7 Best Vacuum Without Wire 2020? (Review Staff) – Pro Cons

7 Best Vacuum Without Wire 2020? (Review Staff) – Pro Cons

You know when you throw the vacuum cleaner at home, and the room is too big, and you have to keep changing taken to get to the bottom? Well, now you can say goodbye to your problems.

Stop wasting time to disconnect and reconnect the plug. Stop tripping over the wire.

The cordless vacuum cleaner completely revolutionizes the housework, saving you time and making you a more orderly life and light!

7 Best Vacuum Without Wire 2020? (Review Staff) - Pro Cons
7 Best Vacuum Without Wire 2020? (Review Staff) - Pro Cons
7 Best Vacuum Without Wire 2020? (Review Staff) - Pro Cons

You must be wondering: what is the vacuum cleaner Wireless? This video may dramatically clear your ideas ✨

It was on November 5, three years ago, I will never forget that day.

I was called by my son’s teachers at school for his bad behavior, I was very nervous, I came home out of me …

But I had to attend to the household chores.

So it was that I took out my old vacuum cleaner flush and began to clean the living room of the house.

I was still lost in thought, and humiliated for what my son had done in the classroom …


The guide to the vacuum cleaner cordless

One of those days when the world seems essertisi placed against.

I went in a hurry, more and more nervous … and that was how I stumbled into the vacuum cleaner cord and fell, slamming the femur to the ground.

7 days of hospitalization …

In addition to injury, insult.

Now fortunately I am fine, do not worry.

But the first thing I did when I went back was buying a cordless vacuum cleaner.

The beautiful and interesting part of the products is that wireless is more willing to use them, because it is easy to take them in hand and immediately press the power button and on, for example, to quickly suck some disaster ground crumbs in the kitchen.

The cordless vacuum cleaners are a real godsend for people like me is a bit ‘careless and can not help but trouble.

They are also very comfortable to use to clean the car’s interior.

7 Best Vacuum Without Wire 2020? (Review Staff) - Pro Cons

The operation of the vacuum wireless is very simple: use a battery, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, without having to worry so every time you connect the power plug and risk resounding tumbles as happened to me that fateful day.

I am lucky to have a house on two levels because we live in the province, in a house, we are pretty much in the open country.

Living in a grandicella house is beautiful, I admit, but at the same time can be a real problem when it comes to having to clean up.

The electric cable in fact very often likely to be a hindrance and can be very dangerous if it comes to pass between a floor and the other.

But the wireless vacuum cleaner is also suitable for those who live in apartments on one floor.

How many times in fact you happened to have in the way the cable and having to perform real acts of contortion to get on top of the wire that has intorcigliato in the most unexpected places?

With this type of cordless vacuum cleaner will not have to worry, I assure you.

If you are willing to spend a little ‘you’ll take home a great product for example as a single vacuum cleaner, going to completely replace the traditional vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner without tip wires in fact there outperform those inexpensive and are easily comparable to traditional counterparts to supply via cable.

The vacuum cleaner Wireless, my opinion


The cordless vacuum cleaner with no wires are the basic tools in any modern home that can be defined as such.

If you noticed it seems to have finally ended the era of the items that they need for cable strength to be used, consider the example the accessories of our computer that all point in the direction of the wireless. and not only them.

The wireless electric brooms could not miss the call and arm yourself with this innovative technology to ease once and for all our lives.

But it is not easy to choose which one to buy vacuum cleaners, because the market is saturated with alternatives that seem at first glance very similar.

The truth is that sometimes seemingly very similar models instead contain many differences and if you are not careful can also book several pitfalls.

Vacuum cleaners Wireless must rely largely on the autonomy and efficiency of the battery to be fully performing so that the purchase of such an apparatus makes sense.

I had in my hands a few weeks ago, the Chinese electric broom without threads of my friend Julia (before finally threw in favor of a brand that I’ve recommended), and be ‘I could see that this had a range of twenty minutes … a time certainly ridiculous, that even with the passing of use tended to decrease almost visibly.

