Best Tablet 2020? (Planet Earth) Total Guide – Pro Cons

Best Tablet 2020? (Planet Earth) TOTAL GUIDE – Pro Cons

I’ll confess right away:

I love to madness tablets.

The tablet I always use

Best Tablet 2020? (Planet Earth) Total Guide - Pro Cons

The best for those who love Apple

Best Tablet 2020? (Planet Earth) Total Guide - Pro Cons

The final work from tablet

Best Tablet 2020? (Planet Earth) Total Guide - Pro Cons

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 + S Pen, Tablet, Display 10.5″ SuperAMOLED,…

New Apple iPad Pro (11 “, Wi-Fi, 128GB) – Gray Sidereal (2nd …

Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Core i5, RAM 8 GB, SSD 128 GB, Platinum

The tablet I always use

Best Tablet 2020? (Planet Earth) Total Guide - Pro Cons

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 + S Pen, Tablet, Display 10.5″ SuperAMOLED,…

The best for those who love Apple

Best Tablet 2020? (Planet Earth) Total Guide - Pro Cons

New Apple iPad Pro (11 “, Wi-Fi, 128GB) – Gray Sidereal (2nd …

The final work from tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Core i5, RAM 8 GB, SSD 128 GB, Platinum

I use the tablet pretty much like a miniature computer, but before you find one that suited my case I have tried many, to be sure to take home the best of the best.

Are you curious to find out the result of my adventure in the world of tablet? Then follow me carefully. I’ll explain what is the best tablet for your needs and answer all frequently asked questions.

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The ultimate guide to tablets

What can you do with a tablet

With a tablet you doing all you can do with a smartphone, but with the advantage of having a much larger screen.

Imagine for a moment what it would be surfing the Internet or reading an ebook on a nice large display, to be held comfortably in the hands. Myself, I usually find myself browsing the news of the Republic online newspaper, but it is always a pleasure to do it tablet, which returns to reading all his “right size”.

In addition, there are certain games that are played with the tablet much more immersive. An example is 9 Asphalt Legends, available on the Play Store. In general, the racing game are truly spectacular on these devices, certainly helped by the very realistic graphics.

If you really want to be honest, given the new models available in the market, we can say that it is now possible to replace a computer with a laptop.

Although this statement should be taken with tweezers, if you take a look to the peak products of the leading brands, it is not hard to understand why I wrote it.

Best Samsung or those of Apple tablet are monsters of the power and performance that allow among other things graphic editing at high levels. Also, consider that some tablets, those of Microsoft to the force of res but also Lenovo, for example, running under Windows 10 now and not under Android.

In this case there is often talk of devices 2 in 1, because they combine the power of a portable computer to the efficiency, speed and convenience of a tablet.

Notebook or Tablet: Which interests?

As I said before, it is almost possible nowadays to use a tablet like a notebook.

If you look at the statistics, this fact is even better to the surface. Apparently people really like tablets, in fact, sales increased.

If you plan to use a very standard, but if you search functions a bit ‘more sophisticated, a tablet nowadays is the best choice.

It is easy to use, it’s fast, it’s highly responsive and lasts a lot, thanks to the fact that it can be coupled to a high power bank.

Let’s say that all in all it convienente buy a good tablet if you have to do those things one does on a daily basis, ranging from simply watching a video on YouTube or a movie at the gaming even up video editing or graphic design with pen.

Personally, I am convinced that a notebook is an object completely different, and that has a different function. Although often call them “portable”, I do not consider them “totally portable.” Or at least not as convenient as a tablet.

I own a notebook and love it. But when I travel and I have to bear with me, I have to take into account to also bring the mouse, the keyboard, the power, the cooling pad and the whole series of cables and controcavi I never honestly counted. In short, all the space a backpack goes only to the notebook.

It is clear that in the face of certain types of work, the notebook for me to win. Example: writing. I find the notebook with its more efficient keyboard, the mouse also have total control of me over all operations for editing. But it will be because they are dependent on a computer when I was a child ….

I can of course do the same on the tablet, using a keyboard and connecting a mouse, you’ll be thinking now, but the first tablet has an obvious shortage of inputs, so you can not connect so many things. Then, it lends itself much more to purely touch operations, such as moving objects on a virtual sheet of work, and in fact the use for these specific things.

What are the ideal size for a tablet?

Usually the tablet with a few inches, such as 7 or 8, are intended for portable use. Those who read a lot usually use 7-inch tablet. But someone also opt for an 8-inch.

If you go to see the ranking of the best selling tablet ever, it turns out that a high percentage are 10-inch tablet.

Go directly to reviews of the best tablet.

Apparently the 10-inch is a good compromise, maybe it’s just the right size: it is a cross between a tablet 7 or 8 inches, pocket-sized and easy to transport, and a 12 or even 13-inch, but these are big and serve better to homemade device, such as say, “hard seeds.”

A 10-inch tablet, to think of it, is what comes closest to almost any need. Reading is convenient for the large space, you can play, you can watch movies and TV series, you can work, you can take pictures and edit them, you can draw.

In short, if you are really in a very specific category, go to the number of inches that best suits you. But if you are not familiar with the tablet or in general with computers and you have not yet clear use, I recommend not to get too crazy and go for a 10 inch.

Tablet with SIM to phone

It is very important to be careful when you buy the tablet, the indications or 3G or 4G LTE.

If these are present, it means that the tablet will have a dedicated housing slot for a SIM card. This will allow you to use your tablet as if it were a smartphone. You can call, send text messages and surf the internet using the data connection of your provider.

In general, the tablet with LTE connection cost a bit ‘more of the same models that have, however, only the WiFi connection.

Windows VS Android VS iOS: come scegliere?

Clearly, if you already use on your Android smartphone will be best to take a tablet Android. If you use IOS, the obvious will be coupled with the iPad.

The advantages are obvious. If you use the Play Store for Android, and maybe you bought the system, the tablet you need to buy must be Android so you can just login with your account and not be forced to pay again for the app. The same goes with the Apple App Store and the Microsoft Store.

Keep in mind fact that the market there are not only Android and iOS.

There Windows that appears on many tablets, especially those dedicated to professional work, and able to completely replace the standard home PC. The experience will be most effective when you connect a keyboard and a mouse.

The tablet of Amazon, the Fire HD 7 and 8, have the operating system OS Fire, which is nothing more than a custom version of Android, specially programmed to optimize the use of the Amazon device.

It depends on you, what you look for and what you already own. The habit often you know, it’s tough to lose. And in this case it can only be an advantage.

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What is the phablet?

The question to one million Euros!

What is the answer to this question? There are actually different, and nothing is to be taken as a general rule.

The official answer (or rather, unofficially) is as follows: a phablet is a device with touch screen size ranging from 5.1 to 7 inches (excluded). The 7-inch devices for the market are already considered the tablet in effect.

That’s all. The definition is in fact something that can be summarized in the following statement: a phablet is a larger device than a smartphone and smaller than a tablet. Indeed, it is a compound word, formed by the two terms smartphones and tablets.

This big dilemma was born a few years ago, when he found himself in front of two major categories of technology products: smartphones and tablets. There was clearly a gap, an obvious gap between the two.

Those who filled this space, from a commercial point of view at least, was the Samsung, when he proposed the Galaxy Note with 5.3-inch HD screen, and released in October of 2011.

In short, the Samsung had invested on a specific request of the public: a device that did so by telephone, but he had some large enough to allow those activities that a person usually necessarily accomplished on a computer, such as reading, watching videos, draw and so on.

