No Exterminator Just Human

We get rid of ants and roaches here in Georgia by throwing down generous amounts of corn meal. Leave it for a few days. They scurry back to the mound and feed the Queen and since ants can’t digest the cornmeal she dies.

Then they disappear. Sometimes it takes a couple weeks but eventually they all die. There you go. Cheap, nontoxic to animals and humans too!

Roaches on the other hand are a little more tricky.

We dusted the outside perimeter with D.E. food grade, tricky little suckers used “sappers” to make a hole, we been breached! They became battle harden over the years, evolved with thicker shells and jump to avoid death! Thinking the exterminator can get rid of them, we shall proceed without an exterminator and get rid of them all.

When people get exterminators for bees and wasp they are just there to clear them out they don’t have to kill them all. But for pests like moles, you’ll have to use mole traps and get rid of them all.

They just need them out of that space so if some fly away that’s fine the exterminator will make sure they can’t come back to the same spot or even the same yard with the work they do.

I’m sure the time of day wouldn’t have changed how pissed they are that somebody is moving them