7 Best Thermometers (Effective) Kids And Babies (Guide 2020) – Pro Cons

7 Best Thermometers (Effective) Kids and Babies (Guide 2020) – Pro Cons

Hi, I’m Antonella!

Are you also tired of inaccurate measurements of the old mercury thermometer?

You do not want to wait several minutes and then remains in doubt whether the measurement is correct or not?

Childhood speak: you know it’s dangerous to inhale vapors of mercury? A classic thermometer in hand to a child, it can be really risky!

Today is your lucky day! This is the guide to the best digital thermometers for children and infants accurate and reliable.

7 Best Thermometers (Effective) Kids And Babies (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons
7 Best Thermometers (Effective) Kids And Babies (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons
7 Best Thermometers (Effective) Kids And Babies (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

Here’s how thermometers for children and babies! This video is very clear.

Thanks to the best children’s thermometer shalt not fear mistakes or excessive expectations.

Follow me in this guide or click here if you want to scroll directly to REVIEWS OF THE BEST THERMOMETERS.

The guide to the best thermometers for children and babies

The thermometer invention is very simple and basic, but it has always been a very important ally to control the temperature of our body and afford to keep it within healthy levels that do not jeopardize the coretto operation.

Surely you too if you have young children you will be found many times to tinker duty and fight for power misurargli fever with old mercury thermometers models, which for natural design are obviously not meant to be used by children, in fact require to stay still for several minutes and not let escape proper placement meter.

Electronic thermometers by counter enable it to perform the measurement in a few seconds, thus eliminating all the difficulties normally connected to the use of mercury thermometers.

Children are naturally very restless, and especially if the grip of the fever becomes even more difficult to control, since new experience for them and a reason for strong discomfort.

The Mercury model in addition to requiring several minutes to provide an accurate detection is also very risky for the safety of children if not too little chances of accidental breakage.

In recent years it has begun to find on the market these comfortable electronic thermometers, which placed on traditional areas, allow to check the temperature of the small in a few seconds. Sometimes they simply place them in the hot forehead and ear opening, thereby eliminating any discomfort as the excessive invasiveness of this object.

Modern medicine, however, teaches us that in the diagnosis of flu or another disease is very important to take into account many other factors, such as the environment in which the child has to live.

The popular ancient wisdom suggested to frequently ventilate the environments in which they lay sick, to allow proper air flow and a continuous supply, promoting the elimination of germs, just in time it was realized that it was imperative also temperature monitoring.

In modern thermometers they were inserted futuristic sensors capable not only to measure with extreme care and precision the body temperature but also that of the environment surrounding the patient.

This way you can evaluate everything and keep in mind that for a convalescent is not always good to be in a hot environment, seen as perfect for removing very thick chills related to the disease, but in general creates a greenhouse effect allowing the proliferation of viruses and bacteria, and thereby increasing the period of illness.

In many video games or war movies you can see a special mask worn by special forces to be able to see in the dark almost as if it were broad daylight. The technology behind this futuristic object is the detection of the temperature of the surrounding environment and objects, which then allows to carry out a sort of thermal mapping and provide a virtual image of the surroundings.

The same military technology is used within electronic thermometers, yes.

Research in recent years has made great strides, allowing the integration of very advanced techniques in everyday objects. And now at last we can use that same military technology to measure our fever and that of our loved ones.

Since they were launched on the market the infrared electronic termoemetri have been a real godsend for parents around the world, now for a few Euros may acquire this handy tool and not at all invasive that even allows in some cases at a distance with a simple click of detecting the temperature of the body of their children and avoiding in this way losses of time and the danger of breaking the thermometer and to thus escape the dangerous toxic mercury contained inside.

Best Thermometer for children and babies (pediatric) 2020

Braun ThermoScan 5

7 Best Thermometers (Effective) Kids And Babies (Guide 2020) - Pro Cons

This thermometer has certainly a flagship that distinguishes it from all other models for sale at this time, or the Age Precision function, which allows to adapt the measurement of the fever in the age of the child.

In fact the canonical classification we use casually for adults who sees 37 as the limit beyond which consider the presence of a fever in progress, can not be associated to children, which require a ladder type of completely different depending on their age.

For children up to 3 months, exceeded 37 degrees automatically have a worrying level of fever, while those of 36 months may have a body temperature considered normal up to almost 38 degrees.

Operation is simple and provides maximum hygiene.

The bulb which is fitted may be heated in order to avoid the inevitable unpleasant feeling of cold caused by the positioning of the probe inside the ear of the child.

The display has a color-coded and is also visible in the dark, so in case your children are sleeping is possible to make a correct measurement without ever having to wake up.

The housing, which accompany it makes it particularly ideal for transport and possible trips.

A high-tech product definitely recommended for those who want to make a firm commitment and not worry about it anymore.

Chicco 2 in 1 Dual Confort

Here is a great product proposed by Chicco, as always leading with regard to the world of childhood.

This is a thermometer which traditionally works by measuring the temperature under the armpits or rectal way, however, the undeniable advantage is that to provide the final result employs very few seconds.

The price is very low and this makes it definitely a potential candidate to be one of the cheaper thermometers children at this time on the market.