I do not know if you remember the Samsung S2. I mention it because it was just the smartphone I’ve owned for a long time and I have always considered a good buy, because resistance (dropped hundreds of times and never broke), battery life and reliability. But 4.3 inches began to be few, because the exponential growth of the internet actually meant larger screens.

If you think about it, the screens of our smartphones have been increasing in size over time, precisely because of the need for the social life requires us online.

Obviously we are talking about modern devices like saying, as we know them now everywhere, on TV or at the mall. I say this because in fact, going to investigate, you find that in the nineties someone had already tried to sell something.

From what you read from this article from PC Magazine (is in English; if you do not chew, I will explain below what he says), the ‘AT & T EO 440 of 1993 is the first attempt to market than what we would now call a phablet.

It was a device that was by telephone, he had built a fax modem and a hard disk as many as 20 megabytes. It cost something like 4000 US dollars (of the time of course), that is a lot. It was not for everyone and it was slow from the performance point of view.

The company that produced this first phablet closed following the anus, in 1994. After that, silence. Until 2007, when HTC released its HTC Advantage, which can be considered actually the first modern phablet. It was nothing but a handheld, but for us it is actually a quasi-tablet: ran on the Windows Mobile operating system and had the magnetic keyboard can be removed from the device. Even the HTC Advantage cost very much for the time.

After several attempts by other manufacturers, including Nokia, Verizon, LG, Dell, Acer, Samsung, Pantech, here we get to what then is considered the first true phablet, who won the competition managing to fully hit the needs of people : Samsung Galaxy Note in 2011, with its HD screen and the included stylus, removable from the body itself phablet.

From there, it was not a success and we know how we phablet on the market today.

I have owned a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and I must say that the experience of a phablet is totally different from that of a classic smartphone.

It’s simply everything bigger, you have more space. I remember how happy I was, finally the keyboard did not cover the entire conversation on Facebook and Whatsapp Messenger!


As always it depends on our needs. For example, I have very large fingers and the larger screen has made things a lot easier to me, my thumb did not cover half of the smartphone screen!

But this really is much more than just the needs of the consumer. Yes, because repeat that first of all the definition is not official. Moreover, nowadays, most of the smartphones tend to have larger and larger screens, so as to optimize and maximize the experience of applications like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, to name a few.

Just to name a few, the Samsung Galaxy Plus S9 and S9 respectively one from 5.8 to 6.2 inch screen, which means that both of the phablet.

The iPhone Plus 8 has a 5.5-inch screen, so even a phablet him. As well as the brand new iPhone Xs.

The last example that I bring you the highly successful Chinese smartphone OnePlus. The OnePlus 6 has a 6.3-inch screen. The new, incoming, the OnePlus 6T, will probably have a size of 6.4 inches. Again, we are faced with two other phablet.

The talk here is very simple. The world is like I always evolving, and it seems the trend is towards larger screens. Moreover, the word phablet is not official and manufacturers do not make hardly ever mention.

Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, and so on, will sell smartphones, not phablet. The needs compared to years ago are totally changed.

By now the gap between smartphone and tablet does not seem to exist anymore. Nowadays it seems to work like this: If your device has a screen diagonal of less than 7 inches, is a smartphone. If it is 7 inches or greater, it is a tablet.

I’ll tell you how the tablet has changed my life

Ever since I was young, I was in high school, my passion was writing. At that time I always carried with me my trusty Moleskine, so you never miss my moments of inspiration.

A poem, a drawing, a note but also a shopping list that sometimes my mom I commissioned. Everything in my little black book marked handset.

When I was still in high school there were no smartphones, and everything was still written on paper. Then came the boom of digital and electronic devices. Before the phones, then the tablet.

When I was a geek nerd that I am, more or less the race I started to buy my first smartphone. But I never filled my great youthful desire.

The phone was not good for my creativity. He wanted something else.

The Galaxy Note for a while ‘made me happy but it’s the tablet that allowed me to achieve complete satisfaction.

With my first tablet I was young again. My new laptop little black book. My new digital Moleskine.

The tablet does exactly what I expected. My work always kept me glued to the computer screen, both at home and in the workplace. On the other hand the smartphone allow me to keep in touch with friends and colleagues.

What I really wanted was a “laptop”, but said it is misleading, because laptops are. Let’s say you wanted one “laptop screen” with the functions of an agenda, a sketchbook and a notepad, and that would allow me to call or to contact people on social networks.

The tablet has filled a vacuum, which also brought me so much nostalgia.

On the one hand brought me back in time to when I felt full of energy and full of ideas, as I noted all the moments of my life, as I enjoyed doodling.

But he has also led me in the future, with a device that would allow me to perform daily activities on social networks.

Not only that, I can listen to music wherever you are, is the one stored on the tablet is online from Spotify or Deezer.

When I travel by train or plane, I can watch a movie and not get bored.

The night before going to bed, I can read an e-book just bought on Amazon. Or, when it is available, I can watch the latest episode of my favorite series on Netflix.

There are many benefits that a tablet can bring. It’s how to upgrade your life to a more modern and social.

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If only I think of megabytes of personal archive, held at various external hard drives, all meticulously cataloged by year and by type. Had I been 20 years ago, I would have to buy a house on purpose, exclusively for discs, video tapes, booklets with drawings, documents of work, and who knows what else.

Right now I’m a happy owner of a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. It’s by far the best tablet I’ve ever had.

To read my full review of the device, click here now.

Some may think that buying a tablet is a business, but here I will guide you step by step. I’ll talk about all the characteristics to take into account, in order to then be able to choose for themselves the tablet for you.

Guide to Choosing the tablet for your needs

The tablet on the market are many. If you think only the brands that produce them, it is a headache.

Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Lenovo, Acer, Google, Asus, these are just the most famous. But even if the head does not make you bad, I also remember Nvidia, HTC, Dell, LG, Sony and Toshiba.

The first real question to ask is this: why do I need a tablet?

Without getting lost in too many useless words, we look at all the individual details to be taken into account.

Do you want a tablet to read e-books or recipes?

The best choice is the tablet Amazon Fire HD 8.

For the full review of the tablet, click here now.

I love to surf the internet?

Without thinking twice I recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, my tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 + S Pen, Tablet, Display 10.5″ SuperAMOLED,…

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The iPad Pro is a great choice as it is a powerful tablet.

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If you want to spend a little ‘less, then take the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E, the best budget tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, Tablet, Display 10.5″ SuperAMOLED, 64 GB…

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Generally six accontentabile easily. If you want the tablet is to check and send e-mail, read the news from the newspaper, take a look at Facebook, Instagram and other social networks, play simple casual games to pass the time watching videos on YouTube, then most of the tablet that you can find on the market for you.

Go directly to reviews of the best tablet.

You are always ready to take pictures wherever you go?

The first choice is the Apple iPad Pro, the tablet with the best optics.

Find the full review HERE.

You can always opt for the simplest and still Apple iPad.

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All tablets have enough interior space. It starts with 8 gigabytes but there are models that have 64 gigabytes. Many have the option to expand the memory via micro SD card, and, depending on the limits, you can get to 256 gigabytes or 400 gigabytes of space.

Translated, you can store thousands of photos on your tablet. 400 gigabytes of memory allow you to save something like 120,000 photographs, more or less, depending on the quality of the photo.

You are a lover of films and TV series?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is fantastic.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 + S Pen, Tablet, Display 10.5″ SuperAMOLED,…

Find the full review HERE.

The Apple iPad is one of the best screens on the market.

Find the full review HERE.

