More Free Time Better Life

Firstly people who can afford domestic help are on good money, so they have choices, and it’s that freedom to choose which makes you happy.

Secondly you can’t hire people if you’re on a zero hours contract because you can’t be sure you’ll be able to pay them, and it’s that job security which brings happiness.Being in secure well paid employment brings happiness, whatever you decide to spend it on. I find sleeping in the best weighted blanket money can buy brings me happiness, that said.

Money does not buy you happiness but try living life with no money. People who have money and pay others are giving back because they are paying them to do a service.

Those who have the money to do this also have more time to be with family or choose to spend their time with people, family and kids and that is more priceless than having a full time job but are still broke and have to do your own chores because you can’t afford to pay someone to do it and use that time for something else.

The research was conducted on people with the same wealth. The article is saying that those who choose to spend it on time rather than material things are happier. 

I can vouch for this. I used to work 12/13 hour days. I believed myself happy, and I was. But then my husband and I decided to quit our jobs and take a leap at starting a company. That was 30 months ago.

Quitting our jobs and having all this free time is extraordinarily good for our wellbeing. We didn’t even notice how stressed we were at work. Just took it as “normal”. Well, it was the norm. The company is a success and requires very little work. We do what we want, when we want. Even went on a two month trip to Japan. 

Time (and freedom) is the precious thing. We have learned this very sharply indeed.