you want to play multiplayer games with your favorite it is better to switch to a direct cable connection.

General questions about the floodlighting

Projectors for Home Theater allows a vision about 36 times larger and clearer image than an HDTV.

These projectors not only focus on the image and emphasize quality over every detail but they allow you to admire the most saturated and vibrant colors.

Homemade projectors are recommended for the following uses: • An evening of film among friends • Gaming • Home theater • Photo Viewing • Sports • Vision 3D film

You may be asking why you should definitely prefer a home theater projector than a normal television, well, ‘here’s a list of answers to your question: • Image Quality • huge screen that allows easy viewing of a large group of people • Fans that produce less noise • A large number of ports for connecting multiple devices at the same time

When you are buying a cheap projector for home theater, there are several questions that occupy our minds.

Below I will report some of the classic questions that a personapuo ask when it finds itself buying a projector for your home.

What is a mini projector?

This should probably be more demand-mail about the projectors. Everybody loves pictures and movies on a big screen.

But it is not easy to go to the movies as often as you want, why buy a projector is an affordable and enjoyable to join the immersive experience advantage of the cinema to the comforts of home.

The projectors support the wireless connection?

When looking for a projector that suits your needs you can find yourself in front of the various options in this price range. A feature always consider is the wireless connectivity, which is only available on few economic projectors, including the Qumi and Acer.

Do not despair because there is an option of wifi dongle in some projectors that offer wireless internet.

The mini projectors support connectivity via memory card?

This particular category of projectors is available in two modes, one that is simple and the other is that smart.

The projector allows a direct connection via smart memory cardma in the range of simple projectors need to connect to the memory card through the use of external devices such as a laptop.

All mini projectors support your Apple device?

Sure, you can easily and quickly connect your Apple products to these projectors via the use of a simple adapter.

Such as a VGA or HDMI that allow you to connect to any Apple device.

What is the lifespan of the batteries of mini projectors?

The mini projectors have integrated batteries that last up to two hours.

Why would anyone opt for LED technology rather than for incandescent bulbs?

The LED lights are brighter and clearer, whitish. They allow you to save energy without compromising the health of their eyes. Their internal lamp life up to 20,000 hours so there is no need to frequently change the bulb to have a constant view of their favorite movies.

On the other hand, the incandescent bulbs are heavier and not very convenient to carry around.

They generate more heat and fans in this case produce more noise. This depends on the brand and brand changes, but in general these are less convenient to transport you to be and also the most expensive …

What happens if the interior lights suddenly break?

There is no way that the lamps inside to break prematurely. This can only happen in the case in which we have manufacturing problems, or in the case that the glass is weak, which can cause premature failure of the lamp.

E ‘in this case advisable to replace the lamp with extreme care and insert it as soon as possible

in a paper bag or a small box.

You turn the projector upside down and are removed in this way all the lamp fragments dropping them on a towel or on a few sheets of newspaper.

No need to panic, the fragment of the lamp is in any case protected by warranty. You can contact customer service as soon as possible to see if the device is still under warranty and if in case the problem is particularly warranted.

Why are there green and blue lights that appear on the sides of the projected screen?

Try to clean the LCD panels or pause your images so that these abnormalities present may temporarily resolve itself in a completely automatic.

If nothing happens, try changing the focus of the projector in both directions. To prevent the edges of the projector sforino, as they say in technical jargon, you should clean it once or twice a month. You can also clean the internal filter with an electric aspirator at least once a month.

Because the projector options continue to reset whenever this is restarted?

You have to activate the SAVE mode in the options so that they are saved whenever you change and to be stored in the projector for future use.

Because there is an unpleasant visual noise on the image projected?

Given the nature of the wall projection it is normal that the image creates an annoying visual noise caused by interference or grounding problems.

It proves in this case to connect the projector to a different switch. If this does not work, then there might be an internal problem or setup. In this case it is advisable to immediately contact customer service and clearly present your problem.

How to control the size of the projected image on the screen from the origin-laptop?

Each laptop has pre-installed a control driver for an external display. Just change the settings from 800 × 600 to 1024 × 768 in order to obtain an excellent result synchronized with the desired size on the screen.

Always remember that the projectors mentioned give the best results when projecting from a distance of at least one meter up to 10 meters.

It is not the best choice if you plan to use it for business presentations, but in the case should serve simple family entertainment are so great choice.

Before choosing a particular model or another it is always good to read the leaflet of information and characteristics of the product so as not to have unpleasant surprises in the future.

In conclusion

Portable projectors are certainly excellent gadget for enjoying some wonderful hours of fun together with their loved ones. Whether it is for previewing the latest American series, or watch an old classic movie, or to scroll through the slides of the holidays, there’s nothing better than to do it all together on a couch with the lights projecting larger images and clear to decipher directly on their wall.

If before the viewing of images on a wall was a privilege reserved only for a few moments, perhaps once a month or a week when you could find the money to go to the movies. Now that luxury is really for everyone and there is no reason to give up such a great comfort.

Especially with the advent of digital media and the spread of services like Netflix or YouTube that allow you to take advantage of direct streaming of the highest quality online, in many cases even at 4K or otherwise in HD, you can use a projector to allow viewing home theater in full relaxation of your own home is something fantastic.

I hope this list of cheap portable projectors can serve to people like me is a big movie buff but is not very wealthy and want to have access to this great technology that will surely over time will evolve and become more exciting and engaging.

No need to be a millionaire to enjoy the tranquility of their home the same images available to film, and why not surprise your friends and become the focal point of countless pizza beer evenings and football matches.

I wish you good vision and you look on pros against for the next guide.


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