Another key aspect to take into consideration when making a purchase like that is the unit’s sound, be it wired or wireless, a noisy vacuum cleaner can unleash the wrath of our neighbors or our family, especially if you we use several hours a day and we particularly delicate components of the hearing family.

It ‘also important that the tank is very large and allows different uses without having to have to be constantly cleaned, making in this case losing much valuable time that could be spent on other activities such as the full realization of ourselves.

Battery life


The battery life is definitely a factor to take into full consideration when it comes to vacuum cleaners cordless, it is undoubtedly the first objection that comes to mind when we think actually the infinite possibilities that

If flush with the vacuum cleaner, ie powered by electricity, the only limit current was and is in your willingness to clean, with a vacuum cleaner without wire to dictate the timing is the autonomy of its rechargeable lithium-ion battery. In most cases it varies between 20 and 60 minutes, depending on the model, so you’ll have to learn to act quickly and to optimize time, passing several times on the same point only when absolutely necessary.

The manufacturers also offer optimistic estimates in the sense that the declared autonomy refers to the vacuum cleaner used to a minimum of its power. At the maximum it tends to be halved until it is reduced to a few minutes if the cordless vacuum cleaner is used for example in “” turbo mode.

Not provided for all models, it should be turned on when you are faced with stubborn dirt or coarse debris. The value of autonomy, within the list of technical features, most of the time is in fact accompanied by the phrase “up to …”.

If the battery is discharged during cleaning of the floor, you have to put the broom in office and wait at least three hours. Therefore, pay attention also to the time required to fully charge. There are models for which it is also necessary six, seven hours.

There is another aspect to consider: the battery tends to wear out with time, gradually reducing its autonomy. Something similar happens, for example, with smartphones. When you buy them, the battery lasts longer. With the passing of months and after repeated charge / discharge cycles, lasts less and less.

Here, batteries of electric brooms and vacuum cleaners cordless no exception. The efforts of manufacturers is indeed to guarantee maximum efficiency at least for the first 12 months of purchase. Many thankfully models allow you to replace it as soon as it shows signs of old age. But Expect to which an original battery for cordless vacuum cleaner can cost several tens of Euros.

How to forget the suction power of the product.

There is first of all to make an important qualification: that cordless vacuums are often inevitably far less powerful than traditional ones.

The reason is simple to understand.

In fact, being able to use electric dispensing continues on your home network, they just rely on their batteries, that no matter how powerful, are not yet comparable to the 100% traditional food.

What does this mean? That wireless vacuum cleaners are ineffective?

Absolutely not. As for the ordinary housewife daily intake can assure you that do their dirty work and are surprisingly effective.

Especially if Will you aim on one of the top models offered in my comprehensive guide, such as Hover constitute an excellent compromise for those who will not have a flush cleaner and one wireless but prefers a single solution.


The rechargeable lithium-ion battery, however, have the latest technology in terms of power stability, dispensing of the suction wattage and safety of use.

The suction power is sometimes expressed in watts, others in kilopascals, others in amperes per watt, so it’s really difficult to make a comparison “textbook” of the various models, the only really intelligent and reliable way is to try these vacuum cleaners wireless one by one to be able to finally show in detail in this guide strengths and weaknesses of each.

The cordless vacuum cleaner is, however, indicated to be used in combination with the traditional there, so as to be able to use from time to time of one or the other strengths depending on the own needs.

What if you need a more “aggressive cleaning” and depth will be better to turn the equipment powered by electricity, but if you want something quick and convenient to get even in the most unexpected points, for example, to stretch up a flight of stairs not supported by electrical outlets nearby, then in that case opt for the vacuum cleaner without wires. Simple huh?

Then another important thing to consider is that if you really want to buy a portable vacuum cleaner Wireless we will need to make a small investment and choose between one of the recommended larger models in this guide, especially if you plan to use this appliance years to come, the cheaper models in fact tend in some cases to not be super reliable, especially with regard to the battery.

