9 Best Wrinkle Creams 2020 (My Personal Experience From Aesthetic Center) – Pro Cons

9 Best Wrinkle Creams 2020 (My Personal Experience From Aesthetic Center) – Pro Cons

The mother of Sharon Stone gave her her first wrinkle cream to the completion of the 14th year of age, to teach right away the secret of perfect skin …

Looking for a miracle cream for wrinkles?

9 Best Wrinkle Creams 2020 (My Personal Experience From Aesthetic Center) - Pro Cons
9 Best Wrinkle Creams 2020 (My Personal Experience From Aesthetic Center) - Pro Cons
9 Best Wrinkle Creams 2020 (My Personal Experience From Aesthetic Center) - Pro Cons

My husband says that aging is natural and that for him is not a problem to see me as well, so it should not be for me either.

Sometimes they mistakenly think that wrinkles are a problem only for those who are “old”, but it is not so, since the skin may begin to behave abnormally already in their 30s or even earlier.

There are also many factors that contribute to the formation of wrinkles in addition to simple aging.


I want to make a clarification immediately, however, that in spite of my article is targeted to women because the main interested in the subject, all products of my list are absolutely usable in the same way also the men, since there are no substantial differences in the anti-aging process.

9 Best Wrinkle Creams 2020 (My Personal Experience From Aesthetic Center) - Pro Cons

At what age to start using anti-wrinkle cream?

Many wonder when you actually start using anti-wrinkle cream.

As we all know our body is made up for the vast majority of water.

As you age the body is always hydrated less, and as a result can no longer oxygenate and nourish the body as in his youth.

This process has already begun since the twenties, but intensifies exceeded thirty.

Anti-wrinkle cream to 20 years

Twenty years even you think you can or need to use a wrinkle cream, well then you are mistaken because this is a crucial moment.

If we start right now to hydrate and to take care of our skin in fact we can preserve over time the vitality and brightness.

When the face begin to emerge the first imperfections you can delete them from the very beginning to avoid that eventually escalate.

Anti-wrinkle cream to 30 years

At 30, it is good to choose creams with hyaluronic acid.

The 30 years are a crucial stumbling block to begin to come to terms with aging, is the time when the consequences of revelry of twenty years can begin to be felt if there was data to the mad joy.

Even if you do not notice obvious and drastic signs of aging on the skin, it is good to buy a moisturizer that can protect our skin.

Another good recommendation is to do the scrub once a week, do not overdo it though, and go occasionally by a beautician to cater to remove impurities.

Another key thing is rigged avoid going to bed, instead use a cleanser to remove make up.

It is also crucial to avoid smoking, stop in the case, and eat little and in a balanced way.

Wrinkle Cream to 40 and over

When the presses age is good to rely in addition to hyaluronic acid to:

Active ingredients that stimulate the activity of fibroblasts, the cells of our skin deputies to the formation of collagen and elastin. Substances that nourish the cellular matrix products antioxidants that slow the normal aging process.


9 Best Wrinkle Creams 2020 (My Personal Experience From Aesthetic Center) - Pro Cons

You can use the wrinkle cream pregnant?

Pregnancy is a very delicate time for every woman, because there is questioned by both the psychological side and physically, and it’s not easy to take care of themselves while you’re taking care of a new life is born.

Many people wonder if the wrinkle cream can be used during pregnancy or if you must indeed avoided.

During the rule of pregnancy it is best to avoid the use of wrinkle creams as these contain large doses of vitamin A and retinol.

The creams penetrate into the blood through the skin, and may therefore reach the child, who could not tolerate well the substances contained in these and have problems during birth and growth.

The creams enriched with antioxidants, however, can also be used without problems during pregnancy, because they fight the growth of free radicals.

How to apply the anti-wrinkle cream?

Want to know how to put the anti-wrinkle cream?

The very first rule to keep in mind is that all movements should always be done from the bottom up, to counter the effect of gravity to which our skin is unfortunately subjected every day.

Then it is good to focus on the direction opposite to that of wrinkle formation, if it has to do with the horizontal forehead wrinkles is good as running your fingers movements from the bottom up, conversely they serve horizontal movements if you have dealing with facial wrinkles that have evolved in a vertical line.

The skin of the face specific areas has different features, so it requires a different treatment, to hope to get maximum results from an anti-aging cure.

And ‘advisable to count the movements that are done with your fingers and try to always keep an odd number of movements, many believe that in this way the treatment is more effective in the end.

The frontal wrinkles

The wrinkles on the forehead are highlighted when making his face expression of movements.

