5 Best Programmable Thermostats Wifi Smart Incredibles (Guide 2020) – Pro Cons

5 Best programmable thermostats WiFi Smart Incredibles (Guide 2020) – Pro Cons

You’ve heard of the thermostat or timer wifi smart and want to know more?

You’re in the right place! This guide will show you what are the best thermostats on the market. Thanks to my advice you will not have any doubt and you will be able to choose the one that best suits your needs.

5 Best Programmable Thermostats Wifi Smart Incredibles (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons
5 Best Programmable Thermostats Wifi Smart Incredibles (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons
5 Best Programmable Thermostats Wifi Smart Incredibles (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

You can start by taking a look at this video, which shows you how the thermostats.

I ‘a few months ago that my wife convinced me to buy one, and I must say that the experience for the moment has been very satisfactory.

The cost is low, especially for the most basic models, the installation and use are very simple, you can program the switch on the boiler to your liking and adjust the settings wherever you are thanks to your smartphone.

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Guide to the thermostats

The WiFi thermostat will automatically connect to the wireless internet system of home and allows you to remotely configure the heating of your home, thus optimizing fuel consumption.

The smart thermostats are becoming part of the equipment standard of technological homes of the new millennium. So if you’re considering making an upgrade of your thermostat to a more high-tech version, this guide contains everything you need to know to take the plunge.

If you live in a cold climate, especially in the far north Italian like me, you absolutely need a wi-fi thermostat to keep the house heated environment intelligently while you’re out.

The smart part of these devices is that you can tell when you’re at home and learn your habits to be able to calculate themselves without your direct intervention (or if you prefer you can decide for yourself) the best heat output in order to optimize fuel consumption and avoid unnecessary waste of energy.

An ecological and innovative cost-effective way to manage your heating.

Learning is continuous and there is no need to reprogram when you change habits, the thermostat will adapt itself to your new behavior patterns.

Some thermostats have an impressive “geofence” mode that lets you track the location of your smartphone at any time and be able to adapt depending on whether you are or not in a given geographical area tot kilometers in the vicinity of your home.

For example, they can be activated automatically while you are returning from a trip and you’re not far from home.

It’s too hot or too cold and you do not want to move from the couch or under the duvet? There is no problem, one of the conveniences that prefer the smart thermostats is that they enable also be controlled directly from smartphones from inside the house, just open the app and you can manually adjust the desired temperature. Or you may decide you prepare the house heating it while you are at work and you are going to get back.

Some thermostats efficiently the system cold / hot and can recognize and warn monitor in case of any problems or malfunctions of the system, noting immediately yield declines performances.

Best wifi smart programmable thermostat 2020

1. Nest T3010IT, my choice at home

5 Best Programmable Thermostats Wifi Smart Incredibles (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

PRO Extremely fast and efficient learning and interface with their abitudini- Construction great- Maximum compatibility

5 Best Programmable Thermostats Wifi Smart Incredibles (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

Somewhat controversial ‘expensive- not compatible with Apple Homekit

The advantage of the Nest on similar systems is undoubtedly the highly advanced learning algorithm, much more elaborate and smart than that of competitors.

Each dwelling has need for different heating that depend on factors such as the thermal inertia within this, or the way in which it is naturally isolated, the type of heating terminals and the geographical position, with its different thermal feedback.

The Nest has done an excellent job in identifying these factors better to be able to decompose them and adapt them to a super intelligent algorithm that helps to determine the heating curve of a given environment and then adapt to factors such as weather forecasts in real time, obviously a home in Aosta Valley in a cold period and high humidity will have different thermal needs compared to a Catania in the summer.

The Nest can be adjusted from both smartphone remotely and comfortably in place, recording a history of the most used parameters and optimizing them for better use of energy resources and greater savings. And also to be able to function in the event of shortages also connessione.Permette of thermoregulation more heat zones within the home.

The Nest Learning Thermostat Thermostate is built with cutting-edge materials and comes with a responsive screen and simple design uso.Ottimo not to deface in modern homes high tech, the display is very bright and there is no need to strain the eyes or puzzling to use it. The Nest of User friendliness is its strong point. We can say that this brand in a sense is the Apple of smart temperature control systems.

The Nest App is compatible with any type of mobile device, Android, iOS, and WindowsPhone, if you have multiple Nest products of brand you can manage them all simultaneously through a single platform. A great comfort for those who love demotic and in the coming years to always install smarter systems.

In the package are present Nest thermostat and relay links, designed in order to receive remote commands from the “brain” of the system and then be able to immediately operate the boiler house at our own pace.

The thermostat has to work need a small power supply provided in the kit, so it must be positioned to force close to a power outlet.

It ‘important to remember to install it away from heat sources such as thermostats are extremely delicate device and equipped with highly advanced electronic parts.

