Facial Hipster (7 Secrets To Make It Grow And Treat) – Pro Cons

Facial Hipster (7 Secrets To Make it Grow and treat) – Pro Cons

This following is my personal Definitive Guide to How to Grow a Beard Hipster. I feel the need at last fact to share with the world my passion, revealing the secrets that I have learned from all of beard lovers I’ve met over the years.

Facial Hipster (7 Secrets To Make It Grow And Treat) - Pro Cons

Preparatory to this article is definitely the ultimate guide to the trimmer, necessary tool, a must have in order to have total control over the beard.

For details on the other hand it is important to know in detail the art of shaving and then you should also the article on the freehand razors. An addition that gives a touch of professionalism to your shaving kit.

In about you may also look at the article on the safety razors, which are easier to use than a straight razor and are also good to finish details.

And if you want to know all the secrets to treat beard and always make a great impression, and the best shaving oils to keep it fit and fragrant, well you can find everything on our website.


I cherish the memory of my father, as a child I watched him while he shaved, rubbed my face foam that fell from her cheeks and then I took it off by rolling over the comb back. Zzzzip!

Lately it is fashionable to wear beards lumberjack, also called hipster beards, and care. But mine is an old love of many years.

I realized immediately that the beard is something sacred for a man is his most important dress.

Beard is an extension of our personality. A way to communicate. To express our vitality and power.

The hipster beard is not child’s play, a lot of the lead only for fashion, for others it is a real sign of acknowledgment, to stand out clearly from the mass of conformists kids.

So I want to explain thoroughly how to make it grow and how to keep it always well taken care of.

To prevent you from committing some mistakes when I have stumbled in the long quest to perfect beard.

Facial Hipster (7 Secrets To Make It Grow And Treat) - Pro Cons

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What is the hipster beard

It defines hipster that beard which presents abundant, lush and exuberant. It is usually long but it can also be shorter. It is a beard and accurate, always well coiffed and tidy. It is very often accompanied by a mustache well-defined contours and the tip curled.

The hipster beard is not a new thing, definitely, and maybe you’re even thinking about you. It is a beard that has always been there, on men’s faces, symbol of virility and power. The point is that it has never had the right “recognition” by the company.

For centuries, men show off their beards. It was thanks to hipster culture, however, that it was possible in a net defining a beautiful trend. The Internet obviously has been the primary means for spreading worldwide.

A bearded hipster gives without doubt a very fresh look to man the door. At the same time, however, it carries with it a very “classic”, a term used here to mean something from the past. Be careful though, not old.

It’s a bit ‘as if the man had come back from the times of the Renaissance to re-define proudly its social animal figure in this present. My hope of many is that this trend will continue to take a long time into the future.

Will I have a vision, perhaps a bit ‘too philosophical, but actually, if you think about it, that’s exactly right.

Many persons of all ages wore their beards with great pride. And in many cases in my beard he gave more meaning to the deeds done and the words spoken by these men.

A prime example is the man with the beard is Giuseppe Garibaldi. Today we would say that one of the finest hipster beards.

I can imagine that proudly screams Nino Bixio “Here we make Italy or die!” to motivate you to resist the immense Bourbon army force. Legend or fact, they are words with great meaning and those words can not help but associate the man with the beard.

Another beautiful example, Giuseppe Verdi. You modeled bring you another Italian, yes, because there is no need to go far to find people with a beautiful beard.

Verdi, Garibaldi, are so popular that the American sites is often written “Verdi beard” or “Garibaldi beard”: just to make you understand how the Italian beards are important.

How to grow the beard hipster

The first thing you need is definitely a trimmer. This tool is great and you should take a professional to define preserved the better especially those hard to reach.

You will also need to hold some areas of the face clean-shaven. There is nothing better than a good cut-throat razor.

Before telling you what to do to grow a beard hipster you need to do what is one of the most famous and beautiful proverbs: “patience is a virtue.”

A perfect and beautiful look not reach in five minutes. You must arm yourself of great patience, shaving needs time to grow and reach its peak. Bear in mind even now that this may take from 6 months up to one year!

Almost like a long session of Buddhist meditation, you can take the growth time to decide the style you like and that suits the features of your face.

So what to do to grow a beard?

That sounds pretty obvious, but I want to be very precise and not miss any points. Besides, I really think this is the ultimate guide to the hipster beard.