The goal in this case will make these less deep furrows stretching the skin.

The process is simple: just apply the wrinkle cream starting from the eyebrows, holding the skin towards the insertion of our hair and proceeding as we said from the bottom up.

The wrinkles on the cheeks

The wrinkles on the cheeks can be particularly treacherous, but they are very visible, so it must be kept under control if you do not want to look old before their time.

In this case it will be necessary to perform movements always upward keeping the fingers open scissor, it is the best way to ensure that the cream is absorbed by the skin and operates at 100% of its possibilities.

The wrinkles around the lips and eyes

Around the contour of the lips with time they begin to form those nasty small vertical wrinkles but very noticeable.

In this case we must act with the two index fingers, move under our nose and gently pull outwards.

Equally same thing under the lower lip.


What are the causes of the spill of wrinkles?

There are many causes that contribute to creating more or less visible wrinkles over time.

Wrinkles are defined in specific areas of the body such as the face, neck, forearms and hands. But I’m introduce you to many other parts of the body.

But there is a real and unique factor that allows the emergence of annoying wrinkles.

Let’s see together then what are the causes that allow wrinkles to come out:

It means that if we want to know at what age begin to show up wrinkles on our skin do well to check or ask our parents and grandparents when it happened to them.

In addition to temporary indication so we can also understand what part of our body is most at risk for leakage of wrinkles.

The sun and wrinkles

Dermatology repeats no stop now as it might be harmful solar rays.

There is nothing all summer and warn that UV rays can be extremely harmful for our skin and cause cancer and other diseases, but they can also worsen the coming of wrinkles on our face.

Exposure to UV light breaks down the connective tissues and lose strength and elasticity to the skin.

And ‘why you should always avoid exposing your face to direct sunlight during the hottest times of the day, and avoid bathing at noon because the sunlight bouncing off the water becoming even more powerful and damaging.

a dermatologist about it at any time of the day however is critical to use a sunscreen with a high protection, always best to consult to make themselves indicate the most suitable protection factor to our phenotype.

Smoking cigarettes and wrinkles

The nicotine that is released in the blood causes a contraction of the blood vessels throughout the body, thus preventing proper oxygenation of the skin.

The little oxygenated skin is deprived of nutrients essential to its survival over time and tends to age prematurely.

The more you smoke the more it exacerbates this phenomenon, same is obviously true for the food, a proper and balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, foods redolent of water, allowing the body to function properly and hydrate daily, not only through ‘water but also through food.

Not everyone knows or pretend not to know what is also important to the motor and muscular activity of their face when it comes to wrinkles.

For a certain type of wrinkles are generically called “laugh lines”, there is a reason for this …

Clearly this is not the crucial factor, as those listed above are much more significant to trigger the arrival of wrinkles on our body, but we must not forget that strong emotions such as anger, aggressive laughter continued, eyes half closed very strongly are all actions that contribute to wrinkles albeit marginally.

More we advance in years, the skin is less elastic and therefore more prone to undergo the operation of any motor stress to which we subject it, this is the bitter truth.

Over the years, pollution has increased dramatically in our cities, and it was the health of our skin the main victim of this phenomenon.

In the air of the inhabited centers at the moment there are several pollutants, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, oxides, particulate matter, ozone and also the cigarette smoke “attack” in the first place because the skin is the outer barrier that our body possesses.

All of these substances are the enemies of the skin, giving it a lot because the attack oxidative stress and the natural shield that the epidermis rises against these often not enough, because the exposure levels are so intense that the body does not have time to repair the damage who suffers.

The toxic substances in the air of the place we inhabit protagonists may therefore be highly in aging our skin prematurely.

Even polyaromatic hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds are associated with extrinsic skin aging, the increase in pigmentation, to acneiform eruptions, to atopic dermatitis.

It ‘clear that we are talking about long-term effects that can not be seen after one month or less exposure to pollution of a city, but if you live there for years …. Do the math.

And ‘why it is essential to choose from your youth a cream that can be a faithful ally to maintain moisture levels and elasticity of your skin before it is too late.


Stress causes wrinkles?

We look at the wrinkles in a Hillary Clinton pictures and think, “it is the weight of the world responsibilities that is getting older …”.

But it is true that anxiety and stress are growing old before their time our skin? There is scientific evidence in what one normally thinks?

The search results you are not well defined because it is the very concept of “stress” not to actually be measurable. For this the true relationship between aging and stress there is not yet perfectly clear.