We must make sure that the wifi signal in that area is always constant to avoid any problem and meet the constantly disconnected thermostat. It is therefore necessary to test products before installing itself.

Also it can not be further than 30 meters from the relay Nest Link.

2. BTicino Smarther SX8000W

Good quality PRO-invoicing service excellent Ticino

The counter software leaves something ‘to desiderare- Geolocation could be improved

The BTicino is a famous home and respected in the field of home automation, we will go in this case to consider their new product Smarther SX8000W.

Installation is very simple, you can contact a technical Ticino wanting to support you by telephone or live in the assembly of this thermostat.

The minimal and modern design he won the IF Design Award 2017, International Award for industrial design.

The front part is white with glass effect, very futuristic and elegant, the display is well integrated and are immediately check all the important information and functions. The touch keys placed on the surface very easily possible to change the temperature and the various smart parameters.

The BTicino Thermostat app, available for Android and iOS devices, allows you to remotely manage the thermostat when we are away from home. There is convenient Boost mode that allows you to bypass our usual automatic adaptive programming to our habits and simply take advantage of all the heating power as quickly as possible to a time range that goes from 30 to 90 minutes. In the case, for example, you had to go home earlier than expected.

Using the GPS on your smartphone, the bTicino Thermostat allows you to keep tabs on your location in order to adjust the heating and optimize consumption.

The app allows you to manage multiple thermostats with the same profile so that you have programming very complex if you necessitassero.

The Thermostat is certainly a good product, but with one major flaw, namely the software side.

Many users have complained that this fact often crass and runs in a very slow, sometimes you even have problems to access it remotely and it works only when connected to the same wifi network.

The Ticino is already working to solve this problem and expect a firmware update in short drivers to save a product that I think is excellent in all other respects.

3. Netatmo, beautiful and simple to install

PRO Power to batteries- Easy setup

Little counter sensitivity of the touch display

The Netatmo thermostat has a great design, the display is of type e-ink (the same as the kindle amazon) that allows extremely low power consumption and makes it independent from the mains to feed, in fact works with 3 AAA batteries commonplace. This is an advantage for those who wish to install it away from a wall with an electric cable, but at the same time means that every few months will require battery replacement. No problem in this case because we will be alerted via the smartphone app together.

Unfortunately there’s a bit ‘of latency between when you tap on the screen and the actual reaction of the latter. The time that elapses between when it from the input and the actual response may be for some a bit ‘annoying, but considering that we are not going to change the temperature every minute of our environment should not be a big problem.

And also most of the operations can be performed through the simple and effective smartphone app supplied.

The thermostat is sold with its own remote relay to be connected directly to our boiler, even this does not need to be connected to an electrical outlet because it works with comfortable AAA batteries.

The unit, also as we said in batteries, can be placed where it seems best without too much trouble, just remember, however, do not change too often its location within the house or we could run into synchronization issues regarding the system smart self-learning system.

The beauty of Netatmo is that it is designed to be installed even by inexperienced users as quickly as possible, in fact, just a small and simple configuration, and the system is immediately ready for use. There we can pretty much forget, except as to the time when we will have to replace the batteries alas, but this is not a great big headache that can stop us from recommending this clock thermostat.

It looks like the Nest in terms of functions, and it also seems that the basic algorithms for optimization and adaptation of experience warming are very similar. This sounds clearly all to the benefit of Netatmo, because they already have the Nest offers a great home integration system.

But the Netatmo unlike the Nest does not have a presence sensor, to realize whether our presence in the house is in fact closely refer to our simple GPS position is obviously a kind of simplification and to some this may seem a bit ‘too rough but I assure you that in the end result ultimately obtained is virtually the same.

4. Tado, smart thermostat

Tado ° Intelligent Thermostat Kit V3 Base – Management …

PRO Simplicity of Use

Counter- little bright Display

The Tado is a great German thermostat that certainly looks good next to the previously presented monsters.

On the front of this clock thermostat smart are two comfortable buttons functional touch to be able to raise or lower the temperatur. In addition there is a clickable physical button to activate the display and scroll back and forth through the pages.

In conditions of plenty of light there is a problem reading the LCD to be honest, it is clearly not a TV so do not plan to be observed for hours, but for some this can be a serious problem. We think of those who maybe does not have an impeccable view.

In conditions of low light instead it is practically perfect.

The app that comes with Tado is very well thought out and easy to use, offers incredible customization or advanced settings. E ‘meant to be minimal and immediate, to be also used by novice users who simply seek a control program that does its duty without too many frills. Notable is the comic representation of the house with icons that allow you to understand who is actually within and who is not.

The basic kit is meant to be timed thermostat and Tado Bridge, there is a real relay to be installed on the boiler.

