Why You Need a Posture Corrector

It is no news that a poor posture may negatively affect your appearance and even reduce your self-esteem significantly. But you should know that it does more than affect your physical appearance. It may go as far as affecting your health, breathing and even cause chronic back pain for some individuals. There are different types of poor posture including slumping, flat back, round back, poking chin, and hunched back, just to name a few. (1)

Postures are caused by maintaining a wrong sitting or standing position for a long time. Eventually, individuals who maintain these positions may find it difficult to revert to proper postures. This is were issues about correcting postures may come in since persons with poor postures may suffer backache and breathing difficulties amongst other things.

Poor Posture and Backache

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Maintaining a poor posture for a short period of time may not have any negative effect, but over time, it may strain to your muscles thereby leading to discomfort and backache. (2) Although some experts may suggest you indulge in exercises such as plank, bridges, pull-ups, chest stretches, and the likes, you may be required to indulge in these exercises for months. (3) in some cases, partaking in these exercises may do only a little or even nothing to alleviate the pain you feel.

Why You Need a Posture Corrector

If you are looking for a quick and assure means of correcting your posture, then you may want to consider looking at any of the many posture corrector braces on the market. These accessories have been found to be beneficial for improving the condition of individuals with different posture issues including round shoulder posture (4) and idiopathic scoliosis. (5)

Most posture correctors work by pulling your shoulders back, which supports the bones and muscles in your spine and lumbar area thereby helping realign. This will go a long way to revert your back and shoulders to their proper position thereby improving your posture. Posture braces function by holding your bones and muscle in place, which prevents the deposition of too much pressure in different parts of the body, hence the reason why it is used to provide support to individuals recovering from surgery and those diagnosed with poor posture related backache.

Even though studies concluded on the benefits of posture corrector braces are inconclusive, many users of the accessories reported that they noticed a significant improvement with their condition after using it for a while. Other possible benefits of posture corrector braces include but are not limited to:

  • Improved cognitive function
  • Reduced lethargy
  • Stress Relief
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Improved lung and cardiovascular function
  • Reduced muscle tension

Types of Posture Correctors

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There are different types of posture correctors including but not limited to posture shirt, corrector bras, posture corrector braces (shoulder and upper back braces as well as those designed to support the lower back), sitting posture corrector devices, and electronic posture corrector devices.

The Best Posture Corrector for Back Pain

While posture shirts are ideal for individuals who are looking to correct minor posture issues, posture bras are ideal for women diagnosed with minor chest and back related issues. However, if you are looking to alleviate back pain associated with poor posture, you should consider purchasing a posture or back brace. This type of posture correctors is also ideal for individuals looking to neck and lumbar issues.

Precautions You Should Take When Using Posture Correctors

When using posture correctors, there are a few precautions to take to ensure that your body does not become dependent on the accessory. First, it is advised to wear posture braces and bras for only about 30 minutes to one hour daily until the desired posture is achieved. Most individuals who use posture shirt don’t mind wearing it throughout the day, every day since it doesn’t make them uncomfortable. Even with this, it is not advised to wear posture correctors all the time.

Final Thoughts

To make the posture correctors effective in restoring a proper posture, it is advised to indulge in regular exercises like pulls up, planks, lying down on your side with one leg up, and many others. When using posture correctors, you should avoid wearing high heeled shoes. Also, you should consider using a pillow that provides adequate support to your neck, back, and shoulders.

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