Anxiety is a natural response to a perceived danger or real. It creates a kind of two-way communication between the brain and our body, making turn on our cardiovascular and immune systems.

It is our survival instinct at work.

But when anxiety is prolonged, it ceases to be positive and to preserve us from danger and instead begins to be harmful and that has an impact on our body: it does get old.

The defendants chemical aging of our body are:

Adrenaline speeds up the heartbeat, slows digestion and constricts blood vessels.

Norepinephrine accelerates the heartbeat and may limit our ability to concentrate.

When these agents can lead over time to change our body internally, with disastrous consequences.

Oxidative stress affects our genes and makes us grow old before their time.

Telomeres are shortened because of the anxiety and stress and contribute to the birth of wrinkles.

There are also direct consequences of further stress that often we do not think. When a person is going through a particularly stressful time tends to eat more, take less care of their body, smoke more cigarettes, sleeps and rests bad, also the facial muscles tighten, and you tend to assume facial expressions corrucciate that naturally lead the deepening of wrinkles.

Despite the normal aging process, we can still try to keep stress levels to a minimum to avoid looking like ninety ahead of time.

This allows us to stay young longer, inside and out.

Are you looking for a wrinkle cream that works wonders?

Want to know what are the most effective anti-wrinkle creams?

The anti-wrinkle creams work?

Always human beings have the problem of finding a “potion” anti aging serum of eternal life.

With the advent of modern medical science and especially of an important branch of aesthetic research in recent decades it has come at last results before almost unexpected.

It ‘s really a wonderful time to be alive on this planet.

The anti-wrinkle creams in fact fail to mitigate and reduce the presence of wrinkles and fine lines, avoiding the formation of new ones.

But it is clear that not all formulations are effective in the same way, so it is obvious and legitimate to ask questions, because not all products work the same way.

There are some wrinkle creams that are more effective in the short term, immediately showing tangible results, but are likely to be only aesthetic and even counterproductive in the long run.

I work in a beauty salon, and I know what that means, I’ve seen each passing before my eyes, are now almost 20 years that I work and I have direct experience and indirect colleagues with clients.

The domestic anti-wrinkle treatment can actually be effective especially if you act promptly and it identifies the problem at the root.

You can not expect to start considering the issue wrinkles when now you have 60 years, it is clear that at that point you can certainly take action, but the results you get will be only partial than rather that you might have being begun immediately to take care of your skin without wasting time.

And ‘advisable to start already from 25 years onwards using creams and moisturizers to keep the skin of their health under control, perhaps with frequent visits to a dermatologist who can reassure us or not as the case.

Normally anti-wrinkle products work, if they are of quality brands, and significantly increase the elasticity of the skin of people using them.

But also it depends on how we said the speed with which action is taken and also the frequency of product use. You can not expect to apply the cream a few times on the face and wait for miracles from the day after …

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is the scaffolding of our body. The cells are suspended in space, they need something to keep them together: this “thing” is hyaluronic acid. A soft substance in which collagen and elastin fibers are immersed.

The hyaluronic acid has a viscous consistency and acts as a filling connective tissue inside our body.

And it is precisely the hyaluronic acid to ensure that the skin remains supple, alive and hydrated.

The hyaluronic acid is a very long molecule, for this is capable of many water molecules bind.

It ‘also important to operate as a filter and prevent the free movement of viruses and bacteria in the body.

This acid, however, with time tends to deteriorate, and causes the formation of wrinkles feared.

E ‘for this reason that one of the key steps if you want to keep the skin smooth and hydrated, is the steady reintegration of hyaluronic acid, when the body stops do so independently.

In the market there are different molecular weight hyaluronic acids.

The more the molecule will be great, not penetrate deeply, same thing applies in reverse.

Better then choose hyaluronic acid with a low molecular weight.

The creams with hyaluronic acid are especially recommended for younger people who are so treat wrinkles just sprouted, also they function as well as sunscreen.

The hyaluronic acid is deposited on the skin and forms a film that can protect the skin effectively.

Sera containing this type of acid have immediate effect, making it look more hydrated skin right now.

It is proposed as a solution to wrinkles use a filler that penetrates into them and allow the recovery of a skin “leveled.”

The hyaluronic acid fillers are effective, yes, but are not recommended for very young skin, which may be counterproductive.

If you are young better limited to moisturizers and avoid products which can only grow the skin, since going to introduce hyaluronic acid in a forced manner by inserting it in this case within the skin is likely to fulfill a counterproductive effect.