Do not choose a tablet screen with 4: 3 ratio. You would have that effect and English called “letterbox” or two big black bars above and below the film for the duration of the film itself.

The experience improves if the display of the tablet is very good and quality. The more expensive models fitted screens that provide a “cinematic” feeling.

Are you a hard worker?

The solution is the Microsoft Surface Pro. Simply perfect.

Find the full review HERE.

A nice work tablet is the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro, the tablet with built-in projector.

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You are addicted to video games?

For the gamer who must never ask, the Pro choice is Nvidia Shield tablet K1.

Find the review of Nvidia Shield tablet K1 here.

Are you an artist and drawings always?

The best tablet with pen are the top of the range Samsung, Apple and Microsoft.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is beautiful to use with the pen.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 + S Pen, Tablet, Display 10.5″ SuperAMOLED,…

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The Apple iPad Pro has a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. With the pen is smooth and responsive.

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The Microsoft Surface Pro has a unique professional level.

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You’re a parent and you want the best tablet for your kids?

For your children two very good choices.

The tablet Clementoni ClemPad 7 Plus from 3 to 6 years.

Clementoni 16604 – Clempad Tablet 7 “Plus – [2017 version]

Find the full review HERE.

The tablet Lisciani games My Tab 10 tutors from 3 to 8 years.

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Want a cheap tablet?

Two in my opinion the best budget tablet.

The first choice is the Samsung Galaxy Tab E. The second choice is the Huawei Mediapad T3.

Do you want the best Chinese tablet?

GearBest is an excellent and reliable e-commerce. You always find excellent deals on its Italian website entirely dedicated to our country. On our site there is a clear and complete guide to buying on GearBest, with personal opinions, the answer to frequently asked questions and the reasons for choosing it.

BEST TABLET 2020 – The Review

Samsung Tablets (10-inch and not)

Below we present a rundown of what I believe the best Samsung tablet.

Samsung is the world’s largest manufacturer of tablet and is famous around the world. The South Korean giant if playing on par with Apple regarding electronic devices.

always leading products, consistently reliable. Even when you go to see smartphones or economic tablet, Samsung is always at the top.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10,5 – Tablet 10 pollici

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 + S Pen, Tablet, Display 10.5″ SuperAMOLED,…

What will I review here is the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5-inch S4, with WiFi and 4G connection.

If you do not look for the data connection, then you can take a look at the model with only WiFi.

Coast time and there is a reason. On this tablet is the best hardware that’s out there. A screen super AMOLED HDR, a snapdragon processor, a battery of 7,300 milliamps, the S-Pen and Dolby Atmos.

Only to list the main features is mouth watering, then when you see the pictures online, or when you have a way to view it in person at a shopping center, is the maximum.

This is my personal tablet, or at least the main tablet, what I use daily. I was looking for a 10-inch tablet in reality, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is not that bigger. Maybe rounded corners, or maybe it is the black frame, but when I use it is like having a 10-inch tablet.

The design is classic Samsung. I find it very beautiful. It looks like a big smartphone, and besides, this is how I use it and that’s exactly what I was looking for.

The frame is very thin and because of this is not the classic home button on the front. The tablet itself is very slim and light.

The back is not metal but glass and is very slippery. I knew this particular before you buy it, so I also took a protector to prevent ran away from my hand. But when I’m at home, on the couch or in bed and watch a movie or an episode of my favorite show on Netflix, custody I take it off to enjoy the tablet naturally. The feeling of the glass is different from that of the metal.

On the back there is always the main camera, in the center, with the flash drive.

On the right edge is the key to the ignition and for the stand-by and buttons for adjusting the volume.

On the left edge is the magnetic pogo connector, or, for those who did not know what I’m talking, a door made of four “links” golden spring. These are used for one of the most beautiful features of this tablet, which is the case in the book with integrated keyboard of the Samsung. That is the second reason why I bought the custody separately.

That still lack the Type-C USB input for charging or for connecting external devices, the mini jack input for the headset and the slot for the micro SD card (the maximum limit for memory expansion is 400 gigabytes) and the SIM card.

The tablet is equipped with a sensor for biometric recognition. Now, this thing straight out of a movie like Blade Runner, and therefore would think “but just does not work.” But it works, and also good. The sensor scans the iris and recognize it!

The screen is nice and big for a tablet that has the same feeling in the hands of a 10-inch tablet. They are 10.5 inches to be exact. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, for example, the space for the display is increased.

It is a super AMOLED and supports HDR. How to have a TV in his hands. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, if there are contained in HDR this tablet can read them. And the result is really good. In addition it must be said that the display has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, which is 2K.

The blacks are really blacks and deep, just as on the best TVs. I often use it for watching movies or series on Netflix and I must say that I am fully satisfied. Probably the absolute best display, perhaps along with those that are mounted on the Apple tablet, someone I will note. But I, and here I express my opinion, I think the display on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 the best and most beautiful.

It is a very bright screen, which lends itself to any type of environment. Even outdoors, during these last days of September, when the summer was going to greet us with the latest patches of sun before the autumn rains, I went out a few times to go to the park. At full brightness the display is clear and clean and you can do anything without the slightest problem.

When you buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, in the package also found that the pen is usually called S-Pen, or the Samsung Pen.

Let me precede your thoughts, I tell you. The tablet is so small that there is no physical space for the pen. If you think that the pen in question is such as that which came bundled with Samsung smartphones notes, the answer is no.

This one does not have the special compartment in the case of the tablet itself (unfortunately). The housing Samsung I bought a part, however, has an attack to store the S-Pen and then I have solved this problem.

Use the pen on a tablet, I thought it was totally useless. The I’d try and in some cases I was particularly pleased but with Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and its S-Pen we are just on another planet. Often they forget that they are working on a digital device.

The feeling is to get your hands on a real pen, and smoothness is a pleasure. I really like the Always On Memo function, which makes the display in stand-by a blackboard on which to take notes. I like to write by hand on the same tablet very often, instead of doing it on paper and then have to bring everything digitally to a file.

The tablet has become a notebook, a Moleskine, a sketchbook Fabriano, a notebook.

The processor which feeds the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is one Snapdragon 835 octa-core, with 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of internal memory, expandable via up to 400 gigabytes micro SD card. Everything is very smooth and clean with no lag or interruptions.

The two camera are good: the main, on the back, is from 13 megapixels, the frontal one from selfie is 8 megapixels. The colors are pleasant enough and the pictures are rich in detail. I do not often use it to take pictures, to be honest, I prefer to use your smartphone. The tablet I use it for work or for multimedia entertainment.

In calling it is great. The sound is high, and calls can be made hands-free with no problems. Again, however, I prefer the smartphone as a matter of convenience.

The tablet can be used like a PC, thanks to Dex mode, directly activated by the button on the taskbar. Who has a smartphone Samsung S9 know what I’m talking about.

Dex is specific graphical interface, a kind of desktop tablet mode. Attack mouse and keyboard, the tablet becomes active DEX is a real PC.

To me it resembles the tablet mode of Windows 10, which precisely converts the graphical interface, and makes the device as a tablet, useful if you have the laptop’s touch screen. In the case of DEX the opposite occurs. The tablet becomes a PC that runs on Android.

I realize this is a bit ‘complicated to explain, but just look at one of the many videos demonstrating present online to see what I’m talking about. It is a feature that I find very useful when working, especially if they attack the tablet to an external monitor via HDMI.

The battery inside the Galaxy Tab S4 is from 7,300 milliamps. In the box you are located in the rapid charging charger. If the tablet is completely discharged, even three hours and will be charged to 100%.