What is the cyclonic vacuum cleaner

The word “cyclone” is undoubtedly impressive, sounds almost biblical epic. And sometimes this is enough to convince us to deal with whether or not a certain purchase.

But let’s see what it actually means well together and if the cyclonic vacuum cleaners are actually higher than normal there.

This type of technology is not very recent, was developed almost 30 years ago by the company Dyson.

The cyclonic vacuum cleaner works as follows: the aspirated air is channeled in a spiral path, taking advantage of the centrifugal force (hence the name cyclonic) ago depositing dirt particles on the outer part of the container used.

The air that comes out will be so clean, good for those who have such allergies are in pain and not just when you are using the traditional vacuum cleaner.

Usually they add other filters, used specially filtered again at other times the air, so as to guarantee an almost perfect purification.

Since the air is wheeled inside the corpuscles whirling air not visible to the naked eye but can be highly harmful for our body are separated from the air we’re going to breathe.


What is immediately clear is that so this POWER CYCLONIC refers to a purely hygienic and sanitary purposes, certainly not bad considering that this kind of devices are usually used to clean rooms where, for example, will then play and live our children .

Over time it has come to an improvement of the cyclone technology, which was initially launched in the experimental stage.

Very often these “found” these are commercial and last time to one or two seasons, ending in oblivion.

In the case of cyclone technology, well ‘, things have gone very differently, and in fact this has developed into multi-cyclonic technology that uses more cones side by side, smaller than that previously used only one there.

These make it possible to fractionate the optimizing work, and are able to increase in this way the centrifugal force, eliminating even more thoroughly the air passing therethrough.

The vacuum cleaner cyclone and multi-cyclone wireless do not have the bag, this is an advantage not just, and those who have labored for years to find compatible bags with its traditional electric broom can finally breathe a sigh of relief because in this case we have only a container that can be emptied by hand and cleaned to be reused as many times as we want.

Certainly a good choice even for those who claim to be friends of the environment and want to eagerly join practice to theory to denote inconsistency in everyday life.

If you are like the saying goes “schifetti” But we do not recommend to opt for this solution, and we’ll explain why.

The beauty of disposable bags is that dirt enters through and you’ll never see him again, once the vacuum bag can be filled simply consid- ered by throwing it in the garbage.

But when it comes to empty the container that will be filled most unspeakable garbage, you will have just come into direct contact with this, certainly an option not recommended for weak stomachs or those who are quite prone to allergies hand.

The cyclone technology is still in my opinion along with that of the absence of one thread of the latest genius in the world of household cleaning and you should not take very lightly since it can be a great step forward in improving your quality of life.

The best vacuum cleaner Wireless bagless, reviews and opinions

1. Hoover FD22RP Freedom 2IN1, a good economic compromise

7 Best Vacuum Without Wire 2020? (Review Staff) - Pro Cons

Here is the vacuum that currently use at home, I finally decided to opt for a model easy to use and easy to handle.

What strikes the Hoover FD22RP Freedom is its lightness.

In addition, the range of accessories is unique and makes this product very versatile, allowing me to reach all corners of the house, even the most improbable and hidden.

I have cats at home, and thanks to this sweeper cordless and lots can easily clean all of their hair. Performance is also quite effective with larger dust, although it does not perform exactly as the top vacuum cleaner range, if you intend to have an effective product to 360 degrees better to focus on more expensive models.

There is certainly a level of Dyson, but makes an excellent coupled with a traditional vacuum flush.

I love to use it to clean the stairs, living in a house with spiral staircases can sometimes difficult to get on and off with the regular vacuum cleaner, however I do with this in a moment.

The motorized brush also works perfectly on the carpets.

A great product that Hoover.

2. Dyson 227296-01 V8 Absolute, fantastic vacuum cleaner (the one preferred by my sister)

Dyson 227296-01 V8 Absolute Vacuum wireless

Here is the model using my sister to her house, she is a real maniac cleaners and wants only the best for their homes.

My sister is nothing short of thrilled with this product.

The Dyson is definitely the leading brand when it comes to vacuum cleaners, particularly those wireless there is the host.