The skin in this case would be more youthful appearance, but instead begin to grow organically ahead of time.

Eye then to dependence on filler, especially if you are very young!

How to make a wrinkle cream in the house?

Not everyone knows that you can also take home a good wrinkle cream, which certainly does not promise effective and accurate results as those professional, but it can be a good ally to begin to stem the problem.

Here are some ingredients from which to draw some anti-aging creams homemade:

Lemon juice contains vitamin C, antioxidant strong lightening. In this case, just squeeze the lemon juice and apply it on the skin for 15 minutes a day.

This lotion can be increased by adding honey and parsley.

The cucumber is the classic grandmother remedy for wrinkles is a good ally to fight and delay the degradation of hyaluronic acid and elastin.

Simply peel the cucumber and whip, adding a little olive oil, then spread the mixture on the skin and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

Avocado is rich in vitamin D and E, powerful to stimulate collagen and prevent free radicals.

Just in this case crush the avocado pulp and apply it as always to face.

The olive oil as well as being tasty and perfect at the table is also rich in antioxidants to retard the aging process.

Just to massage a few drops on your face before going to sleep and out within a few days his prodigious effect.

Milk is naturally rich in lactic acid that removes dead skin cells and stimulates the growth of collagen within the skin.

Just apply another bit ‘on wrinkles already checked out with a small cotton ball and leave for ten minutes.

Best Wrinkle Cream Reviews –

1. Lierac face cream 40 years, that I use

Lierac Premium Creme Voluptueuse, Rich Face Cream, Anti-Age …

altino cost but perfectly right, perfect for those with dry skin.

Here’s my favorite wrinkle cream, since I have well over 40 years.

The periods in which I use this my skin cream seems more rested, wrinkles are much less obvious and on time my friends ask “What have you done to me?”.

The positive effects are already beginning to see the first applications, the face begins to appear more relaxed now.

It ‘a cream suitable for those who begins to have the first wrinkles, but there has very deep.

Allergy, it absorbs very quickly.

The price is high but justified by the fact that it is one of the best creams currently on the market, already feels in your hand the difference in quality compared to other anti-wrinkle creams and all my friends that I recommended were enthusiastic.

The cream is rich and very moisturizing, makes the skin remains soft and supple, so perfect for those with very dry skin.

2. Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24, deluxe day cream for oily skin does not

The Shiseido is a cosmetics brand of famous Japanese quality.

If you are looking for a quality product is not suitable for oily skin, you can point directly on this and go on the safe side.

It ‘super moisturizing cream that promises and keeps great results if you do not know this brand ask for a little’ around a few connoisseur friend of beauty products and will confirm the superior degree of workmanship of this brand.

Leave the skin a bit ‘shiny after application.

A brand that is a guarantee.

3. Vovees Artemis, organic moisturizer day and night to oily skin

Wrinkle Moisturizing Face Cream Vovees Artemis Bio Acid …

Let’s start off by saying that this cream Vovees Artemis performs well both on dry skin to oily skin.

It ‘a cream particularly rich in ingredients but at the same time very light, that’s what makes it special.

The moisturizing effect more long lasting, good both as a day cream as a night cream.

It has a peculiar smell, and given to those who usually has problems with the scents of these cosmetics.

Rich in natural active ingredients with moisturizing effect immediately recognizable.

Also good as a base for makeup.

It makes much more radiant than usual, and prevents the formation of wrinkles.

4. Isabella Monteluna Face Cream Bava Snail, superb Made in Italy

Face Cream Bava Snail 80% With Shea Butter and Oil …

Here’s a great cream made in Italy to the slime.

Makes the skin silky since the first application, the slime generates a particular effect that nourishes the skin and at the same time makes it soft and smooth, velvety.

Council to use it as a day cream, it’s right there in fact this face cream Isabella Monteluna excels.

If you use on a tanned skin it makes it brighter.

It is easily absorbed by the skin and calm right now.

It is also very refreshing.

Highly recommended and recensitissima online, plus it’s made by an Italian company, and it never hurts to feel a bit ‘proud of a product of their own country.

5. Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Cream super nutrients

This is a product for those in search of the best, much used by my most demanding customers at the center where I work, a time we used it all because it became very fashionable, is now less used but it is still one of the most widely used because it comes from a famous brand and celebrated and gives great results on all skin types.

As peculiarity is its particular lightness, and the fact that it is absorbed in a blink of an eye from the skin.

Certainly a product for those not afraid to invest a few euro more directly but make the best, especially for those who want to invest in the health of your skin and make a skin beautiful for years to come.