The tablet lasts a lot. If I look in HDR content continuously without breaks from Netflix, so even with active WiFi connection, in one hour autonomy of the tablet drops by 10%. Doing a few accounts, it turns out that in this mode, I can go on to look in HDR series for 10 hours straight before the tablet die.

If you wanted to do the same thing, but with a movie downloaded to the internal memory, battery life even doubles, and 20 hours of battery life.

If I use it for activities that do not consume so much as simply listening to music from internal disk or reading e-books, then thoroughly overcome the day. Check also to three days without recharging.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Tablet has fully satisfied my desires. To date, nearly three months with this 10.5-inch tablet, I have never regretted anything. It’s a really pro device.

Costa, I know, but it is a gem. It was exactly what I wanted, or spend my money well and wisely, for a product that was top of the range, useful for my work, reliable and durable.

An eye I had also turned in the direction of multimedia. But in this case the tablet passes all tests. Watching movies and series from Netflix on the Galaxy Tab S4 is an experience in itself. I can really recommend going to watch it in a shopping mall to understand everything I have said here.

The screen is really professional, it seems the display of a modern TV. My daily appointment with Netflix has changed since I see the episodes on this tablet. Now is complete!

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10,1 – Tablet 10 pollici

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1, Tablet, Display 10.1″ WUXGA, 32 GB…

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a 10-inch tablet released in 2016. Some will say that it’s been too long, but the numbers say otherwise. Even today, this tablet is always there, there, among the first best-selling tablet in the version updated course of 2019.

The reason is simple: good performance, good display, excellent autonomy and acceptable price.

Samsung has recently released a new version of this tablet. They change a few things: the new version comes with 2 gigabytes of RAM, and with the S-Pen option, since it is equipped with a special display. In addition, the new version is more expensive.

The typical Samsung design never disappoints, even if it’s cheaper products.

The tablet to be exact is 10.1 inches, and that’s why I put it in the tablet category by 10 inches.

At the sight, it looks like a large smartphone. Nothing button, even physical buttons and the Samsung logo on the front: minimal design suggesting a use primarily in portrait mode, and then vertically.

The frame around the display is narrow, allowing more space to the screen. The tablet is 7.5 millimeters thick and weighs 460 grams.

The display of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is 10.1 inches and has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, full HD.

The screen is very good: very bright, you can use the tablet even when you go out a lot during a bright sunny day. You just have to be careful not to make the sun’s rays dot directly on the tablet, in this case is clearly not readable.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A has 2 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of internal memory, expandable up to 512 gigabytes. The tablet has a slot for micro SD card, on the right edge, where we also find the button to switch on and stand-by buttons for adjusting the volume.

This model reviewed here is equipped only WiFi, but if you want there is the option, most expensive, with LTE connection and the slot for the SIM card.

On the upper edge you are located in the micro USB 2.0 port for charging. The door can also be used to connect external devices such as a portable hard drive or a mouse or a keyboard.

Advantages and disadvantages of the lack of physical buttons depend solely and exclusively use, so I think it’s very personal. I have always been loyal to the smartphone or tablet with the physical buttons, but since I bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 I learned to do without it, in exchange for a visually slimmer device and a cleaner display.

On the back, slightly protruding outward, we find the 8 megapixel main camera with flash. On the front there is from 2 megapixel selfie camera, perfect for video calls.

Finally, on the bottom edge are two speakers, very good if you plan to use the tablet in a purely multimedia key. Movies and music can be enjoyed with full Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

This device comes with Android Pie 9 installed.

The processor is an Octa Core 1.6GHz.

It is a processor for mid-priced devices. Do not be fooled by this sentence. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A fall in this category of 10-inch tablet. The processor is perfect for medium and normal requirements of many customers.

Most recent games, particularly those with high graphics, suffer on this device. But it is clear that these are high demands and then we go to the categories of products for which you have to spend a little more.

That said, the performance of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A are very good.

The battery is 6150 milliamps and is the reason that makes this top tablet.

If you use the tablet, fully charged, to view online video, then with WiFi turned on, and the screen brightness to maximum, you can go on for hours.

It’s just crazy autonomy. Imagine using it in more normal circumstances, to read, or to surf the Internet during a break, the tablet will reach far beyond the day of use.

How does? Simple, is the processor. The eight core are actually to be considered as four plus four. The two groups are separated in terms of work, or depending on whether the use of the tablet is heavy or light.

This separation of core results in the very impressive autonomy that we have seen.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is one of the best 10-inch tablet of its own price range.

If you want to be updated, you can always take the new model. But this of 2019 is still a great deal.

Great to read and surf the Internet. Great even if you think you look a few series on Netflix, because the sound is very good and the screen is nice and large.

Microsoft Tablet (10-inch and not)

Microsoft has a little ‘changed the rules of the market with regard to the tablet.

We used to devices that relied to applications downloaded from one store, mainly as Android and Apple. But Microsoft has released a tablet with Windows 10, making it in effect similar to a laptop.

Having the power of a computer in a 10-inch tablet is phenomenal, and I think it makes the tablet even more professional.

So now we are facing a third option: the 10-inch tablet perfect for the job, the Surface Go.

Or if we want a larger screen and more horsepower, the Surface Pro is 12.3 inches.

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 12.3 – 12 inch Tablet

If you are looking for a tablet that is virtually a laptop in every respect, and you love spending your money, then you should consider the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet.

It is a 12-inch tablet and is, in my opinion, the perfect device at this time if you are students, professionals, or, why not, of businessmen. That is, the perfect tablet for work.

The model that we recensisco here is that without accessories, only the tablet, with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8 gigabytes of RAM and an internal SSD drive 128 gigabytes.

There are several purchase options: it can be bought using a bundle that includes Microsoft Type Cover keyboard with LED backlight.

In addition there are several models, which change depending on the processor, RAM and internal memory that you want.

The processors that you can choose are an Intel Core M, an Intel Core i5 or an Intel Core i7.

As for the RAM available models 8 and 16 gigabytes.

With regard to the internal memory, are available 128, 256 and 512 gigabytes.

The basic model unfortunately does not include either the Type Cover keyboard or pen. You have to buy them separately.

The tablet, to the eye, it is very modern and has a professional style. Often only 8 millimeters, is gray and is made of metal.

It is also optimized for the eventual use with keyboard and pen. The keyboard can be attached directly and easily to the tablet, making it a truly unique piece. The pen instead attaches magnetically to the side of the tablet. All very professional.

The only flaw is that these accessories are purchased separately. But judging by the reviews I read online, the tablet pen is coupled with a keyboard and maximum efficiency.

On the tablet we find a USB 3.0 port, a Mini DisplayPort to connect it to a monitor or TV via HDMI adapter, SurfaceConnect magnetic charging port and a slot for micro SD card.

On the back is the support, foldable, which happens to be really convenient to take advantage of the tablet in all its forms possible. What I mean I am that depending on how it is positioned, the tablet may be a portable PC (with Type Cover keyboard and mouse is the maximum), may be a mere tablet, or with fully enclosed support, is a device which can write directly with the pen.

The display that the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet is a 12.3-inch mounts PixelSense and is obviously touch.

The screen quality is excellent. It has a resolution of 2736 x 1824 pixels. The level of detail is very high and you notice everything, high definition is a pleasure when reading or when viewing images or high-quality video.

It will be a professional tablet, but it can clearly be also used for watching movies or TV series. And in this case, the screen does well his work.

