9 Best Wipers And Brushes For Cars (2020) – Pro Cons

9 Best Wipers and brushes for Cars (2020) – Pro Cons

You know when the windshield wipers spread on all the accumulated mud during the night?

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say:

There is no more unbearable with a faulty wipers, even worse it is to discover the first rainy day, at 7 am, when you take your car and you’re in a hurry to go to work.

Follow me. Or jump directly to the guide of the best wipers 2020.


We all agree with the claim that the standard wipers of our car pre-installed on the windscreen do their job in most cases. But considering the mechanical task, over time can lose their efficiency or even stop working forever.

If your wipers stopped working or has the worn seal from excessive use, it is important to buy a new one as soon as possible and replace it.

Sometimes buy new blades for our vehicle is vital. The peculiarity of these objects is that in each case by purchasing them online you will save a lot compared to taking them in a physical store.

It is for your safety on the road.

But there is one important fact:

You are aware that not all blades are equal.

You have two options: either replace the same model as the factory, or decide to make a small investment and buy the best blades available on the market, that will give you a clean windshield, a longer product life, greater reliability and especially require less maintenance to function properly, given that the brushes do not wear out as easily as it happens instead with serial wipers.

Abruzzo My grandmother used to say: ‘sparagn or nun has never guaragn!’.

It means that you save in the long run does not bring a profit, because the economic things often prove the most poor. Popular wisdom.

Compare different brands of wipers

When given a choice wiper, there are some things that you must consider and keep in mind. Aside from the obvious fact to verify that they are compatible with our vehicle on which we are going to mount them, it is to ensure that the brand in question is reliable and that the wipers in question is reviewed favorably by many users on the internet.

Believe it or not, the quality of materials is an important factor when searching for new wipers. Today we’re going to see in a list what are the best wipers present on the market to help you make a more informed and conscious choice.

In simple words the wipers are mechanical arms mounted on the windscreen of a vehicle and guarantee the correct view of the road more or less heavy rain conditions.

We use the word “vehicle” because these models that we are going to present can also be mounted on vans, trucks, three-wheel, etc.

Driving a vehicle with absent or dysfunctional wipers you want to play with death. It is also forbidden by the rules of the road that strictly prohibits cars without wipers to circulate freely.

This is why I also recommend reading the guide of the buyer to the bottom of this article.

Guide to the best Wiper 2020

1. Bosch 3397007466 AEROTWIN – Choosing Pros and Cons

9 Best Wipers And Brushes For Cars (2020) - Pro Cons

PROPulitura perfect without aloniRapporto exciting quality price

Bosch is a company that produces many extraordinary products for cars and not.

So when I discovered that there were Bosch wipers I had to immediately put on his hands and test them on my car, a Peugeot 208.

The model in question is the AEROTWIN and is one of the best selling models wipers and well reviewed by users on amazon.

When it comes to choosing a specific wipers available there is always a cheaper alternative that might suggest an electrical repair of confidence. The reason for buying the Bosch Aerotwin is that here we are faced with one of the best windshield wipers on the market, let’s see why:

First, the brushes are equipped with a special steel spring guide, which replaces the traditional armor and joints present in the wiper blade.

The product is easy to mount on the car and it works in total silence, cleaning does not leave streaks nor water residues, it is truly amazing.

The price is very competitive, but there is no compromise on quality.

Although durability is indicated as long as online purchase enthusiastic users.

2. Bosch 3397118427 TWIN Kit, quality kit

9 Best Wipers And Brushes For Cars (2020) - Pro Cons
9 Best Wipers And Brushes For Cars (2020) - Pro Cons

Produe priced at unoBosch are assured, cleans without streaks or trails

Kit 55cm and 40cm, also available in other measures to adapt to the size of your car as needed.

convenient pack of two wiper blades for the price of one, again by Bosch, installation time very fast and thorough cleaning without streaks.

The Bosch twin kit is without doubt one of the most convenient in terms of quality-price in the highest wipers available on the market.

3. Brush VALEO 574379 Wiper

9 Best Wipers And Brushes For Cars (2020) - Pro Cons

PROPulitura eccezionaleSilenziosissimi

The Valeo is a brand that many will sound totally unknown, but is gaining ground as compared to the Bosch hand, it has its own group of fans who even come to prefer them than the leading brand.

The Valeo brushes are the same ones that are fitted as standard on many cars in circulation, so it is likely that your car already had mounted earlier.

Cleaning the perfect crystal, plus they are very silent, perhaps slightly more of Bosch.

The brushes are measuring 2 – 660mm + 380mm, type AERO.

The duration in some cases and on some glasses appears to be superior to that of competitors Bosch.

There is a whole fringe of fans of Valeo, the Internet seems to be a real open war between those who support the Bosch wipers are the best on the planet and those who would be ready to bet his life that Valeo is the best choice available .

4. DoctorAuto 0714833847540 Rear wiper arm and blade … Arm and Wiper Blade Rear for Fiat Panda since 2003

9 Best Wipers And Brushes For Cars (2020) - Pro Cons

PROEconomicoPulisce very well

This model is specific for Fiat Panda from 2003 onwards, but on amazon it is also found for other car models.

The price is reasonable, unfortunately the rubber brush is not the best.

It guarantees a reasonable cleaning.

