9 Best 2020 Mp3 Audio For A Fabulous (Reviews) – Pro Cons

9 Best 2020 Mp3 Audio For A Fabulous (Reviews) – Pro Cons

Many people ask me:

Why give an mp3 player dedicated to our smart-phone-rounder?

The cell phone is now a small computer that does so many things, but does not do the TOP.

Why do people continue to buy bulkier cameras from thousands of Euros despite phones do now objectively very beautiful photographs?

The reason is simple: if you want the highest quality, if you like the pictures, if you love music and you want to feel under the skin, as if it were part of us and not just a supermarket background, need of dedicated equipment, in our case we need to mp3 players that make optimum decoding of audio files and are provided with excellent preamp.

audiophile quality at an attractive price!

Dual Digital to Analog Converter and support for up to 192kHz and 24 bit.

You can listen to music directly to FLAC format, without compression and therefore without loss of data. Transfer yourself to the side Audiophile The Force!

Very high battery life, will never leave you walk!

The perfect solution for those looking for a design object, small, durable and quality.

With this player you make a style jump, a mini orchestra to carry around, which always plays your favorite music.

The economic player designed for sports!

Practical and comfortable, if you go often to run or you are a cyclist, you are getting the reader to keep you going.

Not to mention that it is available at a price that really makes my throat.

9 Best 2020 Mp3 Audio For A Fabulous (Reviews) - Pro Cons

audiophile quality at an attractive price!

Dual Digital to Analog Converter and support for up to 192kHz and 24 bit.

You can listen to music directly to FLAC format, without compression and therefore without loss of data. Transfer yourself to the side Audiophile The Force!

9 Best 2020 Mp3 Audio For A Fabulous (Reviews) - Pro Cons

Very high battery life, will never leave you walk!

The perfect solution for those looking for a design object, small, durable and quality.

With this player you make a style jump, a mini orchestra to carry around, which always plays your favorite music.

9 Best 2020 Mp3 Audio For A Fabulous (Reviews) - Pro Cons

The economic player designed for sports!

Practical and comfortable, if you go often to run or you are a cyclist, you are getting the reader to keep you going.

Not to mention that it is available at a price that really makes my throat.

They ‘true that a cell phone can act as a mp3 player, but given the building materials and the fact that it must be all in such a small space, the engineers who design these devices are forced to gigantic compromise on audio quality.

The two key concepts easy to understand are: digital-to-analog conversion and the headphone preamp.

digital-to-analog conversion and preamp headphones

Many believe that all audio outputs are the same, and the difference is simply between “Jack” and “mini-jack”.

Unfortunately it is not so simple, there’s a reason why fans bleed to death to have the sound systems that gift great excitement and goosebumps.

In fact there are two steps to consider before you come to our ears the sound from audio files: that the conversion and the amplification.

The audio in mp3, wav or flac is a simple sequence of 0 and 1 that are to be converted into an analog signal, into sound waves.

Do you think that some digital-analog converters, so-called D / A, can cost 3-4 thousand euro. They exclusively serve this purpose.

How can a cell phone from 400 Euros required to fulfill a thousand other functions compete with an audio conversion like that?

Once the analogue signal is amplified to be able to be heard by our ears via headphones or speakers, it is why the preamp is critical, because that’s what will give character and pump the sound. But even sound space and high fidelity playback.

To have good bass, defined, exciting, we need a good conversion and a good pre-amplification. And the smart-phone can not work miracles, of course.

Go into a serious audio shop, and ask to listen to your favorite album with a good preamp high end, it literally opens up a world.

And you never want to go back.

Here is the definitive guide to the perfect portable mp3 player for any pocket:

9 Best MP3 2020 (Reviews, Reviews)

Fiio X3 II, my favorite, fantastic audio quality

The Fiio in terms of audio quality splits, you know, is a brand for audiophiles, but with very low cost.

The main feature of Fiio is its audio conversion from digital to analog really great, plus the quality of the headphone preamp.

And ‘how to listen to music from a pre-amplifier for high-end headphones, but with the convenience of always having it in your pocket.

This mp3 player is to be considered as my favorite, since it has an interface that personally I consider minimal but at the same time, quite complete: you’ll navigate from one menu without wasting time and especially without finding in the sections that just interest you.

The sound quality is perfect as the player accepts the FLAC format, which allows you to remove each vagueness that characterizes the mp3: with a nice pair of earphones I assure you that you’ll hear a perfect sound quality.

Here, right on the front headphones I warn you: these are not supplied and then you will necessarily go in search of the same model that can perfectly meet your needs.