The natural color of the display is great, the colors are very pleasant and full of life. For the most demanding, Microsoft has provided a setting to boost colors in the settings. By activating it, it increases the saturation and everything will seem more vivid.

This setting imagine is designed for those who want to see “better” movies.

It is a tablet that takes advantage of the full power of the latest Intel processors. The performances are certainly higher than previous processors, but they are absolutely in line with the professional tablet that competition offers.

The “heavier” activities that could be made on this tablet could be the rendering of 3D models with Blender, or very large digital designs, and are smooth as silk. The model reviewed here is equipped with Intel Core i5.

When you work in the regime tablet it is absolutely silent, but the performances are slightly lower models with the fan.

If done work for a long time, always squeezing, you can reach high temperatures, but they are never excessive temperatures that can reach a laptop.

The autonomy of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet is really good.

The Microsoft Surface Pro tablet is definitely the work tablet.

Whether you are a student and you have to deal daily with notes, slides and pdf. Whether pure workers and always taken from digital documents, keep in touch via email with colleagues or customers. This is your tablet.

Performance and battery life are at the top and do not disappoint.

Today, now in mid-2020, this is one of the best 2 in 1 tablet on the market.

4. Microsoft Surface Go 10 – 10-inch Tablet

If you want to spend less than the Pro, Microsoft comes to you with the Surface tablet Go 10-inch.

It is smaller, cheaper, but a large device 2 in 1 which allows to have all the power of an Intel processor and Winows 10 operating system.

This model reviewed here has 8 gigabytes of RAM and an internal hard disk SSD 128 gigabytes.

The really sad note regarding Microsoft Surface tablet, both the Pro and the Go, is that in the package are not included neither the pen nor the Type Cover keyboard. So accessories to buy separately.

Much like the Surface Pro, it’s like having to do with his younger brother. The same modern design and professional, which makes it a great tablet for work.

Again, even in the case of Microsoft Surface Go you should definitely opt for the purchase of pen and cover included with Type Cover keyboard to use the tablet to its full effectiveness.

On the tablet we find a Type-C USB port and a slot for micro SD card. In addition there is the magnetic SurfaceConnect port for charging.

The display of Microsoft Surface tablet Go is of excellent quality. It is 10 inches, has a full HD resolution of 1800 x 1200 pixels. The ratio here is 3: 2.

The frame around the screen is thick enough to allow you to hold your tablet without going to touch the display.

8 gigabytes of RAM with Intel processor that is inside make this a very powerful tablet. Multitasking is a walk to the Surface Go. You can keep open several programs simultaneously without problems.

The graphics processor is also surprisingly powerful. You can run games (not the most demanding titles, I recommend) without suffering from lag.

To underline the supplied camera, which lets you record video in full HD. An excellent room, especially if you want to make a good impression during a video conference.

It is clear that you will find on a Microsoft Windows product.

This tablet comes with Windows 10 in mode S. This means that it can run only the programs that are on the Microsoft Store.

You can unlock the Home version of Windows 10 and make it more than a tablet, a real laptop. Or, if you want, you can opt for Windows 10 Pro but you have to pay for the license.

The S mode is fine in itself, even though the Microsoft Store does not have the number of application that has the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store.

The autonomy of the Microsoft Surface tablet Go is very good.

Looking online, as I have not been able to test the device in person directly, I find that the first range is greater if you are using Windows 10 Home. I thought the battery would spare the S mode.

Rproducendo a high-quality films and with an average brightness of the screen, the tablet comes to 11 hours, which is clearly much.

The only real work tablet, powerful and very effective. If you buy the accessories (not supplied) or Type Cover keyboard and pen, the tablet becomes as perfect portable work machine.

Tablet Apple

The Apple tablet, but really overall apple products have always been, since the first iPhone, innovative devices.

5. Apple iPad Pro 11 – 11-inch Tablet

The Apple iPad tablet Pro is the professional tablet released from the house of Cupertino.

Compared to previous models, the frame around the screen is thinner, allowing more room to display. It is aluminum and and is very durable.

What for many is considered the best display in circulation, we find a Retina iPad Pro with LED backlight and a resolution of 2224 x 1668 pixels.

The display refresh rate is 120 Hz. Impressive. You notice immediately scrolling through the main menu. The animations are very fluid and the feeling is unparalleled. If you have to try it, do it to understand what I mean.

The quality is excellent, there are neither words nor comparisons. The screens that mount Apple devices are really very beautiful and brilliant. The colors are vivid and the detail is outstanding at this resolution.

The processor which feeds this tablet is a A10x Fusion. It is powerful to the point that it does not suffer almost never during daily operations.

With 4 gigabytes of RAM and a 64 gigabyte internal hard drive, someone will feel satisfied already. versions with 128, 256 and 512 gigabytes of internal memory, at a higher price, however, are available.

This model comes with only WiFi but there is also the one with LTE connection, useful if you want to use the tablet for calls.

With the iOS operating system 11, the iPad Pro is exceeded and it becomes literally a laptop.

Forget to have in my hands a tablet, it is like having a Mac. The developers apparently are trying to create applications that make a counterpart to the classic available only programs on Mac. Now you can thanks to the great power to take advantage of this tablet.

This is the direction that Apple is taking, and he is succeeding big.

Probably the introduction of the new operating system may be finally decide the “undecided” to finally buy an iPad Pro.

To all this add that you can buy aside from the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. When using the iPad Pro tablet becomes just perfect.

Thanks to the display, use the Apple iPad Pencil Pro is an experience that is hard to say no, although it is not an included accessory. The screen refresh rate of 120 Hz is the key, use the pen really seems like writing with a real pen. The reaction times are very low.

You want a tablet with an excellent camera? Apple will settle.

On the iPad Pro, we find the same room which is located on the iPhone 7, which is one of the best there is on the market. 12 megapixel camera with a lens f / 1.7 and with flash. The opening is also excellent for lighting conditions not great.

You can also record video in 4K. Perhaps those who are accustomed to think that a tablet can not you can take pictures are think again.

This tablet is great for taking and editing photographs.

The camera selfies, front, has 7 megapixels and is capable of recording video in full HD at 1080p. Perfect for video calls.

On the iPad Pro, there are four speakers, one on board. They are very powerful and have lots of superior hearing experience, the bass is very present and full. You can use your tablet easily as a portable music station.

Another strong point of the iPad Pro is the battery. If you use the tablet for watching movies non-stop, it reaches more than 10 hours, which is not cheap. Autonomy of respect that has nothing to envy of the competition.

A normal use but still challenging as it may be daily, used more as a laptop or as a tablet, brings the iPad Pro to last more than 7 hours.

If you want to know what are the applications or tasks that consume more battery power, then you need to point the finger of photo editing high quality. If you start playing with 4K and photoshop style applications, then the tablet will drain fast. There is something to marvel at.

Lovers of Apple, but also you are undecided, you really can not give in to apple products, probably now is the device that will make you tremble.

Defining the iPad Pro in one word? Simply fantastic.

Powerful beyond measure, surely one of the best tablets that are now on the market, except perhaps THE best.

6. Apple iPad 10.2 – 10 inch Tablet

The iPad is the alternative to the iPad Pro, for those who do not want to spend so much and can not resist buying an Apple tablet.

It will not be pro, but the processor is the powerful A10 Fusion and supports Apple Pencil. A small computer to take with him.

The model reviewed here is to 128 gigabytes of internal memory and equipped with only WiFi. There is also a version with 32 gigabytes of memory. There is also a model with a 4G connection, useful if you want to also call with the tablet.