It ‘easy to control the temperature of the children of the house, constantly unsuspecting victims of seasonal illnesses.

For rectal it takes only 15 seconds to deliver the desired result, while under the armpit a bit ‘more, about 90, the temperature is then shown on a very readable display detectable just above the handle.

The design is stylish and ergonomically designed, this makes it extremely easy to use, while the bulb to measure is flexible and short, not to disturb the children who otherwise might start acting up seeing this strange eerie object.

Rectal measurement is ideal for babies, because despite the name is very invasive I lay, with a virtually instantaneous measurement.

This grain thermometer model is one of the cheapest on the market right now, click the link above to find out the lowest price at which it is sold right now on Amazon.

Thanks to the probe with its captivating and anatomical shape this thermometer is very convenient to use, it has a childlike, yet modern design, designed to bear the least hassle possible to the child and to be beautiful in the eyes of adults who will use it.

Given that works with its own probe as thermometers which are normally used, the measurement is more reliable than other similar models.

The lights placed at the side of the handle will light up green if we are under thirty-seven degrees, up to 38 yellow, and red if our child was recovering 38 fever.

Compared to other models currently on the market, the average measurement time is longer, in fact, as we said above we speak in this case of up to 15 seconds to regard the rectal measurement and well 90 to the underarm.

Nevertheless because of its accuracy and reliability of the Chicco brand it is without a doubt a highly recommended thermometer.

Braun IRT 3030 ThermoScan 3

Again the quality Braun to support the health of our children. Let’s start by saying that this thermometer is just great, in fact measure fever with a maximum of 1/10 of a degree difference.

E ‘, however, fundamental position it correctly, there may be problems when used on children or even infants, since the spout is great for the ear of the smallest and if not positioned where it should be, unfortunately measuring a lower than actual temperature there, so you may not notice the fever if it were present.

The thermometer Braun IRT 3030 has 21 caps lens cap, which should be changed for hygienic reasons each measurement object is a fact that keeps us firstly to protect the health of our consumers.

The design is very interesting, compact and beautiful, particularly ergonomic, making it fairly easy to use, especially when we will face having to deal with small children and the measurement should take place in the middle of the night.

fundamental characteristics is also the incredible speed of measurement, you will not need more than one second to read the temperature with a great precision.

And ‘possible to measure the last reading, eliminating the headache of having to remember or write down the number by hand, and avoiding human errors, because you can know at a glance whether the temperature evolution over time, and run to shelters where appropriate.

The lens cap as we said is disposable, which is essential if you want to measure the temperature at multiple components of the same household, without fear of becoming infected each other.

After all an excellent and recommended product.

Temp thermometer

The thermometer Tempir is a revolution as far as the world of children’s thermometers. Because? But it’s easy. We are here in front of a very precious rediscovered the technique, a futuristic object that will allow you to measure the temperature of your little ones simply bringing the instrument to their face, with no need to touch them.

A good found it useful not to wake the children, for example, or at least not to make detections too invasive. What do you think?

The digital display is backlit, and it is possible to lower the volume of the various notifications to zero, so that proves totally silent when practicing the measurement of fever. It then shut down in a completely automatic way a fly after 30 seconds.

The final result can also be shown in Fahrenheit or Celsius, depending on your preferred reference system.

All in all a highly recommended thermometer.

Chicco Easy Touch

Another infrared model of the famous house Chicco, in this case the price is great, and to consider if you want to enter the world of infrared thermometers in the front door without sacrificing quality.

Chicco again presents us with a device with an attractive and pleasant design for smaller, pocket-sized, in fact you can hold comfortably in the hand without problems.

The measurement is carried out by pointing the device at the front of the small, the temperature is then detected in a few seconds.

Thermometer Chicco Easy Touch makes several readings in a row, and then draw an average and provide highly accurate data.

E ‘can also store the readings made earlier during the day to control the evolution of the disease.

Design as we said is extremely compact and beautiful, it can be carried easily anywhere.

Thanks to infrared technology you can measure the fever avoiding any direct contact with the child, so sparing possible disease. If you get sick you, who will take care of the baby? Reflect, with this thermometer there will be nothing to worry about.

To be absolutely precise outcome and bomb-proof, it is good to keep the thermometer a few minutes in the room where the child prior to the measurement, it will in this way to acclimatize the device and provide a perfect detection.

A thermometer recommended, produced by the famous Italian Chicco home.

Infrared Thermometer Metene, the best

Here’s an infrared non-contact thermometer highly refined design, modern and ergonomic. This thermometer is great because it allows us to measure the temperature of adults and children in just seconds, no need even to place it on the patient’s skin.

It is enough to hold the thermometer close to our child to be able to immediately view the temperature on the LCD bright display, it can also be consulted in the dark without any problem.

The accuracy of this instrument is guaranteed by an internal chip quality that allows immediate and very precise scans.

It ‘also possible to measure the temperature of environments and objects, for example in the case we want to check with scientific look even grades of the room in which dwelling our baby, and then modify them at will by varying the heating present inside, opening the window, etc.

E ‘can for example also measure the temperature of the bottle dedicated to a newborn, in many cases it is extremely useful to know this data.