Also I want to also mention the fact that you also have a micro sd memory card, since this model is not equipped with internal storage. If you put these issues into the background, just like I did, you will face the best mp3 player model on the market.

Transcend TS8GMP330W, excellent alternative pro

Even this model I loved it and if he had not ruined after a bad fall, I probably would have never replaced. I can tell right away that this model comes with an internal memory of 8 Giga: to me it seemed impossible to fill it completely and after four gigabytes of memory to be exploited me, I had to wait for the release of new songs to enter the other.

The display of this mp3 player, OLED, has always fascinated me: few written but essential, that gave me all the crucial information that can make the most of the reader. The battery is one of two major flaws: in my experience of using the battery was consumed after four hours of use, then I loaded every night so as not to miss the opportunity to listen to my favorite music. On the other hand I also gustavo the different radio stations, and I was recording the songs directly from the player: This feature I always liked it and every time I heard a song that I was missing, attivavo the recorder immediately.

Unfortunately I can not celarti other flaw that I have always found, or a significant delay in response to the commands, which often involved the loss of certain parts of the song and a few seconds excessive waiting before moving from one track to another.

Apple iPod Shuffle

9 Best 2020 Mp3 Audio For A Fabulous (Reviews) - Pro Cons

I can tell you that this player I have spent whole days to savor my favorite music was my first MP3 player, before entering the world of high fidelity.

Although the sound quality is not as perfect as the other model, with a battery charge for three hours it gives you at least twelve hours of continuous music listening.

My experience with this player is very positive: the aluminum body is completely resistant and although I fell several times, sometimes so violent enough, both the keys and the body of the device did not reveal any damage.

I speak also of good internal memory of the fact that this player is small enough that you feel you do not have it in your pocket: even I bloccavo in the pole when I had to listen to music, thanks to the practical rear hook.

The only thing that has always puzzled me, or that I was not convinced, is the absence of the display. Do not know the title of the track, the remaining battery and other fundamental aspects believe has always given me that feeling of incomplete mp3 player to the background compared to other instruments. A real shame as I used this for some time player and especially the sound quality, with the supplied headphones, is not so different than the first model of which I spoke to you.

FiiO X1 2, great design and great sound

This mp3 player, to be exchanged with the previous model with my brother, left me very impressed, especially with the audio quality.

The songs, especially those extracted from live concerts then, were characterized by perfect sound quality to the point that I seemed to see a real concert.

Again I have to remember that you have to have some good headphones to completely enjoy the experience of a perfect sound from every point of view and avoid being disappointed.

Same goes for As for memory, totally absent: this model is essentially identical to the first one I described to you, the major difference being that you can also see the various videos that you enter, as the model is equipped with a small screen that reproduces video content. If I had to make a choice, however, prefer the previous model and this for the simple fact that the controls are too slow: sometimes the central controller is not as accurate and then I happened to go into not to my interest screens, which It made me lose some time especially when the controls did not respond fully to the directives that impartivo consecutively.

SanDisk Clip Sport Plus 16GB, an economic gem

During my brief experience as a sportsman, as the race I was always passionate, listen to music at the training session seemed essential.

That’s why I’ve got this model after seeing it from a friend of mine and I can tell you that if I enjoy physical activity, this player will be your best friend.

16 Gigs of memory with the possibility to access the radio function in a very short time and pretty good sound quality, with controls that respond instantly to key presses, made my very enjoyable training sessions to be carried out.

I also say that this model is light enough, so if you keep it in your pocket will not feel that overweight often affects the race and also the strength of this player will far surpass all your expectations, as happened to me.

If I have to find a flaw I can tell you that unless you have headphones with top-quality antenna, the radio is not received in an optimal manner and also the battery does not reach the degree of autonomy of the models that I described earlier, other sins not underestimate.

AGPTek A02

9 Best 2020 Mp3 Audio For A Fabulous (Reviews) - Pro Cons

AGPTek – 8GB MP3 Player with 1.8 Inch Screen with FM Radio …

This mp3 player was loaned to me during a business trip by a colleague of mine and I can say that this tool, besides being quite cheap, proved to be quite professional.

As a first aspect that I appreciated is the integrated radio with ability to record the songs you listen to the same and at the same time I also speak to you of a memory of 8 gigabytes which allow you to store a large number of files.

As another fairly positive aspect that I have encountered during my user experience there is the resistance of the device itself, which is characterized by a top-quality building and very simple lines. On the sound quality I tell you that we are not at the highest level, also the fault of the supplied headphones are certainly not the best but at the same time, I want to reward the easily navigate the various menus, you’ll find quite easy to exploit.