Yes, stop shaving. But before you do that you should shave one last time for good. You may think you do it with a great cut-throat razor, for example. This will ensure that you have a perfectly homogeneous growth all over your face.

In the event that you would never shave to zero and ports already beard, the solution would be to “leveled” and you have several possibilities: you can use a good trimmer or scissors and arm yourself a good go free-hand precision.

My advice, however, remains that of the total shaving, allowing the hair stronger and grow vigorously.

Here comes in the growth factor that is very personal and depends on a few factors, such as testosterone. Let’s say, however, that in 4 to 6 weeks, to average, you should have a beard that uniformly fills your face.

During this time you have to constantly check that the growth is equal to the entire face. It may happen to have some areas with more or less slow regrowth of other. At this stage the best tool to use is the gap accompanied by a comb to take good measures and not make mistakes.

What you do during the 4 or 6 weeks of waiting is always shave the hair on your neck. You must locate the line from which you want the beard begins to grow. The simple trick is to look in the mirror. As you will see, your neck bends naturally at a certain height. That is the line below which shave everything.

Another trick of the trade is to shave from two fingers above the Adam’s apple. A kind of standard measure that guarantees a good result regardless.

My advice is to follow the natural crease of the neck. It is easy to follow and usually is pretty straightforward and precise.

This stage is critical to maintaining the clean cut in expectation of the true hipster beard. Once the beard will be long enough to cover the neck, only then you can possibly think of to stop raze it.

Wait 4 to 6 weeks it does not mean to take it easy. At the end of this time period will be long beard nearly one centimeter and a half. It is more than enough to start treating it right!

You’ve got to arm yourself for specific products, specifically designed for the beard. I speak of shampoo to wash it, brush or comb to comb her hair, oils and creams to soften and moisturize, the important thing is not wrong.

The shampoo does not work as the one designed for the beard. My opinion is that the beard is a serious matter and therefore is treated seriously.

On the market you can find lots of items for the care of the beard. They serve, among other things, to avoid the itching that will be very normal in the early stages.

Lava beard and even starts to do her hair every day.

After a month or so abundant, with the beard of a centimeter and a half, you can begin to refine the places where needs to be adjusted.

There are some areas in which the beard must be allowed to grow: around the mouth, the lower part of the cheeks and along the profile of the chin. Everything else can be shortened or “kept at bay.”

Resist the temptation to go and spend the machine in these areas. Rather concentrate on other parts of the face. Keep an eye on the neck, the line of whiskers, the area on the sides of the mouth and cheeks to totally eliminate those unwanted hair.

This is but the starting point for defining the contours of the perfect hipster beard. Dedicated to this day and your look will be always clean.

Now that the beard starts to get longer, you have to take the scissors, comb and begin to shape a beard so it’s perfect for your face.

The beard must absolutely take into account your facial features.

For example, if you have a long face, keep your chin hairs bit ‘shorter than those on the sides so as to round off the features. On the contrary if you have a wider or round face, a long beard on the chin tends to lengthen it.

I recommend the calm: take your time and not to rush. Use sharp scissors to make a precise finish and symmetrical as possible.

Keep wash beard and pettinala every day in the direction you want to drop it, in order to begin to get used to the final look.

In less than no time, following these steps carefully, you will end up with a long beard. From this point on, you must not do is define the style that you prefer.

The secret to keeping the beard always pretty full and with that vacant look that does more hipster is the use of the comb. This does nothing but inflate it then becomes more voluminous.

A touch of class is the handlebar mustache. You can also think of buying the good wax to use on the tips and arricciarle for the final look.

You just have to look at your finished work of art. But do not spend too much time in the mirror, please. Come out, rather, and put on display with your perfect hipster beard.

Summary and final tips

Guide to the different types of hipster look

There is no limit to the imagination. And most of the length. If you think a beard hipster is exclusive to those who can afford a long beard, you’re wrong.

All faces and all the barbs can be adapted in order to get the perfect hipster style. Let’s see some of these so you can choose the one that’s right for you.


Look naughty and classic at the same time. A style that is considered very sexy girls, beard covers the lower part of the face and eyes will be in the spotlight. The clump should be looking great and strictly combed back, as well as better defining the features.