6. Powder Flowers, excellent value for money

Wrinkle Face Cream Re-Vital IMPROVED FORMULA – Cells …

Italian cream with a delicate bouquet to match the same brand in the eyes and facial serum for a complete treatment.

Here is another Italian product that shines for value for money, in fact, despite being rather economical than presented so far shows remarkable features brands.

It ‘a face cream which not only combat wrinkles leaves skin soft and moisturized.

It stands out right now for a gentle and good perfume, knows Norwegian spring field. Great.

Give more smooth and uniform skin.

The only negative note is perhaps dispensing with dispenser that does not allow to keep an eye on the product and then become account when it is actually ending, for the rest is perfect.

7. L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age, Anti-wrinkle treatment

Cream is sold in a day version and a night version:

L’Oreal Paris is a very famous trademark, and despite being “pop” sometimes includes very valid in its catalog of products, and also economic.

This cream is sold in two versions, to avoid confusion and get 100% of each application.

Perfect for those who have too much time to devote the morning to facial care because it immediately gives a more youthful, fresh and above all tidy.

It remained the skin hydrated for many hours, it is surprising for a product of this price.

Recommended for those who do not want to spend too much but still want to give initial hydration to their skin, not helpful however for those who already have wrinkles in a very advanced stage.

8. Kleem Organics, with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and retinol

Kleem Organics | Woman Face Cream with Hyaluronic Acid pure | …

Cream very valid but for some it smells not very tolerable, like others.

The Keem Organics is a complete cream that sees in its interior the presence of vitamin E, retinol and hyaluronic acid.

It serves very well as a night cream, and allows the awakening to find its most glowing and healthy skin as it is left before going to sleep.

It is well absorbed by the skin and is not greasy.

Some, however, do not seem to stand the smell, has an orange fragrance that can be very strong for some, a bit ‘prickly.

Another aspect not really positive is the fact that the can does not help to measure out and if you are not careful you may pull out too much product from the dispenser.

Be careful because the products do not retinol can cause redness if one is exposed to the sun after application.

9. Florence Bio Cosmetics, face cream with Snail Slime

NEW 100 ML ● Bio Cream 61% Snail Slime with Hyaluronic Acid …

Product very good EcoBio. Not very suitable for combination and oily skin. Some complain that schiarisca a little ‘skin.

The slime is a natural ingredient that you are talking a lot in recent times.

It allows you to flesh out your skin and give it a clearer complexion and bright.

The Florence-based snail drool not be used with exaggeration, it only takes a tocchettino fact to be able to spread all over your face, then that can only be massaged.

The airless dispenser is therefore completely preserves the properties of the substance as soon as packaged and in addition avoids our fingers we can get inside awkwardly.

Excellent to be used every day, since it is light and lacia the skin supple and soft.

After about a month you will notice the reduction of wrinkles and the skin will be more youthful touch.

It also works well as a base for the foundation.

It ‘a very good EcoBio cream at a great price.

10. Dual Day & Night, perfect for very sensitive skin

DUAL Day & Night Face Cream | Face Cream Day & Night 100% …

The Dual Day and Night as the name implies is a very versatile wrinkle cream that is suitable to be used equally well during the day than at night.

It ‘made with hazelnut oil and apricot seed oil broccoli and microalgae.

A prodigious natural mix that puts it one step ahead compared to similar creams, as it offers something different and just as effective, if not more.

Obviously within the lotion there are also the classic hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

The Dual is perfect for those who have a very sensitive skin, such as those who have a tendency to suffer from acne or redness.

Also recommended to those with very dry skin.

The smell is good and relaxing, because it consists of several natural elements.

It ‘very focused, so just a very small dose of the product on a finger to play safely all over the face.

It is not greasy and does not make your skin sticky, however it is very well absorbed by the skin and goes quickly to act on this by creating a significant shielding effect.

After a few applications are beginning to see the first effects already, and you notice the skin hydrated and glowing.

Organic 100% and even the packaging reflects this very bio choice.

11. L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3, very economical and effective nourishing day cream

Treatments L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Anti-Wrinkle Cream …

Another product L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 is this, a medium low day cream for those who have very large claims, but pointing to the results without lightening your wallet too.

The Revitalift is a full-bodied creamy but not greasy, in fact, the skin is spread quite easily and you get the impression of a delicate product and unobtrusive.

It is not a miracle wrinkle cream, but for this price is definitely not to be thrown away, indeed!

If you do not have very big problems of wrinkles is a cream that used daily can give great satisfaction.