The classic design of the Apple we find him here, with very few differences.

The display is a 10.2-inch IPS is not a Retina, but still great for classic daily activities, such as watching a movie or browsing online. It has good colors and excellent black levels. Supports Apple Pencil and therefore different levels of pressure.

Unfortunately Apple Pencil is not supplied and must be bought separately.

There remains the alternative of bluetooth keyboard, but have an accessory that attaches directly to the tablet making it a unique piece, is another matter entirely.

On the iPad we find the iOS operating system 11. As already mentioned for the iPad Pro, the new Apple operating system harnesses the power of the new devices.

The differences compared to previous iOS are remarkable and noteworthy, now the tablet is much closer to a real Mac. Remain applications to download from the App Store, but the feeling with iOS 11 and the experience that goes with it is different.

I recommend you try the iPad directly with iOS 11 if you have the chance.

Performance is outstanding thanks to the A10 Fusion processor and 2 gigabytes of RAM.

Everything is optimized to work best. The editing photos or videos, for example, is very fluid and the impression is that it is almost better on the iPad than on a device similar to competitive price range.

The differences between an iPad and a tablet of a different make is obvious. The iPad applications are much faster and provide greater fluidity.

On the back there is an 8MP camera which can also record video in full HD. It is a normal room, good but not as great as the one that mounts the iPad Pro. The low price is probably also due to this.

The front room selfies is 1.2 megapixel and HD. It is perfect for video calls.

In standby mode, the tablet only lose 2% charge per day. It takes 4 hours for a full charge.

If you already had an iPad, then it is a must to upgrade to the new iPad.

The costs are contained. If you can not afford professional tablet of Apple, worth still considering the iPad, as powerful and able to do very well his work as a multimedia station.

It is a 10-inch tablet, namely 9.7 inches. Things to reiterate since the 10-inch tablets are the most popular on the market.

7. Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Tab 10.1 – 10 inch Tablet

The 10-inch tablet professional Lenovo is something that leaves you speechless.

The tablet Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro is the perfect machine for multimedia, and stands out particularly for the upper edge of a cylindrical and the integrated projector.

It is definitely the most interesting tablet that’s in there right now.

The first thing that catches the eye is anything but classic design on the tablet Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro. The top edge is larger than the rest of the tablet body and is cylindrical, already making it comfortable to rest as it is never in perfect horizontal position.

As if this were not enough, the same edge conceals the support, of metal, which can be used to hold the tablet in other positions. The support incorporates the projector and on the front part of the same board there is the grid of the speakers.

The support fits into the tablet body when it is closed. To use it, simply press a small button located on the back of the device.

This more Projector support system is by far the most sensational thing I’ve ever seen on such a product.

We do not expect a lightweight tablet. It weighs 667 grams and is often only 5 mm. It is well built, the material is very durable and long lasting.

The model reviewed here is equipped with only WiFi. It is also available with 4G connection.

The projector, as mentioned before, is located directly in the stand, and follows the orientation of the same. Just look at the pictures online to figure out the simple operation.

Lenovo declares more than 40 lumens and an effective projection on a wall which is located at a maximum of 180 cm.

I never got to try this tablet, it intrigues me a lot. A closer look on the internet, the video shows that the projector works very well and obviously the best in the dark condition.

I guess usage scenarios: at work to share an email or a presentation or a document with colleagues; at home with friends to watch a video on YouTube or why not an episode of a TV series on Netflix.

I think that definitely is not suitable for watching movies, it always prefers and still a larger screen or even a TV.

On this device are Android 6. Quite a few ‘old-fashioned and is in fact a weakness of the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro.

Lenovo her takes a hand with a number of useful applications to make Android a bit dated ‘newest, the sight during use and in terms of speed.

The tablet is definitely not less. Having Android 6 should not be seen as a defect. The tablet is fast and responsive. It remains in short, a great tablet.

The processor that is on the tablet Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro X5 is an Intel Atom 2.4 GHz quad-core.

It has 4 gigabytes of RAM and a 64 gigabyte internal memory.

The performances are excellent, so much so that the Lenovo tablet is considered at the same level of the top of the tablet competition range.

In terms of multimedia, this tablet which clearly excels, it is a pleasure to use. The audio and video streaming is smooth.

Even when you use the projector, the device never shows signs of slowing. Never sobs.

Parentheses necessary because the audio on the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro is fantastic really.

The four JBL amplifiers with Dolby Atmos on the front part of the tablet makes it a perfect and powerful machine dedicated to multimedia. Movies and music are a pleasure on this tablet.

The battery of this tablet is 10,200 milliamps. It’s a lot when you consider the tablet in the same price range and the professional ones.

Lenovo declares autonomy of 18 hours under normal use conditions.

As always when I can not prove a device directly, I rely on online searches.

I find that if used without stopping to watch a series on Netflix and surf the internet you can not exceed 10 hours.

The biggest blow to the battery gives the projector, which downloads the tablet in a few hours, but it was to be expected.

The autonomy of the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro is stunning, it is a tablet which is made especially for those who travel and want to enjoy a movie or an episode of a TV series. In typical everyday use, using it to surf the Internet when you need it, read the email, and other small businesses, the tablet exceeds 24 hours abundantly.

The strengths are just amazing design, the adjustable support, the powerful built-in projector and an audio.

If you are from employees music, movies and series, and you want to buy a tablet, my advice is definitely the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro.

The excellent autonomy of the tablet will never leave you walk.

8. Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9,6 – Tablet 10 pollici

The Samsung Galaxy Tab It is a 9.6-inch tablet. It is half way between a 10-inch and 9-inch and appears to have a comfortable size for those looking for a working tablet. It is also Samsung, which has always been synonymous with reliability.

Released now way back in 2015, at the end of the year, was then a great tablet so-called “entry level”, that is, as always translated into Italian for readers who do not chew English, a tablet suitable for those who approach for the first time to this type of product, the price and capable of performing safely any kind of activity.

It is clear that “entry level” means absolutely “modest”, forget these wrong associations. By now these days, if you are not too fussy about the technical characteristics of a technology object, we can safely settle for an “entry level” model. Then maybe they will experience farcene to choose a more expensive and much more complete.

I consider this as a quasi Samsung 10-inch tablet. The simple reason is that the actual size of 9.6 inches you approach a lot. To use it will be like to have to hand a 10-inch tablet. So if you are looking for a device with these features, I were you I would give it a close look.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab It comes equipped with a quad-core processor, 1.5 gigs of RAM and 8 gigs of internal memory to be used for applications and more. It has two cameras, one front and one on the back, and the display is HD with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels (the ratio is 16:10). The model that I review here is equipped with WiFi; the variant is also available with 3G connection to a slightly higher price.

Judging from the photos, it could be mistaken for a model of the Samsung smartphone. The design is typical of the South Korean company, has a very stylish look. It is made of heavy duty plastic, and feels in your hand. On the back is rough, which allows a firm grip, comfortable and safe. When you take it in your hands, you never get the impression that it can slip away and fall. Also on the back, the 5 megapixel camera protrudes slightly outwards, just as in the case of some Samsung smartphone. On the upper side there is the micro USB input for charging and the mini input jacks for headphones.

Its weight is 490 grams, not even half a kilo short, and its thickness is 8.5 millimeters. Not heavy, but it is certainly not the lightest tablet that is on the market. There are others who weigh less but if we remain in the same price range, all look alike.