But if I have to mention the greater sin, then I tell you right away that this is represented by the display, which tends to be difficult to notice especially if this tool is used in front of the sun: the quality of the falls colors drastically and so is the visibility, so you do not recommend it if you love to listen to music while you’re in the garden or outdoors.

Sony Walkman NWA45N

Even this mp3 player I was lent for a short time but I had the opportunity to be able to exploit for some time and understand that the quality of this instrument is quite good but not excellent.

As a first look good enough, there is the inherent sound equalization: each music track is calibrated in such a way ch you can listen exclusively to good music, whether it be of tracks with many downs of songs that tend to be more balanced.

The body of this type of player is quite durable and at the same time I also want to mention the fact that the battery allows you an average duration listening.

As another type of positive aspect I want to talk of the menu navigation simplicity, which is an aspect not to be underestimated since many models tend to be slow or otherwise not perfectly respond to commands that are imparted.

But as for the other models also in this case I must stress that even the model mp3 Sony Walkman NW-A35L has two flaws, the first of which is the lack of supplied headphones while the second, by the fact that the curtains menu to be all too simple and the absence of some options, which would make him much better, takes on a quite remarkable weight in terms of final score of this instrument.

Philips GoGear Vibe

This was one of the first MP3 players that I have had the pleasure of trying and I will try to talk well of this model, which kept me company for a while.

The resistance of the body and its fairly small size transform this player in a nice tool to be exploited and able to keep you company for several hours.

Audio quality is average, so do not expect to hear a perfect sound as it happens with newly produced models readers, but at the same time, with a good pair of headphones, you can remedy this kind of problem.

Other kind of quite good aspect is the display, which lets you know the title and album, and artist of the song you’re listening to, as well as to know the same information and the radio station name you have selected.

At this point add the possibility to choose among thirty stations already set by default in the player’s memory and good longevity with respect to the battery.

Unfortunately, this model is not equipped with a cable to charge the battery, which must be purchased separately and this particular absence, at the time, I saw quite disappointed than I used the player after removing it from the box.

Transcend MP710

This mp3 player also belongs to my time as an athlete and my teammates, several times, lent me this little device whose rubber body is the real winning feature that turns into a really suitable tool for training sessions sports.

The fully waterproof rubber structure is flanked by an OLED screen that, in any situation, it allowed me to read the different information contained therein.

Add the fact that this little MP3 player is easy to use, with the menu items to which you can access really quickly thanks to the fact that they require very few touches to be activated.

The good player memory to store lots of music files, and can also scroll through the different folders, which can be created using the player directly.

The only two things I did not like are the headphones and the audio quality.

Regarding the first aspect, the standard headphones are not very powerful so even raising the volume to maximum, the sound tends to be quite low.

With other headphones, more powerful, some distortion too tends to be present during the hearing, which could also ruin a pretty straightforward music track.

Therefore a particular mp3 player ideal for sports but not for listening to music while you’re at rest.

SanDisk clips, like the Shuffle, but with an edge

This is probably the only mp3 player that I have not personally owned but I tried before buying.

Unfortunately he was not convinced at the sound quality and the lack of some of the latest generation features such as wireless, present in other models in the same period and the price similar to that which distinguishes this model.

On the positive side I can tell you that the navigation menu is quite intuitive and will allow you to access a different voice without much difficulty. The screen is quite good as well as the memory of 8 gigabytes, which will allow you to store numerous audio tracks in a simple and immediate.

Additionally ad you that this model is not equipped with charger, another reason why I did not choose.

A simple enough mp3s that will be able to offer good performance but which comes with a few drawbacks too.

How to choose an MP3 player

If you were not convinced of the models that I described to you or however you want to know what are the technical aspects that must be present in an MP3 player, which allows it to be defined as the best, please read on so that you can get all the information needed to better analyze the different models that you will try in the future.

The usability of the MP3 player

As a first key parameter must consider the usability factor of player you’re going to analyze. But what does this mean? In the past I happened to use a device that, although he had a very good sound quality, is revealed as incredibly complex to use, and then made me pass the desire. Always bet on simplicity: for my point of view, in fact, it is better to have an audio 7 and ease of use of 10 instead of the opposite situation, since in this situation you could find yourself not being able to take full advantage of all potential that you are offered by the same player.

Sound quality

I just talked about the sound quality, which seems secondary to the parameter of the ease of use. Well, do not make this mistake in the evaluation process, since you may not be able to appreciate the most of the music you listen to. The audio must be top quality but especially your MP3 player should necessarily be equipped with an equalizer function that allows you to set the most of every single aspect of listening.