5. VLO RESRWB500 Couple brushes Wipers

PROPrezzo convenientissimo

Other brushes little known but very interesting for the price and yield, which may partially rival the more famous brands.

The cleaning is good and the price is really low, it mounts easily.

The only question is the compatibility with certain models of cars, in fact the information on the box did not seem to clarify the possibilities of installation.

Eventually the amazon users find them compatible with most of the car models on the market.

6. TRICO T400 Excellent value for money

PRORapporto fantastic price quality

Without a doubt a brand and a model is wiper blades as they say “battle”. The price is super competitive, for those who have special needs but simply needs to replace the old wipers.

7. Cora 000 023 722 Tergiplus, without infamy and without praise

PROMateriali excellent construction

Here is a “normal” product, without major faults nor merits, the price is average, as well as the performance.

The quality of production materials, however, looks good.

It is not a bad product, just gets better around.

8. Magneti Marelli 000723114332 brushes Couple TwinFlat (For Volvo)

PRODavvero perfect convenientiPulitura

Here are a few of the Magneti Marelli wiper blades specifically thought for Volvo.

They buy from the dealership they cost almost twice as much.

They are very easy to assemble, despite the particular attack used by Volvo. They adhere to the windshield, and clean excellently.

How to change the wipers

If the car is equipped with brushes flat bade standard to replace the latter will be a breeze, simply is push a single button and lay the brush parts

Some useful information on the wipers

When we speak of these wiper blades are mostly constructed with flexible metal with a rubber cover to safeguard them from wear of atmospheric agents. The mountain, however, wiper brushes that are not the same type as those that are usually used to clean the home windows.

The most common type of material for the wiper blades is without a doubt the rubber, the rubber brushes are the most common because they are the most easy and cheap to manufacture. The rubber, however, is poor sealing and durability and degrades over time and intensity. The rubber brushes are the first to wear out and fail catastrophically.

However, this does not mean that the rubber brushes are bad regardless. It ‘a fact that many car factories equip their cars with rubber brushes. This means that as the rubber material is not to be thrown for bias, there are cases where it can convenirne use.

Remember that though the rubber brushes are not created to last a lot and require premature replacement, the good news is that they are cheap and you can change without too damned for having paid a lot of money.

Before proceeding to buy the wiper blades for your vehicle is good to do some research, the reason is that if you do not find compatibility between the brush and the windshield of your car you are likely always buying the wrong product. Although it must not fear too much, since most of the wipers are universal.

There are several wipers available. And many people think that these are all universal and interchangeable with each other, but it is not because some are fitted with a different mechanism. See for example the two proposed models of Magneti Marelli and Doctor Auto, compatible for Volvo and Opel Corsa, respectively.

To keep you from buying the wrong product and throw your money in addition to the comparison list you just read I thought I’d write up a handy guide that will explore all aspects to know to buy the wipers in a conscious and correct.

How to find the right fit wiper

The first thing you need to know is the extent of the windshield wipers installed on your vehicle, this is important because sometimes have to resort to the brushes that are the same size as those mounted factory otherwise there may be problems of compatibility and installation.

For the uninitiated, the easiest way to end the measure Wiper you look at the size of your windshield. Brushes should be of a size slightly less than that.

Another very important aspect that sometimes confuses many is that the brushes installed in the passenger side are different in size to those installed at the driver’s side.

This thing may seem strange and ambiguous to some, but this design difference is due mainly to the fact that the two brushes will work in tandem when activated.

If they are the same size they will tend to collide and interfere with each other.

If you are looking for a wiper that can adapt to the rear window must be something smaller than the front brushes.

Maintenance of the wipers for cars

There are a number of common expedients dictated by common sense that guarantee a long life of the windshield wipers.

The basic maintenance is very simple, just clean the rubber pad at the base of the brush with a monthly regularity. This will remove all the debris left from the elements and improves the adhesion to the windshield.

Just a solid fabric piece that is not lint-free, so as not to further impair the functioning of the grommet.

Some motorists are used to replace only the rubber and not around the wipers, thinking in this way to save.

It ‘a malpractice because especially in the case in which is mounted a rubber not perfectly compatible, this is likely to further ruin the product.

In conclusion

Here at last, we tested some of the best brands wipers available right now on the market.

They are only 8 different models, but in reality they each make the factory many versions in many sizes and different sizes, before purchasing must always make sure that you are buying the right product for your vehicle. It ‘good to check the description of the product if it is compatible.

It seems, however, no doubt that the two brands that come out victorious from this confrontation are Bosch and Valeo.

Another great help is the reviews of amazon users, that 99% of the time will show under the wipers in question on which machines and compatible and which not.

There are hundreds of different brushes available, and as a consumer’s your choice. It is certain that if you follow the list proposed by us will be very hard to go wrong, because all brands indicated regardless of the price is a guarantee of reliability and professionalism.

Making mistakes is easy, especially if you are buying wiper about which there is no much information about it on the net.

Well, do not worry. This guide-comparison is here to help you choose only the best of the best products. And this time our reviews will not fail to point you in the right way to make a conscious and rational purchase.

We hope that your windshield should never dirty more mud and that your road vision can be the most open and clear as possible.

If you have questions about the best wipers or wiper blade do not hesitate to let us know by contacting us by e-mail.

We are happy to answer all of our friends.


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