The verification of the temperature takes place in a simple second, the scanning is accurate and fast.

The shape, the choice of colors and design are recognizable object, is the Metene quality at its highest level.

You can also measure the temperature of infants without any beeps that might awaken them, the measurement is extremely quiet, in fact, designed just for toddlers. You can also switch with ease from degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit.

Definitely recommended for those who is emerging now in the world of infrared thermometers and does not want to compromise on quality even taking home a product at a reasonable price.

How to measure fever with electronic thermometer?

One of the most secure and reliable positions to measure the fever your child is without a doubt that there classic: or under the armpit.

E ‘this is the most traditional method handed down from generation to generation, the digital thermometer is perfect for this type of measurement. It is a very safe practice and non-invasive, especially if you use an infrared electronic model.

But remember that the thermometer location is key: you have to correctly insert below the armpit, chest and parallel to the perpendicular to the armpit.

Not everyone knows that between the right arm and the left can change the temperature. In addition, the febrile values ​​may be susceptible to variations dates by environmental temperature changes, the sweat, the humidity of the body and of the room and even other imponderable parameters.

Between the right armpit and the left can also be incredible waste temperature, until reaching almost 1.5 degrees, think a bit ‘. And ‘well then measure the temperature several times in different parts of the body to have a clear and safe elevation of the state of health of their babies.

To avoid any kind of errors is good to dry the armpit before measuring and fix the thermometer at the top.

It ‘well also push the uppermost bulb possible, and the arm must rhyme adherent to the body for the time indicated in the instructions, which of course in the case of electronic thermometers will be a few seconds, thus eliminating any kind of danger for our small.

You can also measure the fever inside the mouth. But we must be very careful when eating or drinking. This is one of the areas to easier access and does not require special measures to achieve a secure and reliable result.

Even in this case you can use a traditional or a digital thermometer, we obviously we are going to use one infrared. Before starting is good to remember that the temperature in this case can be greatly impaired if in the previous minutes were ingested very hot and very cold foods, so it is good to perform this type of measurement only if you are on an empty stomach, waiting at least half ‘ hours after the last meal.

You can also measure the fever directly into the ear, for this type of measurement is better to buy directly an infrared headset microphone, which is the only one that allows the use of this technique.

And ‘the fastest of all thermometers, but you have to know in advance how to use it. It ‘important to remember to carefully read the instructions from start to finish to avoid any problems. He ‘important to the exact location within the pinna and ensures the total absence of infection or earwax. It is therefore not a suitable system at all.

A type of very effective measure, but undoubtedly there is instead that invasive rectal, yes, insert inside the ass of our little ones the thermometer is still the safest method and controlled to have the perfect temperature.

The last option is to measure the fever as you normally would by hand or on the forehead. For this type of measurement is fundamental to obtain a type of infrared thermometer in contact, or one remote LCD.

You will then place the thermometer in the forehead, or just approach it in case you have to deal with a model that does not require any kind of contact.

But we must remember a fundamental and non-negligible thing, namely that the thermometers liquid crystals which do not provide the contact to make the measurement are very often less accurate than the traditional thermometers or infrared, so it is always better to use an electronic thermometer LCD if we are going to have a concrete and reliable measurement which then base the care of their children.

Tips for using the thermometer

If you are using a classic mercury thermometer is good to do a lot of attention if it is striving measurement orally, it is important not to drop it to avoid serious health problems in the unfortunate event that it is swallowed or destroyed inside the baby’s mouth.

It ‘also good not to use too frequently the rectal measurement, because it tends to cause a lot of inconvenience to children.

If it can it is best to avoid buying mercury thermometers, or even if you have one it is good to think to throw it directly, clearly not forget to make use of an oasis for the disposal of hazardous waste, due to the high toxicity of this material.

The infrared models are the most recommended, since they are minimally invasive, fast and secure.

What is the improved type of thermometer?

What types of thermometers on the market today, and what the most suitable to a need rather than another?

Andiamole to examine together without getting bogged down in further digressions.

The classic glass thermometer, takes on the characteristics of the old mercury thermometer, not on the market for many years now because of its huge danger in the event of accidental breakage.

This traditional model contains an alloy of metals that behaves very similarly to its ancestor mercury and is presented in a liquid state when it is at room temperature.

The digital thermometer works via the appropriate electronic sensors positioned on the bulb, which are very sensitive to heat and in degrees to detect reliably and fast body temperature.

This carries out different measurements automatically, and then obtaining an average value to show, this is available once feels the appropriate acoustic signal indicator.

Finally we have the infrared thermometer, which differs from the others especially because during its use is not necessary direct contact with skin.

It works at a distance and receives the radiation emitted in a natural way by the human body. Ne are sold two versions: one that reveals the temperature of the front and the inner ear.

In conclusion

When talking about the health of children, there is no justification to hold. We should always aim for the best, in fact you might not forgive to cause health problems in children for carelessness or even worse for stinginess.

We therefore recommend to carry out once and for all a purchase like this, an infrared thermometer fact is like a life insurance policy: lasts forever and allows you to sleep soundly.

Greetings to all and see you soon!


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