The battery of the Samsung Galaxy Tab It is not removable. In the package are the minimum necessary, or just a charger. The market then we find all sorts of useful gadgets, such as leather cover.

Inside we find a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 64-bit processor with a speed of 1.3 GHz and a 1.5 gigabyte RAM. The internal memory is of 8 gigabytes, of which 5 gigabytes will actually be used for any applications, documents and multimedia files. There is the option to expand the memory thanks to the microSD card slot up to 128 gigabytes. In addition, the tablet supports the ability to install applications on the microSD external memory.

It does not support NFC, and even the OTG.

On the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab And we installed the Android operating system. The version is 4.4.2 KitKat, and Samsung has not released updates to newer versions. Probably the main reason is the age of the tablet. This can be considered as a sore point, but I would not really agree, for a similar argument to that of the “entry level” tablet that I used at the beginning of this review.

Yes, true, we can not be installed on this tablet some of the applications that are on the store, due to lack of support. But remember that the Play Store for Android you will find thousands and thousands of different applications. Surely there is what you need, easily supported by this tablet. Just try with a little ‘attention.

What I mean, this tablet is no coincidence that among the forefront of the best selling tablet on Amazon. It can not be a mistake to judge by the reviews you read online. Obviously, if you do not settle, you can opt for something newer, more or less economical of this Samsung tablet.

On this tablet we can take advantage of the multitasking well, if the application supports it. You can quietly watch a video on Youtube on one half of the screen, while on the other comfortably surf the Internet at the same time. The tablet performs excellently.

Just turn it on, or when you first start, it will be just like any Samsung smartphone. Find the usual Google applications to better manage all the different daily activities, plus some classic house of Samsung applications. We say that is a tablet that comes overload of applications, the first thing I’ll do is not going to block those applications that we do not like in the settings.

The tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab mounts a WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n at 2.4 GHz card. I repeat for those who have not read above. The model reviewed here is that with only WiFi. Also available is the 3G version, with one dedicated to the micro SIM slot. Obviously in this case we can use the data connection to surf the Internet.

It is equipped with GPS, so we can use it for our travels as a navigator. It works really well. Since, however, take into account that it is not as fast in linking the devices to which the GPS is essential, as a smartwatch pedometer to sports.

Did I mention first of two cameras that are on the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab E. The camera on the back, then that would be the main one to take photographs, it is 5 megapixels. The front camera is 2 megapixel instead. There is the opportunity to take pictures with the flash, as this unit is missing on both sides.

The main camera has the feature of autofocus and can regitrare HD video, or to a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, at a rate of 30 fps (frames per second). You might think of a low quality camera but I was personally shocked when I saw what he is capable of this Samsung Galaxy Tab E.

When there is sufficient ambient light, it is clear, the photos that triggered this tablet are really good quality, all in all a good level of detail and sharpness. Perhaps the colors are not as sharp, but it is a compromise that can be reached considering the price of this tablet.

At night the overall quality worsens.

The battery which are mounted inside the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab It is 5,000 mAh.

Regardless of the values ​​supplied by Samsung itself, I tried to find what he said the people of the internet, at least those who have had the opportunity to test the tablet in this way. Well, browsing nonstop on the internet, while maintaining the brightness of the screen at a medium range, the tablet is capable of reaching almost 9 hours of battery life.

With the brightness to a minimum and instead of using the continuous tablet exclusively for reading a simple book, autonomy comes to 14 hours.

The tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab It seems like a great tablet for those who do not need amazing performance and are content with the bare minimum. At the price at which it is sold, and considering it’s a bit ‘ “antiquated”, still it maintains competition within the category of tablet of this price class.

But really, I’m sincere, I recommend him to anyone who wants a tablet to surf just on the internet, watch videos on YouTube, to check mail or play games not too “demanding”.

I think, ultimately, it is also excellent for those who in the evening, before going to sleep, to enjoy an episode of your favorite series on Netflix.

Best Tablet to play

If your interest is only in video games and looking for the perfect and unique tablet for fun, then you need only look in one direction: the Nvidia Shield tablet K1.

It is practically a portable Android console. And given that the games, even those quite beautiful, are not lacking on the Play Store, is a tablet that is definitely considered in this regard.

Just a few months ago it was launched the game’s Battlegrounds PlayerUnknown the Play Store, which all relate with the initials PUBG. The game, the Nvidia Shield tablet K1, is perfect to play.

I think it’s a great deal and also a bell’investimento, judging by the fact that many video games are coming out in Android version. Clearly, with the tablet of this generation, so powerful, so you can push yourself further in the field of gaming.

The Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 is the perfect solution for the maniacs of Android games.

Nvidia Shield Tablet K1

The Nvidia Shield tablet K1 is 8 inches. It has a very modern design and is made of non-slip material on the back, designed specifically for the skilled player.

It has an HDMI port to connect to an external monitor, USB input for charging and the slot for memory expansion up to 128 gigabytes through micro SD card.

On the front there are two grids with the speaker, to the right and to the left. The stereo effect is ensured during the game. You can even use headphones if you wish, it is in fact the mini jack input.

The tablet shield portable 8-inch K1 runs on Android operating system 7. The tablet is powered by the Nvidia Tegra K1 processor and is, graphically speaking, very powerful. Suffice it to say that supports features such as tessellation and HDR.

The processor beats in terms of performance, many of the processors that are out there on the market, even on smartphones and tablet of a certain level.

It has a range of all respect. Do not expect much, mind you, if you use the tablet to play continuously; the size and the processor consume. It is absolutely normal.

You can use the Shield Controller with the tablet, without compatibility problems, being also a Nvidia product.


The only problem Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 is that all accessories are purchased separately.

Best Tablet for kids

When it comes to children, in general, you know, education is a key thing. If they are our children, then we must try harder to bring to society of good elements capable of knowing how to untangle the modern urban jungle.

And when it comes to education can not miss the presence of at least one electronic device, useful to keep them active and keep up their concentration and their willingness to learn.

I personally grew up with PC, Dad is a computer and we always had a computer at home. At the time, the early ’80s, I do not have what kids have today.

Today we have much more choice and the tablet is one of them.

If you want to be model parents and to ensure that your children never miss anything, then look at these tablets to children.

I only considered what I believe are truly the best tablet for children, taking into account the availability of activities and safety.

Clementoni 16604 – Clempad Tablet 7 “Plus – [2017 version]

The tablet Clempad 7 Plus 7 inch Clementoni is perfect for preschoolers, namely from 3 to 6 years.

It has a 7-inch screen, brilliant and a HD resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.

Clementoni products are specific to children and they are very reliable. I speak of the contents addressed to the relevant age group.

We do not find YouTube but ClemTV, the application of Clementoni tailor-made for the child. It is practically a selection of children’s videos on YouTube and you can also create playlists for your children.

There is Clem Browser, which allows totally safe navigation, protect from any danger of the Internet. You can also make a list of visited sites.

Then we find the Clem Chat, or an application that allows family members to access and communicate with ClemPad via message, just like messenger or whatsapp.

It can also find the Google Play Store, but clearly we must be careful about what you download. If you want to be on the safe side, you can use the Store Clem, a limited version of the Android store, made of special applications for children, educational and quality.

The My Tab tablet of Lisciani 10-inch Games is a bestseller in its category.

Being a 10-inch tablet is big and wide screen HD IPS can be used for different activities. This is why the My Tab tablet can be good for children 3 years but also of eight years.

With this tablet, learning becomes fun: the little robot on the screen interacts directly with the child on a daily basis by offering new activities and guiding it step by step. It has a clouding system that allows you to monitor progress.