What is certain is that its products get a little ‘pay …

But what good save then they find themselves in his hands something that lasts from Santo Stefano at Christmas, as they say in my part?

This Dyson 227296-01 V8 Absolute is an appliance that undoubtedly is able to replace the wire, however, in agreement not to have houses with very large perimeters.

It ‘made of plastic, but do not be deceived, it is a very durable plastic that hand makes it clear immediately the quality. The assembly is easy and immediate, within the reach of virtually anyone.

It has within it the brush for carpets, brush for hard floors, mini brush sofa mattresses, upholstery, lance, accessory for dusting, accessory crumb. Also highly recommended to raise the hairs of our animal friends.

Council to fix the charging of this vacuum cleaner in a place that allows you to keep constantly on hand.

The beautiful and interesting part of the products is that wireless is more willing to use them, because it is easy to take them in hand and immediately press the power button and on, for example, to quickly suck some disaster ground crumbs in the kitchen.

Also perfect on carpets, mattresses, it has a mini turbo brush and a cleaning brush for carpets.

Performance on the floor is also very good but not sublime.

The battery lasts an hour or so in normal use.

Autonomy using the rotating brushes down a bit ‘, for the obvious additional consumption of power, but I assure you that I tried it, and in this mode is a true aspirant beast!

It takes however three hours for a full charge, not bad.

It ‘a great product, one of the best wireless electric brooms present at this time on the market.

3. 226397-01 Dyson Cyclone V10, Ferrari vacuum cleaners

Here we are faced with a real miracle of technology.

For those who really wants to get serious on the cleansing of one’s home, and do not wish in any way to compromise.

I got to try it just once but it was enough to be appalled by the possibility of explosive power that this appliance and capable.

But we proceed with order.

The power is phenomenal, the brush allows to scratch even the most ingrained dirt, making it a real godsend when it comes to carpets and rugs.

Also perfect for those who have pets at home that all the time lose hair.

It assembles and disassembles easily.

The dust container is cleaned in an extremely easy, just pull down the red button and you’re done.

Thanks to the accesories you can get to clean in places you never thought possible.

The power station has an intelligent system that allows you to save space.

Everything emitting very little noise compared to the power that is capable of delivering.

Autonomy is not exaggerated, but enough to make medium-fast aspiration, but without access to very great powers, in that case for sure will decline.

One thing I definitely did not like is the power button that you have to press and hold to start the vacuum cleaner, it wanted only a simple button. But I think the Dyson has designed this system for security reasons, for those who have small children, for example the ncasa.

The charging in this case also takes place in three hours.

If you have an apartment of one hundred square meters, able to clean it all in a single charge, I assure you.

4. Rowenta Air Force 360, cyclonic

Here is a cyclonic vacuum cleaner cordless and bagless really interesting.

The reasons I’ll explain easily.

First, we are in the presence of a Rowenta product, and you know that this is in itself a guarantee of quality.

The suction capacity in fact is great, with a lithium-ion battery perfectly effective and efficient.

The weight is concentrated on the handle so as to be perfectly balanced and centered in the house cleaning operations.

No need to recharge more to make the cleaning of an average apartment, which makes it even wanting to secure replacement of the vacuum normally present wire in the house.

Also convenient to clean the upper floors.

Accessories include the rotating brush and a mini perfect brush to remove any dirt that accumulates in the interstices of our sofas.

The design is great, and looks good in any home.

With its cyclone technology in full effect and with the Rowenta brand to find us know immediately in front of a big vacuum cleaner.

Certainly an object to be considered if you are looking for great quality.

5. Dyson Fluffy V8 +, a vacuum cleaner battle

The Dyson once again amazes with an excellent vacuum battle.

Perfect for home use.

First, it is very light, and then is equipped with three different attachments, which allow you to clean carpets, fixtures, blinds and even your own car, clearly a difficult task to other vacuum cleaners.

Autonomy is the standard power half an hour, clearly this will decrease the power required, in fact, at full capacity, or using the standard power, the battery life will be approximately ten minutes, still not bad for a device this species.