If the first is sexy, then this is it? Long hair in itself is already beautiful but worn with a nice long beard hipster gain value. The top of the look you reach it by shaving the sides of the head, combing your hair well and taking them in order to tail on the top, back of the head.


A beard of medium length, well-ordered and organized, goes great with a bigger and thick clump of the classic one, maybe brought some ‘messy but always backwards. Head strictly shaved at the sides, is a very nice cut no doubt about it. It deserves a higher rating only because it is one of the most difficult cuts to maintain.

That “beard is fading.” This look I get completely shaving the hair on the cheeks. Instead of creating a clear line of separation between beard and skin, go climbing the hairs to make them thinner at the top, near the sideburns. The result is fantastic and you can get it even less time, since he usually does not require a very long beard.

This is visually more aggressive. It is obtained by growing the beard alone, without ever touching it. You can also pair it with a completely shaved head, so as to create a strong impact at the sight. To put it honestly, if I had a few hair, definitely opt for this style.

A simple pair of whiskers can be the best hipster cut. Even more so if you have a particularly large beard. In short, in these cases it is betting everything on his mustache. They get combed from the center out constantly during growth. They will purchase the typical form from which the name of the style. With a little ‘wax you can model them more easily and above all you can curl the tip, creating the typical hipster intellectual aspect.

These are just some examples of hipster beard that best lead. For the rest you can really play around, but always trying to respect your physiognomy. After all, the combinations that you can do are truly endless: between beard, mustache and hairstyle there is no limit to the imagination.

How to take care of your beard

I miss just open up my very own beauty salon and then I’d be okay. I say this because for ten years now I take care of my hipster beard. I virtually never stopped and I did not want to stop.

The friends often ask me advice on how I always keep my beard in perfect condition: beautiful to see, always neat and constantly clean. I always answer the same way: you have to know the tricks of the trade.

In fact there is no secret: use specific products for facial care, I have a good comb to help me to adjust, a great pair of sharp scissors and a brush. Sometimes I use the trimmer but only in extreme cases because given the length of the beard, I prefer to go freehand with scissors.

On Amazon I find really all I need. Below you’ll list a series of products that I use and which I consider the best.

As for the care of the beard itself, use this shampoo specifically, the quality is very good, you can tell because it’s not that big foam that is typical of surfactant-rich products.

A washing finished I used for a while ‘this oil, which is the same line of shampoo: I have a long beard, I need a product that softens the hair so you can comb and at the same time that hydrates. It’s perfect.

In fact the oil that does it for me is the Camden, of which I talk about in detail in the guide to the best shaving oils are the same here on ProContro.

If you want to ask me why I do not use a conditioner, I answer that the oil is more than enough, at least for me and my beard. But if you want to try of course I recommend this balm always the same line beard are all great products, trust me.

Some people apply the balm is that oil, those who apply just one. I do as I have told you are among those who prefer to use only the oil. Make like me, try them both and then see the result on your beard. If you want to save money you can think of buying directly to this complete kit of Proraso including cleaning shampoo, oil, and balm.

To keep the beard always orderly use this formidable brush that is in Austrian pear wood and is made with boar bristles, on a wonder full beard like mine which is often difficult to tame.

In conclusion, mainly due to the beard but also to fix your hair, use this comb, brush the same brand because they simply quality. It Is Thai fragrant wood, which according to the traditions of these people brings good luck. The space between the teeth is perfect for me. Often I carry around with me in my pocket. It’s really a nice comb, durable, stylish, and makes perfect match with my hipster look.

In conclusion

I hope to be proved helpful. It is not easy and it takes time and patience but I trust that for you to have a hipster beard and then a look that breaks is a reason for living, as it is for me.

It’s been a time since I was a bartender in London, but has never passed my desire to always keep a beautiful beard.

My look has not changed, what has changed is that the experience is enhanced. I can say that he has become my barber and my personal stylist. It is important to take care of themselves, and if we ourselves do it in the first place, without having the fear of judge self, is a good starting point to become great men, those who can really teach anything in this world.

My hope is that you become like me. How well have seen and read, I have no particular secret, you just have to choose the right tools and especially those most suited to you. Choose the style that most closely resembles your character and helps you to showcase what you have more beautiful.

So put into practice my advice, get out and live you too, your personal spring.

Greetings from Antonio bartender!

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