The installation of Tado is not too complex but unfortunately it’s not even as simple as that of Netatmo.

The Bridge Tado require electrical power supply 230V and direct connection via ethernet cable to your home router.

The thermostat in question is battery operated and can be conveniently installed to replace the old analogue home thermostat.

The basic functions are clearly GPS recognition and intelligent adaptation to our habits.

The humidity sensor then allows, and here this thermostat excels and beats the competition, to recognize exactly when and if it is inadvertently left open a window and be able to intervene by switching off the boiler and thereby limiting energy wastage.

5. Honeywell Lyric T6 filare

Honeywell Programmable Thermostat T6 Intelligent Wi-Fi, for …

PRO Honeywell Trademark recognized as among the best in the field

Counter Not compatible with Windows Phone

The Honeywell is a very important brand in the production of smart thermostats.

The thermostat Lyric T6 is square in shape, with a silver frame. The display is touch in great contrast to be able to be used also by users with less visual capacity. Very comfortable. Also it equipped with backlight in order to have good visibility and usability even in direct sunlight or low light conditions. Passed with full marks.

The wired version is designed to be installed on a wall as a replacement to a conventional thermostat.

As always you need to connect the relay module directly to the boiler, where the terminals would normally be connected to the analog thermostat. The connection is via two wires and obviously can be reused existing ones, taking care to connect them exactly as in the thermostat scheme that is going to replace.

And ‘how you can always use the classic time programming or exploit the’ geofencing ‘, namely the GPS tracking system that will allow our thermostat to behave in relation to our traveling near or far from our house.

The Lyric application built specifically to handle this Honeywell model allows complete remote management of the system, which is also fully compatible with Apple HomeKit platforms.

There is a present humidity sensor nor presence.

The advantage of this product is without a doubt the brand that brought along. The Honeywell fact is perhaps the best brand of existing thermostats and has a network of dealers and assistance enviable across Europe making it very reliable then the purchase of its products. There is no fear of that, for any problem you can call directly the assistance and will be greeted with courtesy and competence.

The Honeywell Lyric T6R is framed for a consumer-level high enough given the many options and compatibility that distinguish it, all of a HomeKit Apple.

Installation does not require the intervention of a technician, although it is recommended the presence of someone to help you if you were not a lot of electronics experts or do it yourself. Better not take any chances when it has a direct bearing with the electrical system. It ‘important to remember to turn off the main part of the house whenever we accinga to intervene directly on electrical outlets.

The outdoor unit has a test button, and this is a great advantage compared to the models of other brands, because it allows us to switch on the boiler directly, without even needing to connect the external drive, and can in this way evaluate the just run the installation links checking if everything goes the right way or if there is any need for any corrections.

Configure the app LYRIC is very quick and easy, just enter the password of our wifi at home, it is essential to this step because the thermostat works on the Internet.

After a couple of related georeferencing settings you can go directly to the link with the Apple HomeKit for which you just scan the unique code located on a sticker behind the indoor unit.

The management of the cauldrons can be done locally via the comfortable and elegant LCD display, or much faster through our smartphones.

There are many who even when they are at home prefer to use the app as this occurs in most cases better performance for quick adjustment system.

The boiler can be controlled by a voice through Siri, sure a little touch of class effect to impress our friends when they visit.

Ultimately the Honeywell thermostat is a good for slightly advanced users, despite the flaw of lack of integration with the Windows Phone system. We all know that nowadays most people use Android or Apple iPhone, but you would do well not to forget that segment of the public, and there are many, that the windows system fitted.

All in all a very good product that I recommend.

How do I install?

E ‘can install itself on their smart thermostat if you have a little’ manual skills and some basic knowledge of electronics. Otherwise it is best to contact a professional.

We must remember to turn off the main electrical switch before proceeding to any intervention and control well that the wires do not touch each other near the terminal.

If you are not careful and you do not quite know what you are doing you run the risk of being able to burn transformer or cause serious domestic problems in the electrical system, if you do not know what you are doing please contact a friend or a more experienced technician .

The installation involves connecting a relay to the boiler, so you can efficiently communicate by radio with the thermostat place in another stanza.Nel case has to do with a house on several levels need to connect a relay on every single valve area to have a capillary and distinct overall control of the heating area.

Then you have to switch to install the operating unit of our system, here’s how:

Remove the old analog thermostat and score well for the wires as they are connected to the base, this will be different in each different situation. My old thermostat, for example, had the Green, White and Yellow.

Scoring combining every single cable connected to the designated point, then remove the wires from the base and remove this from the wall.

Attach then our new thermostat wifi at the base in the wall and connect the wires to the corresponding ports as previously marked.

Make a test of their WiFi signal.

