DieselGate Buy Backs From VW

My 2013 was on steelies and winter tires. Had an irreparable flat last fall on summers, so switched to winters and drove on those until my return a few weeks ago.

Ricepoint rep at the dealer asked me a couple of times if I had the original rims. I said no. He said it shouldn’t be a problem. He was actually great.

The problem came when he uploaded photos of the car to Ricepoint. I was put on the phone and asked about the rims, if I had them. I told them I didn’t. I was then told it was considered stripping the car and that I would have to wait up to 72 hours for a decision. I was taking the trade-in option and picking up a new VW at the dealer, insurance and plate switch transfer for that day already arranged. To add to it, I was flying out of town the next day for a week. Ricepoint appointments are only once a week at this dealer so it would be at least 2 weeks for another.

Nobody was happy, including the local Ricepoint rep (he wasn’t a problem). We tried escalating the decision to get it done. Ricepoint on the phone said the delay was because VW needed to make a decision, which was complete bullshit. It was Ricepoint’s decision. If it was VW, why would they get picky about the used rims, esp when they were about to keep a VW customer, despite their scandal, with a new sale.

In the end, the ‘decision’ was made after about 2 hours with no penalty, just frustration.