We all know by now the discomfort of vacuum flush, all the chaos they create at home, without reason, it is the era of electric cable connections, officially we begin the season of cordless phones that can make life easier in ways that before even we imagined possible.

Dyson is a leader in the field of vacuum cleaners cordless and bagless, and clearly this time either disappoints presenting a great product to cyclone technology.

In fact this is one of the Dyson Fluffy V8 + strengths, this innovative technology allows to separate dust from the air and in this way to optimize consumption, reducing them to a minimum, for sure a convenience when it has to do with an appliance that Clearly uses a portable battery to be used, and otherwise reduce drastically their performance capabilities.

In the box you will find a soft roller-like velvet, for hard floors and carpets, brush Mini turbo for sofas and upholstery, an accessory multi-function to be used with or without bristles, a lance for leaks and a nozzle with soft bristles for the most delicate objects.

Certainly a handyman vacuum cleaner which can be convenient for people like me who likes to carry around, for example on holiday, their cordless appliances for a carefree and easy use, without too much trouble.

With these accessories, the broom without Dyson wires can become a convenient portable for car cleaning and every surface, although it does not last, of the house. At minimum power, Fluffy + V8 reaches 30 minutes of battery life but the house ensures that these will not be characterized by a progressive decline of suction power.

This is thanks to the digital engine of the latest generation Dyson V8 that combines efficiency and lightness. The vacuum cleaner weighs less than 3 kg. The Tier 2 Radial technology requires the presence of as many as 15 cyclones arranged in two concentric rows able to totally separate the dust from the air that will be introduced into the environment free of pollutants.

Technology: • cyclonic suction power: 115 AW • maximum life: up to 40 minutes • Bin: 0.54 liters • Suction Speed: 2 • Charging time: 5 hours • Battery: lithium-ion battery with nickel-cobalt manganese • Weight: 2.6 kg

The Dyson Fluffy V8 + for sure is very handy and lightweight, comfortable so for people like me who is small in stature and does not have much strength, alas!

This makes it very convenient to remove carefully all the cobwebs from the ceiling and wipe over furniture.

Similarly it is perfect to slip under furniture.

Certainly an object recommended for those who seek quality without spending a fortune but at the same time avoiding unnecessary compromises.

6. H.Koenig UP600 easyclean 2 in 1, excellent compromise for money

The Koenig could not miss in this guide opinions and reviews, the reason is simple: it is one of the largest manufacturers of vacuum cleaners, and even this time disappoints thanks to H.Koenig UP600 easyclean 2 in 1

A good compromise for money that will surely make happy those who for the first time are appearing in this world.

Perfect to make fast and immediate cleaning of the house, without thinking too much thinking, it does not need cable to operate, being completely cordless.

Just take it from the wall on which we will leave it bore away to keep it always at hand, and imbracciarlo to make any falls just outside crumbs on the kitchen floor.

Also great for parquet and for those who have pets.

The power of this product is very interesting, especially given the low price at which it is sold.

The engine is off center, or on the handle, which might seem a bizarre idea, but it really is an excellent design choice to allow the appliance to remain well balanced during our housecleaning.

Also great for cleaning the car.

The accessories provided are there basic, no frills.

I recommend this vacuum cleaner for those in search of an object thought to perform well his duty, without losing too much time with abstruse functions or too complicated manuals.

Inside the box there is a head equipped with a rotating brush with a sinusoidal shape bristles, a lance for the joints, and a multi-nozzle perfect function for sofas and curtains

The autonomy of this product surprises and touched the 40 minutes, certainly a very interesting figure and allows very long cleaning without having to worry about recharging too often.

Again we are faced with a vacuum cleaner cyclone technology. The suction power is not great, but at this price you can not really ask for more.

Also it is very quiet even at high speeds, when the vast majority of competing products, especially in this price range, tends to be much noisier.

It not recommended for those looking for a great power, but for those who want to jump into the world of cordless vacuum cleaner and find out what they are capable.

And I assure you will not go back easily.