In order to use a wifi thermostat as its name indicates it is crucial to possess a wireless connection in your home healthy. To test if the signal is strong near where you install the thermostat is deemed necessary with a tablet or phone try to stream a video placing next to the desired location, if the stream is constant and fluid there is nothing worry about, means that the signal is strong enough.

The thermostat is coupled with a wireless through a thermostatic head, which it controls the adjustment of the entire heating system idraulico.Solitamente thermostats operate with a lithium battery that must be replaced every 2 years.

To test if the installation is successful, we can try to turn it on and to set off within 10 minutes. If after this time the thermostat will turn off the heating, we can rest assured.

Why use a programmable thermostat smart?

The gas companies advise their users to install a wireless thermostat to save on phone bills, in a world where energy and environmental issues is becoming more serious is not bad to have a look about also to the ecological question as well as to their own pockets.

Models such as the Netatmo, Tado, Momit and Vimar easily adapt to any boiler.

There are also more complex systems that allow to control the individual radiators, imagine the case of a dwelling at multiple levels with heating.

How much do the smart thermostats?

The simplest models are also under 150 Euros, and have the features needed to operate a small house, if you need multi-storey and multi-level solutions, the price then rises a bit ‘.

It saves?

The wireless thermostat as well as being much more practical and easy to use allows to save a lot on gas bill, according to a calculation made in the previous six months comparing with the previous years I was able to personally experience a drop of 800 Euros per year on average. A big saving in fact.

The purchase and installation of new thermostats models also fall within the 65% tax credit for advanced energy saving by the Italian government.

It ‘good to remember that in order to save on heating costs is primarily well provide for better thermal insulation of the place where we live. For example starting from the windows that can be replaced with other thermal reinforced or covered with invisible thermal films.

Even common sense is needed to keep costs down, it is useless to aim to have 35 degrees in the house in January and run with short sleeves home, you can settle for more humane temperatures thus saving on the bill and lessening our environmental impact.

What is Ecobonus 65%?

Source: https://www.ediltecnico.it/detrazione-65-percento-ecobonus-riqualificazione-energetica/

Attention, initially facilitation was valid only for 2017, but there seem to be some good news.

The Financial Rescue 2018 has in fact extended to all the Ecobonus 2018. To purchase and installation of windows, fixtures and solar shading, the deduction is not more than 65% but drops to 50%. Unchanged 65% bonus for solar panels for hot water, heat pumps, thermal coats and other interventions on the building envelope. Confirmed discounts of 70 and 75% for blocks until the end of 2021.

In building: the ‘Ecobonus 2018 provides a deduction of 65% of up to 70% if it concerns the envelope (coat) of the building and to 75% if the test certification improving energy winter and summer performance. The bonus is stabilized until 2021 and remains deductible in 10 years. The Ecobonus also applies to hotels.

If a citizen today, decides to intervene on his home with the interventions that aim at energy saving entitling the Ecobonus the 65% tax deduction of expenses incurred to increase the level of energy-efficient home or condo.

This facility is applicable in the following cases:

a) reduction of energy requirements for heating; b) thermal improvement of the building by means of an insulation, replacement of floors, windows, fixtures; c) installation of solari.d panels) replacement of winter heating systems.

In conclusion

In a world increasingly beset by environmental problems, where the electricity issue is increasingly becoming a deciding factor, it is vital to decide as soon as personal solutions starting from their daily habit to put a stop to this problem.

Of course you can not do without heating, especially in large cities there is a real alternative to gas. Since we can not avoid using this invaluable source of energy it is our job to optimize its use to prevent waste, as is usual in this historical period.

And ‘better not to use the heater in an empty house, unless it is done in very cold areas, such as high mountains, to prevent the pipes freeze.

The temperatures also do not have to exceed 24 degrees in order to be comfortable at home, I know people that if you are not over 32 degrees at all times of day and year are not happy. We must not abuse of these technologies, the contemporary world offers many possibilities to live in a comfortable and healthy, but it is important not to take advantage of it too and always keep good way suitable to use our resources in the most intelligent and sustainable way.

The installers always recommend to avoid continual switching on and off of the boiler, and instead opt for a standard temperature of 20 degrees inside the house, by only increase in the necessary time bands.

A boiler treated in this manner will tend to make much more than one subjected to continuous stress of heat and cold. The clock thermostat is nothing more than a switch that tells when the boiler to be switched on or off.

The smart thermostats are obviously better than those commonly installed for years because first of all allow a total remote management, thereby allowing us to control our boiler even in those days when the attention to heating is certainly not our priority and we can forget to example of lowering the temperature before leaving home.

The type of regulation that allow it is also extremely accurate, by not using the same setting for all winter and instead adapting it to our real needs.

I hope this guide was helpful and you are able to locate the best programmable thermostat for your needs.

Greetings from Antonio Pro Cons!


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