Web browsing is safe, you can choose the sites viewable.

With Lisciani games it is sure to give their children a good and safe device, at most interactive and kids will love learning.

Best Tablet for reading

I tablet Amazon Fire

If you think the reading automatically think of the Kindle. And if you say you say Amazon Kindle.

I myself am a happy owner of Kindle Paperwhite.

I usually buy books, so many books, I love to read, especially at night, it relaxes me. Then I learned the art of giving without receiving, to avoid accumulate. What I do is this: after reading them gift them to friends who I think might be of interest.

In doing so it reduces the number of books that are parked in the library that I have in the living room.

I still buy them but have them in digital format e-book is much more comfortable. In one centimeter thick, I own hundreds of books. If this is not comfort!

Moreover, it is nice to read from a device that is designed and made especially. It never arranges, it’s like having a book in hand.

Below is a brief list of what I think are the best devices for e-reading, or reading e-books.

Amazon Fire HD 8 – Tablet 8 pollici

Since October 4, 2018 is available the new version of the tablet Amazon Fire HD 8.

An inexpensive tablet and with an eye to e-book readers. Compared with the devices of the same price range, it is definitely one of the best. Economic and efficient.

Do not buy definitely if you point to a device on top of the technical specifications, but if you have low expectations, but great, and of course you are avid readers, you can not let you miss this opportunity.

It is an opportunity that you have available an 8-inch tablet with an HD screen, with Alexa built in hands free mode and the entire Amazon catalog optimized specifically.

Below I will explain the change from the Fire 7.

The appearance of the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet is that of a well-made device, modern and resistant to the touch. So nice, considering the price does not have the classic design of the economic tablet.

A clear and visible upgrade compared to the Fire 7 will immediately notice, by observing the left and right margins of the frame around the screen. These are tighter now, making the tablet somewhat finer, almost looking slimmer.

In conclusion, this time Amazon has definitely hit the mark: has released a device that is very close to a modern tablet with respect to the features.

Just look at the pictures online and compare them to those of the tablet or e-reader prior to the Fire HD 8. And then of course, if you can, try it, or put your hands up.

It soon becomes clear that does not give the “plastic box” impression that a bit ‘gave the Fire 7 but also the Kindle.

The basic model is 16 gigabytes of internal memory. One can also opt for the 32 gigabyte. In both cases it is the slot for micro SD card and the space can be increased up to 400 gigabytes.

Also as for the Fire 7 you can choose to take advantage of special offers or not.

The tablet Amazon Fire HD 8 is an 8-inch tablet. The screen is an IPS LCD with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.

It is an upgrade over other tablet of the same family. The difference is even if you never quite known. The screen is brighter, has a HD resolution and has a much cleaner place.

At the right level of brightness, the reading is very pleasant. This level depends solely on you, just play around ‘to find it.

It is a screen that reflects the very light, so it is not really suitable for very bright environments. To put it better, it can be used outdoors, it is not impossible to use. The flaw in these cases is that you will lose contrast due to reflections.

The alternative is to shoot the maximum brightness to compensate for the strong external light.

It does not have a brightness sensor for which the only way is to change it manually.

On this tablet we find a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor and 1.5 GB of RAM.

There’s built-in microphone and two speakers to enjoy the stereo when listening to music or watching movies or series.

It is equipped with two cameras. The main one, the back is 2 megapixels and can record video in HD. The camera on the front for selfies also has a 2 megapixel.

It is equipped with WiFi connection.

It is obviously larger than the Fire 7. It has a thickness of 9.7 mm and weighs 363 grams. The battery has an autonomy of 10 hours.

For those who love to read, the Amazon Fire HD tablet 8 is an excellent option.

Again, as for the Fire 7, we find all the advantages of having an Amazon device, and then the entire catalog available, both e-book, or music, or movies.

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you do have to look at this 8-inch tablet.

Amazon Fire 7 – Tablet 7 pollici

The Amazon Fire tablet 7 fulfills two wishes: the first is surely to be able to read e-books on a device designed for it; the second is to not want to spend that much.

The 7-inch tablet Fire 7 is a good choice when it comes to the best tablet in this price range. The latest Fire 7 has also seen a hardware update regarding the screen, which is brighter.

It will not be the best of the best in terms of features, but they are perfectly optimized tablet and promptly beat the competition, made of cheap tablet from the lower performance.

Another big news on the 2018 version was the Alexa implementation in hands free mode, or the ability to communicate without pressing a special button. The tablet Fire 7 was the first with this feature.

There are several models made to meet the needs of each client.

This we see here is the 8-gigabyte of internal memory. There is also the tablet Fire 7 of 16 gigabytes. Both models have a slot for micro SD card, and you can increase the space up to 256 gigabytes.

Also you can choose the model with special offers like the one that I review here, through which you can receive dedicated Amazon content. These offers will appear on the lock screen. Just touch them to view them and decide to use them.

The design of the tablet Fire 7 is classic Amazon product.

First, the size. It is a 7-inch tablet, as the name suggests. It is nothing but the tablet version of the popular e-reader, always the Amazon. I speak of course of the Kindle.

The transition from e-readers to tablet was a sales success and positive reviews online. It considered especially the fact that Amazon has mounted on these devices an IPS screen brighter, with a very good contrast level, which lends itself to a better comfort during the reading step, and a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels (not HD) .

It is meant for readers who are looking for something more sophisticated in short, just a tablet. The frame around the screen is very thick. I have personally tried to my trusted business center and is a really nice gadgets. The thick frame makes it more comfortable to hold in hand.

If you readers, this feature does is come and meet you and help you. It is one thing to read about a pure tablet, such as those that are reviewed in this article, maybe even with good screens; another is read on the Amazon Fire tablet 7.

The tablet is well made, considering the price at which it is sold.

The Amazon Fire tablet 7 weighs only 295 grams. It has a thickness of 9.6 millimeters.

It has a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor with good performance considering the main uses of this tablet.

On the top edge are all the keys you need. We have the power button and stand-by, the mini jack input for headphones, the micro USB port for charging, the built-in microphone and the volume adjustment keys. On the right side is the slot dedicated to the micro SD card.

On the back there is a 2 megapixel camera which also allows the recording of HD-quality video. In addition there is always at the back of the speaker.

On the front there is a small camera for selfies.

The tablet comes with WiFi.

Turn on Fire OS. It has a range of 8 hours.

Why buy a 7-inch tablet Amazon Fire 7? There are several reasons.

The first one is definitely for reading. It is a product Amazon and buy it means to take advantage of all the benefits, ie the vast catalog of e-books available.

If you are among those who like to read in the evening or at night in bed, this tablet is perfect. There is also the Blue Shade function that improves reading by changing the screen colors, reducing the blue light and then going to facilitate the activities without eye fatigue.

Another reason is that this device can also be used for watching movies or television series.

Using platforms like Netflix, or taking advantage clearly the potential of Amazon Prime Video, you will only find the time to watch all the episodes that you downloaded. Watching movies on this tablet is very satisfying experience.

It will also be a 7-inch tablet, which is small, but considering the portability, and the price is really good choice. It is pocket-sized and comfortable to hold.

Even if you want to browse the online journal, instead of having it in your hands, especially in the morning during breakfast. Again this tablet is the perfect choice.

Not to mention the music. There is a dedicated application, Amazon Music Unlimited, which gives you access to a virtually infinite audio catalog, paying a monthly subscription that is not even a coffee at the bar on the day.

Access to books, music and movies, your life will never be so complete.


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