7. Severin HV 7158

Here we are facing a very high level product, perhaps from the name slightly less known than the other models in this guide.

But I thought that this Severin HV 7158 deserved a mention of honor and a review.

Then we proceed with order.

The cordless vacuum cleaners are safe interesting Severin and this perhaps reflects a perfect blend of the best features of this kind of appliances without need to sacrifice anything.

The fact Severin 7158 HV has a good average suction power, for those who have huge needs though the range is excellent and will not leave anyone unhappy.

Recommended for those with small apartments and minimal pretensions, it’s great for the really quick cleaning and not recommended for those who instead claim something that will remove all the dirt, even the most obstinate, in that case maybe a normal flush cleaner would most recommended .

This does not mean that you could match with your trusty appliance cord to this cordless Severin.

Inside the box in which it is sold is also a convenient kit to clean vents at all points of the house.

The technology in this case is cyclonic and promised autonomy is 30 minutes.

There is a front LED to illuminate the floor and track better dust and crumbs, great innovative idea to be reckoned with.

Very handy and lightweight.

Unfortunately the only real shortage of this product is the suction power that could have been better but to get miraculous results unfortunately have to make a much greater investment of euro and point to one of the previously described models within our guidance.

Definitely recommended.

How to use the cordless electric broom

Before you buy it thinking that the wireless vacuum cleaner was some kind of high witchcraft tool, but soon I had to ask.

In fact, its operation is very basic, and anyone can learn to use it in a jiffy.

But let’s see together how to actually become immediately operational using a wireless vacuum cleaner to clean our house at best.

Remember, for example, that the first charge is crucial to the health of the battery of your instrument, it will be one that will require more hours, not fact scare you though at this stage it will take a while ‘to get to 100% charge, recharges subsequent assure you it will be much faster.

To ensure satisfactory to the battery longevity is good to download almost all the battery of our broom Wireless prior to its charging.

This advice applies to the “health” of all rechargeable batteries on the market and not only those of our loved ones cleaner without wires. Many do not in fact know that these batteries have a “memory” that use to recharge at best, and it is wise not to be able to elude store along the charging characteristics to the fullest extent.

It ‘important to rest the tool on the charging base at the right time to keep it ready for the next use.

Given that it is a device that does not operate with the electric current of the house, it is best used from the outset in dosarne a bit ‘energy.

Let me explain, in case you find yourself having to simply remove dust and hair, or even the hairs of your dear animal friends, you should keep the power to a minimum, so as to guarantee a longer battery life.

Some models also allow you to switch nonchalantly from floor to ceiling, are the vacuum cleaner from the high center of gravity, very intelligent.

Other models even predict they can be used only by holding the power button, the only time in which the vacuum cleaner is actually find in operation, avoiding in this way consume unnecessary electric power. An undoubtedly very convenient system that I recommend to those who want to live in an environmentally without consuming even one watt of no use more energy than necessary.

I respect this line of thought, and I’m doing everything in my house to adapt the appliances in this kind of intelligent consumption, educating every day my children to respect the environment.

I believe that it is essential to start immediately giving a good example, which definitely works better than scolding and punishments.

How to clean the wireless vacuum cleaner

And ‘essential to devote some attention to cleanliness when dealing with sophisticated equipment as they are sensitive.

In fact, if you follow some simple basic rules we will not have any problem to enable our device to last for several years running smoothly, ensuring a level of performance always great.

For the first things to keep in mind that the suction power of the appliance is reduced by so much in the case in which the dust container is full to the brim or in the unfortunate hypothesis that the filters are soiled and require a good cleaning .

Be ‘, what must always keep in mind is flush with the right timing drawer dust long before this becomes full, to avoid unpleasant surprises when you least expect it.

Sometimes it is only necessary to press a button for unlocking, in this way it will be possible to remove the drawer and then proceed to empty it in our waste.

Council also personally always wash it under warm running water to keep it clean and aesthetically pleasing conditions.

Because let’s face it: the eye wants its part!

