The Technical Recorderman Famous For Record Battery (Italian Guide) – Pro Cons

The Technical Recorderman Famous for Record Battery (Italian Guide) – Pro Cons

Conoscete i The Sonics?

I am an American legendary garage band, famous for the first two discs from the explosive and inimitable sound. Not everyone knows, however, how the battery was recorded at the time.

Well, now that you have heard how heavy pounding drums on that record and maybe you’re wondering with such complicated alchemical techniques was revived, I will reveal what was recorded with just a simple microphone placed between the snare and the chest, from behind the kit where he sat the drummer.

That’s right, nothing else. Simple huh?

The position behind the kit is often the best listening position to represent the battery, because it is the most faithful to the point of listening to the musician himself that is playing, the recorderman technique if used well is good to provide this result.

The recorderman was proposed years ago on some home recording forum, over time then it has become increasingly popular in the United States and then spread quickly in the world of audio enthusiasts because it gives excellent results in the drum recordings using inexpensive microphones and emphasizing the room in which you record.

It ‘easy to understand, to be organized and can really give good results. One of the many practical demonstrations in the audio world does not need necessarily to resort to big budget in order to have satisfactory records and music (I want to emphasize attention to this adjective, increasingly undervalued in our day).

If the drummer is good and can play dynamically in relation to other elements of the band often 2-3 microphones it is the most you need to get a good musical sound and satisfying.

The basic idea is to have two microphones “overhead” that capture an image accurately balanced and in phase of the entire drum kit. Some like then also add a third microphone to strengthen the case.

The Recorder Man technique to record the drums

Place the first microphone so that it is approximately the length of two chopsticks directly above the kit, pointing downwards towards the center of the snare.

The Technical Recorderman Famous For Record Battery (Italian Guide) - Pro Cons

Then, place the second microphone over the side on which the ride is normally arranged behind the drummer, also this pointed directly at alternative rullante.In can orient this second microphone so that it points toward the chest swing to have greater focus on this sound. Solution suitable for those who want to set up the recorderman with only two microphones.

The Technical Recorderman Famous For Record Battery (Italian Guide) - Pro Cons

Second, you must be sure of the distance of the two microphones of the case and snare. Take two drumsticks and put it in a queue to another in such a way that depart from the upper skin of rullante.Questa is the distance at which each microphone should be located with respect to the snare.

The Technical Recorderman Famous For Record Battery (Italian Guide) - Pro Cons

To be sure that both microphones are equidistant from kick and snare (to make a correct phase yield and avoid problems in the mix) is good to use a microphone cable or a long wire as riferimento.Sistema one end of the wire at the point where the swing of the pedal box comes in contact with skin, perhaps with the Skotch. then Tense your wire is located at the point where the first microphone, and keep it stopped on this, while keeping this position attaches the other end of the cable in the point where it makes contact with the top of the snare drum skin.

The Technical Recorderman Famous For Record Battery (Italian Guide) - Pro Cons

At this point the wire should be in a sort of form triangolare.Muovi the upper part of the triangle, that keep pinched between hands, towards each microphone to verify that they are both equidistant from kick and snare.

It ‘important to miss a minute to adjust well this distance, otherwise there will be offset light (time discrepancies) between when it comes the sound of a microphone or the other, which will make the final faint sound of drums in the mix. This is called phase alignment.

What microphones used for recorderman technique?

When you think about what to choose microphones for recorderman technique it is good to use two equal. Make two different microphones can produce interesting stereo image of the kit, do not be afraid to experiment if you have time, says Brian Eno errors bring new solutions otherwise unthinkable.

When you mix the two tracks is good groped kindly pannare left and right the two channels respectively with their ears trying to find the magic point where the battery gives the best of himself.

There are no definitive formula as usual, but do not overdo it with the panning, or too far left or too far right.

How to use microphones can opt for simple dynamic like the Shure SM57 or similar, or alternatively groped with capacitors. You have no idea with a little ‘patience and inventiveness that results can be achieved with two simple economic dynamic microphones.

Before venturing in buying complicated carrying case and battery attempt to get a great sound with microphones that you already have, you might be surprised, be confident.

The advantages of Recorderman:

Finally, here is a video of the modern recorderman tested in action with different microphones: