5 Best Water Purifiers On? 2020 (No To Plastic Bottles!) – Pro Cons

5 Best Water Purifiers On? 2020 (NO TO PLASTIC BOTTLES!) – Pro Cons

I did volunteer in Cambodia for two years.

Drinking water is very dangerous there, all of us volunteers had a stove and a water filter staff to be able to filter and drink.

Every two or three days I was 9 km on my bike to go to a well to pump the ground water in a bucket.


I took this disgusting full of ground water and bollivo, left her cool at night, then the filtravo.

The final part of the filtering system was a handful of rocks (which bollivo thoroughly before using), which served as a re-minalizzatore water, become after simple boiling H2O without minerals inside, therefore useless for the organism.

What I have just described is a minimal prehistoric version of the filtering process that happens in household cleaners, I chose the example of life lived to give an initial idea, but let’s now calmly explain everything else.

5 Best Water Purifiers On? 2020 (No To Plastic Bottles!) - Pro Cons
5 Best Water Purifiers On? 2020 (No To Plastic Bottles!) - Pro Cons
5 Best Water Purifiers On? 2020 (No To Plastic Bottles!) - Pro Cons

You may not know that your house pipes are normally infested by viruses, bacteria and heavy metals.

If you drink tap water without first carrying out an adequate filtering can be highly damaging long-term consequences on your health and that of your loved ones.

Not everyone knows that you can drink healthy, pure water, perfect for our body without having to resort to commercial, sold in hideous plastic packaging.

We know how the plastic is polluting and harmful to the body.

We can not continue to ignore it.

The municipal water is full of chlorine and metals, but in some cases there are also inside dangerous bacteria and parasites, which can even be lethal for our body, in the case of particularly aggressive infections!

The consequences that consumption of unfiltered water can have on our body are very serious and it can not be taken under the leg especially if in our family, children or the elderly, who have a body less strong and less ready to eradicate any infections.

Many wonder if the water purifier for home agrees, the answer is obviously yes. This will also avoid unnecessary plastic waste and money buying the antipaticissime and heavy bales of water at the supermarket.

You’re probably wondering what are the advantages of having a home water purifier?

You know you can do automatically become carbonated water or plain depending on your preference of the moment?


The main technologies for water filtration are:

What is a water purifier?

In Italy it is known, the infrastructure is now a bit ‘left to chance, the same thing happens to the pipes, there is more and more carelessness and superficiality in the maintenance of water systems.

With good reason we tend not fidarcisi most public water pipelines, and more and more people decide to install a water purifier at home.

But there should be no doubt about that, in fact, the purifier is essential to free from impurities running water and let us sleep nights sleep, allowing at the same time to avoid the continuous purchase of water in plastic bottles, pollutants and terrible for health .

The plastic of the package in fact you know, over time he transfers to the water we drink putting our organism in great danger.

Over time it is then easily possible to amortize the cost of a treatment plant, considered all the bottled water you will avoid to buy, quite a savings!

It is not easy nowadays to trust the water from the tap, and many prefer to buy water at the supermarket in bales.

The water of specially filtered tap it becomes even better the best bottled water, and in addition we have direct control on how it is filtered.

There are two types of filters:

The on activated carbon based filter The filter based on severity

How does the water purifier?

There are two types of water purifiers, one manages the physical manner in water purification using an agent that holds intelligently contaminants and toxic particles present within the liquid.

The second way in chemistry separates the substances that make the water damaged and not suitable for human consumption.

There are then based on coal filters, installed directly above the tap

To the housing it is usually prefer the filters based on the severity and those based on a charcoal filtering.

The charcoal is particularly effective because it allows not only to filter the gases present in the water but also the potentially harmful chemicals in its interior, as well as chlorine.

I, however, carbon filters are not very effective against bacteria and nitrates.

The ion exchange purifiers are those that have so far been established on the market as the most effective ones.

In this case it will be electrically charged ions that act in electric mode of bacteria and viruses that populate the pipes of our homes.

How to mount the home water purifier?

It ‘easy to mount the water purifier to sink your home, it is a task you can do very well without the need of an external technical.

It is sufficient to connect the two fittings supplied in the kit and insert the straight coupling in flexible cold sink under the water.

And voila, you will have the system ready for use without additional installation costs.

Water softener purifier, differences

The water softeners are used to treat particularly “hard water”, or too full of minerals.

They are the calcium and magnesium minerals “guilty” to generate the limestone formations that then they go to affect the operation of our appliances.

The limestone is formed much more easily if the water temperature is high, that is why it often happens in the water heater, in coffee machines, in irons, or in any case in all those appliances which require a use and a water heating at high temperatures.

The softener makes the water pass through several layers of resin treated by means of sodium carbonate.

The process is chemical but very simple to understand: the sodium ion replaces the calcium and magnesium ions which are those deputies to the creation of limestone.

The water resulting from this process will contain sodium, a mineral much more “friend” of our appliances, it does not contain solid particles that go to sediment and thus ruin the quality of our water.

These resins at a certain point, however, must be revitalized, because it will become impregnated with calcium and magnesium, at that point it will be necessary to perform the reverse cycle, returning again sodium.

Softeners accomplished by “only” this process through a reserve salamoio, or a sodium solution “escort.” This tank can also manually inserting refreshment of common table salt inside.

The purifiers unlike water softeners utilize the reverse osmosis process, able to intervene at different levels on the liquid.

A total purification process will produce distilled water.

This type of equipment can be installed either directly on your home or on the sink counter which will go in daily use.

A request will be possible to add a carbonator for optional sparkling water.

Alternatively there is the option of mounting modular filters, or you choose one by one the filters necessary to resolve the specific problem of water that arrives at home.

There are therefore anti limestone filters, anti anti chlorine and heavy metals.

They can be used individually or in combos.

The operation in this case is very simple, when the filter is saturated, simply replace with a new cleaner.

Water purification activated carbon?

The water purifiers acting for microfiltration technology make the water flow coming from the tap in activated carbon.

The activated carbon is a material containing amorphous carbon with a large porosity and large specific surface area, then it means that it is very dense but very porous at the same time, a combination that makes it perfect for filtering.

The activated carbon is able to retain inside it the molecules of the substances that should not normally belong to the water, or that are found in it, such as metals.

Once removed chlorine from the active carbon filters act on the water by means of an ultraviolet steriliser, this instead acts directly on the bacteria.

The activated carbon filters are suitable for “normal” waters that do not require a particular lightening, ie those closest to the optimum values, such as those of mountain or hill.

When you need a more accurate filtration you have to rely on reverse osmosis.

When using activated carbon filters reverse osmosis, it tends to move as a pre-filter, acts to absorb the chlorine present in the water and any more coarse sediments which could then affect the treatment osmosis.

They are therefore the preliminary part of a plant of this type in which the master instead of the osmotic membrane that forces the particles to cross the 0.0001 micron pore size, the same small size of water molecules, in order to then eliminate those larger, normally considered harmful for our body.

What is the re-digester?

Remember the example earlier in this article?

I was talking about rocks, that’s right, just ordinary stones, which I pass water after boiling for mineral restore him, and make it so good drinking water.

Once occurred the reverse osmosis procedure, the water tends to be acidic, for this, the mineralizer will reintroduces alkaline calcium ions in a controlled manner to make it optimal for the organism.

Which is the best water purifier for home? Opinions and Reviews

Biogenis, water purifier reverse osmosis with digester

Here is the cleaner that I keep in my house assembled after much trial and error over the past two years to make drinkable water from the center of Livorno.

E ‘right the first time you install, flush with at least a dozen liters to break in a little’ the circuit.

As against that there tends to be a bit ‘noisy when active, but if it is installed under the sink isolating it well shows no discomfort inside the kitchen, my family does not even notice it is running at the moment .

When installing three filters and reverse osmosis cap be smart and try to shake it all with great care.

The kit comes complete with everything.

It ‘good to lubricate a little’ ring seals of the three filters before inserting them.

To fix the tap is necessary to drill the sink floor with a drill, so if you do not have a certain dexterity better to refer directly to a technician to avoid headaches.

The final hose of remineralizer, goes directly to the tap.

The last remaining hose plant, near osmosis, for exclusion goes connected to the drain.

The company has an excellent telephone support, so for any problem or to request SUBSTITUTE filters you can call them at any time, they are cordial and we established a good personal relationship.

Aeg instant filter under the sink, the best value for money

5 Best Water Purifiers On? 2020 (No To Plastic Bottles!) - Pro Cons

AEG reverse osmosis for drinking water filtration …

This is the filtering system used by Alfonso, my brother.

The value for money is great.

Very easy to install and the filters are easy to replace.

It produces light water and good taste, with no residual chlorine, it soon becomes clear to the taste that we are in the presence of a highly respected product.

The only drawback is the fact that the meter must be purchased separately and is not included in the package.

ForHome Easy Professional, good taste of water, such as bottled

The forHome Easy Professional kit may well be the first place in this my personal ranking, since I wanted to choose only the best at this time on the market, depends more than anything else by a personal style choice calibrated on your needs, but be aware that all products on this page were tested personally by me during these years and are of excellent quality.

The assistance forHome is excellent and helps in case of installation problems, for example if you need additional parts you can contact them and they will be very courteous to fornirveli, can also put you in touch with appropriate technicians to facilitate installation and assembly .

In the box there is all that is required for installation.

The water produced by this system is in every way similar to that in the bottle, if not better, wins already suffered from the taste test.

I recommend using this Teflon in the package to prevent future drips.

It ‘great because it also removes Cryptosporidium, asbestos fibers, chlorine, smells, colors, flavors and makes the water crystal clear.

Spardar water filter with activated carbon

5 Best Water Purifiers On? 2020 (No To Plastic Bottles!) - Pro Cons

Spardar – the Water filtration system for tap …

The Spardar allows a clear improvement of water quality

A filter that is mounted very fast independently with the use of an adapter.

Assembled with excellent materials.

Perfect for solving excessively hard water problems, to make them sweeter and can be used both for household and for human consumption.

The resulting water has a great flavor on the palate and more when using the washing machine clothes come out without any trace of white limestone.

Brita on tap opinions, makes hard water drinkable

Brita On Tap Filter System for The Tap, Plastic, …

Here’s a product a bit ‘controversial, considered good for some and bad for others. \ I personally think that for the price is a good product, but not comparable to the first models in this my list.

Mainly a suitable treatment plant to those who want to “fix” a little ‘taste of their home water.

Easy to assemble: the terminal is unscrewed, the spout, look at and in most of the taps on the market, has a screw thread on which a filter is screwed. Once removed the nozzle there will be a bit ‘residues to be removed, and then, just at that point screw the corresponding Brita terminal, which is equipped with adjustable washer for fixing.

The last step will be to insert the stack, present inside the package.

The Brita on tap is a good purifier if you want to improve the taste of their water, but it is not a water purifier, so it does not eliminate the harmful elements present in it.

Using the selector on the right side will be the water flow normally without any filtering, while to the left will be filtered, in this case the jet is slowed down because the water before going out must pass through the filter and be ejected from the spout.

Then there is a light that indicates the level of health of the filter, when it turns red it is time to replace it.

It makes hard water drinkable, but it does not make perfect, if your water has serious problems better to buy a more complex and professional system.

In conclusion

Some people rely on simple filter jugs thinking they can sleep nights sleep and have solved the problem …

Unfortunately not.

In such a world where it seems that you have lost what we ingest control in our body, with products from all over the globe, often in hygienic situations dubious and mysterious, it is important which seem to be aware and attentive to the choices you make .

You can not leave to chance something as important as our health, especially if you have young children and therefore easier to potential victims of bad choices.

Not to mention something as vital as water, the basic building block of our body.

Day after day we see on the news all cases of polluted aquifers, is a very serious problem that affects the entire planet.

The water sold at the supermarket “should” be better than that of public water network there, but we know that is not so much important scientific sources have repeatedly demonstrated over the past years that tap water is of superior quality that there bottled.

Why at this time you have the best water purifier to allow our family to have the ideal water every day for their personal consumption needs.

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