The filters can be cleaned using a common toothbrush for example teeth, obviously I invite you to take advantage of one that are going to throw and not to buy one appropriate only for this. You should know that I am primarily for frugality in the house, for the recycling of objects, before you throw something I scervello several times on how to reuse it, so in order to save each month saving enough money to put aside.

With my children we organized a nice little pig to collect all the money from time to time we save using gimmicks like that, and I assure you that it has become a real adventure and competition to see who can save more.

Sorry for the digression, let us return to the cleanliness of our vacuum cleaners Wireless.

Remember that filters can not be cleaned up indefinitely as often as you want, we must instead replace them with new filters when you will see that they will start to play a little reassuring complexion, dark gray or even black.

As in all things, let common sense always win.

Sometimes these filters are nothing but the simplest sponge sheets that are cut by means of scissors, so it fit the model we have at home.

It ‘a very simple process, do not be deceived, at the beginning I also know that they are a complete clumsy I thought I had some problems, but I had to think again, it’s a breeze!

Also the rotating brush should be cleaned very well every time I see full of hair and various types of hair, this advice goes especially to those who live with pets at home, they in fact leave veritable “jungles of hair”, sometimes even completely visible but going to creep into our creeks vacuum cleaner and can be a real threat to the proper functioning of the same.

Nothing to worry about, however if you constantly proceed to the cleanliness of our unit trust.

Some vacuum cleaners have real purely dedicated accessories for this purpose, or to clean the rotating brush, in the unfortunate case that your model will not be provided, you simply need to buy it in a shop for household items.

In conclusion

The world of cleaning the house is fascinating and complex, over the centuries have developed real different schools of thought about what might be the best methods to clean quickly and effectively in the home environment.

For a while I even worked with a cleaning company, so I can claim to know a little something.

Over the years I have used many different devices, and each time was a new joy to learn of the existence of a new tool that could help in cleaning the house.

But nothing can be compared with the joy of when I started using the cordless vacuum cleaner.

A real comfort that goes beyond any explanation; In fact, we have to try to hold such an object to appreciate all the nuances and ask yourself how you could actually live without until that day.

I must admit that the first time they told me about this kind of cordless vacuum cleaner I was a bit ‘skeptical, my first thought was undoubtedly the autonomy of the battery imagined ridiculous and not suitable for constant use over time.

I had to ask.

Vacuum cleaners Wireless is a real godsend, tools that make cleaning more effective home and fun, and safer sure.

Choosing the best vacuum cleaner may seem complex, since the net are many to express their opinion about it and writing about continuing reviews presenting new products. It may seem at first glance a real jungle!

And ‘this is why I thought it would be beautiful and useful write up a guide friends to guide you in choosing the best vacuum cleaner Wireless. To minimize the headaches and choose the one that could apply to you obviously taking into account the right price for your needs.

On the market at the moment there are no economic vacuum wire and other more demanding, are tools indeed for all budgets.

Some maintain the exciting promises they make, others unfortunately not and do not constitute true and proper business if we consider in fact the value for money.

Only an experienced, or at least a person who has chewed for some time the domestic and industrial cleaning in semi-professional level can be an excellent guide in this world full of obstacles, pardon the pun, but there can be given that in this case we are talking about a tool that can help you do just to avoid this kind of obstacles and move elegantly between the walls of your home almost as if they would lead a kind of ballet.

Sometimes amazed rest of the wonders of technology, what actually has been done over the last 50 years and how much it can do with the final advent of the Internet of things in our homes. That is the smart objects that communicate with each other and are able to serve our needs better, as real butlers super intelligent.

I can not wait to be able to automate and optimize the maximum in technology all the housework, yes I’m an old woman manner but with an ever-foot in the future, this is my specialty, that’s why I love to launch into this genre challenges and provide new ideas to people like me who loves to mix the old with the new to a world easier and more pleasant to live.

Friends I hope this guide has been helpful and that in the end you have made your choice in full awareness not leave things to chance, but according to your own conscience, to take home the perfect cordless vacuum cleaner for you.

I greet you and I refer you to the next.

A hug, your Antonella.


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