5 Best Tablet Samsung 2020 (For Every Need) – Pro Cons

5 Best Tablet Samsung 2020 (For Every Need) – Pro Cons

Choosing a tablet nowadays is quite a feat.

There are thousands of options, and essentially they all look alike a lot.

Some wonder if the Samsung tablet can be a good alternative to the Apple iPad.

5 Best Tablet Samsung 2020 (For Every Need) - Pro Cons

The Samsung continues to release today a large number of different models for groped to stem the excessive power of Apple, which by contrast perservera on its minimal design: a few models but definitely optimized and flawless from a design point of view.

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The Samsung seeks to offer a range of much wider options from smaller and cheaper Galaxy Tab And up to the Galaxy Book. The tablet of Samsung also rely on Android, a model even lets you use Windows 10, while Apple always takes a step forward with its innovative iOS mobile operating system.

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The Samsung has now almost aligned in terms of quality and can compete even with the highly advanced and brilliant screen of the Apple devices.

The design and software experience on devices the Korean house are in fact at the time at the top of the possibilities and the transition from the iPad to a Samsung tablet will be virtually smooth and without consequences.

Also you can use the Samsung slate as a remote control for your TV and take advantage of the Multi Window split screen system to run processes in multi-task.

What’s the best Samsung tablet?

This Samsung equals all iPad Pro features plus we added the S Pen stylus. The keyboard houses you pay extra but it is significantly cheaper Apple keyboard and envelops the entire tablet.

It ‘probably the best Android tablet this right now on the market, but there is to consider that it is a tablet that a mini computer, because it runs Android which obviously limits of performance and structural.

Multitasking is a bit ‘the negative point of this tablet, since there is a real dock switchare easily between applications and the menu is a bit’ too slow to allow you to move easily through the app and ‘else.

The keyboard is purchased separately as already specified, and it clearly increases productivity, nevertheless can not be considered a true lap top replacement, if you want a mini version of your laptop please contact the Galaxy Book.

The design is very elegant and is comfortable to hold in hand.

And ‘lighter and thinner iPad Pro.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, perfect for streaming

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Samsung S2 is the answer to the iPad, which tries to imitate in design, the difference is of course that it runs Android.

It has very attractive multitasking features that can certainly compete with iOS 9.

The screen is wonderful and the 4/3 size makes it perfect for reading and surfing, markedly higher for these uses than 16/9 tablet or with the elongated proportions.

The battery life is not the highlight of this model, but not in short supply.

Perfect for those who like to use the tablet for streaming.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A good mid-range tablet

5 Best Tablet Samsung 2020 (For Every Need) - Pro Cons

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1, Tablet, Display 10.1″ WUXGA, 32 GB…

That’s the end tablet “average” of Samsung. A great product designed for those who do not want to spend too much but take the same home something with great performance for a use not too clearly “pushed.”

You can start any Android app with no problem, also ideal for games.

It also allows you to call.

The screen is very bright and sharp, certainly not like the top models, but for this price you do not find anything better around.

The screen is 10 inches, all things considered light but not lightweight.

The buttons are very sensitive, so it can happen to press them inadvertently.

Excellent value for money.

Perfect for those who want something compact, easy to carry, on which perhaps quickly take some notes, skimming a few books or watch Netflix.

E ‘fluid to be used and does not create annoying bottlenecks.

As against the fact that there tends to charge a bit ‘slow.

If you’re not looking for a job workstation must replace your laptop or even your desktop PC this tablet is right for you, inexpensive alternative that will make everyone happy.

Here is the Galaxy Tab It is part of the economic standard of the Samsung tablet, but that does not mean that it is a tablet to be underestimated, indeed. It ‘s probably best sellers at the time, and there must be a reason.

The Samsung has opted for a very minimal product, designed for those who want something off the essentials and that you can use every day to exploiting the possibilities based fund.

Cranks’ s Android 4.4 KitKat and there are no signs that will be updated, so if you experience Android last cry, go well immediately to another. As we said this is a tablet that aims to essentiality and ease of use with no frills.

The resolution is 1,280 by 800, which does not make it suitable for those who demand huge multimedia performance in the long run it tends to ease eye strain.

Certainly many limitations, but if you’re looking for a cheap Samsung tablet, this could be for you, just do not expect miracles.

5. Samsung Galaxy Book, excellent display and top performance for creative and graphics

Here is a very powerful device, one of the spearheads of the world Samsung: the Galaxy Book.

And ‘the only Windows 10 mounted between the samsung tablet.

The Samsung has committed so much to perfect size 2 i n 1 and the Samsung Galaxy Book has certainly surpassed, surpassing the Galaxy S TabPro last year.

Although there have been enormous improvements over other tablet previously proposed and the product remains on balance good, this Windows tablet continues to be something less than their rivals.

The hardisc is 250 giga, therefore very large, the processor is an extremely powerful i5 but what leaps to the eye are the 8 giga ram which makes it perfect for any multimedia use or otherwise particularly taxing of the volatile memory.

The rooms have a 13 MP at the back and the 5 mega pixels for the front, coupled with an excellent point.

E ‘equipped with two USB-C ports, a microSD slot and an output mini-jack, the connectivity is 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac Wi-Fi (2 x 2 MIMO), Bluetooth 4.1 BLE.

It weighs just over 750 grams, and light for the services provided.

It is sold either in 10.6 and in the 12-inch version, for people who need more space to monitor.

The materials that make up do certainly scream at the miracle, but we can not even complain, it must be said that the construction of the display quality is great and awesome, a bit ‘plasticky most lacking is the frame in which this it is wrapped.

This plastic, however, view from afar gives the illusion of aluminum, then aesthetically makes his dirty work.

The edges are rounded giving the clear impression that this is primarily a tablet and a laptop as a second.

It is sold with an S-Pen stylus and a backlit keyboard included, to work these do not require fortunately no charge.

This is not only a good tablet to consume multimedia products, but is also suitable for the “Creators”, in fact, with these great performances you can not worry about the so-called bottlenecks, using Photoshop and Premier is running smoothly and can produce post videos and pictures without any problem.

And ‘certainly an ideal tool for those who want a small, lightweight lab with him without having to lug around to force the bulkier laptops, so for creative graphics and music.

The screen is well calibrated and pleasant to use.

The average battery life is between 5 and 6 hours, not so much if you compare it with similar tablet, but we must always well to remember that in this case you are running iOS or Android, but Windows 10, so it lasts absolutely reasonable.

All in all a great product for those who want no compromise with multimedia performance and want a portable workstation, consider the example of a youtuber he wanted vloggare and edit their own videos on the go.

6. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids, the samsung tablet Children

The Samsung has also thought about little realizing this small tablet for kids, a real gem that is not only a mini version of the tablet for adults but a real product dedicated to those who have very different needs an over all to have fun and learning beginning to become familiar with the world of high technology.

This tablet is designed for children aged three and up.

Of course, it comes with a very advanced Parental Control system, so parents can rest assured directly deciding the applications and sites that can visit the small, drawing up such a list of sites and unwanted applications.

E ‘equipped with 7-inch screen, designed to fit small hands.

The processor is a dual core 1.2 GHz, which promises higher performance in terms of speed than the tablet models for the little ones, and 1 gig of ram.

The protective case is included.

It ‘very similar to his older brother Galaxy Tab 3, with the difference that the software is designed to for children, entering a password but you can unlock and go to the “adult” version of the software, in case you wanted to make a normal use when their children do not need such.

And ‘then a device suitable for all ages, since the performance in terms of speed are amazing and out of the norm compared to other tablets to children.

The architecture is the same as the normal Galaxy, and you can seamlessly share content with other Samsung platforms.

Inside there are many preinstalled giochieducativi and basic applications such as alarm clock, calendar, MP3 player, ebooks, TV, etc.

The audio quality is very good and the battery has a great time.

But the price is slightly higher than that of competitors, but as we have said is a tablet which may become in every way a tablet for adults, so in theory can have a “double life” and not just be relegated to object game for their children.

How to reset a samsung tablet?

If you already own a tablet of Samsung and want to figure out how to reset it because it is blocked for some reason, or you find it particularly slow, I recommend this extensive help than usual Aranzulla.

It also explains how to make the necessary back-up your data before formatting.


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