And ‘an advanced day cream that is absorbed quickly by the skin and prepares it as a base for makeup.

A cream unpretentious but the right price.

12. Iduncare Firming Face Cream

Iduncare Firming Face Cream – Anti-Wrinkle Cream with acid …

Here is a firming cream with a very professional design, in fact the package in which it is sold is very pleasant to the eyes, making it perfect as a choice for an inexpensive gift idea.

The Iduncare is meant to be a firming face cream, but is also perfect as an anti-aging cream, given the properties of the ingredients in it.

Unlike other creams, however, it does not reveal its predigiosi effects, are a few days of constant application to notice the first results and understand that we are dealing with a product that has the best of themselves in the long run, not to deceive the customer with ” special effects “giving only a temporary lucidity and then failing over time. What happens instead with other economic creams …

The value for money is outstanding, and it was this that convinced me to put it inside of my guide.

It has a very good smell, which is not well-founded with regard to facial creams, as we saw in fact, some products have a smell a bit ‘annoying to some.

Easy to spread, and the instructions say to use it twice a day, once in the morning and one in the evening.

Good also used to dry hands and dehydrated, leaves a good feeling on the skin.

The ingredients of anti-wrinkle creams

Over the centuries, we used countless tests and observations to find the best ingredients for anti-wrinkle creams that allowed greater results with fewer contraindications.

But let’s see together what are the basic components which are often found in the formulation of creams and lotions anti-aging.

Retinoids are very important in the fight against wrinkles, because they act directly to actively reverse the aging process.

They give a great help to the skin to generate new cells, especially in aging organisms on the avenue.

Peptides play a role similar to that of retinoids, but unlike these are slower and lighter.

We know that not always the sudden explosive force is what you need, especially when we are dealing with something as delicate as the skin on our face and particularly the eyes and lips dl.

The alpha hydroxy (AHA) acids come from fruit, and are perfect to stimulate a kind of natural body scrub.

Sunlight is good in small doses, but if not careful can lead to irreversible damage to our skin, which over time may become increasingly flaccid.

The AHA alpha hydroxy acids are helpful to the skin by dissolving the lipids by activating a kind of peeling that effectively removes dead cells now and then to activate the production of new cells.

The new cells that will come to replace the old ones will enable to give the skin a certainly younger.

Within this my article I have covered plenty of hyaluronic acid, because it is without a doubt the star when it comes to effective anti-wrinkle creams.

AHAs and retinol are essential for “underground” work, the long-term that allows good results if you are consistent in the use of anti-wrinkle cream.

Instead, the hyaluronic acid is ingenious because it allows for very short-term changes, and then immediately notice the effects of lotion that applies on its face, avoiding discouragement that could lead to believe that a particular product is not actually working.

It allows you to give your skin right away elasticity and smoothness.

In conclusion

While in the twenty years it seems that whatever we do may have no effect on our physical, over time finally beginning to see the effects of an unhealthy life.

The sun, pollution, stress, emotions, the natural aging process all contribute to transforming our body and make it look older and tired.

It ‘hard not to be a victim of the clock, but you should not despair.

First thing you have to take up aging as a normal process, no despair at the first signs of weakness of our body. Beauty is something that goes far beyond age, and are certainly not three wrinkles on the forehead to define beauty or less of a woman.

Especially now in a world so approved as the one we live in, we tend to only show the shiny side of things and smooth, with no ripples. The obsession to look forever young, fit and without any sign of physical failure has now become almost an obsession.

Paradoxically, the effect of anxiety that this will ever be perfect generates harmful to our physical appearance, because as we said above in this article, the more it is stressed more the body is weakened and older.

I do not recommend the “caring” and let nature take its course without intervening in any way. But I’ve seen too many friends terrified to death once passed 30.

Given the shallowness of the younger generation I believe that a woman ever at this moment is to preserve their individuality and why not his courage, to stand out from the crowd and show himself as a person.

I believe that accompanied a great charisma and a large class of facial wrinkles can only be a plus rather than a problem.

Having said that, however, we must also consider the factors beyond our control, such as pollution.

Really I can not stand the idea of ​​having a disfigured face because maybe I spent too much time in the sun without protecting me, or have been exposed to toxic dust in the environment that I have “cheated”.

I hope with this guide to the world of wrinkle and anti-aging treatment to have been as exhaustively as possible and have taught you the things I’ve learned over the years in my mission to stay beautiful and charming despite the years so close behind.

For the time being I’m going badly, and you?

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