If you want the bass is very present when listening to the music track, your reader should provide the opportunity to fulfill this your request, so that you will not be disappointed with the end result that you get. Same goes for other sounds that characterize the different audio tracks: always remember that even the headphones should be of premium quality and provide good protection of the ears as well as the release of a clear sound even when you bring up the volume.

Combining all these particular aspects will have a real chance to shift your choice of a type of mp3 player through which every single music track, regardless of the kind of music you listen to, may be heard by you perfectly and with great participation from your side.

The audio format

Consider a very important detail, namely the compatibility of the player with various audio formats.

Surely you will be aware that a music track, or rather an audio file, is characterized by a final extension: mp3 fact indicates the type of format of the song you wish to include in your reader. But be careful, because there is only and exclusively this type of audio file: in fact you have a song that has an extension wav, avi or other types, depending on the type of program that you used to copy music to your computer.

When you select an mp3 player your job is to assess what audio formats compatible with in a device that you can avoid encounter an unpleasant situation, since the model you chose may not be able to read that music file.

More are the different formats compatible with that device, the lower the difficulties that you will encounter when you enter a same file in the player, who will play all your music without the possibility of birth complications and you should take advantage of programs to convert that format audio, with the risk of losing the quality of the song itself.

The storage method and the size of the memory

Now let’s talk about an additional feature that allows you to choose from, very easily, your mp3 player, or the type of storage while the storage capacity of the mp3 player. Regarding the first aspect, a jig allows you to hold about 70 songs, since each audio file takes up very little space. This means that with an mp3 player whose memory is higher, you will have the opportunity to enter a large number of songs but keep in mind that it will be more capacious storage, the higher the cost of your device.

In this case you can also opt for an mp3 player which has not too much memory but at the same time, allows you to use your memory cards and then expand the same. Just as with your mobile phone, using these memory cards will have a real chance to enter the reader a fairly good number of music tracks without having to search for a device to those internal storage is high in terms of capacity.

Remember of course that the basic version tends to still be the slightly better in terms of practicality, because the mp3 players with micro SD cards can take several steps in order to be exploited and to insert new music tracks within them, detail that you do not absolutely put in a second.

The battery, the type and duration

Now let’s talk about something that you should keep in mind, that the mp3 player battery.

When we talk about this aspect you have to consider the fact that the lithium battery is critical, since the classic batteries would entail a small constant cost and especially certain types may not have a senior position, then be consumed in fairly quick timeframe.

It therefore considers the possibility of shifting your choice on that version of the mp3 player with lithium battery, which now should characterize most devices. But even in this case to suggest you see the longevity of the battery: When you have to choose the player must carefully evaluate how long you will use it consecutively, since once back home the upload.

From personal experience I suggest you focus on a tool that is characterized by a long life of about six hours: if we find the model that offers superior durability even better. Also consider the battery charging timing and mode, so that you can actually have a chance to avoid an unpleasant situation, or find you with your player drain after a few uses and having to wait for hours before this instrument is fully charged .

The connection mode of the reader

When I speak of this aspect I refer to a number of aspects that need to be carefully evaluated through which you can make the most of your reader. With connectivity does not just mean the classic battery charging method, or with a USB cable but on the contrary, I also turn to the possibility of using devices that allow file transfer fairly quick timeframe, using for example Wi-Fi and Bluetooth . By activating this option you can transfer music tracks from your mobile device to the reader in fairly quick timeframe, detail that also allows you to lighten your smartphone’s memory, since these devices, in part because of operating system updates, enjoy an ever memory less accessible.

Obviously trying to carefully analyze every aspect of the connectivity of mp3 devices, because you have to have confidence that the same be read by smartphone operating system. Only in this way you have the security to get hold of a tool that is able to satisfy the most of all your different needs without neglecting any of them.

Audio recording by the player

Finally, as another key issue, you must also consider the possibility to record with your mp3 player. When I attended the training courses, after which they were provided a variety of exams, I sfruttavo this feature to hear the lecture again, trying to integrate the information in the information material to the explanation of the head teacher of the course.

Obviously you have to choose a player that registers in a clear and precise, trying to exclude the most of its environmental and avoiding the item that interests you, how could it be a voice or a simple music track listened to on the radio, it can be effectively ruined by certain external elements that bother and that may not be to your liking.

Therefore, with this feature, you will have the opportunity to obtain the best final result.

These are all the different tips I can give you regarding the choice of an mp3 player, if you wanted to go in search of a missing model in what I proposed to you and you can actually answer your different needs.


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